TL Series Transparent Lumi-Plastisol (Fluorescent) by txi18521


									TL Series Transparent Lumi-Plastisol (Fluorescent)
Ideal transparent fluorescent plastisol for white and light-colored textile applications
Produces prints of intense color brilliance
May be modified for heat transfer applications
Intermixable with other transparent colors
Free of heavy metals, aromaticamines, formaldehyde derivatives
STOCK, END-USE: Cotton, 50/50           MODIFICATIONS: To extend colors,           COLOR RANGE: All colors
cotton/polyester blends, and some       add GP080 or GP081 Clear Base.             are formulated using
synthetics.                             Fro printing fine details, add PC850       nonleaded pigments.
                                        Halftone Base.
DESCRIPTION: TL Series is a             To reduce viscosity with RE701 or          Transparent Fluorescent
selection of transparent plastisols     RE703 Reducer (use only when
formulated with fluorescent             necessary). add 5% or less (by weight      TL 022 - Chartreuse
pigments for printing on most white     of ink). Also RE702 can be added up to     TL 028 - Orange
or light colored textile substrates.    30% (by weight of ink) if color shade is   TL 033 - Mint Green
TL Series has the same                  not crucial.                               TL 044 - Brilliant Blue
characteristics as HO Series with                                                  TL 056 - Flame Red
the exception of opacity. they may      SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: When                 TL 057 - Shocking Pink
be mixed with other transparent         printing textiles, use a medium hard       TL 058 - Cerise
colors to make brighter, more           (70-75 durometer) squeegee.                TL 059 - Magenta
vibrant hues.                           Plastisols respond to heat. Always
                                        store at temperatures below 90o F          MODIFIERS:
Note: Pre-test on actual substrate      (32o C). Avoid exposing inks to
before any full Rroduction run, for                                                GP080 - Soft-Hand Base
dye bleeding, adhesion, wash            elevated temperatures before                       (Medium Viscosity)
fastness and other desired effects.     printings.                                 GP081 - Extender Base
                                        CLEAN-UP: Use T-125 or CRS 500                     (Soft Viscosity)
FINISH: Stain, dye effect.                                                         PC850 - Halftone Base
                                        Biodegradable Washup.
                                                                                   RE 701 - Plastisol Reducer
COLORS: Transparent,
fluorescent colors; all formulated      PACKAGING: 1- quart (0.945 Liter),         RE 702 - Curable Reducer
using non-leaded pigments.              1-gallon (3.78 Liters), 5-gallon (18.9     RE 703 - Quick Flash Reducer
                                        Liters) containers. Drums available
SCREEN FABRIC: Mesh counts              in 30-gallon (113.4 Liters) and 55-        SOLVENT:
up to 350 (140T European Mesh)          gallon (207.9 Liters).                     T-125   Washup
monofilament polyester.                                                            CRS 500 Biodegradable washup.
                                        SAFETY & HANDLING: Refer to
STENCIL: Dual-sensitized direct         Material Safety Date Sheet (MSDS)
method photo emulsion or SBQ            for complete information.
presensitized photo emulsion or
equivalent. Also, any solvent-
resistant film or photo emulsion.

CURE/DRYING: Heat-cure at
320o F (160oC) for 2 to 3 minutes.
Will not air-dry.

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