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					                            11th - 12th September 2010

                           SEVESO FLOWER SHOW

The first exhibition and market of rare and unusual plants “Seveso in Fiore” will
be held in the breathtaking Bosco Delle Querce (The Oak Woods) on Saturday 11th
and Sunday 12th September 2010.

“Seveso in Fiore” will be one of the most important events of the outdoor sports
and ornithological week which, for more than half a century, has enriched the
“history” of Seveso with culture and tradition and which has always attracted a
large number of visitors from both far and near.

In recent years there have been more than 30,000 visitors annually to La Settimana
Venatorio Ornitologica (Outdoor Sports and Ornithological Week) and it has
become one of the most important events of its kind in Lombardy.

At the Seveso Flower Show visitors will be able to admire multicoloured plants,
both ancient and modern, rare orchids, bonsai, exotic plants and fruit trees shown
by both Italian and international specialists. There will also be rare and unusual
plants shown by private collectors such as Doctor Maurizio Vecchia who
specializes in passion flowers and exotic plants. The Vivaio Tropicamente will
show numerous rare species of exotic plants including tropical fruit trees.

Herbaceous perennials will be shown by Vivai Agar Minella, Cascina Bollate
Cooperativa Sociale, Fenix Floricoltura , Jshandhoor Azienda Agricola and
Giardino Vivace (Berruyer Didier).

Azienda Quarnero and Floritura esotica will show succulent plants and caudices.

Central Park, le Orchidee di Lago Maggiore and Sei Cime d'oro, nurseries which
specialize in orchids, will also be present.

The extremely well-stocked nurseries, Floriana Bulbose and Raziel, will show
both rare and not so rare bulbs.

Visitors will have the chance to buy trees and shrubs for their own gardens offered
by Consonni Carlo Eredi, Nifantani Livania Azienda Agricola and W.G.M. Verde.
rare Mediterranean plants from Pepinière Botanique of Vaugines and from
Gramaglia Azienda Agricola there will be aromatic and medicinal plants.There
will also be ornamental peppers,. Ancient fruit trees and small fruits (Viola Piante)
Ornamental dwarf, small, giant bamboo (Vivai Natura di Claudio Mori) Italian
Native plants and shrubs (Vita Verde di Gallerati).

Apart from the many types of plants visitors may buy garden equipment and

Prestigious Associations such as A.Di.P.A ( Association for Information about
Plants for Amateurs), The Minoprio Foundation and “Luigi Castiglioni”
Agricultural College will also be present and so visitors will be able to learn about
the activities of the association and of the two colleges.

This event will spread the knowledge of botany by showing perfumed and brightly
coloured plants and flowers which are otherwise rarely to be seen.

Entrance is free.

Saturday 11th September from 11a.m to 7p.m
Sunday 12th September from 9a.m to 7p.m

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