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									Welcome to the 2008-2009 Walking Crew program!             LABEL ALL items your child will be bringing to the
Thank you for choosing us to fulfill your child care       park (jackets, book bags, folders, etc.). We will
needs. We look forward to working with you and your        provide a place for children to store items they bring,
child in the upcoming school year.                         but we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen
                                                           items. It is recommended that all children have a
PROGRAM GOAL:                                              book bag or small duffel in which to carry their
Our goal is to create a safe, educational and fun          belongings.
environment for your child in the most cost-
effective manner possible.                                 Do not allow your child to bring weapon-like toys to
                                                           the park (guns, knives, sling-shots, etc.). Children
PROGRAM OBJECTIVES:                                        should also not bring expensive items (radios, video
    To encourage cooperation between all children          games, gold jewelry, etc.). Again, we are not
    as they build new relationships through sharing        responsible for lost or stolen items.
    toys, games and time with each other.
    To      encourage     the       development   of       PAYMENTS:
    communication and problem-solving skills               1.  Payments are due by Friday at 6:00 p.m. for
    through discussion, stories and activities.                the following week. Payments can be made at
    To develop coordination skills and good                    Pico Park, Smith Park or Rivera Park. Check,
    sportsmanship through running & jumping                    Credit Card or Money Order ONLY.
    activities and team activities.
    To encourage self-confidence and self-worth            2.    Payments can be made at the above parks
    through positive experiences.                                Monday - Friday, 3-6 p.m. and at the
    To provide positive role models for children.                Recreation Department Office, Monday -
                                                                 Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and every
                                                                 other Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Cash,
OTHER PROGRAM INFORMATION:                                       Check, Credit Card or Money Orders are
Children will be provided with a daily nutritious snack.         accepted at the Recreation Department.

Children will be participating in “Quiet Time” between     3.    There is a $5 late fee per child, per program if
5 and 5:30 p.m. This time is for homework, reading,              payment is not received by Friday at 6 p.m.
and quiet games.
                                                           4.    If payment and late fee are not paid by 6 p.m.
Please keep your child’s information card updated                on Monday at the park or by 5:30 p.m. at the
(especially any new phone numbers). Children WILL                Recreation Department, your child will not be
NOT be released to persons not listed on this card               picked up the following day.
without prior notification. If there is any change in
your child’s regular pickup please phone the               5.    Please DO NOT leave your check in between
Department of Parks & Recreation at (562) 801-4430.              doors at the park offices. The staff will not be
                                                                 responsible for checks.
RETURNED CHECKS:                                          BEHAVIOR RULES:
Returned checks need to be cleared through City Hall      1.  Children must meet immediately after school
with cash or money order.                                     for check-in at designated area.
                                                          2.  Follow directions the first time given.
Suspension from programs may occur if returned            3.  Listen when others are speaking.
checks are not cleared within 3 working days after        4.  Respect the property of others.
receiving notification.                                   5.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
                                                          6.  No teasing, swearing or put-downs.
You may be subject to “Cash, Credit Card or Money         7.  Respect the property of the parks and schools.
Order Only” as a method of payment when a check is        8.  Respect your Crew Leaders.
                                                          Rules have been compiled to insure the safety of the
                                                          participants. Staff will explain all rules. Failure to
TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER:                                follow rules and requests may result in suspension
The City of Pico Rivera’s ID number for tax purposes      from the program.
is: 95-6006039. The City does not keep individual
records of how much money was received for each
child enrolled in our child care programs. Parents        MEDICATION POLICY
wishing to claim tax credit for child care must utilize   Medications bearing a prescription label are the only
personal records.                                         medications that will be overseen by the staff of the
                                                          City of Pico Rivera. Medication must be in an original
                                                          container properly labeled by the pharmacy. The
DROP-IN FEES:                                             prescription label must bear the name of the child to
Drop-in fees are $19 a day for Walking Crew. Two (2)      whom it is to be administered as well as a current
days constitutes a week. If your child attends more       date. Over-the-counter medicines will require an
than 1 day, the full week must be paid for.               authorization by Parent.

LATE PICK UP:                                             An Authorization for Administering Medication Form
Children are to be picked-up no later than 6:00 p.m.,     must be completed and signed by the parent. The
Monday and Friday, and 5:30 p.m., Tuesday through         parent must also complete a Medication Envelope. All
Thursday. A $10 late fee per child, per 15 minutes or     forms must be renewed whenever the prescription
fraction thereof will be charged for any time children    changes and at the beginning of each school year.
are left after the program ends.
                                                          Medication and all necessary forms must be given to a
ABSENCES:                                                 staff member by the parent or guardian or other
Parents/Guardians must notify the Department of           designated adult.
Parks & Recreation at (562) 801-4430 by 1:00 p.m.
for Walking Crew, when children will be absent
from school and will not be attending the program.
SIGN IN & OUT PROCEDURES:                                 WALKING CREW:
1.   Parents/Guardians must sign out for their child      Walking Crew is an after school child care program
     and be prepared to present ID upon request.          designed for Kindergarten through 8th graders.
2.   Children involved in other afternoon programs
     (football, drill, dance, volleyball, etc.) MUST be   Recreation Leaders meet the participants immediately
     signed out by their coach and escorted back to       after school*. The children are signed in by Recreation
     Walking Crew after the activity.            Please   Staff, absences are verified and participants are
     enforce this with your child’s coach.                walked to the park where they will participate in
     *This Policy is to ensure the safety of your         supervised activities as well as assistance with their
     child.                                               homework until 5:30 p.m.
Suspension from program may occur if these
procedures are not followed.                              Walking Crew - $37 per week, per child

RAINY DAY PROCEDURES:                                     *Middle school participants must escort and sign
1.   In case of light rain, children may be walked to     themselves in to the designated park site.
     the parks.
2.   Should rain remain consistent, children may be       ALL DAY CHILD CARE
     transported to parks by vans.                        $5 for current Walking Crew Participants.
3.   In case of heavy rain and/or flooding at the         $10 for Walking Crew Participants not pre-registered.
     parks, children will remain on school grounds        $15 for Non-Walking Crew Participants
     with staff and would need to be picked up at
     the schools.                                         A minimum of 20 children must be pre-
4.   Should the schools close due to heavy rain and       registered in order to provide All Day Child
     flooding, the parks would also remain closed,        Care. Your child must be pre-registered at least
     and therefore, all Child Care would be               1 week prior before the “All Day Child Care” can
     canceled.                                            occur.
5.   It is recommended that children wear proper
     “rain” attire (raincoat, boots, umbrella, etc.) to
     avoid getting wet.
WALKING CREW SITE LOCATIONS:                                  City of Pico Rivera
Pico Park                                              Department of Parks & Recreation
      Durfee, North Ranchito & North Park Middle
Smith Park
      Valencia, S. Ranchito, Rio Vista, St. Hilary &
      Rivera Middle                                    CHILD CARE PROGRAMS
Rivera Park                                            Walking Crew & All Day Child Care
      Magee, Birney & Burke Middle

                                                             PARENT HANDBOOK

                                                       2008-2009 SCHOOL YEAR

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