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                                             H2O Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Review

       By Brandi Yates
       Dated: Feb 28, 2009

       Here is a review of the H2O Vacuum as seen on TV

       H2O Vac Turbo

        Don’t you want to find out why the H20 Vac Turbo is what’s up in vacuum technology today? This
       product by Thane USA vacuums your carpet, spruces up your hardwood floors, eliminates puddles, and rids
       your furniture of irksome pet hair. It does all this while it sanitizes household surfaces for maximum fresh
       air quality in your home.

        Those noxious dirt filters and vacuum cleaner bags that emit clouds of dirt and dust when you change them
       will be a thing of the past. And, from the time you get your Vac Turbo and begin using it, the freshness of
       the air in your home will steadily improve.

        This unit stands out because it protects your home with “aqua-force water filtration technology” utilizing a
       small water chamber. When you’re ready to vacuum, you put a little bit of tap water into the chamber and
       snap it into place. The dirt and debris end up submerged in the water chamber. It cannot possibly escape
       and re-pollute your household!

        You’ll love how simple it is to use. The base is a lightweight plastic canister weighing about twelve pounds
       that you can maneuver easily throughout your home. The hose provides enough length to reach either the
       tops of your doorways or extend along your baseboards. Some people like to put a deodorizer in the water
       to emit a clean, fresh scent throughout the home.

        You can also adjust its suction level. This means that you can run it very easily along lampshades or
       delicate drapery fabrics, or you can depend on it to pull dirt from the depths of your deepest carpet pile. It
       will skim thoroughly over your furniture and walls.

        The H20 Vac Turbo captures dirt, dust, pet hair, fungus, mold, and all kinds of household matter and
       delivers it to the water chamber. This technology works in tandem with a certified HEPA filter that
       manages 99.97% of the debris it takes in. Do you have a child or spouse who suffers from environmental
       allergies? This unit controls pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. It’s also like magic for households
       where family members traipse in and out all day long. If you worry about the accumulation of dust mites
       around bedding or in far corners, you can find peace of mind at last.

        Besides all the invisible enemies of your home, it’s perfect for a variety of other household tasks. If you’ve
       spilled a can of nails or other small hardware pieces, use the Vac Turbo to suction them up. If you’ve
       dropped an egg on the floor, just get out your Vac Turbo. If your child spills his Spaghettios, just get out the
       H2O Vac Turbo. And it never clogs!

        And all you have to do to clean it is empty the water chamber. The chamber has a built-in strainer, so that
       when you pour out the water the debris stays behind and you simply empty it out. It’s true that what you are
       tossing it is smelly, wet garbage, but guess what? It’s going into your trash, and not back into the air you
       breathe! This superb, environmentally friendly cleaning product comes highly recommended by many
       health experts.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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