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					Sample performance appraisal phrases

You realize that writing the performance review document is no joke. In fact, it is one of
the main reasons performance evaluators are negligent in their duty of coming up with a
no-nonsense honest to goodness performance appraisals. But this shouldn't be an excuse
not to take full advantage of the power of performance appraisals to improve the bottom
line of your business. Especially when you can now get the performance review phrases
to help you document the review.

The readily available review phrases are useful to performance evaluators usually
managers and or business owners who may not have the necessary skills and training in
drafting the performance appraisal or review document. These people certainly struggle
in producing the documents that should show the accurate performance of their
employees in order to benefit from it.

What usually happens is that most reviews are wasted as companies only go through the
motion of conducting the review without really thinking and exploring how they can
benefit the most from this important tool. Worst, there are badly written reviews that
produce adverse effects and cause discord between management and staff.

An accurate documentation of the review can serve as a gauge whether the company is
meeting its objectives. It also shows the management how well the performance of its
people is regardless of the supervision imposed upon them. A good review with the right
performance review phrases can be used by the management to keep its exemplary
employees and let go of non-performing employees. This can keep the integrity of the
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performance appraisal.