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					Performance appraisal samples

I'm often asked by managers how they can make their performance review or appraisal
meetings more of a two-way discussion, how they can encourage their staff to be more
fully part of the meeting. A start point is to give your staff member time and support in
preparing for the meeting


Take a look at this checklist that you could share with your staff member in order to help
them prepare


In order to prepare for our performance review /appraisal meeting I'd like you to consider
the following;

1. Your performance against the agreed objectives

Please bring examples of work which demonstrates your achievement of the objectives;

Identifying achievements and successes
Identifying areas for improvement
Highlighting any barriers to performance
Including examples of special projects / work done 'above and beyond' the objectives

2. Review of performance objectives

Please consider;

Any changes facing the team or business that will require new performance objectives
Any performance objectives that are no longer appropriate or need amending

3. Areas for development

Please consider any development needs you might have. These might relate to;

Building on your strengths
Addressing any areas requiring improvement
Meeting future challenges

4. Your job satisfaction
Please consider the following questions;

What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
How could we ensure you maintain or improve your satisfaction?
Are there any other ways you and I could improve your job satisfaction?
Is there anything I could do; more of, less of, or differently in order to improve your job


Giving our staff members some structure around their preparation for the appraisal
meeting (and the time to prepare) results in not only in them being better prepared and
more able to fully contribute to the meeting but also in them have having clarity about
how much you value the appraisal meeting and their contribution to that meeting. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.