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Minutes of WCC Board Meeting hel


									          Minutes of the Second WCC Board Meeting held on 3.6.2009

                               at Karlsruhe, Germany


1. Welcome address by President, WCC

2. Apologies for absence

3. Acceptance of Agenda

4. Acceptance of the minutes of the last board WCC board meeting (circulated) and the
   minutes of the last General Assembly sent by Mrs Celina Maria Rodriguez Olea

5. Report of the WCC Presidents from all regions

6. Report of the WCC Treasurer

7. Report of the WCC Secretary General

8. President’s Report
          Dream Team activities
               Membership
               Education/Training
               Exhibition/Trade
               Advocacy
               Fund Raising
          Future Plans

9. Acceptance of the reports

10. Discussion

11. Other Business
           WCC Registration

12. Next meeting

1. Welcome address by the President:

Mrs. Usha Krishna, President-WCC, brought the meeting to order and thanked everyone
present for attending the meeting. She conveyed her special thanks to the President-WCC
Europe, Mr. Bernd Roeter and the Vice President, Ms. Anne Leclercq for fixing the venue at
Karlsruhe, Germany and organizing the meeting.

   Members present:
                              Mrs Usha Krishna, President WCC
                              Mr Evaristo Jose Madime, WCC Africa representative
                              Kun Surapee, President, WCC Asia Pacific
                              Mr Bernd Roeter, President, WCC Europe
                              Ms Anne Leclercq, Vice President, WCC Europe
                              Ms Mercy Correa Sinero, President, WCC Latin America
                              Ms Sangeet Chopra, Secretary General

2. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from the following members who could not make it to the meeting:

                              Ms Ruby Ghuznavi, Vice President, WCC Asia Pacific
                              Ms Cindy Bowden, WCC North America representative
                              Ms Maegen Black, WCC North America representative
                              Ms Nina Kothari, Treasurer

3. Acceptance of the agenda

The agenda as circulated was accepted. Appointment of Ms.Sangeet Chopra as Secretary
for the meeting was accepted.

4. Acceptance of the minutes of the last board WCC board meeting (circulated) and the
minutes of the last General Assembly sent by Mrs Celina Maria Rodriguez Olea (circulated)

Minutes of General Assembly held in China and minutes of the last WCC board meeting,
already circulated for perusal, were accepted without any comments.

5. Report of the Presidents from all regions

Reports of the 5 regions of WCC were presented.

WCC Europe:

      Mr. Bernd Roeter, President, reported that since the meeting in China to now, they
       had primarily been busy with the EUNIQUE Arts & Crafts Fair to be held from 4th to
       7th June at Karlsruhe.
      Ms.Anne Leclercq informed that the WCC Europe Board meets 3 to 4 times a year,
       and that their next meeting will be on 8th June 2009 at Karlsruhe.
      Ms. Anne Leclercq announced that WCC-Belgium Francophone in Partnership with
       WCC-Europe, Design Flanders and the City of Mons is organizing a Competition for
       Applied Arts in Belgium in November 2009 and gave details of the Competition. The
       competition is executed under the title “European Prize for Applied Arts” and shall be
       a triennial event.

      WCC Europe’s future General Assemblies:
       2009 - Switzerland - Lucerne, 17th to 19th September 2009
       2010 - Turkey - Istanbul
       2011 - Ireland
       2012 - UK

WCC Africa

      Mr. Evaristo Jose Madime reported difficulty in arranging a Regional Assembly and
       informed the Board that he proposed to work in Africa by dividing the African
       Continent in to 5 zones - North, South, East, West and Central Africa, as he feels that
       this will facilitate smooth functioning of the sub-regions, rather than handling the
       whole country in one unit. He will organize and inform the Board.
      The most critical point for Africa is to increase the membership. He complained of a
       poor response, stating that people want to know how they will benefit by becoming
       members of WCC.
      He tried linking up with Zimbabwe - African Astral Net work of Arts & Crafts and tried
       linking the WCC Africa website with them to inform Africa about WCC.
      It was suggested to work with Cindy Bowden who had offered to help Africa to set up
       a website.
      There is a 2nd PAN-AFRICAN Festival in Algiers from 5th – 20th July happening after
       40 years. The Government is trying to hold it regularly.
      WCC is helping Africa to showcase in Vienna Fair - 5th African Days Vienna, July 24-
       August 02, 2009. This is a great opportunity for the interaction and exposure of the
       African craftsmen and their crafts to be displayed to the discerning customers and art
       supporters of Vienna, Europe's cultural capital. We have wide range of craftspeople
       from Burkina Faso, Benin, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Mozambique and Tanzania. WCC
       Secretariat will be there to assist the Africa group and to further the cause of WCC in
       advocacy for the African craftspersons.

WCC Latin America - Report attached

WCC North America – Report attached

WCC Asia Pacific

Mrs. Surapee Rojanavongse, President informed the Board as follows:
   APR Website is already functioning.
   UNESCO-AHPADA Workshop on Basketry to be held on the first week of November
   2009 in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
   ASEAN AWARD is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, to be held on
   the third week of November 2009 at the Amarin Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand.
   EDUCATION – It is felt strongly that the concept of using Arts & Crafts as tools in
   educating the young generation is most important in order for the students from kinder-
   garden upwards can appreciate their own roots and prosper in the future holistically.
   They can also become arts & crafts consumers if not crafts-persons themselves. It is
   therefore very relevant that knowledge of crafts should be spread through both the
   formal and non-formal education system.       Dialogues with government agencies in
   Thailand have already been established in Thailand. APR will definitely support WCC
   on this matter.
   ADVOCACY – Networking with Government Agencies and UNESCO can be done by
   project together with WCC such as UNESCO Creative Cities Network Project could be
   followed throughout each region of WCC.
   EUNIQUE FAIR, Karlsruhe, Germany: AHPADA, as leader of the EU-Crafts Match
   Project, had brought selected crafts from Cambodia, Laos and Thailand (Sri Lanka was

    absent due to visa problems) to participate at the last Crafts Match Workshop as well as
    participated at the EUNIQUE FAIR Exhibition successfully.
    Trade Association has been working on this project to showcase Handicrafts of
    Excellence in Thailand and other countries in Asia. It is targeted for the opening around
    end of October or beginning of November 2009. There will also be a business centre
    service for design and development as well as crafts-match activities and events
    throughout the year. Hopefully this initiative will be useful for WCC-APR members and
    eventually can branch out to include other members of WCC.

·   WCC-ASIA PACIFIC REGION future General Assembly Schedules are:

    2009      Iran     beginning of October
    2010      Qatar
    2011      Korea
    2012     India to coincide with WCC General Assembly

    Calendar of Crafts Events June – December 2009

    03.06.09                    WCC Board Meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany
    05.06.09 –07.06.09          Crafts Match Event - same venue
    08.07.09 –12.07.09          Rainforest World Crafts Bazaar 2009 at Sarawak,
                                               East Malaysia
    16.09.09 –18.09.09          VIII World Bamboo Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.
    23.09.09 –01.11.09          Cheongju International Crafts Biannual 2009 in Korea
     01.10.09 --07.10.09        32nd WCC-APR Assembly, Iran as Host
    15.10.09 –19.10.09          AHPADA Conference and Exhibition to be held in
                                              Manila, Philippines.
    Late October 09             2009 China Contemporary Masterwork Exhibition
                                     and International Arts & Craft Exhibition in Hangzhou.
    01.11.09 –04.11.09          Laos Handicrafts Festival .
    05.11.09 –07.11.09          UNESCO-AHPADA Workshop on Basketry to be held at
                                     TungKwan, Ayutthaya, Thailand.
    10.12.09                    ASEAN CRAFTS AWARD for Young Artisans in Textiles.

It is necessary to have future calendars of other regions along side of WCC Calendar which
could be on a separate sheet, in order for all of us to know and able to participate if known in

6. Report of the WCC Treasurer

WCC Treasurer’s report was read by President (copy attached).

7. Report of the WCC Secretary General

WCC Secretary General’s report was read (copy attached).

8. President’s Report

       The President gave a brief summary of her activities:
        - Nagaland in December 2008 to participate in the Hornbill Festival and to interact
        with tribal craftspersons

        - Chile in February 2009 to meet the Past President and take over papers; and to
          visit different craft centers
        - New Delhi many times to interact with Government officials, embassies and

      Dream Team activities: The President informed the Board about the formation of
       Dream Teams and read out the names of the persons who came forward to join the
       teams (list attached). She then set out to explain the progress in the different areas:
       - Membership: She expressed the importance of the strength of membership in
          any organization and WCC’s efforts to enlist new membership. She read out a
          note from the member in charge of membership drive, Ms. Sudha Ravi.
       - Education/Training: The President gave a detailed account of the activities
          undertaken to get crafts in school curriculum and sensitise children to crafts,
          beginning with a 3-day workshop on crafts for a small batch of 132 students at a
          popular school in Chennai and covering more than 1,000 students by the end of
          this academic year. This would be spread to other schools in South India first,
          the entire country subsequently and then to other parts of the world. On the
          training front, she said she had identified the need among Nagaland craftsmen
          for technology input for splitting bamboo into fine shreds and for making fibre out
          of pineapple and banana plants. WCC is in dialogue with Japan and Philippines
          for importing the required machinery and technology in these areas.
       - Exhibition/Trade: A group of craftspersons from India are taking part in the
          crafts fair in Argentina in November 2009. WCC is trying to use this opportunity
          for the Indian delegation to make a visit to Chile as well. Cuba has chosen India
          as its partner country for the Craft Fair to be held in the end of the year. Indian
          craftspersons will be visiting Cuba for exchange of ideas and techniques that are
          relevant to each other.
       - Advocacy: WCC is planning to sign a MoU with the Confederation of Indian
          Industry for taking efforts to elevate the status of crafts to that of industry.
       - Fund Raising: The President admitted that she could not make head start in this
          area, and the fact that WCC’s registration status is unclear is adding to the
          difficulty in seeking funds from other organisations. She also remarked that the
          audited accounts certificate has still not been received from the past president.
        Future Plans: The President informed the Board about the proposed events for
          the future:
           - 2010 will be the year for promotion of Jewellery. A grand event similar to
               “The Grass to Gold” an international exhibition will be held in India
          - 2011 - will the year of natural fibre baskets & textiles, with an international
               event to be held in Thailand.
          - 2012 - the General Assembly of WCC will be held in India.

           Apart from this, the President also informed and noted the following programmes
           for 2009:
           - 32nd Asia-Pacific regional assembly to be held at Baba Taher hotel/ another
               hotel in Hamedan – Iran; 1-7 October
           - India Fest in Chile, in conjunction with the Festival in Argentina in November
           - The Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods is organizing the 13th Edition of the
                International Fair of Craftsmanship FIART ’09 from December 10 – 20, in
                PABEXPO, Havana City, Cuba.

9. Acceptance of Reports

The Board noted all the salient points of the various reports and accepted the reports.

10. Discussion

The issue of membership fees, left unresolved at the General Assembly in China, was again
taken up for discussion and the following views emerged:

      WCC Europe: Ms. Anne Leclercq informed that members in Europe had a choice of
       opting for either WCC Europe membership at $100 or WCC Europe + WCC
       membership by paying additional $100. The additional fee collected for WCC
       membership would be handed over at the European General Assembly in
       September. Mr. Bernd Roeter suggested that WCC should not take up craft
       associations as members directly, but only through the respective regions by
       becoming members of the regions first.
      WCC APR: Kun Surapee proposed that APR would collect $100 from each APR
       member country for WCC and $250 for regional membership. Friends of WCC or
       individual members to pay only $50. She also suggested that the WCC Secretariat
       should keep all regions informed of WCC memberships from the respective region.

11. Other Business

      WCC Registration: Legal registration of WCC is proving to be a major concern and
       important priority, as the organization is not able to receive funds without a proper
       registration. The President informed the Board about the various actions under way
       on this subject and hoped that the issue would be resolved soon.
      UNESCO: During the meeting in the UNESCO headquarters, UNESCO informed
       WCC about the Creative Cities network that has been started with the common
       objective of bringing together public and private partners as well as the civil society to
       contribute to the development of creative industries and generate new forms of
       international co-operation. UNESCO invited WCC to participate in this project.
      Website: The President informed the Board about the new website. All the Board
       members appreciated the website and opined that the new site is easy to use,
       colourful and the design is attractive.
       - It was decided to allow WCC Latin America to use the old WCC website. Celina
           will help Mercy to use the site.
       - Ms.Cindy Bowden has offered to help WCC Africa to create their website.

12. Next meeting

It was decided to have the next WCC Board Meeting at the time of the WCC Latin America
Board meeting in December 2009.

The meeting ended with Ms.Kun Surapee Rojanavongse thanking the President for chairing
the meeting and Mr.Bernd Roeter for organizing the Board Meeting and looking after the
hospitality of the members present.

Annexures     : I.    Report of WCC-Latin America
                II.   Report of WCC-North America
               III.   Report of WCC Secretary General
               IV.    Report of WCC Treasurer
                V.    Dream Teams


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