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									CAMPUS REC         University of Missouri - St. Louis
            Mark Twain Athletic/Fitness Center (MT) Policies

The Campus Recreation Department at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) is committed to providing safe and inviting
recreation facilities for UMSL students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. Through our quality facilities, members
can enjoy the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle that incorporates a wide variety of sport, fitness, and leisure opportunities.
The following policies are established to provide a consistent and equitable foundation for the administration of the Mark Twain
Athletic/Fitness Center (MT).

Membership Eligibility
Current UMSL students, faculty, and staff are automatically members of the of the Mark Twain Center while community members,
Express Scripts employees, and UMSL alumni are eligible to purchase a MT recreation membership.

                                              Mark Twain Center Membership
                                                       Membership Fees
             Membership Type                        Individual                           Family                             Requirements
                                                                                      2 Adults / 2 Children
                                       One-Year        6-Month 1-Month                  One-Year

             ALUMNI                      $115              $75            $25              $200               • Current Member of UMSL Alumni Association

             FRIENDS OF ALUMNI           $150            $100             $35              $300               • Current Associate Member of UMSL Alumni Assoc.

             EXPRESS SCRIPTS             $150            $100             $35              $350               • Current employee of Express Scripts

             COMMUNITY                   $200            $150             $40              $400               • Community member non-affiliated with UMSL

             STUDENT                   No fees; membership is included in student fees.                       • Currently enrolled UMSL student; full or part-time
                                       Student membership includes student’s spouse and children.

             FACULTY/STAFF             No fees; membership included with employment.                          • Currently employed with UMSL; full or part-time
                                       Fac/staff membership includes employee’s spouse and children.

•   Memberships may be purchased from the Campus Rec Office, 203 Mark Twain, Monday through Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM.
•   Fees must be paid in full at the time of application. Payment options include cash or checks.
•   Membership entitles the member entrance to the MT Center and use of it’s recreational and fitness facilities. Additionallly,
    members are afforded free towel service and equipment check-out privileges, as well as the opportunity to participate in
    Campus Rec’s intramural sports programs. Wellness classes, fitness services, and locker rentals are available for additional
    fees. Check our website or inquire at the Campus Rec Office for details.
•   All memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.
•   Membership is a privilege which may be revoked for cause at the discretion of the University.

Alumni, Friends of Alumni, Express Scripts & Community
•   UMSL Alumni Association members, Express Scripts employees, and community members may purchase individual MT
    memberships on a one-year, 6-month, or 1-month basis.
•   One-year family memberships are also available to these individuals. Family memberships include 2 adults and 2 children;
    specifically defined as one (1) current member, one (1) additional adult member (residing at the same physical address), and
    two (2) children 18 and younger. Additional children may be added to the membership for an extra charge per each.
•   All individual and family members will be issued a membership card.
Students, Faculty & Staff
•    UMSL students, faculty, and staff with valid UMSL ID are allowed to use the facility free of charge.
•    UMSL student and faculty/staff memberships include immediate family members. Spouses and children (13 and older) may
     gain entry to the facility by presenting their spouse’s/parent’s UMSL ID along with additional personal identification. Children
     under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Upon request, the Campus Rec Office will issue individual MT Passes for spouses.
•    Retired UMSL employees who show a valid UMSL Retiree’s ID are admitted into the fadility at no cost.
Sponsored Guests
•    UMSL student, faculty and staff members with valid UMSL IDs are allowed to sponsor one (1) guest per semester.
•    Sponsored guest must be accompanied by their UMSL sponsor when entering the MT Center. Guest must also show their
     guest pass and a valid picture ID at the Control Desk.
•    Sponsored guest passes cannot be transferred and must be renewed each semester.
•    Guest passes may be applied for in the Campus Recreation Office.

Entrance Policy
It is important that we protect the rights of everyone in the UMSL community by assuring that only authorized individuals/
members, with proper identification, are allowed entry. Therefore, Mark Twain is a controlled access facility.
Each time a member chooses to access MT they must enter through the the front main entrance (located on the building’s east
side). At the supervised Control Desk just inside the lobby, one must then produce his/her current, valid UMSL ID or MT Recreation
Pass to be allowed access to the building. (An exception would be groups or individuals with a pre-approved facility reservation.)
•   ID’s not belonging to the bearer will be confiscated immediately. The MT staff reserves the right to ask for additional
    identification at any time.

By entering the Mark Twain Center, individuals agree:
1.   To abide by and comport to all policies and rules of conduct established by UMSL and the Campus Recreation Department.
2.   To follow any verbal direction given by any MT staff member to ensure these policies and their implied intent are upheld.
3.   That all activities and use of the facilities shall be undertaken at member’s risk. Member represents that he/she is physically
     able to undertake physical activities and the use of the facilities provided by MT and the Curators of the University of Missouri
     shall not be liable for any claim, demands, injuries, damages, action or causes of action, whatsoever, to member or member’s
     property, arising out of, or connected with the use of any of the services or facilities of MT or the premises where the same are
     located. Member does hereby expressly further release and discharge MT and the Curators of the University of Missouri from
     all such claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action.”

All vehicles are required to have a valid current permit to park in the area of the Mark Twain Center. Valid parking permits include
•    UMSL STUDENT parking permits
•    UMSL FACULTY/STAFF parking permits
•    UMSL ALUMNI parking permits (issued to all current alumni and friends of alumni members of the UMSL Alumni Association)
•    EXPRESS SCRIPTS MT parking hangtags
Special MT limited parking passes will be issued by Campus Recreaton for facility members who do not fall into the above
categories. Parking pass expiration dates will coincide with the duration of each of these memberships:
•   Community members
•   Wellness Program participants (“Others” category only)
•   Sponsored Guests

Campus Recreation Programs
Campus Recreation offers members of the Mark Twain Center a wide variety of innovative and engaging recreation programs.
Activities range from intramural sports to aerobics, rec treks to wellness training, informal recreation to special events. Our
programs embrace individual differences as they serve the varied recreational and fitness needs and interests of our diverse
•   The entire MT membership is invited and encouraged to join us for sports, fitness, adventure and fun! Whatever your
    interests, availability and skill level may be, Campus Rec has something for you.
•   For program details, check our website or inquire at the Campus Recreation Office, 203 Mark Twain.
Intramural Sports
•   Participation in the Campus Recreation Intramural Sports
    Program is free for all MT members.
•   Men’s, women’s, and coed competition is offered in such
    sports as basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, floor
    hockey, ultimate frisbee, bowling, tennis, golf, racquetball, and
•   Play to win or play for fun. Competitive and non-competitive
    activities range from leagues and tournaments to one-day
    special events.
•   Get involved! It’s a great opportunity to compete with old
    friends and make new ones.
•   Most intramural activities require advanced registration.
•   TO ENTER, participants need to stop in at the Campus Rec Office
    and enter individually or by teams.
•   Visit the Campus Rec website for a complete schedule and
    description of activities.
Wellness Programs
•   Campus Rec Wellness Programs are available to members for additional fees.
•   An expansive variety of classes and services are offered to accommodate our member’s personal fitness needs. Programs
    provide participants an opportunity to develop, grow, and maintain a healthy lifestyle within a fun and friendly atmosphere.
•   Wellness classes are taught by certified instructors and include aerobics, aquatics, martial arts, and spinning.
•   Fitness services consist of individualized personal training, fitness and dietary consultation, and body fat analysis.
•   Visit the Campus Rec website for program schedules, descriptions, and fees.
Open Recreation
•   Open Recreation is a recreational outlet for MT members who wish to participate in non-structured forms of play.
•   Why not jog a few laps, play a game of racquetball, or join in some pick-up basketball? Treat yourself to a good workout in the
    aerobics room, swimming pool, or fitness center.
•   You’ll find just about everything going on inside the Mark Twain Building during open recreation hours.

Mark Twain General Use Policies
•   Only members and sponsored guests may utilize the facility.
•   Use of the facility is considered a privilege. Individuals not complying with the established policies and rules of conduct may
    be asked to leave the facility and may have all membership privileges revoked. It is the responsiblity of the user to be aware
    of the facility’s rules and regulations.
•   Acceptable rules of conduct must be observed at all times. Any user of the facility who engages in any disorderly conduct,
    including verbal or physical abuse of any employee or other user, is subject to immediate removal with loss of building
•   Most of the activity spaces will open when the building opens and will close 15 minutes before the building closes. Locker
    rooms will remain open until building closing time.
•   UMSL is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is strongly recommended that members refrain from bringing valuables to
    the MT Center. Members are encouraged to store all personal belongings in secured lockers.
•   Appropriate athletic attire, such as t-shirts, shorts, warm-up suits, sweat suits or aerobic clothing, is recommended at all times
    during recreation.
•   Appropriate athletic footwear is required in all activity areas.
•   Shirts and shoes are required except in locker rooms and the swimming pool.
•   The recreational facilities are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis during open recreation hours, with the
    exception of the racquetball courts which may be reserved.
•   The use of tobacco is prohibited in the recreation facility.
•   Animals are not allowed in MT, with the exception of guidedogs.
•   Bicycles, skateboards and in-line skates are not allowed in the facility. Bicycle racks are located outside of the building for
    bicycle parking.
•   All MT facilities should be used for their intended purpose. Modification of equipment or facilities is prohibited.
•   Injuries which occur during recreational activity must be reported immediately to the security guard on duty, and an
    accidental injury report completed. First aid supplies and ice are available in training room and will be dispensed as needed.
•   MT is a shared athletic, academic, and recreational facility. All activity areas are subject to availability. To confirm specific
    hours of operation, please check our monthly on-line calendars. The University reserves the right to make appropriate
    changes to the schedule without prior notice.
•   No individual, organization, or group of people has exclusive
    use of any part of the facility unless they have written
    permission from the Campus Recreation Manager or the
    Athletic Director.
                                                                        MARK TWAIN
•   Posters and advertisements must be approved by the Campus            FACILITIES                      REC HOURS
    Rec Office prior to posting in the building.
•   Upon request, a MT Membership Card, UMSL ID, or photo ID
    must be presented to the requesting MT staff member.
                                                                        The Gymnasium                    Mon-Fri      9am-1pm
                                                                        8 basketball goals               Tues & Thu     7-10pm
•   Children under the age of 13 must be directly supervised at all     3 basketball courts              Saturday       12-7pm
    times by an adult 18 years of age or older.                         3 volleyball courts              Sunday         12-5pm
                                                                        6 badminton courts
                                                                        6 pickleball courts
Main Gymnasium & Balconies
•   All members must wear proper athletic footwear when on              South Balcony                    Mon-Fri      9am-1pm
    the courts. NO barefoot participation is allowed. Black soled       2 basketball goals               Tues & Thu     7-10pm
    shoes, cleats, street shoes, or any shoes suspected of marking or   1 volleyball court               Saturday       12-7pm
    damaging the gym floor are strictly prohibited.                     1 badminton court                Sunday         12-5pm
                                                                        1 pickleball court
•   Court space is claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.
•   Half-court basketball play is necessary during peak participation
    times.                                                              Fitness Center                   Mon-Thu 6:30am-10pm
•   Hanging on basketball rims or nets is not allowed. No climbing      7-screen fitness cinema          Friday   6:30am-7pm
                                                                        with 18 stations;                Saturday    9am-7pm
    on bleachers.                                                       treadmills, lifecycles,          Sunday        12-5pm
•   Basketballs, volleyballs, racquets and other sports equipment       recumbent cycles,
    may be checked out at the MT Control Desk.                          stairclimbers, ellipticals,
                                                                        rowers, nautilus & universal
                                                                        circuits; multi-exercise
Fitness Center                                                          wheel chair machine
•   Appropriate workout attire is required. This includes athletic      Free Weight Room
    shoes and clothing. No street clothes allowed.                      free-weights;
•   Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.                         multi-station Universal
•   Closed-toe athletic shoes required. Sandals, “flip flops”, dress
    shoes and boots are not allowed.                                    Racquetball Courts
                                                                        4 racquetball/handball/
•   In an effort to keep the area free from clutter and protect         wallyball courts
    personal property, personal belongings such as backpacks, gym
    bags, wallets, etc. may not be placed anywhere in the Fitness       Indoor Track
    Center. Members are encouraged to use daily-use lockers             1/10 mile durathon surface
    available in the locker rooms or to rent permanent lockers on a
    semester or annual basis.                                           Table Tennis Room
                                                                        2 championship tables
•   Personal radios are not allowed unless used with headphones.
•   Lifting chalk is not permitted.                                     Aerobics Room
•   No food or drink allowed in the Fitness Center with the             multi-purpose room
    exception of bottled water.                                         dance/exercise/spinning
                                                                        aerobics flooring,
•   No profanity or suggestive language will be tolerated. Users        mirrored walls
    must demonstrate courtesy toward others at all times.
•   Time limit is 20 minutes on all cardiovascular equipment when
    someone is waiting.                                                 Swimming Pool                    Mon-Fri 11:30am-2pm
                                                                        25 yard, six lanes               Mon-Thu     6:30-9pm
•   Circuit strength trainers have the right of way. Members using      lap swim & open swim             Sat, Sun      12-5pm
    the strength training equipment/stations for multiple sets          water exercise equipment
    should allow circuit trainers to “work-through”.
•   Members are required to have a towel to wipe down
    equipment, benches and cardiovascular machines after use.           Tennis Courts                    M T outdoor facilities
                                                                        6 outdoor hard courts            are open daily during
•   Members are encouraged to review the instructions for the                                            daylight hours.
    proper usage of each piece of equipment.                            Campus Rec Field
•   Report all injuries, incidents, damages, unsafe conditions, and/    Large outdoor multi-use
    or equipment failures to the Campus Rec Office, 203MT.              field for softball, football,
                                                                        soccer, ultimate frisbee, etc.
•   No children under the age of 13 are permitted in the Fitness
    Center for any reason.                                              VALID PHOTO I.D. MUST ACCOMPANY EACH USER
•   Children 13-16 years of age may use the facility but must have
    direct adult supervision.                                           NOTE: Hours are subject to change due to special
•   Members exercise at their own risk. Individuals are responsible     circumstances. A daily updated schedule of facility rec
                                                                        hours is available online.
    for their own health and safety.
Free-Weight Room
•   Appropriate workout attire is required. This includes athletic clothing and closed-toe shoes. No street clothes allowed.
•   Users are encouraged to store all personal belonging in our daily-use lockers available in the locker rooms or to rent
    permanent lockers on a semester or annual basis.
•   No food or drink allowed with the exception of bottled water.
•   No profanity, suggestive language or offensive behavior will be tolerated.
•   Members are required to have a towel to wipe down benches after use.
•   All free weight lifters using benches must have spotters.
•   Lock collars are required on all weight bars during use.
•   Slamming or dropping of the weights or weight stacks is strictly prohibited.
•   Do not use any of the equipment in a manner for which it is not intended.
•   Do not lean weights or bars against the walls, equipment, or mirrors.
•   All weights and equipment must be returned to its proper location after use. Weights should not be left on bars.
•   Report all injuries, incidents, damages, unsafe conditions, and/or equipment failures to the Campus Rec Office, 203MT.
•   No children under the age of 13 are permitted in the Weight Room for any reason.
•   Children 13-16 years of age must have direct adult supervision.
•   Members exercise at their own risk. Individuals are responsible for their own health and safety.

Indoor Track
•   The two-lane, one-tenth of a mile indoor track is for walkers and joggers only. Running and sprinting is not allowed.
•   Appropriate athletic shoes must be worn. Spikes, turf shoes and cleats are prohibited.
•   Fitness walking and jogging should be done on the rubberized track surface only and not on the carpeted area. The inside
    carpet lane is for pedestrian traffic only.
•   For safety, it is prohibited for groups to use the track with more than two individuals side-by-side.
•   If you work out on the track with a partner, please assume single file positions when passing or being passed.
•   Track direction changes daily. Users should observe the posted directional signs.
•   Slower walkers/joggers should use the outside lane. Faster members should move to the outside lane.
•   Stretching is allowed in designated areas only.
•   Spitting on the indoor track is strictly forbidden.
•   For member’s safety, do not stand or stop on any lanes of the track.

Racquetball Courts
•   Athletic shoes are required. Black soled shoes, street shoes, or any shoes suspected of marking the gym floor are prohibited.
•   Eye protection is strongly recommended.
•   All four (4) courts are equipped for the sport of Wallyball.
•   Wallyball sets and racquetball racquets, balls, and eye guards may be checked out at the Control Desk.
Racquetball Court Reservations
•   Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis unless reserved in advance.
•   Court reservations are encouraged to ensure court availabilty. Reservations may be made by calling 516-5326 (9am-5pm) or
    in person at the Campus Recreation Office during the MT hours of operation.
•   Reservations are taken up to one week in advance. Same day court reservations are accepted.
•   When racquetball courts are in high demand, all individuals will be restricted to one hour of play; and all reservation will be
    restricted to one reservation per day per person. Court reservations are scheduled on the hour.
•   Forfeit time is 10 minutes after the scheduled reservation time.

Swimming Pool
•   Absolutely no person is permitted in the pool unless an UMSL lifeguard or staff member is on duty.
•   Proper swimwear is required. Cut offs, gyms shorts and/or t-shirts are prohibited.
•   Children under 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
•   Non-swimmers must stay in the shallow-end of the pool.
•   Street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck with the exception of walking directly to and from the pool locker rooms.
•   All users are required to shower before entering the pool.
•   Running is on pool deck is prohibited. Walk at all times.
•   Any activity considered unsafe will be stopped. Rough play, running, pushing, dunking, excessive splashing, unauthorized
    games and/or inappropriate behaviors, in the water or out, is not allowed.
•   Spitting, spouting water, or discharging bodily waste in the pool is strictly prohibited.
•   Diving is prohibited in the shallow area.
•   No diving or jumping from starting blocks or diving board unless specifically authorized.Lane lines are for lap swimming
    purposes only (or as a safety line in case of emergency). Hanging on lines is not allowed at any time.
•   Lane lines are never to be removed from the pool unless specific permission is given by the Campus Recreation staff.
•   Balls, innertubes, rafts, etc. are not allowed in the pool except with authorization.
•   Water exercise equipment must only be used in the manner for which it was intended.
•   Gum and adhesive bandages are not allowed in the pool area.
•   No glass of any kind is permitted in the pool area.
•   Food and drinks are prohibited in the pool area, except bottled water.
•   Swimmer accessories are available for use by pool patrons. Kickboards, leg floats, and aquatic fitness belts are stored in an
    easily accessible cabinet located on the pool deck. All equipment should be returned to cabinet following use.
•   Swimmers will be held responsible for the proper care of the pool equipment and facilities.
•   Pool will close fifteen (15) minutes earlier than is scheduled if at the time there are no swimmer in the pool.
•   Lifeguards will enforce any other rule which they deem necessary to the safety of the pool operation and swimmers.
Lap Swim Rules
•   Lap lanes are designated by pace. Lanes 1 & 6 are to be used by slow-paced lap swimmers, lanes 2 & 5 are for medium-paced
    swimmers, and lands 3 & 4 are open to fast-paced swimmers.
•   Swimmers should choose their lane carefully and pace themselves with the other swimmers in that lane.
•   Circle lap swimming (counterclockwise within the lane; down on right, up on left) will be used in all instances of 3 or more
    swimmers in a lane.
•   Upon entering an occupied lane, each new swimmer should notify the other lap swimmers of their presence.

Aerobics Room
•   Campus Recreation wellness, spinning, and dance classes are held in the Aerobics Room. These scheduled programs have
    priority use.
•   When not reserved, the Aerobics Room is available for drop-in recreation use.
•   Any activity that could potentially cause damage to the floor or mirrors is prohibited.
•   Appropriate athletic attire and footwear is required.
•   Only water in sealable containers is permitted.
•   Spin bikes, located in the Aerobics Room, are for the use of spin class participants only.
•   Authorized supervisors/instructors only are allowed access to equipment closet and sound system.

Table Tennis Room
•   Two table tennis tables are available for open play in Room 220, when the room is not otherwise being used. Use of the tables
    is on a first-come, first-served basis.
•   While others are waiting, play should be limited to a half hour.
•   Ping-pong paddles may be checked-out at the Control Desk and balls may be purchased from the Campus Rec Office for a
    quarter each.

Campus Rec Field
•   The Campus Rec Field is a general purpose outdoor playing field located just south of the Mark Twain Center. When not being
    used for scheduled Campus Rec programs, the area is available for such recreational activities as soccer, softball, frisbee, and
•   Use of the field is on a first-come, first-served basis unless reserved in advance.

Tennis Courts
•   Six laykold tennis courts are located outdoors just northwest of the MT building.
•   Use of the courts is on a first-come, first-served basis when they are not in use by the Campus Rec or Intercollegiate Athletic
•   Play should be limited to one hour when others are waiting.
•   Appropriate court shoes only. Black soles, spikes and street shoes are prohibited.
•   Courts are to be used for tennis only. Absolutely no rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards, hockey playing, etc. allowed.
•   Tennis racquets are available for check-out at the MT Control Desk. Players should provide their own tennis balls.

Locker Rooms
•   Locker rooms and showers are available to all members whenever the facilities are open for recreational use.
•   All activity areas will close 15 minutes before the MT Center closes. However, locker rooms remain open until building closing
    time. By this time, every person should be out of the locker rooms and exited from building.
•   Daily-use lockers are available. Members must provide their own lock and remove it each day. Items left in a locker overnight
    will be removed by the Campus Rec staff and held for no more than one week.
•   UMSL is not responsible for items left in a locker. Lockers should never be used to store valuables.
Locker Rental
•   For member’s convenience, a limited number of permanent full-length rental lockers are available on a per semester or annual
    basis. Lockers may be rented at the Campus Recreation Office, 203MT.

                        Locker Rental Rates                                     Rental Periods
               Member Type          Semester        Annual        Semester- FALL           Aug. 16 to Jan. 10
                                                                  Semester- SPRING         Jan. 11 to May 30
              STUDENTS                $10            $25          Semester- SUMMER         May 30 to Aug. 15
              ALL OTHERS              $20            $50          Annual- ONE YEAR         One year from rental date.

•   Rental fees must accompany a locker rental request.
•   A combination lock is provided with rental locker.
•   Locks will be changed immediately following the rental expiration date.
•   Contents left in lockers after the expiration date will be bagged, held for one semester and then donated.
•   No refunds are given for locker rentals.
•   UMSL is not responsible for contents left in lockers (expired or current).

•   The saunas are intended for use by MT members 16 years of age and older. MT members 13-15 years of age may use the
    sauna with direct parental supervision. No one under the age of 13 is allowed in the sauna for any reason.
•   Our saunas, located in the men’s and women’s locker rooms, are DRY saunas. Liquid of any kind should not be poured on the
    rocks at any time.
•   Appropriate attire is required and members are required to bring a towel to sit on when using the saunas. Males must wear
    shorts or swim trunks and females must wear a swimsuit or shorts and a top.
•   Exercise of any kind is prohibited in the sauna.
Sauna users should be aware of the following warnings:
•   Pregnant women, elderly participants, and/or individuals with respiratory or cardiopulmonary problems should not use the
    sauna without prior medical approval from their doctor.
•   Breathing heated air in conjunction with consumption of alcohol, drugs, or medication is capable of causing unconsciousness.
•   Upon experiencing any nausea, dizziness, hot flashes or cold chills, sleepiness. headaches, or other discomfort, leave the
    sauna at once.
•   Remove all jewelry before using the sauna.
•   Following vigorous exercise, allow “cool-down” time before entering the sauna and reduce your session time.
•   The sauna is for opening pores and relaxing muscles. It is not a weight loss tool. Under no circumstances should users wear
    excess clothing such as a sweat suit or rubberized suit while in the sauna.
•   DO NOT EXCEED 30 MINUTES in the sauna. Excessive exposure can be harmful to ones health.
•   Persons with poor health should consult their physicians before using sauna.

Equipment Check Out
•   Members may check out a wide variety of recreational equipment for personal use at no cost. To borrow any item, users must
    present their UMSL ID Card or MT Membership Pass at the Control Desk. The ID’s will be held until the equipment is returned.

                                                 Recreation Equipment
               Badminton Racquets/Nets         Jump Ropes                               Table Tennis Paddles
               Basketballs                     Kickballs                                Tennis Racquets
               Dodgeballs                      Pickleball Paddles/Balls/Nets            Volleyballs/Nets
               Field Markers/Cones             Racquetball Racquets/Balls/Goggles       Volleyball Outdoor Net Set
               Footballs                       Soccer Balls                             Wallyballs/Nets
               Frisbees                        Softball Gloves/Bats/Balls/Bases         Wiffleball Bats/Balls
•   All equipment must be returned by facility closing time on same day as check-out.
•   Equipment availability is limited and is checked out on a first come, first served basis.
•   Users are responsible for equipment issued to them. An individual who fails to return checked out equipment or who returns
    damaged equipment must pay the cost of replacement value.
•   Payment for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment may be made at the Campus Rec Office, 203MT.
•   If a patron plans to transfer equipment to another member, both patrons must report to the Control Desk to record the
•   Swim accessories, such as kickboards, leg floats, and aquatic fitness equipment, are freely available in the pool area.
•   Equipment reservations for recreational activities outside the recreation complex must be reserved at least one week in
    advance. A valid ID will be retained by the Campus Rec Office as a security deposit.

Towel Service
•   Free towel service is available to our facility users. A valid UMSL ID card or MT Membership Pass must be left with Control
    Desk attendant for a towel.
•   Only one towel will be issued per patron.
•   Towels must be returned on same day as checkout.

Lost & Found
•   For your convenience, a lost and found bin is located in the Campus Rec Office for all items that are turned into our staff.
•   Found items should be turned in at the Rec Office or Control Desk.
•   Inquiries regarding lost items should be directed to the Campus Rec Office.
•   Items not claimed within 30 days will be disposed of.
•   UMSL is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
•   Members are encouraged to store all personal belongings in lockers.
•   MT staff members are not permitted to hold equipment, valuables or bags for members.

Facility Rental
•   The MT Building and individual areas/facilities within it may be rented by groups for their exclusive use. Reservations are
    limited to facility availability and rates are relative to the areas and times requested.
•   Inquiries should be directed to the Facility Coordinator, Rick Gyllenborg, at 516-7016.

Priority Use Policies
•   Classes and research offered/conducted by academic departments/faculty in the School of Education shall have priority use
    of all of the facilities in the Mark Twain Athletic/Fitness Center.
•   Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation shall have second priority use of the facility.
•   Other University activities shall have third priority use of the facilities.
•   Agencies/Groups outside the University shall have fourth priority use of the facilities.

All policies are subject to change without prior written notice. Policy changes will be noted on our website and/or posted at the
MT Control Desk.

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