Simple Political Spectrum by pin20927


									                                            Simple Political Spectrum

 Political Spectrum is a method of categorizing political viewpoints according to
  characteristics and values.

 All points of view can be arranged according to their attitudes towards change and power.

 Definitions used within a political spectrum usually reflect a particular time and place.

        Left Wing                                              Centre                                                Right Wing
        Extreme                                                Moderate                                               Extreme

         Radicals:                         Liberals:                            Conservatives:                       Reactionaries:
   Want change that is               Accept change and                       Tend to resist change.                 Resist all change,
immediate and sweeping.             believe change should                     They believe that the                wishing to maintain
    Their goal is often             improve conditions for                   well-being of society is          things as they have been
 complete change in the           individuals. Liberals also                 maintained by keeping               in the past. They view
 existing political system.          believe that change                    traditions. They accept              change as threatening
Radicals often encourage          should be achieved using                  change only when it can             and harmful and will use
 the use of violence and           moderate methods and                          be proven to be                   extreme methods to
  revolution as ways of           working within the system                  necessary. They also                 protect their interests.
    promoting change.                                                        believe that moderate
                                                                            methods should be used
                                                                               to protect society’s
                    Note: Political Points of View (liberal, conservative) are not the same as political parties.

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