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					Resume cover letter samples

A sample letter to use as a guide when preparing your follow up letters can assist your
job search, save you time, and make you look very professional. Take a look at the
following, and use it as a guide when preparing your own follow up letters.



Decision Maker, Position




State, Zip code

Dear (use name),

I wanted to touch base with you concerning my recent application with your
company. Knowing you are busy I've enclosed another copy of my resume for your

My interests and work experience are in the areas of sales and sales management.
Having worked with Xyz company for the past seven years as a sales representative, I
have strong experience and believe I could be a strong asset to your organization.

I would appreciate the opportunity to visit with you in person, and will call next week
to check on your availability.

Thank you for your time.


John Doe

Resume enclosed

Use this sample as a template, and change the relevant portions of it to fit your own
skills, experience and interests. Customize it, and send it out a week or ten days after
you send out every resume, to each company that you've applied to. Following up is a
skill that many people fail to learn, and it can make all the difference in getting an
interview. Experiment with it, put sentences and paragraphs into your own words, and
make it read like you wrote it. Don't get the impression that the letter must be used "as
is" without changes. It is a sample, or a template if you will, and is designed to be a
guide for you to follow, not the end result itself.

This sample letter can also be used when applying online through the various job bank
services on the Internet. They all have a place for a resume and cover letter. A week
or ten days after applying, it doesn't hurt to apply again, using the sample as a guide in
the space normally reserved for a cover letter for your second application.

In addition to the follow up letter, your personal marketing toolbox should include
other essentials. These should include a well written resume, plenty of copies on good
quality paper, a sample cover letter you can use for customization, copies of your
reference sheet, a salary history, plain paper photo copies of letters of
recommendation from previous employers, a sample thank you letter to use after the
interview, and a job acceptance letter template you can use when you get hired. You'll
also need to practice your interviewing skills. So you can see that while the follow up
letter is valuable, there are many other things you need to have when job hunting if
you want to look like the professional that you are.