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									                              Troll Tracks                                             September

        The days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting crisper.
              Ah! Fall, when a skier’s fancy turns to snow…

Welcome to the 2004-05 Season !!!
        The last time I recall a summer as wet as this one was in 1996 (I think ….. perhaps Roger or Harvey
would have a better memory).!!!
        I may be off on the date, but I do recall the incredible snow year that followed….it started with an
early dump that kept us skiing from about October well into March or maybe even late April. Perhaps some of
you are thinking the same thing….this is the year we’ve been waiting patiently for. This is why we put up with
the strange and unpredictable weather, the voracious mosquito population and Ralph himself – the prospect of a
        The calendar is already filling up for Edmonton Nordic members as we begin to organize our race
season, program development plans, social events and plans for the Strathcona Nordic Facility!!! Many of you
took the “challenge” again to ski over the bridge last year and expand your vision of the trails we are fortunate
enough to have Kevin and his team grooming for us in the city. As we continue to work on these as well as the
Goldbar/Goldstick trails, we will need YOUR help in a number of capacities. Remember the ENSC is a volunteer
organization, and we need the help of every member this year to make this the best season ever! So please
consider how YOU can be a part of the “muscle, camaraderie and magic” for the club.
        A few events to get you in the mood for the season – the Nordic Fair and Ski Swap is set for
November at the Rundle Centre, Troll in the Park is a day time event to be held on January 1st, we will be host
to Biathlon Nationals at our new facility in January, and the Wednesday night races will continue at Goldbar.
More to follow on these events in future communications!!!
        The club is honoring it’s commitment from last year to print a paper newsletter to inform ENSC
members and would be members of upcoming news and activities. Newsletters will be mailed out to all ENSC
members, as well as be available in ski shops across the city. We welcome and encourage your contributions in
the form of articles, for sale items and general notices. Please contact one of the executive members for
assistance, to see how you can help, or to give us some feedback! For you “non-paper” types, current
information will continue to be available on the website.
        So for those of you looking for some pre-season fun and exercise, dry land training is a great place to
start….. join us on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays and get an early start to the training. Or check out the upcoming
classes for adults and jackrabbits, and plan your winter exercise fun. After watching the Olympics I know I’m
pumped to get back into top shape. ENSC has something for everyone this year….even YOU, so don’t hesitate to
call and find out how to get involved!!

We’ll be looking for you on the trails!!!
Pat Sachse-Brown The Prez’
Edmonton Nordic Ski Club
    Notes from the 2003-2004 Edmonton Nordic Ski Club AGM
           This year's AGM was held April 30th at Gold Stick Pavilion. The evening followed its typical style,
   starting off with another incredible potluck extravaganza provided by members. The coordinators of the
   Biathlon, Cross-Country Racing, and Adult Education programs provided brief overviews of the year. Laura
   Tetrault provided a summary of the success of the 25th anniversary celebration, asking members to begin to save
   articles and pictures in preparation for our next celebration.

   Ed Heacock, Cross Country Racing Coordinator, former President, and snowfarmer
   extraordinaire, won the coveted Ole Holvind Award for volunteerism.
President Pat Brown highlighted the club’s activities
for the year:
Cross Country Westerns were cancelled due to
extreme cold; ENSC hosted Biathlon Westerns in
Camrose due to lack of snow in Edmonton; a
working session was held on the status of the club’s
project at the Strathcona Science Park; a program
planning committee discussed new programs and           2004-2005 ENSC Executive Committee
coaching development. The president thanked all the     Pat Sachse-Brown         President 466-2532
volunteers who worked on these projects.                Kathy Williams           Vice President 437-5413
                                                        Bill van der Meer        Past President
Opportunities for members to get involved with for      Jane Causgrove-Reinhart  Treasurer
next year include the committee that is working with    Werner Groeschel         Secretary
Petro Canada for possible snowmaking at Goldbar         Peggy Hurdle             Membership 487-5489
and Strathcona Science Park, the Biathlon Nationals     Carolene Kuschminder     XC Training
to be hosted by ENSC in 2005, and the                   Ed Heacock               XC Training 437-2979
programming and coaching development initiative.        Tony Moratto             Biathlon 992-6994
                                                        Bonnie Lebowitz          Adult Education
The formal business meeting began at approximately      Yvonne Stern             Adult Education 433-4328
8:15 pm with the club financial report presented by     Wayne Olmstead           Jackrabbits (Sat) 433-0638
Jane Causgrove-Reinhart. Then came the                  Tony Epp                 Jackrabbits (Sun) 465-2646
nominations for executive positions. Jim Wiley          Bob Warshawski           Grooming & Facilities
turned the secretary position over to Werner            Carla Costuras           Social
Groeschel, and as no one had come forth for the         Don Spence               Communications (web)
Vice-President position, both the current President     Diane Carlsson           Communications (paper)
Pat Sachse-Brown and Vice President Kathy
Williams agreed to stay on for a second year. All
other executive positions retained their current
member. The meeting adjourned at 9 pm.

   Upcoming Events for the New Season

   October 1 – Fall Skick-off. The pot-luck and social event to greet the new ski season.

   October 23 & 24 – ENSC promotion booth at the Edmonton Ski and Snowboard Show. Helpers
   are needed to help man the booth and promote cross-country skiing and our club. If you love your
   sport, come out and help others discover that its not just golf courses and knickers.

   November 7 – ENSC Annual Ski Swap. Contact Bill van der Meer (434-2314)for more information.
Biathlon                             "Skiing in Circles and Shooting at Black Dots."
ENSC Biathlon 2003 – 2004 year-end summary by Tony Moratto

             The quote is from Eric Jensen, who we should congratulate as he will be a park warden in Lake Louise. He will be
sorely missed. I have a lot of topics so let's start with coaches. Amy and Sean will be back. David and Cindy are question
marks. We need to recruit more coaches. Have any interested parties contact me ASAP as all coaches need certification.
             Racing! Lots of it with 4 Calaforex Cups, Two in Canmore, our first ever in Fort MacMurray where the team stayed in
a first class B & B, and one in Camrose. Alberta Winter Games in Peace River where ENSC athletes picked up 40% of the
medals. The girls made Valentine cards for the boys, who reciprocated by wearing 'designer' after shave. Westerns/Alberta
Championships, hosted by ENSC but moved to Camrose, saw 165 racers! Nationals in Val Cartier, Quebec, saw a selected few of
ENSC athletes with a surprise medal performance by Mark Nesbitt.
             Range, short range goals. Amy and Sean have jungle gym plan (chin up bars etc) that need to be constructed. Brian
Rein has stepped forward but I am sure he could use help. Bob has also looked into bringing in some dirt to help the grass grow
inside the range and is working towards putting in lights. We need lights to give us flexibility in winter shooting training.
             RSO, range safety officer training. Let's pick a date and get certified. Coaches included.
             Next year's training squad. Amy outlined the basic structure for our 100, 200, and 350 clubs. I am very excited about
this. We plan to separate training groups so that training (ie shooting), will be specific to ability groups. Fees are under review.
             Biathlon Bears. Yes, it looks like we will have an air rifle group. Alex and myself and ? (possibly Pamela) will lead a
group of 9 to 13 year old into our biathlon world. Biathlon Alberta has a plan to put equipment into each club. We will match
funds and land up with 4 rifles and targets and pumps and away we go! The starting point is to approach kids in athletic summer
camps. Does anyone have a connection into this area?
             Biathlon Nationals. After our debrief of western's I took a short summary of our discussion to the executive. Here is
what our club has decided. ENSC will NOT host Nationals at our site at present. We will host it in partnership with Camrose
instead with the racing of course at their site. I have spoken with the president of Camrose Nordic and we are both excited about
this shared hosting. Biathlon Canada will let us know if they are willing to change skiing locations. Help is needed in designing a
POSTER promoting this event. We need something small but catchy to put up in schools, hockey rinks and the indoor soccer
facilities to introduce this event and sport to potential athletes.

The range, or more aptly called, the Strathcona Nordic Center. Here's the plan.
Step 1, our lease is being fine tuned with the province.
Step 2. Solicit a professional site plan that will outline our construction process. This includes all aspects, trail, snowmaking,
lights, trees, parking etc, etc, etc. ENSC executive has set aside funds to pay for this professional plan.
Step 3. Get started, following the professional recommendations.

Highlights of ENSC 2003/2004 Cross Country Training and Racing Program

    •    7 paid coaches and 65 committed athletes, with 2 coaches running 12 month programs
    •    many volunteers were out on regular basis helping with coaching and at events.
    •    successful promotion of the Edmonton Regional Race Series consisting of 13
         separate mid-week races.
    •    Athletes and one coach attended an early season week long training camp in Silverstar B.C.
    •    Athletes and coaches represented ENSC at most of the loppets held throughout the province this
         past winter, and also participated and medaled at Alberta Winter Games in Peace River, and at the six
         races which made up the Alberta Cup series.
    •    Athletes participated in the two Nor Am Canada Cup events which occurred in western Canada.
    •    Participated in National X-C championships in Charlo New Brunwick winning one medal.
                • One athlete traveled to Norway to participate in the World Masters Championships.
                • Athletes were selected to provincial X-C and Biathlon teams.
                • One athlete selected to Jr National Biathlon team, and traveled with the team to Europe.
                • Possibly most important, the vast majority of the athletes skiing experience was
                    positive and they are eager to return next season.
        •   Suggestions for next year: More upgrading opportunities for coaches, develop and/or hire more
            coaches, establish a less competitive option for ENSC Jack Rabbit program grads.

    Year-End Words from the Facilities and Grooming Director - Bob Warshawski

    This has been my first year as Director of Grooming and Facilities, what a great year it was. Early snow fall with
    no big melt made it one of the longest seasons ever for skiing in Goldbar and Capilano. Kevin Moore was able
    to use the Bomby which helped save his and the two full time unpaid volunteer's backs. So when you see Frank
    MacNamara and Bob David around grooming or skiing please thank them for their work, also don't forget
    Kevin as I'm sure he does more than the part time pay covers. The Strathcona Science Park loop was a new
    problem as it doesn't have the tree's nor the terrain needed to keep good snow, hopefully this will be
    rectified in the next few years and with snow making will allow the club members to enjoy skiing low
    snow year's which happen more often than not. I would also like to thank Roger Tetrault for
    the help and suggestions throughout the season. With the great work done by Kevin, Frank
    and Bob I can honestly say that this executive position has been a joy to do this year.
                                        Adult Programs Boast a Bumper Year

Good snow conditions, good weather and good sales helped boost the number of adults who signed up for Adult Lessons this
winter. All in all, we welcomed 85 participants to four pre- and eight post-Xmas classes. Interesting to note was an influx of
younger adults who were first-time joiners. The word is out there….learn to ski at ENSC.

The overall consensus was that the quality of instruction was outstanding. We are very fortunate to have a core of dedicated,
competent experts in the Club who willing share their knowledge, skill and enthusiasm among equally willing learners.
Many participants skied the Birkebeiner including "Don Mallon’s Mass Start". Surely this is the hallmark of good
preparation. Thank you, instructors. Early CANSI Instructor Courses may inspire some more members of our club to share
their skiing expertise.

What happens to all our new adult members once they have completed their courses? Do they sign up as members the
following year…. Not likely. Perhaps we could take a leaf from John Stanton’s running book. It’s the camaraderie and
recreation that The Running Room offers which sustains interest and continued membership. We need a "vision" if we are to
continue to draw adults to the club. Ski with the rabbits not with the hares. Next year we hope to resurrect some recreational
skiing and touring so that adults know why they have joined.

    The Power of a Volunteer
           The person with the strongest influence in a ski club is not a member of the
    executive, it’s not one of the coaches or instructors or event coordinators, it’s the
    volunteer. They are the key to successfully running any sort of event. Applying for a
    volunteer position is simple, you walk up and ask “can I help?”
           Throughout the season, there are many occasions where the club needs
    extra help from those people with a bit of time and lots of enthusiasm (a.k.a. the volunteers), come
    on out and be part of the action. For younger members of the club (or those family members who
    are not skiers), this is a great way to rack up work, and mentoring experience.
    A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all those club members who helped out last year and in years past.
           If you would like your name on our “available volunteer” list please call Diane at 431-9688.
    We’ll need your name, contact number, and volunteer area of interest.

  Fall Dryland Training Opportunities
  Biathlon dryland groups – contact Tony Moratto 922 6994
  Cross Country Training and Racing groups
  Lynx (Jack rabbit program graduates) contact Paul Z. 466-7475
  Dynamite Mammoths (Lynx grads, plus keen 13-16yr old skiers) contact Diane 431-9688
  Jack’s Pack (high performance junior, senior and master skiers) contact Jack 435-2955
  Other enquiries contact Ed Heacock 437-2979

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