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									Secretary resume examples

The first thing you should write in your resume are your personal details like your
name, address, e-mail address, and your contact information. Make sure that you put
the correct and complete details about yourself.

The next part of your resume would be a list of your qualifications for the position of
executive secretary. Here, you put your academic achievement and other trainings you
had before.

The position of secretary would not require specific courses but a course in
management could be an advantage. You must include here some of your
qualifications like being in a high level administrative support, being involved in
clerical work, being able to handle conference calls and schedule meetings, being able
to provide training or supervise training to lower level employees, being able to
operate Microsoft Office programs, and a lot more. Be sure you only put the relevant
qualifications for the job so you would not appear to them as being too boastful and

The last part of your resume would be the list of your professional experience, if you
have previous jobs in other companies. In this list, you should be able to put your
position and the duration of your service. You should also put the companies' names
where you have worked. Lastly, you should be able to describe your role back then
and list down your significant accomplishments during your stay there. As an
example, you could list down your previous role as an executive secretary where you
have provided administrative support and maintained the correct schedules and
deadlines for the company.

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