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					                                           Lesson Project

Teacher: Dorina Cocari
Date: week 8/ 4th November 2009
Grade: elementary level pupils (4rd grade students)/ Beginners
Class: VIII B
Subject of the lesson: verification: Colours and Seasons
                        teaching: Days of the week
Type of lesson: Combined / Mixed lesson
Skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing.
Teaching aims : - communicative aims:
                 - Understanding words in context;
                 - Increasing awareness about the sound- letters;
                 - Increasing awareness about the way we learn vocabulary.
Learning aims : By the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
                - Become aware of the way we spell words;
                - Pronounce the days of the week as accurately as possible;
                - Internalize the vocabulary;
                - Read/write some words and sentences;
                - Sing the songs The four seasons and The days of the week.
Aids : textbooks, copybooks, blackboards, poster, worksheets.
Organizing types: class work, group work, individual work;


Activity 1                             Interaction: T – Ss;                                  Timing: 5„
        The Ss receive four trees and dots of different colours. They have to stick dots on each tree
    according to each season. All the trees will be arranged by seasons on a panel in front of the

Activity 2                       Interaction: T - Ss; Ss -T;                                Timing: 15„
        The Ss repeat the colours and the seasons describing the trees, one by one.
        The T sings along with the Ss the song The four seasons.
        The Ss fill in worksheets writing the seasons, then read and colour the four trees and the other
    items that illustrate the words of the song.

Activity 3                   Interaction: T - Ss; G- G                                     Timing: 5‟
        The T announces the title of the new lesson - Days of the week and the learning aims.
        The T writes the title of the lesson on the blackboard.
        The Ss write the title and date on their copybooks.

Activity 4                     Interaction: T - Ss; Ss - T;                                Timing: 20‟
        T initiates a series of questions:
“What‟s your favourite school subject?”
“What‟s your favourite school day?”
 “What day of the week is today?”
“What subject have you got on Monday at ten o‟clock?”
“How many breaks have you got on Friday?”
       The Ss receive a timetable on the worksheets. They read it aloud, by days.

   MONDAY                 TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY                  FRIDAY
English                History           Music                Romanian                English
Maths                  Maths             Science              Music                   Maths
Geography              Maths             Maths                Practical Skills        Drawing
Romanian               Sports            Romanian             Sports                  Drama

        The T brings a task more: the Ss should read aloud, then tick with True or False for the
    following sentences:
                                                                True             False
           a)   English classes are on Mondays and Fridays.
                                                                --------         --------
           b)   Maths classes are only on Fridays.
                                                                --------         --------
           c)   There are five Maths classes altogether.
                                                                --------         --------
           d)   Children study Geography on Mondays.            --------         --------
           e)   Children Draw on Mondays.
                                                                --------         --------
           f)   Children sing on Thursdays.
                                                                --------         --------
       The T shares other worksheets with a new exercise. The Ss have got five pictures with a boy
    – Steve – who is very unhappy. They also have five written clues for his sadness with his duties
    each day of the week:
   1) Monday: clean his father‟s car
   2) Tuesday: do his homework
   3) Wednesday: wash the dishes
   4) Thursday: lay the table for dinner
   5) Friday: tidy up his room
       The Ss have to answer these questions in written:
          a. When does Steve clean his father‟s car?
          b. What does Steve do on Thursdays?
          c. What does Steve do on Tuesdays?
          d. When does Steve wash the dishes?
          e. When does Steve tidy up his room?

Activity 5                   Interaction: T - Ss; Ss - T;                                   Timing: 5‟
        The Ss complete a head of timetable for all the seven days of the week.
        The T teaches the Ss a new song: The days of the week.
        The Ss receive the lyrics, listen to the tape and sing along.

The days of the week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday and Sunday
The days of the week.

Start each day with a smile
Make each day full of fun
So let‟s make each and every day
A very very special one.

      The T appreciates the work of the students and rewards the most active ones with good