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					2008 EFT: Trapping Bees in a Dyson Sphere
Packet by Brown


1. The death of Elizabeth's husband, the coal miner Walter, is detailed in this author's "Odour of Chrysanthemums",
while the story of the rector's daughter Yvette Saywell is described in The Virgin and the Gypsy. This author of The
White Peacock wrote about Kate Leslie's trip during the Mexican Revolution in one work, while Rawdon Lilly's
relationship with a union official who strives to be a musician in another work. In addition to The Plumed Serpent
and Aaron's Rod, this author wrote about the characters Constance Reid and Paul Morel in more famous works. FTP,
name this British author of Women in Love, Lady Chatterley's Lover, and Sons and Lovers.
ANSWER: D. H. Lawrence

2. In one section, the speaker compares those on his side to the followers of Peter the Hermit in the First Crusade,
and states that “brother has been arrayed against brother”. The speaker states that he is there on behalf of “those
pioneers away out there”, and calls them a part of “the broader class of businessmen”. Its last section notes how the
United States has grown from 3 million to 70 million, and advocates adopting bimetallism. FTP, name this speech
given at the 1896 Democratic National convention by William Jennings Bryan, which ends with the proclamation
that “you shall not crucify mankind on” the title object.
ANSWER: Cross of Gold Speech

3. Alternate versions of this character were recently hunted down by Slaymaster, and in one storyline, this character
acquired the power to turn invisible after coming in contact with the Crimson Dawn. At one point, this character had
to give up some of her power so that the Shadow King would remain imprisoned on the Astral Plane, and she was
recently resurrected by her brother to aid in the fight against the Foursaken. This member of STRIKE switched
bodies with the assassin Revanche after passing through the Siege Perilous, and this fraternal twin sister of Captain
Britain currently serves with the Exiles after time with the X-men. FTP, name this telekinetic ninja who creates
blades with her psychic powers, with real name Elizabeth Braddock.
ANSWER: Psylocke (Accept “Elizabeth Braddock” or “Betsy Braddock” before mention)

4. In one painting by him, a woman in white holds up a dog with her feet as her dress falls. Two lovers embrace on a
bed as one reaches for the door in his The Bolt, and a man sneakily tiptoes behind a woman in a straw hat in his
Blind-Man's Bluff. He depicted a young girl in a golden dress in the appropriately titled A Young Girl Reading and a
large parasol sits against a large statue in one component of his The Progress of Love. A stone angel makes a
silencing gesture in his most famous work, where the central figure, dressed in pink and illuminated by a shaft of
light, kicks off her shoe as she is pushed from behind. FTP, identify this French Rococo artist who depicted a man
looking up a woman's skirt in The Swing.
ANSWER: Jean-Honoré Fragonard

5. These objects are dispersed away from a Fermi surface in Kohn Scattering. A third one of these particles is
created when two of them collide in the Umklapp process, which is distinguished from their normal process by
conservation of momentum. In florescence, their namesake sideband is shifted to a higher frequency during
absorption. Usually divided into thermal, optical, and acoustic types, Debye integrated over all of their vibrational
modes in order to derive his specific heat model. They obey the oscillatory conditions of their Brillouin zones, and
they are usually used to explain thermal and electrical conductivity. FTP, name this quasi-particles, the quantized
versions of lattice vibrations.
ANSWER: Phonons

6. One of the most important holy sites for this group is the tomb of Nebi Shu'eib, or Jethro, and their other prophets
include Sabalan and Al-Ya'afuri. They regard the calf as a symbol of negative forces, and call their theology hikma.
Their secular juhal members are not granted access to holy books, a privilege reserved for the uqqal, and their
emblem represents the 'superior ministers' as a five-colored star. Founded by Al-Hakim and based on seven central
principles, FTP, identify this religious sect primarily concentrated in Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, an offshoot of
Ismaili Islam whose members refer to themselves as muwahudeen.
7. In another work, this character's grandson returns home after studying in England thanks to a scholarship from the
UPU, but he is eventually arrested for corruption. In the work in which this character appears, a man who sells this
character's yams brings him bags of cowries and news of the demise of Abame while he is staying in Mbanta for
seven years. This character, who commits suicide after realizing the clan leaders of Umuofia will not fight against
the British; this occurred after he exiled himself when his gun accidentally went off, killing Ogbuefi Ezeudu's son.
FTP, name this protagonist of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart.
ANSWER: Okonkwo

8. This enzyme‟s functions are duplicated by the ALT pathway, and its promoter contains 5 elements that bind the
transcription factor Sp1. The Mad1/Max dimer of the Myc family downregulates it and the formation of G-
quadroplexes have been shown to slow its activity. Another method of regulating its activity involves the formation
of a t-loop, which prevents it from latching on to a 3‟ overhang. This protein consists of two components, a reverse
transcriptase and a built-in RNA template, and its activation is used to abrogate the Hayflick limit. The solution to
Crick‟s end-replication problem is, FTP, what protein which is upregulated in stem cells and tumors and lengthens
the repeat regions at the ends of chromosomes?
ANSWER: Telomerase

9. The winning side in this war suffered an early loss at the battle of Worth. A key engagement in this war took
place near Saint Privat, while the engagement near Mars-la-Tour was the last major cavalry engagement in western
Europe. Its immediate cause was the candidacy of Leopold for the Spanish throne, though some of the pretext was
provided by an imagined insult to Count Benedetti. After retreating from Gravelotte, Marshall Bazaine was trapped
near Metz, and thus was unable to assist MacMahon when von Moltke crushed him at the battle of Sedan. For ten
points, identify this conflict set off by the Ems dispatch which resulted in the deposition of the Emperor and
establishment of the Third Republic, as well as the 1871 proclamation of Willhelm I as German emperor.
Answer: Franco-Prussian War

10. This man recently discussed his work with Mabub ul Haq in a preview of his upcoming book The Idea of Justice
and his more recent works include Inequality Reexamined and Identity and Violence. Together with Martha
Nussbaum, he developed the capability approach as outlined in his essay "Equality of What." He argued that
shortages stem from inequality in distribution in Poverty and Famines, and his book Collective Choice and Social
Welfare proposed that it is impossible to maintain a commitment to "minimal liberty" and Pareto optimality. FTP,
name this Indian economist who built on the work of Kenneth Arrow by advancing the Liberal paradox.
ANSWER: Amartya Sen

11. A red and gold tree called Glasil grows outside of it. One creature that lives on it has a cold river dripping from
its antlers, while another brews amazing mead. In addition to the hart Eikthyrnir and the goat Heidrun, another
creature living here regenerates every day after being cooked by Andhrimmnir and is named Saehrimmnir. Its
inhabitants are woken every morning by the rooster Gullinkambi, who will also signal a time when its inhabitants,
known as Einherjar, must pour through its five hundred and forty doors to battle Fenrir. Also the home of the
Valkyries, who carry people here, FTP, name this Norse “hall of the slain” where those who die honorably spend
their days perpetually battling each other.
ANSWER: Valhalla

12. The protagonist of this work breaks the ivory handle of a parasol after visiting a woman upon three fateful flips
of a coin. He later plans a duel with Cisy over a future lover, who he tried to visit after pursuing a career in the
Council of State and whose history he learns from Vatnaz. This novel opens with the protagonist riding on a boat
down the Seine to attend law school and visit his friend, Charles Deslauriers, after which he meets Dambreuse and
Rosanette, who eventually becomes the protagonist's lover. Madame Arnoux is the love interest of Frederic Moreau,
the protagonist of, FTP, which novel by Gustave Flaubert?
ANSWER: Sentimental Education or L'Education Sentimentale [prompt on "Frederic Moreau" early]

13. The transcripts of the episomal form of this virus are unstable because they contain a series of uracil residues in
their poly-(A) tail, and one version of it causes epidermodysplasia verruciformis. Classification is based on sequence
homology in the L1 gene, while its E6 and E7 proteins bind to Rb protein and p53. High concentrations of alpha-
defensins are one method of combating this virus, and of the 96 known types, types 6, 11, 16, and 18 are targeted by
a quadrivalent vaccine developed by Merck. Usually infecting cutaneous tissue, FTP, name this virus class targeted
by Gardasil, which causes warts and cervical cancer.
ANSWER: Human Papillomavirus (“HPV” is fine)

14. One of this nation‟s early epics was The Legend of the Magic Crossbow, and this nation was temporarily ruled
by a pair of rebellious sisters in the first century. The Twelve Lords Uprising occurred after the death of one ruler of
this nation, while the Champa kingdom existed here until its conquest by the Ly dynasty. This nation‟s second war
with the Song ended with an amphibious assault at Cau, and it nation repelled its third Mongol invasion at the Battle
of Bach Dang River. This country‟s final period of dynastic rule began after the defeat of Tay Son rebels by Gia
Long. Also the subject of the Paris Peace Accords, this country‟s final emperor was Bao Dai, who was succeeded by
Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem. FTP, name this country with capital at Ho Chi Minh City.
ANSWER: Vietnam

15. Regarding the first movement of this work, the composer wrote of children 'wrought up by their own cries like
swallows in evening'. The two tenor trombones and bass trombone play reminiscently of priestly chanting in the
second movement, and the lower instruments deliver a pulsating rhythm reflecting a tomb. An English horn solo
signals dawn in the final movement, where composer called for 6 bucinas, and the third movement, depicting the
Janiculum, closes with a gramophone recording of a nightingale. FTP, a gigantic crescendo representing a march
along the Appian Way concludes what symphonic poem from a trilogy by Ottorino Respighi set in the Italian capital?
ANSWER: Pines of Rome or Pini di Roma

16. This man was removed from power after refusing to support a series of land reforms, and he served as the vice
chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. He led his country through the War of Attrition after his
resignation. As part of one conflict, he blockaded Eilat under the suggestion of his defense minister Amer. He led a
revolution with Muhammad Naguib and the Free Officers Movement in 1952, and after gaining control of the
government he allowed the deposed Farouk I to leave without incident. A leader of the non-aligned movement who
ordered the construction of the Aswan High Dam, FTP, name this Egyptian prime minister responsible for the Suez
ANSWER: Gamal Abdel Nasser

17. A friend of the protagonist in this work writes a review column called “The New Democracy,” and one section
of the final chapter consists of a dialogue between „Q‟ and „A‟ within the protagonist‟s mind. The protagonist's last
romantic fling starts when he overhears a girl reciting Verlaine in the middle of a storm and ends when that girl,
Eleanor Savage, sends her horse galloping off a cliff. After returning to New York, the protagonist learns that his
father figure, Monsignor Darcy, has died, and that his greatest love, Rosalind Connage, is now engaged. The
protagonist returns to the Princeton campus in the final scene of, FTP, what novel about Amory Blaine, the first by F.
Scott Fitzgerald?
ANSWER: This Side of Paradise

18. The Knudsen type of this process occurs in long pores, and Dynkin‟s formula describes the Ito type. Ehrenfest
developed a model of this to help explain the statistical interpretation of the second law of thermodynamics. Einstein
and Smoluchowski linked Boltzmann‟s constant and the absolute temperature together by a constant in determining
this value, while its flux is related to the concentration field and its resultant change on the field over time are
described by Fick‟s Laws. Graham‟s Law also describes, FTP, which chemical process through which substances,
primarily gases, mix as a result of random movements of their components.
ANSWER: Diffusion

19. In an article entitled Fact, Fiction, and Forecast, Nelson Goodman invented the words "grue" and "bleen" to
illustrate the "new riddle" of this concept. Rudolf Karnap attempted a mathematical defense of this concept in his
Logical Foundations of Probability, while Karl Popper rejected its use in science, contending that it could be
replaced with falsification. David Hume notably pointed out the problem of this concept in section 4 of his Enquiry
using the example of saying that the sun will not rise tomorrow is just as logically valid as saying it will. For ten
points, identify this philosophical concept which refers to a method of reasoning from particulars to generalities.
Answer: induction
20. In Heinrich Boll's "The Seventh Trunk", the nun notices a spot of this on a girl's blue dress. In Wallace Stevens's
"Sea Surface Full of Clouds," the summer "hued the deck/And made one think of rosy" types of this "and gilt
umbrellas," while in Randell Jarrell's "Thinking of the Lost World," the chain of memory is set off by a spoonful of
this kind of tapioca. Captain Bluntschli stuffs his pockets with this instead of ammunition in George Bernard Shaw's
Arms and the Man, while Tita likens her feeling before a marriage proposal from John Brown to cooking this title
entity of a Laura Esquivel novel. Robert Cormier wrote a novel about a war over, FTP, which sweet?
ANSWER: chocolate

21. This man got his start playing with Jay McShann, after which he joined the band of Earl Hines for a year.1950
saw the release of an album featuring him "With Strings," and the hits "Kim" and "Leap Frog" feature his typical
flowing melodic lines, as do "Billy's Bounce," "Thriving on a Riff," and "Now's the Time." His improvisational
treatment of Ray Noble's "Cherokee" led to the creation of "Koko," often cited as the first bebop song, and
continued a long tradition of collaboration with Dizzy Gillespie. FTP, name this jazz saxophonist and composer of
"Yardbird Suite" and "Ornithology," colloquially known as "Bird."
ANSWER: Charlie Parker (accept Bird before "Yardbird Suite")

1. This writer's poetry collections include The Man Against The Sky and The Children of the Night. For ten points
[10] Identify this American poet of "Eros Turannos" and "Mr. Flood's Party."
Answer: Edwin Arglington Robinson
[10] The "clean favored and imperially slim" title character of this Robinson poem surprised everyone when "one
calm summer night," he "went home and put a bullet through his head."
Answer: Richard Corey
[10] Robinson also created this fictional locale, whose inhabitants include Ruben Bright, John Evereldown, and a
man who is instructed to go to the western gate, Luke Havergall.
Answer: Tilbury Town

2. He succeeded his father Charles VII, but not before rebelling against that father in a 1440 revolt known as the
"Praguerie." For ten points each:
[10] Identify this Valois king who ruled France from 1461 to 1483 and whose deviousness earned him the nickname
"the Spider."
Answer: Louis XI
[10] At the Battle of Nancy, the forces of Louis killed Charles the Bold, duke of this region, effectively ending its
independence from France.
Answer: Burgundy
[10] Louis was apparently good buddies with this duke of Milan from 1450 until 1466 who succeeded Filippo
Visconti in that post; Louis is even said to have modeled his own politics after him.
Answer: Francesco Sforza

3. The Wagner-Juaregg reaction is a variation that uses 1,1-diarylethylene, and this reaction was the first to be
properly explained by the Woodward-Hoffman rules. FTPE:
[10] Name this reaction in which a diene reacts with a dienophile via a concerted, [4+2]-cycloaddition mechanism. It
won its discoverers the 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
ANSWER: Diels-Alder Reaction
[10] The Diels-Alder reaction between ethylene and 1,3-butadiene produces this molecule, which contains six
carbons arranged in a ring. Most simple DA reactions create variations of it.
ANSWER: Cyclohexene (do not accept “cyclohexane”)
[10] The Diels-Alder reaction kinetically prefers this transition state, in which the substituents on the dienophile
point inwards towards the diene.

4. Identify some robot characters from Futurama, FTPE:
[10] This character works for Planet Express, but usually just sits on his shiny metal ass and watches television. He‟s
powered by beer and is best friends with Philip J. Fry.
ANSWER: Bender “Bending” Rodriguez
[10] The robotic version of this character lives on Neptune, where he uses the tiny blue Neptunians as slave labor.
Every December he comes to earth in order to kill naughty people.
ANSWER: Robot Santa
[10] This robot was programmed to speak in a British accent and write some letters backwards. He has a crutch for
an arm, and at one point was used by the Robot Mafia.
ANSWER: Tinny Tim

5. His consorts include Riddhi and Siddhi, and one tale of his birth says that Maalinee drank Parvati‟s dirty
bathwater before giving birth to him. FTPE:
[10] Name this Hindu god, the remover of obstacles. After his head was cut off by Shiva, an elephant‟s head grew in
its place.
ANSWER: Ganesha
[10] Ganesh once won a race against this brother of his simply by standing still and contemplating the scripture.
This god rides a peacock, and was born in order to kill Surapadman.
ANSWER: Kartikeya or Kartik or Skanda or Murugan
[10] Kartikeya was born after this god dropped a semen sample from Shiva. This husband of Svaha was the Hindu
god of fire, and had several tongues.

6. In the brain, microglia perform this action, and most cells that do this contain Toll-Like Receptors for recognition
purposes. FTPE:
[10] Name this “cell eating” which is performed by many immune cells; literally, they engulf bacteria in a
cytoplasmic extension and destroy them after taking them in.
ANSWER: Phagocytosis
[10] These phagocytic cells are derived from monocytes. From the Latin for “big eater”, these cells migrate into
tissues and digest debris and pathogens.
ANSWER: Macrophages
[10] These most common phagocytic cells in the immune system get their name from the pink color they appear in
an H&E stain. They contain specific and azurophilic granules.
ANSWER: Neutrophils

7. Early in its history, this Central American nation was ruled by Rafael Carrera, and in 1982 it saw the brief
dictatorship of Rios Montt, before elections were held in 1984. For ten points each:
[10] Identify this nation, bordered by Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador.
Answer: Guatemala
[10] This Guatemalan Communist pushed through agrarian reforms that targeted the United Fruit Company; as a
result, the CIA assisted in his overthrow in 1954.
Answer: Jacobo Arbenz Guzman
[10] This Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has been a long-time advocate of human rights in Guatemala, although the
accuracy of her autobiography came under attack in 1999 from David Stoll.
Answer: Rigoberta Menchu

8. Hamlet's line "O God! I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a King of infinite space... ", as well as a
quote from the Leviathan, precede this work. FTPE:
[10] Name this short story in which Carlos Argentino Daneri allows the narrator to enter his basement and witness
the title object, through which he can see the entire universe.
ANSWER: El Aleph or The Aleph
[10] El Aleph was written by this Argentinian short story writer, who also wrote the collection Ficciones¸ which
contains "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote" and "The Library of Babel".
ANSWER: Jorge Luis Borges
[10] Dr. Yu Tsun is the narrator of this Borges short story, which sees him go to Dr. Albert's home and learn that
Ts'ui Pen's unfinished book is the title entity before killing the doctor.
ANSWER: "The Garden of Forking Paths"

9. In his book The Last Intellectuals, Russell Jacoby described Richard Hofstadter as taking the middle way between
Lionel Trilling and this man. For ten points each:
[10] Identify this sociologist who collected accounts of the Cuban Revolution in Listen, Yankee! and wrote about
The Causes of World War Three. [Mention white collar]
Answer: Charles Wright Mills
[10] Mills is perhaps best known for this work in which he advanced the thesis that the political, military, and
economic leaders form the titular group that exerts the most influence over society.
Answer: The Power Elite
[10] Jonathan Magin thinks more people should know all about this Mills work, in which he criticized the grand
theories of thinkers like Talcott Parsons and advanced a more humanistic sociology.
Answer: The Sociological Imagination

10. Heusler alloys exhibit this property, and it is characterized by a breaking of ergodicity below a certain
temperature. FTPE:
[10] Name this permanent ordering of spin states in some materials, most notably exhibited by and named for its
occurrence in iron.
ANSWER: Ferromagnetism
[10] Above this temperature, ferromagnetic materials become paramagnetic. It is named for a French scientist, and it
is equivalent to the Neel temperature for an anti-ferromagnetic material.
ANSWER: Curie point
[10] This statistical model was originally posited to explain the ferromagnetic phase transition. It divides a material
into discrete, interacting spins, and is further generalized by the Potts model.
ANSWER: Ising Model

11. The Union army sought to capture Richmond, but met with strong resistance on May 5, 1864 in the first
confrontation between Grant and Lee. For ten points each:
[10] Identify this battle of the Civil War, so named for the dense thicket which made coordinated maneuvers
Answer: Battle of the Wilderness
[10] The Battle of the Wilderness saw a last-minute charge by this general, who commanded the 1st Corps, to
repulse Hancock after the latter had advanced almost to Lee's camp.
Answer: James Longstreet
[10] After realizing that the Battle of the Wilderness could not be won, Grant retreated to this location, where on
May 8 he engaged Lee. This battle lasted for a week and both sides saw terrible casualties at the "Bloody Angle,"
but eventually Grant circled the Confederate entrenchments and advanced toward's Richmond.
Answer: Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse

12. To her father, this character of skin as "smooth as monumental alabaster" tells that she "perceives here a divided
duty, / to you I am bound for life and education," while another character notes, "Put out the light, and then put out
the light" in justifying killing her. FTPE:
[10] Name this fictional character who is smothered in bed for an alleged affair with Cassio.
ANSWER: Desdemona
[10] Desdemona was the lover of this Shakespearean title character, a Moor of Venice.
ANSWER: Othello
[10] Accusing Othello of using witchcraft to seduce Desdemona is this character, her father. He is the Duke of
Venice, and he eventually dies of grief after learning of Desdemona's alleged affair.
ANSWER: Brabantio

13. John Rawls divided it into two kinds, the Act variety and the Rule variety, and this concept titles a book by J.J.C.
Smart and Bernard Williams about this idea. For ten points each:
[10] Identify this philosophy which holds that one should act in such a way as to provide the greatest benefit for the
greatest number.
Answer: utilitarianism
[10] Utilitarianism as a philosophy was first developed by this Englishman who wrote such works as A Fragment on
Government and An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation.
Answer: Jeremy Bentham
[10] This philosopher held that certain types of consciousness are intrinsically valuable, a position sometimes called
ideal utilitarianism. You may know him better for writing such works as "The Refutation of Idealism" and Principia
Answer: George Edward Moore

14. Answer some things about Renaissance Architecture, FTPE:
[10] Lorenzo Ghiberti vied for the right to design the dome of this building but lost out to Filippo Brunelleschi.
Identify this building, which boasted the largest dome in the world until it was surpassed by Michelangelo's for St.
Peter's basilica over a century later.
ANSWER: Florence Cathedral or Basilica di Santa Maria di Fiore
[10] Santa Maria di Fiore features an enormous clock designed by this man, who may be better known for his Battle
of San Romano.
ANSWER: Paolo Uccello
[10] Donato Bramante, the mastermind behind St. Peter's Basilica, had nothing to do with Florence cathedral,
though he did design this building at San Pietro in Montorio, on the site where St. Peter was crucified. It is noted for
its circular shape, giving it a sense of perfect balance.
ANSWER: the Tempietto

15. He described the seventh of his ten Compositions as the most complex work he ever painted. FTPE:
[10] Identify this Russian artist, who founded the Munich New Artists' Organization and authored the treatise
Concerning the Spiritual Art.
ANSWER: Wassily Kandinsky
[10] The titular figure in this Kandinsky painting wears a cloak and sits atop a galloping white horse. It lent its name
to an Expressionistic art movement championed by Kandinsky which grew out of the New Artists' Organization.
ANSWER: Der Blaue Reiter or The Blue Rider
[10] This other member of Der Blaue Reiter, already a close friend of contemporary August Macke when the group
formed, depicted a chaotic woodland scene of death in The Fate of the Animals, and his other paintings include The
Lamb and Fighting Forms.
ANSWER: Franz Marc

16. Born Setanta, he got his more famous name after killing a hound on his way to meet King Conchobor for dinner.
[10] Name this mythological warrior who single-handedly defends his kingdom from Connacht's invasion in the
Irish epic "The Cattle Raid of Cooley."
ANSWER: Cuchulainn
[10] "The Cattle Raid of Cooley" is the longest story of this cycle, named for a region of northern Ireland led at the
time by Conchobar mac Nessa.
ANSWER: The Ulster Cycle
[10] Cuchulainn is taught how to fight by this warrior woman. He also impregnates her half-sister Aife while in the
Forest of Shadows.
ANSWER: Scathach

17. The Fisher-Greiss Monster is one example of these mathematical entities, and cyclic ones can be generated by a
single element. FTPE:
[10] Name these entities which consist of a set with an associated operation that is closed, associative, and contains
inverses for every element. They are similar to monoids with the exception of the inverses.
[10] In addition to the above properties, an Abelian group‟s operation has this other property, which states that if a
and b are in the group, then a op b is equal to b op a.
ANSWER: Commutative (word forms ok)
[10] This type of subgroup is one in which there is some homomorphism on the group such that the subgroup is the
kernel. They are useful in defining quotient groups.
ANSWER: Normal subgroup

18. "Those Extraordinary Twins" was an earlier draft of this work, but, in that work, Luigi and Angelo Capello are
conjoined Italian twins, while they are not in the final version. FTPE:
[10] The title lawyer becomes the mayor of Dawson's Landing after determining that it is "Tom", or really Roxana's
son Chambers, who killed Judge Driscoll in which novel?
ANSWER: Pudd'nhead Wilson
[10] Pudd'nhead Wilson is a novel by this American author of Roughing It, The Mysterious Stranger, A Connecticut
Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and some books about Tom Sawyer and his kick-ass buddy Huckleberry Finn.
ANSWER: Mark Twain or Samuel Langhorne Clemens
[10] Mr. and Mrs. Richards are among those who attempt to falsely claim a sack of gold, which turns out to contain
lead, as part of the plan of the title character in this Twain short story.
ANSWER: "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg" [do not accept "The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg"]

19. After completing his one-movement seventh symphony, he stopped composing even though he would live for
another twenty years. FTPE:
[10] Name this composer of Valse Triste, Kullervo, the Karelia Suite, and, of course, Finlandia.
ANSWER: Jean Sibelius
[10] Sibelius often drew upon Finnish folklore for inspiration, as in this movement of his Lemminkainen Suite which
features a prominent English horn solo and depicts a scene in the titular Finnish underworld.
ANSWER: The Swan of Tuonela
[10] Sibelius' final work was this symphonic poem, which portrays a terrifying Finnish forest spirit which haunts the
pine trees surrounding his remote home.
ANSWER: Tapiola

20. This nation's founder had a pretty kick-ass handlebar mustache, at least if the statues are to be believed. For ten
points each:
[10] Identify this kingdom founded by Arpad and enlarged by his grandson Geza.
Answer: Hungary or Magyarorszag or Magyar Koztarsasag
[10] This Hungarian king became the first ruler of the Magyars to convert to Christianity. On Christmas of 1000
C.E., pope Sylvester II bestowed upon him the crown of Hungary.
Answer: Steven I or Isztvan I or St. Stephen
[10] Andrew II, a descendent of Stephen who ruled from 1205 to 1235 is notable for issuing this document in 1222,
which is sometimes called the Hungarian Magna Carta since it granted rights to nobles and limited royal power.
Answer: Golden Bull