ODBC setup.doc - Firebird odbc setup by cmlang


									                             Firebird ODBC setup
First you need the SetupOdbcJdbc.zip file. This is the Firebird/Interbase Driver. You can
download the driver from (http://www.ibphoenix.com/) or call the support group at
fishbowl and they email it to you.

Unzip the file and install it. It should then show up in the ODBC Data Source
Administrator utility. ( Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Sources Drivers tab)

1. Open the control panel, go to Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC)
2. Click the System DSN tab. Click Add.
3. Select the Firebird/Interbase driver. Click Finish.
4. To see what needs to be entered on this screen, see image below (FireBird ODBC
Setup. The password is „fishing‟.
5. If the “Test Connection” is successful, click OK twice to close the screens.
When setting up the ODBC connection on a client computer follow these

1. Install the complete install of fishbowl, server and client.
2. Take Fishbowl Server out of the startup menu of the computer it should not be
running on machines other than the server but it is required for a network ODBC
3. Setup the ODBC System DSN as below. It will be configured to connect via
the IP address of the server. The Database path should include the IP address
of the server and the actual drive letter where fishbowl is installed on the server
not a mapped drive letter. The Client path will be to a local file.

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