The Hazard Communication Program

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					Headquarters U.S. Air Force
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                 The Hazard

   What is Hazard Communication
   Who needs to comply and Why
   What you need to do to comply

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                         What is the program

   Developed to reduce the incidence of chemically
    induced occupational injuries by
     Informing workers of hazards
     Identifying proper PPE
   The MSDS is the lynch pin

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                            What is an MSDS

   Document containing data on
     Safety
     Health
     Disposal
     Emergency Response
   Supplied by the manufacturer

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                      Who needs to comply

   All workcenters in which employees are exposed to
    or have the potential to be exposed to occupational
    chemical hazards

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                                       Why do it

   Compliance helps keep your workers safe and
   Regulatory Guidance
     29 CFR 1910.1200 Hazard Communication
     AFOSH Std 161-21, Hazard Communication
     Local Base Regulation

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                                    How to do it

   Work closely with Base Bioenvironmental
    Engineering to identify
     What you use
     How you use it
   Maintain inventory and copies of MSDS’s in your
   Get base specific HAZCOM Training from Public
    Health or Bioenvironmental Engineering

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                      For more information

   Contact your Base Bioenvironmental Engineer

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