Dennis Records of Cannon Co.,TN by txi18521


									                                                                                                    James Hollandsworth and Cornelious Keaton and their Adams wives
Dennis Records of Cannon Co.,TN                                                           never did come to Tenn. Neither did any of the boys but Jacob, Jr. {Did
REMARKS                                                                                   Cornelious children come to Tennessee. I believe some them did. Such as
         This is a true manuscript of the KING family so far as it is stated by the       Jacob Keaton who married _______ Fuston and settled in Wayne County,
Author. Dates, deaths, births, marriages and various other things are lacking to          Tennessee. Also believe that Zachariah Keaton and Susan Elizabeth Adams
make the manuscript interesting. All who read this script are free to correct             had another son Jacob Zachariah Keaton who married Nancy Pedigo 5 August
dates, fill in blank spaces left for that purpose. I am sure many errors are              1825 in Wilson County, Tennessee. Jacob died and his widow is living in
related here and I wish you to feel free to correct such.                                 DeKalb County, Tennessee in 1850. There were many Hollandsworth,
                                                             (signed) R. A. Dennis        Hollenworth, etc in Cannon County, Tennessee. Were they relatives of James
         I regret that I am deprived of any and all news or true history of Great         Hollandsworth.}
Grandfather ROBERT KING. His father and mother are blank to me. If any                    Robert Kings home was on Sycamore Creek upon a branch, or small creek,
one know who Robert's people are, please let me hear and receive free                     called the King Branch. His farm included all the land on the entire branch
good will thanks.                                                                         around the meanders of the ridges on either side of the branch. Nine hundred
                   (signed) R. A. Dennis                                                  acres was the size of his farm. It was in Wilson and Smith Counties until after
         To write a correct manuscript of the KING family one has to begin way            1838 when Cannon County was created.
back in Virginia. The KINGS sprang from the Adams and Keaton people on                    I will be unable to list all names of the KING family and I will leave blank spaces
their mothers' side. Great Grandfather ROBERT KING'S history is as far back               for others to list names in that are left out; not written down. I can trace the first
as I can go on the first father's side. ROBERT KING, Born 1785, Died 1863.                and second KING generations very well. I am a little
                                                                                          blank on the younger KING people.
         The first JACOB ADAMS was born in Virginia 1735. His wife's name is              ROBERT KING and his wife, Lydia Keaton, brought up a family of six sons and
blotted out but her first name was Mary. This Jacob and Mary had a family of              five daughters. The first son of Robert and Lydia King was born in 1810
four sons and five girls. The boys were Jacob, Jr., Peter, Isaac, and                     {According to Census Records William King was born ca 1812. He is listed as
William. The Daughter: Mary (married Richard Hancock), Barb Lydia (married                38 in 1850 and 48 in 1860, and 57 in 1870}. They called him WILLIAM (Bill).
Dr. Sam Tittle), Rebecca (married James Hollandsworth), Sally (married                    He was my wife's grandfather. He married Nancy Kelley {Nancy Kelley was
Cornelious Keaton), and Susan Elizabeth (married Jack Keaton).{This must be               the daughter of William Jake Kelly and Morning Keaton}. They brought up five
James Zachariah Keaton}                                                                   boys and six girls. Liz, Bill's oldest daughter married Harvey Dodd. I now only
                                                                                          three sons of Liz and Harvey's family: William, Milton, and Dave Dodd.
         JACK KEATON and his wife's issue was two sons and three girls.
William Jackson (married a Miss Holland) {This I believe is Hollandsworth.                        Lydia King married Joe Knight. {Joel A. Knight married Lidy P. King
They married in Patrick County, Virginia May 14, 1807}, and Neal (married                 December 28, 1871 in Cannon County, Tennessee} Ulysses and Richard, two
Miss Harris) {Cornelius married Mary Harris September 7, 1816, Patrick                    sons, are all I know.
County, Virginia}. The daughters were as follows: Morning (married Bill Kelly),
Jeannie (married P. A. Keaton) {P. A. Keaton and Jeannie Keaton                           NOTE ADDED BY W. S. KING. AUGUST 1959.
were married April 19, 1832 in Patrick County, Virginia}, and Lydia (married              Lydia King and Joe Knight raised five sons and four daughters. The sons were
Great Grandfather ROBERT KING in Virginia in 1808 {Robert King and Lydia                  -Bill, Ulysses, Richard, Oliver, and Jodie. The daughters were: Mannie, Lucy,
Keaton were married March 2, 1812 in Wilson County, Tennessee}. Kelley and                Mai, and Mollie. Ulysses married Ella Byars. {Mollie Knight married Brown
his wife, Morning Keaton, married in Virginia {Wilson County marriage records             Spurlock my great uncle.}
show that William Kelly and Morning Keaton were married in March 2, 1812}.
Lydia and Morning were married when their sister, Jeannie was born in 1810.                       Mary Ann King married Mon Haley {February 11, 1874 in Cannon
The Adams, Keatons, Hancocks, Kelleys, and King a branch of the Tittles,                  County, Tennessee. This was Jacob Monroe Haley son of John W. Haley and
Higgins, and others here in Tennessee are all one family of intellectual people.          Jerusha Calvin Williams}. Hardy, Lige, Albert, and Sampson were the boys.
                                                                                          Monroe went away and I lost sight of them. {Jacob Monroe and Mary Susan

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King Haley were my great grandparents. I have a complete list of their children       JAKE KING, son of Bill King, and grandson of Robert King, Sr., married Talitha
and grandchildren. Their son Sampson A. Haley married Helen Spurlock and              Bratcher. {Jacob K. King married T. B. Keaton Jan. 13, 1869. She was the
they were my grandparents.}                                                           widow of Madison Keaton.} They reared two sons: Allen (Dock) King, and
                                                                                      William (Pete)King, Jake and Talitha had one daughter, Ardelia. She married
       Morn married Jackson King. {M. A. King married J. J. King February             R. A. Dennis, author of this script. {R. A. Dennis married Delia King Jan 18,
19, 1867} One daughter graced their home. By way of fondness they called              1894 in Cannon Co., TN} She died the 19th of September 1904. Her son,
her Kandace. She married Lee Vickers. All deceased.                                   Jake, resides in Woodbury, Tennessee and Sam Dennis lives in Chicago, Ill.
                                                                                      Jake Dennis married Kathlyn Bell Barrnett. Their children-three boys and six
          Emaline King married John Campbell. {They married September 14,             girls; five daughters and two son living. {Other Dennis records probably
1890 in Cannon County, Tennessee} They died childless. {John Campbell's               records more information on this family. I will check this.}
first wife was Anny Elizabeth Haley, daughter of John W. Haley and Jerusha            JOHN KING, son of Bill King and grandson of Robert King, SR. married Lucy
Calvin Williams Haley. John and Anny Elizabeth had several children.                  Barrett. {John M. King married Lucy arratt October 1, 1876 in Cannon County,
Emaline was well respected by the children of Elizabeth Haley Campbell. She           Tennessee} Their sons were Bill, Eb, Taylor, Amber, and Hatton; The
was really the mother they never knew, because Elizabeth died very young.}            daughters were Allie and Lula; Allie married George Taylor or Bill married
                                                                                      Jeannie Hale, Eb married -----,. Taylor died single, Hatton married Kiney
        Grandfather Bill's son, and grandson of ROBERT KING, Robert, Jr.              Keaton, Amber , ___________, Lula married Lonnie Denton (name added by
married Frances Mahaffa. They reared a family of four sons and four                   W. S. King Aug 1959)
daughters. Will (Bud) was feeble minded. He lived to an old age and died.
Jasper married Malenda Hayes and then removed to Texas. They are dead.                JAMES KING, second son of ROBERT KING, SR., born 1817, married Agnes
                                                                                      Stricklin (B. 1809; D. Oct. 31, 1884) James and Agnes raised five sons and
         Manny King married Luanie Williams {Jacob A. King married Miss               three girls.
Luraney Williams Oct. 21, 1865 in Cannon County, TN}. Two daughters were
born to them. One of them married Raymond Beckton. The other one married              CIDNEY ALEXANDER was the first son (b. 1831). Alex, as he was called by
a Mr. Smith Manny's first wife died and he married Rachel Pistole. They live at       all people, married Sarah Ann Bogle. Their issue was as follows: Edna
Liberty, Tenn.                                                                        married Bill Moss: Their issue William B. Moss ------------- Swan --------------,
                                                                                      Sallie married Charlie Hale.
       Oscar King, son of Robert King, Jr.. and grandson of Bill King, married
Loucinda Adamson. They went to Texas early in life and died in Texas.                 ISSUE OF EDNA AND BILL MOSS ADDED BY W. S. KING AUG 1959.
                                                                                      Samatha married Henry Keaton. Their children were-Lillie married Ben St.
        Robert King's daughters, granddaughters of Bill King, and Great grand         John; Helen married Albert Hoody (He died and she married John Robertson,
-daughters of Robert and Lydia King, Sr: Jenny married Andy Hayes. Their              who was killed by a car driven by Nel Hale Jan 17, 1952). Minnie married Roy
children Bob, Many, Adda.                                                             Grizzle (She died in her 63rd year. Apr 23, 1952). Walter married Lula Williams
                                                                                      (Walter is dead).
Sara King married John Keaton. Their Issue:
Robert Jr.'s Daughter, Martha, married Dyer Rich. They removed to Texas and           Amanda Jayne married Jim Scott. {A. J. King married J. M. Scott, Dec. 30,
died there years ago. Nora married Martin Stanley {B. M. Stanley married Nora         1895 in Cannon County, TN.} They had no heirs, One or two girls died very
King May 30, 1891 in Cannon County, TN}. He died and she married Wilson               young.
Bery. I can't write up their issue. Tip King, son of Bill King and grandson of        Martha married Luther _____________. She died April 15, 1952 Cidney Alex
Robert King, Sr., married John Mathis's daughter. {Is Tip the James H. H. King        and Sarah Ann had four sons.
who married Ibby Elizabeth Mathis September 12, 1860 in Cannon county,                James Daniel married Darthula Raikes. Their children are as follows:
Tennessee?} They had one heir, Janny. Tip died a prisoner of war in Illinois,         Sterling King married a Miss Morris. Frank King married Alice Davenport
1863. Taylor, a son of the same King family, died in prison also.                     daughter of William B. Davenport. Frank and Alice brought up two girls;

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Gracie married Lee Powell, Grada married Caris Kennedy ADDED AUG 1959                  Matilda and Hattie were the girls. Matilda married Lester Young. Hattie died
                                                                                       unmarried. They are all gone to the Great Beyond.
Pharris King married Media Melton. Their children are as follows:                      James King's daughters: Lyda married James Knight. Eliza, Betty and Jiny
______________?                                                                        their heirs. Knight died and Lydia married Daniel Bryson. {Liddie Knight
                                                                                       married Daniel Bryson, May 26, 1874 in Cannon County, TN} Bob and Nancy
JAMES KING, son of James King and grandson of ROBERT KING, SR.,                        their heirs. Nancy married Jim Scott. She died in 1902.
married Nancy Ann Partan. Jeames and wife reared a family of three sons and
three daughters. Four are dead; two living.                                            James King's daughter Synthia married Sam Keaton. {S. M. A. King married
                                                                                       Samuel Keaton, October 1, 1874} Lawrence, Sam and Synthia's son, is an
LESTER KING, Jeames' eldest son, married Nan Keaton. Their issue one son               ordained minister. Synthia died and Sam married another daughter of James
and three girls. Robert married John D. Campbell's daughter. She died and he           King. They had no heirs. Jayn King was Sam's last wife's name. {Sam Keeton
married a Miss Mitchell. Callie married Chalmus Vance. Eva married Oscar               married N. E. J. King, Jan 3, 1897 in Cannon County, TN}
Davis. They parted and she married Carl Cunnings. Ola married Ray Vance.
Ray and Chalmus Vance are brothers. Both are dead.                                     ABE KING, son of ROBERT, SR:, married Sally Keaton. {A. King married Miss
                                                                                       Sarah J. Keaton, February 6, 1852 in Cannon Co., TN.} They removed to
MARVIN KING, Jeames's son, married Jim Derting's girl. Herschel married                Atwood Carroll County, Tenn. John Halley married Abe's girl, Mary King.
away from here. Jeames King's girls-Florence married John Banks. Callie, Sr.           Nelson and Larkin are the only ones I ever knew.
married Mr. Curtis. Nola died years ago, 1880. Lester King is a high toned
type of humanity. He is easy to approach pleasant to be with. He is discreet in        ALEX (BILL) KING married Nancy Jones. Lee, their only son, died in Wilson
his talk, polished in his manners and one of the refinest conversationalists and       County years ago. Josie died in Texas. Molly married Bedford (Dick) Gann.
silver-tongued entertainers one ever had the pleasure to be with.                      {Richard Gann married Molly King, May 26, 1889 in Cannon County, TN} She
                                                                                       died in 1902.
JACKSON KING, James' third son, is written up in Bill King's family report.
                                                                                       JOHN KING, SR., son of Robert, Sr., married Mary Caroline Hancock. {J. A.
JORDAN KING, son of James, Sr., married Martha Bogle {Marriage record of               King married Caroline Hancock Feb. 20, 1860 in Cannon County, TN} They
Cannon County, Tennessee indicate that William J. King married Martha Bogle            died childless.
November 1, 1866.} Martha died and Jordan married Martha Haley {Martha
Haley was the daughter of John W. Haley and Jerusha Calvin Williams Haley.             JAKE KING, SR., son of Robert King, Sr., married Louanie Williams. Their
Marriage records of Cannon County, Tennessee indicate that W. J. King                  issue was three sons and two daughters. Bob T. R. King married Maggie
married M. C. Haley September 26, 1878}. Sampson King is their only heir.              Jaynuay in West Tenn. S. A. King, Jake's second son, married Tennessee
Martha Haley died and Jordan married Cynthia Fuston Allen. They died at                Keaton. {S. A. King married Tennessee Keaton December 16, 1875 in Cannon
Gath, Tenn.                                                                            County, TN} Their heirs, Claud, Alton, Charley, Anna.
Sampson (son of Jordan and Martha Haley) B. Oct 24, 1879, married Nora                 S. A. and TEN'S heirs. ???????
Belle McGregor (B. Jan. 20, 1879) Their issue 3 sons, 1 daughter.: Garland
(B. 9-9-1906) M. Hazel Crawford (B. 5-6-1944) Newell James (B. 10-21-1911              BILL KING, Jake Sr.'s son and grandson of Robert Sr., married Alice Groom.
D. Oct 5, 1914) Fana Belle (B. 7-21-1915) M. James S. Goodlet, Kermit                  {W. L. King married Alice Groom December 2, 1884 in Cannon County, TN}
Stokley (B. 9 -24-1920) Unmarried. {I have other information on this family}           Their children: Jessee married Burvey King, Oral married Mahala Vance, Blvis
                                                                                       married Bobie Stoner, Robert married Adrien Cooper; Daughters were: Lela
HENRY KING, son of James King, Sr., and grandson of ROBERT KING, SR.,                  married Shelah Ashford. He died and she married Joe B. Milligan. Nezzie
married Amanda Keaton. Rece, Matthew, and Malley were the boys. Rece                   married Morgan Stoner, Margoria married Shela Higgins. I think one married
married Nancy Rich. She died Jan 1942, Rece King, 79, died Jan 24, 1954.               Grover Davenport.

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Jake's daughters, granddaughters of Robert King: Mary married Neal Bogle.               LUCY WARD KELLY; WALTER MARRIED SALLIE HOLLANDSWORTH,
{M. E. King married N. S. Bogle, October 19, 1873 in Cannon County, TN}                 ARTHUR (UNKNOWN), CLYDE DIED SINGLE, MOTIE MARRIED MARCUS
Their heirs - Beny, ___________, Joe, Lougnie, Netty, and Etna Bogle.                   RICH. THEY HAD 4 SONS: MARGEL, PAUL, AND OBIE KELLY AND A. D.
                                                                                        DIED IN WORLD WAR II, METTIE MARRIED CLEVE DENTON, BESSIE
Martha King, Dau of Jake, Sr., married Jim Womac. {Martha A. King married               MARRIED JOAN CRAWFORD, FLORA MARRIED ROBERT HALE, VERDA
James M. Womack, January 26, 1879 in Cannon County, TN} Their children                  MAE MARRIED ALTON WOMACK. {I have seen a book on the heirs of Bethel
are Ora, Jinen, Nancy, and two other girls. Dauphin and Irvin were the boys.            Kelly and Lucy Ward. Will try to get a copy of it.}

ROBERT KING SR. and Lydia Keaton Kings' daughters were as follows:                      Almenta Kelley married Jonathan Summar. Their children were as follows:
Alamenta King married Alex Vandygriff. {Alamenta King married Alexander                 Willey married Penina Bryson, Hatton married Effie Martin, Andrew married
March 27, 1838 in Cannon County, TN} They had one son, Will Vandygriff.                 John Scotts girl, Bob married Sutton Tasseys girl, Ethel married Joe Bogle, Alta
Will married Rhoda Campbell. {W. J. Vandergriff married Rhoda Campbell,                 married Smith Bogle.
November 23, 1865 in Cannon County, TN}Their heirs were John, Jim, Marion,
Joe, and Henry the boys. The girls were - Delia, who married Andy Hamilton,             Elizabeth King, a daughter of Robert King, Sr., married Bobby Craddock.
and Betty, who married Rube George.                                                     Uncle Bobby and Aunt Betseys son. Simon married Allen Wilsons dau. She
                                                                                        died and he, Simon, married Harrett Frazier. Harrison Craddock married Jayn
Nancy, Robert King's daughter, married Jesse McGee. {Nancy E. King married              Braswell. John married Betty Braswell. {J. T. King married Betty Braswell
Jesse McGee October 19, 1848 in Cannon County, TN} Monroe, born 1842,                   February 5, 1874 in Cannon County, TN} Bill Craddock died single. Simon
Bob, Sam, Jesse, Jr.; and Henry the sons. Monroe married Nancy Owen,                    reared two sons. John went to Texas in 1882. Robert died several years ago.
widow of John Marcum. Edna, Idella, and Fountain King were Monroe's heirs.              Rev. Gradey, his son, is a minister of great promise.
Bob McGee, Jesse and Nancy's son, married Anthem Marcum. {Robert M.
McGee married Anthon A. Markum September 12, 1872 in Cannon County,                     Elizabeth and Bobby Craddocks girls: Mary married Wel Vandygriff. Parle
TN} Otha, A. J., Marlin, and Ferbin were Bob and Anthem McGee's children.               married B. Rich. B. died and she married Tom Pugh. Loucinda married Lige
Sam McGee married Margaret Ripp, daughter of ______ Hipp. They went to                  Adamson. Their heirs were-Harrison; the doctor, Robert, Loney, and Les.
Texas early in life and died there. Jesse Lafayette went to Texas and he died           Candace married Charley Barrett.
there. Henry McGee, the baby of the family, was a doctor and he married Mark
Bethell's dau. He located at Milton and practiced his profession there for years.       Doll Braswell married Bobby and Betsys girl. They went many years ago and
He is dead.                                                                             we never heard anything of them.

Jesse McGee and Nancys girls were Sis, she married Bill Jetton. {L. R. McGee            Mary A., daughter of Robert King, Sr., married Gabriel Keaton. {Gabriel Keaton
married Wm Jetton December 20, 1893 in Cannon County, TN} Julia An died                 married Mary A. King, February 7, 1865 in Cannon county, TN} Their children
single, America married Martin Scott. They are all dead.                                died in infancy. They died long ago. Gabriel Keaton was born June 19, 1837;
                                                                                        died December 13, 1909, Mary _______ Keaton was born Sept. 14, 1831 ;
LUCINDA, daughter of Robert King, Sr., married William Kelly. {William Kelly            date of death unknown.
and Lucinda King were married January 14, 1847 in Cannon County, TN.
William was the son of William Jake Kelley and Morning Keaton.} Sam, the first          MINISTERS OF THE GOSPEL CLOSELY RELATED TO THE KING FAMILY:
son,married a Miss Archer in Macon County. Their children were as follows:              Robert King Keaton, son of Billy Keaton, and grandson of Jack Keaton was a
_____?? Bethel Kelly the second son of Lucinda & and William Kelly married              Baptist preacher for many years. He lived and died in Warren county near
Lucy Ward. {B. A. Kelly married L. J. Ward July 28, 1878 in Cannon                      Dibrell, Tenn.
County,Tennessee} Their heirs were: Walter, Arther, Clyde, Motie, Nattie.
                                                                                        M. A. Cathcart was a Baptist Minister of great promise. Like many others, he
FOLLOWING FROM W. S. KING AUG 1959 HEIRS OF BETHEL KELLY AND                            died in the prime of life and was sadly missed.

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John T. Hancock was a fine preacher of great promise. He died in youthful                J. B. Adams, L. D. Hancock, Grover Keaton, and Aunt Elizabeth Adams called
manhood. He was pastor of the Baptist Church on Sycamore when he died.                   to the public to give them a problem they could not solve or work out. They
                                                                                         could solve anything the books contained or anyone could give them to work
W. J. Watson is a fine preacher. He resides near Lebanon, Tenn.                          out & get the correct answer.

H. L. Keaton lives in DeKalb County. He has been in the ministerial work some            GENERAL REMARKS The King people were a peaceful, quiet, sociable class
time.                                                                                    of people. They were seldom in court; and a KING law suit was never in court
                                                                                         that I ever heard of in my life. They were carpenters, blacksmith, stone
Odas King, son of J. D. King, is up with the best, they say.                             masons, also F. _ A. M. The old set of KINGS lived to be very old people. They
                                                                                         were all affiliated with the Church that Christ set up the year 33, except three
Richard Duggin preached some. He died young in the ministerial work.                     that I know of. Both men and women lived to be seventy years of age up to
                                                                                         near ninety years.
John Tedder was an ordained Baptist Minister.                                            BIRTHS AND DEATHS VIRGINIA.

Leburn Rich is preaching at various places over the country at present.                  Jake Adams              born 1735                died 1807.
                                                                                         Jacob Adams of Tenn     born 1761                date of death unknown
C. L. Keaton preached some in his early years. He was well informed and                  Abe Adams               born Jan 16, 1790        died 1857, Sept 9
could sure defend the doctrine.                                                          William Adams           born Dec. 20, 1811       died 1861
                                                                                         Peter Adams             born April 9, 1813       died Oct 15, 1884
Grada Craddock, great, great, great grandson of Robert and Lydia King has                Jacob Adams             born May 13, 1815        died Sept 17, 1887.
charge of churches in Smith county and elsewhere.                                        Captain Billy Adams     born 1800                died 1895
                                                                                         Robert King, Sr.        born 1785                died 1863
James Higgins is a very prominent minister. His work, both school and church,            Bill King               born 1810                died 1887
is I think, in Lawrence county.                                                          James King              born 1812                died 1895
                                                                                         J. K. Jake King         born 1844                died Aug. 7, 1897.
The minister as Baptist; they represent the Church that carries with its self            Cidney Alex King        born 1833                died 1909
every sign and mark of the true apostolic Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.               Monroe Kine
THE DOCKTORS OR PHYSICIANS:                                                              Monroe King             born July 6, 1843        died May 26, 1915
                                                                                         P. A. Keaton            born Nov 5, 1810         died July 20, 1892
Harrison Adamson was a prominent doctor. He died a few years back, 1952.                 A. L. Hancock           born 1811                died 1897
                                                                                         Cooper C. Hancock       born Sept 15, 1815       died Sept 15, 1877
Joe Turney was a doctor for years up in the Statesville section in Wilson                R. A. Hancock           born Jan 17, 1827        died July 29, 1897
County.                                                                                  Lewis Hancock           born Oct 25, 1787        date of death unknown.
                                                                                         L. D. Hancock           born Jan 19, 1859        died May 28, 1880.
Jim Turney practiced in and about Auburntown for some time. He lived                     Andrew Hancock          born July 14, 1858 ?)    died May 24, 1904
respected and died rejected. He was born June 10, 1856; died Nov. 9, 1909.               George Hancock          born August 28, 1857     died April 14, 1904

Dr. Henry McGee is written up in the McGee report elsewhere.                             I am the only one living that can trace the Kings from great grandfather Robert
                                                                                         King, and here it is in a clumsy written hand. With loving gratitude I send this
TEACHERS: There are forty or fifty school teachers listed in the Adams,                  on.     Signed R. A. Dennis
Keaton, Hancock, King, Kelly, Fuson, Tittle, Higgins, Turney, Lewis, and Allen           THIS IS A COPY, AS NEARLY WORD FOR WORD AS POSSIBLE, OF THE
families. There was and now is some noted educators of the entire generation.            ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT OBTAINED FROM MR. FRANK KING, RFD 3,

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WOODBURY, TENN, WITH WHOM IT WAS ENTRUSTED BY THE AUTHOR                                The church house that the Methodists built at Pleasant Ridge about 1818 was
BEFORE HIS DEATH. THE EXACT PERIOD OF TIME IN WHICH THE                                 an odd structure. It was built of small logs, or poles, 50 to 60 ft. long and 30 or
MANUSCRIPT WAS WRITTEN IS NOT INDICATED AS IT BEARS NO                                  40 ft. wide. A chestnut stump was on the inside of the house and
DATES.                                                                                  it was hewn and put in shape for a candle stand and for the preacher to stand
                                                                                        by and expound the Holy Scriptures to a dying world. It was a low house and
IN THE COPYING OF THE MANUSCRIPT CERTAIN INFORMATION HAS                                its first roof was of popular and chestnut bark. It had no wooden floor.
BEEN INSERTED AS AND WHERE INDICATED. DUE TO DIFFICULTY IN                              The door was 8 ft. wide for light. Plies were laid across the door to keep out
READING THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT THIS COPY MAY REVEAL                                    the stock. They pegged bark on both inside and outside walls of the house and
INCORRECTLY SPELLED NAMES WHICH MAY BE CORRECTED BY                                     they could open a large space for the flue in the roof for the
THOSE WHO RECEIVE A COPY AND WHO HAVE PERSONAL                                          smoke to escape when a huge fire was made to warm the house. They had
KNOWLEDGE OF THE CORRECT SPELLING OF NAMES, ETC.                                        choice slabs of bark to stand up in front of the door to keep the cool drafts out.
                                                                                        During the cold weather the fire on the inside of the house made plenty of
COPIED AT CHATTANOOGA, TENN THIS THE 5TH DAY OF AUGUST, 1959,                           light for the congregation at night. Candle molds were in vogue at that time and
BY G. F. KING, SON OF WILLIAM SAMPSON KING, AND GRANDSON OF                             the people made or molded their candles of tallow, both beef and mutton were
JORDAN KING.                                                                            used to mold candles. I can well remember when nothing but candles were
                                                                                        used for lighting purposes, especially in church buildings. I can remember back
G. F. KING, 6512 BALLARD ROAD, CHATTANOOGA, TN 37421                                    72 years, and there were no glass lamps, cook stoves, metal wash tubs, not
                                                                                        metal buckets.
{written in on my copy}
Jacob Adams Sr. Br about 1730 d 1807 Mar May                                            My father, Samp Sellers and R. A. Hancock bought the three first Palmetto No
children:                                                                               7 cook stoves on Sycamore Creek. That was in 1874. They brought home
1. Jacob Jr. Bor about 1760 Mar                                                         with them a small brass lamp each, and a quart of kerosene each.
2. Peter         1762
3. Wm. 1766                                                                             But whatever became of the old pole or log house I do not know. Amos Gilley
4. Mary 1773 1.Christophr Cooper 2.Richard Hancock                                      told me Henry Dennis let the Methodist have the house. It is said that Henry
5. Lydia         1775 Dr. Sam Tittle                                                    Dennis sold Jack Gilley (Amos’ Father) the Sam Dennis farm. Mr. Teasely
6. Elizabeth 1780 Jack Keaton                                                           once owned the place. Mr. Spears lived there years ago. Ward Barrett lived
7. Rebecca 1785 James Hollandsworth                                                     there and so did some two or three of the Prestons. All this was over 100 years
8. Sarah         1789 Cornelius Keaton                                                  ago. Hiram Tittle once owned the farm but never lived there, or so Sam Tittle
9. Isaac 1792                                                                           said.

note made on page 7: #8 was in wrong place-next page 9                                  When the Church of Christ was established at Pleasant Ridge they built a very
Many families have owned it. The cemetery and church ground consisted of                good log house. It stood for years but about 1857 some one set fire to it and
about 2 acres and is vacant land. I doubt if a deed was ever given to anyone            burned it to the ground. War was brewing at that time and no house was
for that tract. If so it might be on record in Carthage. It was Smith County at         put back there for nearly 10 years. About 1867 or 1869 they built another log
that time.                                                                              house. This house burned down about 1898 or 1899 and they put up another
                                                                                        one called the White House. I burned about 1939. Now they have a very nice
Some of the Church of Christ preachers back then were Elijah Preston, (a                house in which to worship.
popular preacher), Elijah Mears, Bob Stanley, Beecher Martin, Henry Morris,
(Henry Morris also taught an adding class at Pleasant Ridge), Jay Watson, Jim           I have heard the best Baptist talent in the state preach as these ministers:
Kidwell held a school way back in 1882 at Pleasant Ridge. Charles Powell is             J. R. Graves, E. E. Folk, J. H. Anderson, Joe McCluskey, J. H. Grimes, John
tinctured with Dennis blood so it is impossible for him to imitate a preacher!          Oakley, W. O. Carver, J. T. Estes, G. A. Ogle, W. J. Watson, Wm. Simpson,

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 6 of 42
and a host of others now cherished in memory.                                         WILL OF JACOB ADAMS
                                                                                               In the name of God, Amen. I Jacob Adams of Patrick County & State
These were witnesses of the setting up of the Church of Christ in 1827:               of Virginia being in a very low state of health in body but in perfect senses &
Aaron Jones     born  1804                                                            memory & calling to mind the mortality of the body, I do constitute and ordain
Capt Billy Adams      1800                                                            this to be my last will & testament.
Peter Adams           1813
Jacob Adams           1815                                                                      FIRST I recommend my soul to God who gave it & my body to the
John Derting          1793                                                            grave to be buried at the discretion of my Executors & such thing as God has
Larking Keaton        1797                                                            given me I dispose of as follows, (to-wit)
C C Hancock           1815                                                                      SECONDLY for all my just debts to be paid.
C C Owen              1809                                                                      THIRDLY I do give & bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Adams this
H Y Morris            1810                                                            plantation whereon I now live & all the working tools belonging hereunto & all
Bill King             1810                                                            my household & kitchen furniture also five Negroes named Aaron, Will,
Ira Hollandsworth     1814                                                            Samuel, Dilamder & Catey & a gray horse and a bay mare named Diamond &
John Hollandsworth    1817                                                            four cows & calves & all my stock of sheep & hogs also the debt that Thos.
*John Hale            1818                                                            Reeves owes me. The above property for her to have without control during
*A L Hancock          1811                                                            life or widowhood.
*P A Keaton           1810                                                                      FOURTHLY I give to my beloved son Jacob Adams a negro boy
*Spy Anderson         1802                                                            named Jeremiah.
* These 4 men were not members of this denomination, however.                                   FIFTHLY I give to my beloved son Peter Adams a negro boy named
A HISTORY OF SYCAMORE CREEK                                                                     SIXTHLY I give to my daughter Lydda Tittle a negro girl named Cielah
RUFUS ALONZO DENNIS                                                                   during her lifetime & if she should die without heir born of her body the said
JUNE 12, 1940                                                                         Neby girl & her increase to return to my Estate & divided among the rest
                                                                                      of my children.
        LAND OWNERS             (PAGE 4)                                                        SEVENTHLY I give to my daughter Lydda Tittle a negro boy named
I have heard my father speak of a Mr. Shaw who once owned the A. L.                             EIGHTLY I give to my beloved daughter Elizabeth Keaton a negro boy
Hancock farm down on Clear Fork Creek and the Monroe Hancock farm just                named Arch to her and her children & not at all to be at the disposal of
above the Haley farm now owned by Jennie Vickers, Shelia Jetten and J. J.             Zachariah Keaton her husband.
Dodd. Mr. Shaw possessed a large tract of land upon the Lick Branch. The log                    NINTHLY I give to my beloved daughter Rebecca Hollandsworth & her
cabin house was over across the branch opposite the beautiful Spout Spring.           children a negro girl named Hannah but not to be the disposal of James
Christopher Cooper got in possession of all this land in some way. Mr.                Hollandsworth her husband.
Cooper married Mary Adams. Cooper died and Richard Hancock married his                          TENTHLY I give to my beloved daughter Sarah Keaton & her children a
widow and of course she was the lawful owner of the land. Mary and                    negro boy named George but not to be at the disposal of Cornelius Keaton her
Christopher Cooper had no children. She married Richard Hancock and had               husband.
three children by him. A. L. and C. C. were the boys and Alamenta the only                      ELEVENTHLY I give to my beloved son William Adams a negro boy
daughter. The heirs of Richard and Mary Adams Hancock heired all the land at          named Peter.
their death.                                                                                    TWELFYELY? I give to my beloved son Isaac Adams a negro boy
                                                                                      named Isham also a sorrel mare & her increase & a feather bed.
{TAKEN FROM KIGERS COPY}                                                                        THIRTEENTHLY I do will & ordain that out of the the Estate give to my
{THIS NOTE MY MOTHER ADDED, I'M NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS}                               wife Mary Adams that Frances Cochrel shall have a horse valued to twenty-five

                                                                   R.A. Dennis Records Page 7 of 42
pounds & it is further my will & desire that the rest of the land & property not        Overall and my parents talk with one another many times. They came from
herein mentioned shall be sold at twelve months credit & the money arising              Patrick Co., Va. Zack Keaton married Susan, a sister of Jacob Adams Sr. In
from such sale be equally divided amongst my children and further I do                  Va., and Zack came here with the Adams family. Robert King married Lydia
constitute & appoint my trusty friends Chas. Foster, Esq. & Capt. John Turner           Keaton and Jake Kelley, Sr. married Morning Keaton, daughter of Zach Keaton
to be my Executors to this my last will & Testament. As witness my hand &               soon after arriving here.
seal this 27th day of October 1807.
                                                                     Jacob Adams        The Adams family was an intelligent class of people. They were industrious
Signed in the presence of us:                                                           and easy to grasp book knowledge. Jim B. Adams is a fine scholar and when
James Cox, Thomas Hill, Danniel Maccantire                                              naturally at himself is surpassingly great. I heard Col. George McKnight say J.
Patrick De. Court 1807                                                                  B. Adams was the aptest student he ever instructed.
Will Book 1, Page 96-97
THE ADAMS FAMILY                                                                        THE WAY AND HOW THE ADAMS FAMILY CAME TO TENNESSEE

Jacob Adams, 1761,Jr. sisters were as follows: (of TN)                                  In July, 1809 Jacob Adams, Abe Overall, Isaac Turney, Sr., Wels Adamson,
Mary, m. Christopher Cooper. Cooper died and she Mary, m. Richard                       Zachariah Keaton, Sam Fuson and probably many others formed, or organized
Hancock.                                                                                themselves into a colony of home seekers and turned their faces west in
Barbara Adams, Jacobs sister m. Dr. Sam Tittle.                                         search of the heart of fine country. Dr. Sam Tittle and a Mr. Cummings came
Ruth m. Mr. Cummings-She is Tenn Jacob Dau?                                             when the Adams family came. The colony came in ox carts, rude built
Susan, a sister to Jacob Adams, Sr. m. Zack Keaton.                                     wagons, horse back, and almost any way available. They followed the old
Sally(Sarah), Jacob Jr. sister, m Cornelius Keaton.                                     Nickajack Trail. Nickajack was a hair liped Indian. He was chief of a tribe of
                                                                                        Indians that lived or roamed about in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. This tribe of
Jacob Adams Jr. Dau: Jacob Adams Jr. daughters:                                         Indians would go east once or twice every year.
Mr. Hays wife was Jacobs dau{?Wasnt this Abe's dau}Caroline, m. James
Owen                                                                                    Their trail came across Kentucky into Tenn. through what is now Macon
Elizabeth m. James Fuson                                                                County, by Red Boiling Springs to Lancaster, where Temperance Hall,
Priscilla, m. John Overall                                                              Dowelltown and Liberty now is. From Liberty up Clear Fork to the Big Overall
Francis m. Lewis Hancock                                                                Spring. This was a good camping place and they had bark shanties built to
Suan m. A E Hancock                                                                     camp in.
Jasper Ruyle m. one of Jacob’s dau
 {Susan m. Robert Johnson}                                                              INDIAN TRAIL
 {Mary m. John Allen}                                                                   The trail ran or went up the creek from the Big Spring to the Adamson Branch.
                                                                                        Thence up the branch to the Lige Adamson cave. Thence up the long hill
Abe Adams Dau:                                                                          where the Bill Bryant and Presley Adamson farm joins. Thence on out Pea
Susan Jane Adams, b. Apr 30, 1821 {m. Wm Turney}                                        Ridge and on to the Half Acre Spring. Thence through Warren County, through
Mary W. Adams b. June 10, 1819 {m. Samuel Braswell}                                     Grundy Co. and over into Sequatchie Valley and on into Virginia.
Hannah Leean Adams, b. June 22, 1817 {m. Carroll Lewis}
Fanny, m. John Allen {September 26, 1825 Abraham’s sister}                              The colony followed the narrow path for a guide. Of course they had to cut a
Mr. Lewis m. one of Abe Adams girls                                                     wide road to travel in as they were traveling in carts and wagons. They drove
{Sarah m. Hays}                                                                         their cattle, sheep, and hogs along with them. They started in July to
                                                                                        get the benefit of the grazing, for the summer and fall grass was fine. Water
The Adams, as near as I know and understand from what I have been told                  was hard to find until an old Indian told them how to find it. The main trail was
arrived here October 1809. H. A. Overall is my author. I have heard Mr.                 marked by cutting one notch on trees along the way, the water paths was

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 8 of 42
marked with two notches. The salt licks by blazes slits on the bushes and              Cummings was worth probably one hundred and fifty thousand dollars at his
trees.                                                                                 death.

So the colony came and while coming they camped two or three times when                Jim (Stringer) Cummings was Warren’s only heir. Jim died before his father.
camp meetings were being held. Plenty of people lived in east Tenn. at that            Warren Cummings died and his (Jim’s) children heired Warren Cummings
time but not but few in what is now Middle Tenn in those days. The colony              estate. The Cummings girls married and removed to or near Carthage, Mo.
finally arrived at the Big Spring camping ground and met a few Indians who             Jim
were there at that time. The Red men were very friendly and extended toward            Stringer born June 16, 1838, died Jan. 26, 1897. Elizabeth Higgins, wife of Jim
them a good welcome. The Indians were fond of liquor and the boys of course            (Stringer) Cummings b. Sept 1, 1843, died April 6, 1915. Warren Cummings
had plenty with them.                                                                  born Nov. 11, 1814, died May 11, 1898. Dovey Sullivan, wife of Warren
                                                                                       Cummings, died Nov 7, 1884, age 70 yrs. James (Stringer) Cummings b..
They treated them to their full desire and they piloted the home seekers over          June 17, 1838, died Jan 26, 1897. Elizabeth Higgins, wife of Jim (Stringer)
the country and showed them the fine caves and good springs of pure water.             Cummings born Sept 1, 1843, died Apr 6, 1915. Lula Land, wife of J. M.
                                                                                       Cummings born May 26, 1865, died May 7, 1915.
Abe Overall took up his home over across the creek adjacent to the Big Spring.
Wels Adamson located where H. M. Evans now lives. The Turney located one               J. M. Cummings b.       {1865} died     {Aug 29, 1939}
mile above the Big Spring. Christopher Cooper, on of the colony, chose his             Hig Cummings b.         died
home up the creek above the Turney entry, known as the A. L. Hancock place.            Johnson Cummings       b.      died
Dr. Sam Tittle located still further up the creek near Gassaway. Jacob settled
upon what is known as Adams Branch above the Abe Overall home. Zack                    THE ADAMS FAMILY *JACOB SR. SISTERS
Keaton went just over in what is now called the Keaton Hollow. He entered              Barbara Adams, a sister of the first Jacob Adams, was born about 1780. She
about one thousand acres of good hill land. Jake Kelley, Robert King and Sam           married Dr. Sam Tittle about 1799. Their home was upon Canall Creek just
Fuson took up their land on Sycamore Creek.                                            above Gassaway known as the Alf Owen home. Later known as the J. T.
                                                                                       Powell place now owned by A. J. Smithson. Three sons & four daughters I can
No doubt they were a happy set of people for they all stayed here and built            trace.
good houses and the most of them became wealthy citizens for that day and
time. Mr. Cummings settled over in the Danville Neighborhood now Woodbury,             Adams Tittle, one of Dr. Sam & Barbara Adams Tittles sons, was born 180?,
Tenn.                                                                                  died 1879. Adams married Cynthia Gann {Adams Tittle and Cynthia Gann
                                                                                       were married May 3, 1846 in Cannon county, TN}. Their sons were Bethel and
I am sure many others came along with the colony but I don’t know who they             Sam. Bethel went to KY and died there. Sam married Elizabeth Davis. Susan
were. I may think of someone later on as I write this.                                 married Bob Smith. Liz married Clent Spurlock. Julia married Obe Nokes {O.
                                                                                       B. Nokes married Julia Ann Tittle October 16, 1890 in Cannon county, TN).
One of Jacob Adams sisters {Ruth b. 1794-1795} married a Cummings. They                Mary married Tom Davis.
had sons and daughters. Thomas, one of the sons resided in Warren County.
                                                                                       John Adams Davis, who died last Oct. 1939 was Tom Davis and Mary Tittle
Thomas Cummings, Jr., mayor of Nashville, is a grandson of Thomas                      Davis only heir. John lived and died on Hurricane Creek. Dow Tittle died
Cummings.                                                                              unmarried. Dow died during the Civil War.

Warren Cummings was the second son. He married Dove Sullivan. {Warren                  Hiram Tittle, son of Dr. Sam and Barbara Tittle, and nephew of the first Jacob
Cummings and Dove Sullivan were married March 6, 1839 in Cannon county,                Adams, was born in Va. on Dec. 3, 1801, died Feb. 10, 1881. Hiram Y. Tittle
TN} They had ? children. Warren was born Nov 11, 1814, died May 11, 1898.              married Mary (Pop) Higgins. She was the old pioneer John Higgins daughter.
Dovie, wife of Warren Cummings, died Nov. 7, 1884 age 70 yrs. Warren                   She was born Jan 1, 1806, died July 11, 1894 being 88 yrs 6 mo 10 da. of age.

                                                                    R.A. Dennis Records Page 9 of 42
They had four sons and several daughters. Tilman and John Tittle was killed in
the War between the States. Sam J. Tittle, son of Hiram Tittle, mar. Allochie             A Rigsby married another one of the girls. A Elkins wife was a daughter of
Higgins {Samuel Tittle married Lockie Jane Higgins June 21, 1857 in Cannon                Hiram Tittle, the mother of Sandy Elkins. Camille Tittle married Pink Milligan.
County, TN}. Two daughters were born to them. Sadie married Newberry                      They removed to Ark. They are dead. Elsie Tittle died unmarried. Julia
Mullenix. {Sarah A. married W. G. Mullenix December 26, 1875 in Cannon Co.,               married a Elkins. {John D. Elkins married Julia Ann Tittle Sept 5, 1839 in
TN} They had no children.                                                                 Cannon County, Tennessee}.

Adah married M. B. Davenport {M. B. Davenport married Adah Tittle, October                Henry Duggin, father of John Duggin, married Hiram Tittles first dau. {Henry S.
22, 1882 in Cannon County, TN}. They had three sons, Sam T, Grover, and                   Duggen married Selina Tittle, June 6, 1839 in Cannon Co., TN} Henry
Selmer. The daughters were Mary Allochie, Mennie May, Sadie B. and Dosie                  Duggin’s second wife was Sarah McKnight. Hiram Tittle’s first home was
Brown Davenport. B. Davenport and his wife are dead. M. B. Davenport born                 on Cavenders Branch where the late Ike Higgins lived and died. Hirams latter
Aug. 10, 1861, died Sat. Aug 11, 1928, Lacking one day being 67 yrs of age.               home was on Sugar Tree Knob where H. Y. Tittle, Jr., lived and died.

H. Y. Tittle, son of Hiram Tittle, married Liz Melton {H. Y Tittle married Elizabeth      Adams Tittle home was upon the head of Hog Thief Branch south east of
Melton August 21, 1870 in Cannon County, TN}. They had three sons, Tilman,                Gassaway. Adams land was in DeKalb Co. He was magistrate of the Third
John, and George were the sons. Camillee & Molly the daughters.                           Civil Dist. of DeKalb Co several years. The Tittle farm is divided up into four or
                                                                                          five different parts. The Adamsons, Sauls, Smithsons, Hales, and others own
The daughters of Hiram Tittle and Mary (Pop) Higgins, were as follows: Susan              the Adams Tittle land at present.
married Joe Kate Milligan {Susan Tittle married Joe Kate Milligan, February 26,
1845 in Cannon County, TN}. Three sons and six dau. graced their home. Two                Dr. Sam Tittle and Barbara Adams Tittle daughters was Salena. She married
sons and one girl died young. Sam D. Milligan was Joe Kates & Susan                       John Derting. {Salena Tittle married John Derting March 28, 1844 in Cannon
Milligans son. He died the 31 day of May 1939, born Dec. 26, 1855. He was                 Co., TN} He was born Feb 4, 1793, died Nov 21, 1881. They lived upon Hog
83 years of age when he died.                                                             Thief Branch on the Smithville Road in DeKalb Co. Two sons graced the
                                                                                          Derting home. John A. married Elizabeth Adamson. Horace married Polina
Joe Kate Milligans daughters were as follows, Jennie married Isaac Wilcher,               Mason.
Eliza married Johnnie Womack. Joe Bob Womack is a son of Johnnie and
Eliza. Georgia married Calvin Womack. {G. A. Milligan married C. B. Womack,               Sabina Tittle, Dr. Sam Tittles daughter, married Jonas Nokes. Four sons and
March 12, 1879 in Cannon County, TN} Allie married Willie Womack. Nebe                    one daughter were born to them as follows: James Nokes married Elizabeth
married Jim Jones, son of Canal Creek Will Jones. Nancy Tittle married Spunt              Ashford. Bud married James Andersons daughter. Obe married Julia Tittle.
Dennis. They went to Ark. and I have lost sight of them years ago.                        {O. B. Nokes married Julia Tittle, October 16, 1890 in Cannon Co., TN} Sam
                                                                                          married Paralee Davis. {Sam Nokes married Paralee Davis, February 15, 1881
Barbara Tittle, Hirams daughter, married Ike Higgins {Isaac Higgins married               in Cannon County, TN} Nan Nokes, the only daughter, died unmarried.
Barbara Ann Tittle Jan. 17, 1867 in Cannon County, TN}. Three sons and four
daughters were born to them as Follows: James, Bill, and Dick the sons.                   Jonas Nokes lived on the ridge at the head of Tassey Hollow. Jonas owned
Molly married Jada Jones, {J. D. brother to Marvey Jones, John son of Fan                 three hundred acres of land. Some of it was in DeKalb Co. Some of the land
Jones brother to Robert Jones} They had one child, Cola. She married John                 was sterile and the larger part of it was very fertile. It on one of a fine
Cooper, Tomie married Mike Markum. Lizzy married Joe Bob Womack. Alvin                    timbered section of land. Bill Smithson bought the farm. A. J. Smithson owns it
Blanks wife is a daughter of Ike and Barbara Higgins. Martha Tittle, Hiram                now.
Tittles daughter, married Bill Rigsby. Murf and George are the sons. Florence
married Knox Armstrong. Willie married Lewis Womack. Lillie married Senate                SUSAN, DAUGHTER OF DR. SAM TITTLE
Herriman. Delia married Dock Womack. Fanny married Billy Keaton. Betty                    Susan {B. May 18, 1817, D. Feb. 18, 1888} married Alex Milligan, Sr. (b.
married Bob Higgins.                                                                      October 14, 1814}. Six sons and two daughters were born to them. Pink

                                                                       R.A. Dennis Records Page 10 of 42
Milligan married Camille Tittle. They removed to Ark and died there. George          died. James Jetton married Peggie Milligan. {Jim Jetton married Maggie
died in Camp Moton, Ill a prisoner of War, 1863. He was only 18 years of age.        Milligan, December 30, 1896 in Cannon County, TN} She was a daughter of
James Milligan shot James Higgins dead in 1868 and ran away. He died in              Sire Fuson. She married John Milligan. John died and she married James
Grayson Co., Texas 1887. Brown Milligan married Francis (Babe) Powell.               Jetton. Liz and Alex eldest girl died very young. Betty Jetton married Robert
Three sons: George, Buddy, Bill are the boys. Susie, Ally, Bernice, Molly and        Stone. {Bettie Jetton married Robert Stone, September 27, 1886 in Cannon
Quizie are the daughters.                                                            County, TN) Three sons and four daughters were born to them. Charles, Jesse
                                                                                     and Alexander the sons. Joe Watsons wife, Dixie Marcums wife, Jim B.
Abner Milligan, son of Alex Milligan, married Sarah Ann Higgins. {Abner              Markums wife, and Edd Hollandsworths wife are the daughters. They live in
Milligan married Sarah Higgins December 29, 1877 in Cannon County, TN}               the fifteenth civil district of Cannon Co., Tenn. Alex Milligan born Oct 14, 1814,
Bob, the youngest son, married Betty Preston. Five daughters, two sons, were         died Dec. 4, 1874. Susie Milligan born May 18, 1817. Died Feb 18, 1888.
born to them. Hattie married John Bogle. {Hattie Milligan married John Bogle,
October 11, 1894 in Cannon county, TN} Jennie married Ben Shirley. Jessie            One of Dr. Sam Tittles girls, Mary Ann, married Elijah Higgins, son of John
married Clyde Hollandsworth. Oda married Jim McGee. Bobbie married Oscar             Higgins. Elijah was born about 1802. I don't know where he lived but I believe
Pitman. The boys Rae died in his ninth year. Joe B. married Lela King. Lela          the Shirley farm on Hurricane Creek was his home. He and his Tittle wife had
married Shelah Ashford. He died and she married Joe B. Milligan. They lived          two sons and three daughters. Robert and Coleman was the boys. Robert
at the Milligan home on Hurricane Creek.                                             married Susan Sullens. Coleman died single. Elijah's girls were Susan,
                                                                                     Ebeline and Dycie. Dycie married Josire Hollandsworth. {Sabrina Higgins
Alex and Susie Tittle Milligans two daughters were named Luese and Liz               married Josiah Hollensworth, November 25, 1842 in Cannon County, TN}
Milligan. Luese was born May 29, 1841, died Aug 2, 1900. She married Elijah          Susans first marriage was to a Kelly. Her second marriage was to Wm.
Ashford, in 1859. {Richard Ashford married Miss Ruthy Milligan, May 5, 1859          Preston.
in Cannon County, Tennessee} Elijah was born Dec. 24, 1833, died March 20,
1910.                                                                                Ebeline married John A. Stanley. Ebb and John A. Stanleys children: R. M.
                                                                                     Stanley married Christine Cox. Auntna married Parlea Kelley. Burt married a
Eight daughters and two sons were born to them. Mary Alice Ashford, born             Thompson. Mort married Rachel Davis. His second wife was Nora King. Alex,
Aug 20, 1861. Married Rufus A. Dennis Oct 12, 1912. Alice died Feb.                  Jr. was killed the 23rd day of Feb 1863 in the Calfkiller battle in White county.
21,1938.                                                                             Jerry and Burt was killed by a fallen tree the 4th day July, 188?.

Antilize Ashford born Sept 3, 1863. Died Mar 10, 1916. She married Frank             The daughters of Ebb and John A. Stanley was as follows: Sis married George
Bogle 1887. {A. E. Ashford married F. R. Bogle September 19, 1886 in                 McNelley. Caroline married Jack Jones. Dorcas married William Quarrels.
Cannon County, TN} Susan born Mar 20, 1865, died Dec 11, 1911. Harriet               {Dorcas Stanley married William Quarrels, Feb. 18, 1873, Cannon Co., TN}
born Jan 16, 1868, died Mar 4, 1907. Elizabeth born May 30, 1870. She is
living. Nola born Mar 12, 1873. Died Mar 8 1907. Hanson born Dec 1, 1875,            SISTERS OF JACOB ADAMS, SR
living. Pearl, born Sept 2, 1880 died July 6, 1905. Wilburn Ashford born Jan         Mary Adams was a sister of the old pioneer Jacob Adams, Sr. She was born
16, 1878. Living. Shelah Ashford, born Oct 9, 1884, died Mar 2, 190?. The            177?. She married Christopher Cooper. Their home was on Clear Fork Creek.
Ashfords are all dead except Betty, Hanson, and Wilburn. Wilburn Ashford is          Later the A. L. Hancock home. Mr. Cooper died 1809, Nov 25. Richard
sheriff of Cannon County, Tenn (1940).                                               Hancock married the widow Cooper, 1810. Mr. Cooper and Mary Adams had
                                                                                     no issue. There was three children born to Richard Hancock and Mary Adams.
Liz, Alex and Susie Tittle Milligans eldest daughter, married Alex (Dutch)           Alfred and Cooper the sons, and Alamenta the dau. Richard and Mary owned
Jetton. {Alexander Jetton married Miss Elizabeth Milligan, October 20, 1857 in       2,000 acres of fine land. They had lots of property of every kind. Richard was
Cannon County, TN) They lived on top of the hill above the John Milligan home        a money lender on a large scale for that day and time. Christopher Cooper
on Hurricane Creek. Two sons and two daughters were born to them.                    married Mary Adams in Fluvanna Co., Va and came here when the first Jacob
Benjamin, the first son, never married. He was near 80 years of age when he          Adams, Sr. came to this state, 1809.

                                                                  R.A. Dennis Records Page 11 of 42
                                                                                         Sept 15, 1877. He married Rebecca Dolly Fite, Dec 18, 1839. She was born
Alfred L. Hancock, son of Richard and Mary Hancock, born Mar 30, 1811.                   June 5, 1822, died May 24, 1904. C. C. Hancock’s home was upon Sycamore
Married Eliza Blair in 1836. She was born 1812. Four sons and five dau. were             Creek at the Richard Hancock place. Cooper's father gave him a good farm
born to them as follows: Monroe, the oldest son, married Cyntha Hancock,                 one mile down on the creek below his (Richard's) home. It is know to us as the
were born to them as follows: Monroe, the oldest son, married Cyntha                     C. B. Summar home, now owned by Grady Smithson.
Hancock,daughter of Charles Hancock. {R. M. Hancock and S. E. Hancock,
married February 3, 1857 in Cannon County, TN}Christopher Elcana died                    When his father, Richard Hancock, died Cooper became heir to the home place
unmarried. A. E. Hancock married Susan Adams. George Hancock married                     and died there the 15 Sept 1877. Rebecca Hancock died May 24, 1904. She
Molly Melton. {George Hancock married Molly Melton, January 16, 1881 in                  was 82 years of age lacking a few days. She was a member of Sycamore
Cannon, C., TN} The Blair marriage daughters: Arzilla married Monroe                     Baptist Church. She outlived her five daughters and three of her sons. C. C. &
Allen, 1858. Died 1877. Margret Lucetta marries James Monroe                             Rebecca brought up a large family of twelve children.
Hollandsworth. {Jas O. Hollingsworth married Lucetta Hancock, March 24,
1864 in Cannon, Co., TN} Alamenta Eliza married Peter I. Turney. Mary                    C. C. and Rebecca Hancock's children; Mary Parlee was born in Cannon Co.,
Caroline married John King.                                                              Tn Dec 6, 1840. She married John R. Turner on Feb 22, 1858. John R. was
                                                                                         born Nov 2, 1829. Louisa E. died when only about 4 years old. Richard
Eliza, first wife of A. L. Hancock, died Apr 5, 1858. Nancy E. Hale became the           Thomas Hancock born Nov. 27, 1844. He married Elizabeth P. Francis
second wife of A. L. Hancock about 1859. {Marriage record in Cannon County               September 9, 1869. She was born January 12, 1844. Rebecca Francis
indicates she was a Haley. A. L. Hancock married Nancy E. Haley,                         Hancock born Mar 1, 1847. She married Dave Chambliss in her 19th year.
March 1, 1859} She was born Sept 11, 1840. Died Oct. 24, 1871. Nancy was                 {Rebecca Francis Hancock married David Chambley, January 24, 1865 in
the first person buried in the beautiful Sycamore grave yard.                            Cannon County, TN} Rebecca Francis died 1892. Mr. Chambliss died in 1893.
                                                                                         Alamenta Jane Hancock born May 31, 1849. Married Thomas Jewell Sept 23,
The children of A. L. Hancock and Nancy E. Hale his second wife are Alice                1869. Died March 24, 1904. William Christopher Hancock born Feb 17, 1853.
married George Turney. {George Turney married Alice Hancock, April 1, 1872               He married Fanny Lax. They are dead. Benjamin Cooper Hancock born Jan
in Cannon County, TN} Rebecca Francis married Galan Morris. {Rebecca                     18, 1856. He married Cassie Odom dau. of C. B. Odom about 1879.
Hancock married G. D. Morris, September 1, 1875 in Cannon County, TN}                    {Benjamin Cooper Hancock married Cassie Odom, November 22, 1876 in
John Morgan Hancock died unmarried; America married Joe D. Vandygriff.                   Cannon County, TN} A. J. Hancock born July 4, 1858. He married Alona
{America Hancock married Joe D. Vandygriff, September 18, 1887 in Cannon                 Gossett of Liberty, TN on Jan 18, 1888. Alona died the year 1896. On Sept
County, TN} Robert Lee & Sylvester died young.                                           11, 1898 Mary Rich became the wife of A. J. Hancock. A. J. died May 11,
                                                                                         1904. A. B. Hancock, nicknamed Hardy. born May 3, 1861. He is dead.
A. L. Hancocks wife died Oct. 24, 1871. {he was 61 she was 18} Martha J.                 Date?
Vandygriff, who became the third wife of A. L. Hancock on April 4, 1872, was
born Mar. 4, 1854. Two sons and three daughters were born to A. L. and                   James Quincy Hancock born Nov 25, 1863. He married Hattie Johnson of the
Martha J. Hancock. Aletha married James Grizzle; Audie Ethel married W. J.               state of Mississippi. Quend is dead.
Dodd; {Miss And Hancock married J. W. Dodd, July 6, 1895 in Cannon
County, TN} Minnie married Hall Owen; William married Hally Milligan; Marshal            Kittie Hancock born Mar. 18, 1868. She was a leading member of the Baptist
married E. W. Tasseys daughter.                                                          Church. She was quite handsome and polished in her manners. She died
                                                                                         Aug. 14, 1898. Her remains were laid to rest in the cemetery near the
A. L. Hancock had nine children by his first wife, six by his second wife, and           Sycamore
five by his third wife. Twenty children of whom only one living 1940 William             Baptist Church. No funeral procession has ever equaled her’s at Sycamore.
Hancock, the only child, lives in Warren County.                                         Wiser, greater women may have lived in this world that Kittie Hancock but
                                                                                         never a truer, stronger devoted saint of God. She was no angel, just merely a
C. C. Hancock, son of Richard and Mary Hancock, born Sept 15, 1815. Died                 strong, ardent, zealous saint to be loved and trusted. Noble woman, kind

                                                                      R.A. Dennis Records Page 12 of 42
friend, good sister. Fare you well.                                                  married Pleas Adams ; Alice married A. J. Smithson; Nola married Jim B.
                                                                                     Adams; Earnest married Jefferson McKnight. The Overall children are all dead.
Fountain Owen and Alamenta Hancock Owen's children were as follows: Fate             A. J. Smithson & Jim B. Adams are living. H. A. Overalls home was 2 miles
Owen married a Miss Odom. {Richard Lafayette Owen married Miss S. F.                 south of Liberty, Tn. on Clear Fork Creek. James Odom married Eliza Owen,
Odom, January 28, 1852 in Cannon County, TN. He later married Mary L.                dau of Fountain Owen & Alamenta H Owen. {James Odom and Eliza Owen
Odom, September 14, 1864} Alfred Owen married Lucinda Fuson. {Alfred and             were married Nov 11, 1866 in Cannon County, TN.}
Lucinda were married December 23, 1855 in Cannon county, TN} They had
two sons and one daughter. Fate, Jr. married Babe Goyrd. {They married               FRANCIS ADAMS, DAUGHTER OF JACOB ADAMS
November 9, 1880 in Cannon County, TN} They went to Gibson Co. Adam                  Francis Adams married Lewis Hancock Jan 21, 1811. Lewis Hancock born
was their only child. Jesir Owen, son of Alfred Owen married Nola Campbell.          Oct. 25, 1787 or Jan 8, 1790? They had three sons that I knew: Bluford, Ros
They lived at the Joe Campbell home upon Wilmouth Creek south of                     & Richard Alexander Hancock. Two dau: Hannah married William Adamson,
Gassaway. Their children: Josie, Willy, Gertrude, Ocie, Alva, Oscar Nelma,           the other one married Zachariah Thomason. Richard Alexander Hancock
Alfred, and Lena. Kansie Owen, the only daughter of Alfred Owen married a            married Ann Jeff Sneed. There is a correct report of Richard's and Ann Jeff
Thompson of Gibson Co., Tn. {Kansas Owen married John R. Thompson,                   Hancock's issues. (see next page). Richard Alexander Hancock lived on
January 8, 1889 in Cannon County, TN} Fate, Josire & Thompson are dead.              Sycamore Creek until 1879. He bought a farm on Kennedy Creek some few
                                                                                     years before he moved to it. The farm was in Wilson Co. when he bought it. It
Fountain and Alamenta Owens daughters were as follows:                               is attached to Cannon Co. now. Hally Bryan, daughter of Richard Alexander
Nancy L. Owen born Mar 19, 1837, died May 2, 1882. She married John                  Hancock lives at the home place on Kennedy Creek. T. M. Bryan, Hally’s
Marcum. {John Marcum married Nancy L. Owen Sept 12, 1853 in Cannon                   husband, died in 1938. Richard Alexander Hancock born Jan 17, 1827, died
County, TN} They had four daughters, one son. Johnny, Jr. died in his 18th           July 29, 1897.
year. Anthem married Bob McGee; Helen married L. Evans; Delia married
Black Bill Grizzle; A Redman of                                                      ISSUE OF RICHARD ALEXANDER HANCOCK ANN JEFF SNEED HANCOCK
Williamson Co. married Francis Marcum.                                               Lewis Delta Hancock born Jan. 19, 1859, died May 28, 1880
                                                                                     Etna Hancock        born Mar 15, 1860, died July 23, 1899
John Marcum died and Nancy L. married Monroe King. {Sm. M. King marry                Addie Hancock       born Sept 4, 1864, died Aug 9, 1895
Nancy L. Owen Marcum December 14, 1873 in Cannon County, TN} Monroe                  Claudius Hancock    born in 1866, died 1869
was born July 6, 1843, died May 26, 1915. Monroe and Nancys children were            Col Walter Hancock, born Jan 32, 1869, Living at Woodbury, Tn
Fountain King the only son. He married Jenny Vandygriff. Fountain died this          Hallie Hancock      born Dec. 13, 1870. She is residing on Kennedy
July 1940. Edna married Joe Melton. She lives on Wilmouth Creek. Joe                 Creek.
Melton is dead.                                                                      Myrtle Nash Hancock born Oct. 17, 1873. Died June 25, 1898.

Arch Marcum born Dec 7, 1836, died Mar 30, 1905. Arch Marcum married A.              LEWIS HANCOCK
H. (Puss) Owen, born Sept. 29, 1846, died Mar. 23, 1903. {A. H. Owen                 Lewis came to Tenn in 1809 and settled on Sycamore Creek. Lewis Hancock
married Arch Marcum, May 8, 1864 in Cannon County, TN} Arch and Puss no              was born Oct 25, 1787. He married Frances Adams about 1811. They reared
issue.                                                                               a family of children: two daughters and three sons are all I can trace. Lewis
                                                                                     Ross Hancock born 1829, removed to Limestone Co., Texas in 1851 and spent
H. A. Overall married Caroline Owen, daughter of Fountain Owen and                   his life in that county. He married but had no children. He died about 1890.
Alamenta Owen. {Horace A. Overall married Caroline Owen, April 9, 1850 in            Bluford Jordan born in 1831 removed to Limestone Co., Texas in 1851 and
Cannon County, TN} Two sons and five daughters graced their home. Lee,               spent his life there, and died there about 1900. He married but had no
the eldest son, married Adah Spurlock; Herschel Overall married Jennie               children. Hannah Hancock married William Adamson, son of Simon Adamson.
Powell. Lee, Herschel and Jennie are all dead. Letha, the eldest daughter,           The other dau. married Zachariah Tomason.
married Jim Keaton, son of Thomas Keaton of Cottage Home, Tenn. Babe

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Richard Alexander Hancock was born Jan. 17, 1827, died July 29, 1897. Ann             born on Sycamore Creek in the tenth civil dist. of Cannon Co. on Thurs. Jan
Jeff Sneed, wife of Richard Alexander Hancock, was born Jan. 29, 1835, died           21, 1869. In 1873 we met each other and have been fast friends since. We
Jan. 2, 1908. He was tall and strongly built, fair complexion, blue eyed,             went to our first school, taught by Miss Elvira Gassaway in a rude log cabin
and by way of misfortune neuralgia, busted or put out one of his eyes. He was         near the Jerry Mullinax residence. We sat upon the same split log backless
of a kind, affectionate disposition and very pleasant to be in company with. He       bench. We ran foot race across the play ground. We wrestled upon the verdant
was discreet in his talk and spurned all ill mannered talk. He was a strong           green. We plucked apples and peaches off the same trees. We drank fresh
advocate of good school and churches and freely gave of his means to support          apple cider from the same crooked handle gourd. We enjoyed the same grape
such. He was affiliated with the Baptist Church. He was a rock ribbed                 vine swing. We cooled and refreshed ourselves in the big pond up in the
Democrat. He was magistrate of the 10th Civil Dist. of Cannon Co. and was             hollow back of the blue grass lot. When sent to the hill for stove wood we cried.
state representative of Wilson Co. He was neighborhood advisor and arbitrator         When dinner was ready, we smiled Ah'. God knows the bountiful feasts we
when the occasion required it of him. The latch string of his door hung on the        enjoyed at our mothers tables. We are gray headed men now. We are making
outside and within his breast the pulsations of a true heart throbbed for the         our last stand upon the battle field of this earthly life. We hope to cross the
interest and future welfare of humanity.                                              river where angels cross. etc.

Richard Alexander Hancock married Anna Jeff Sneed, dau. of the venerable              Zack Keaton married Susan Adams in Patrick Co., Va. Susan was a sister of
John Sneed of Kennedy Creek. Three sons and four daughters were the only              Jacob Adams, Sr. They came to Tenn in Oct 1809. They entered a large farm
children. Delta, the oldest son born Jan. 23, 1859, died May 1880. Sad indeed.        over in what is known as the Keaton Hollow. It lies west over the hill from
In the month of May 1880 I went to Mr. C. B. Summar's shop with my father. A          Adams Branch. Zach built good houses of logs hewed on both sides. Zach
storm came up and a heavy rain. When it ceased, or near that time, Quent              and Susan worked hard. They raised a family of five children. Bill and Neal
Hancock came down the creek riding a mule in a fast run. He stopped at the            were the sons. Morning, Lyda, and Jencie were the daughters. Lyda married
shop and informed us that Delta had been accidentally shot by Morgan                  Robert King. Their home was on the King Branch, a tributary of Sycamore
Bullard. I went with father & Horace Knight up there. We found him in a very          Creek. Robert owned the entire land on the branch. Robert and Lyda had five
critical condition. Jerry Collins was there also. The house was soon full of          sons and five daughters. William, James, Abe, Jake and John King. The dau.
people. Dr. Everett was called. He said death would be the result.                    were Alamenta, Nancy, Elizabeth, Lucinda and Mary. Alamenta married Allen
                                                                                      Vandygriff. They had one heir: Will. Will married Rhoda Campbell. Nancy
DELTA                                                                                 King, daughter of Robert and Lyda, married Jesse McGee. Elizabeth married
Remedies and the tender care of loving friends were of no avail for cure. He          G. C. Keaton. The girls are all dead and have been for many years. The sons
was wounded on Friday near 11 o’clock and died on Sunday evening 44 min.              are all dead.
after 11 o'clock. I was helping fan him when he died. France Ellege & George
Hancock was fanning him when father and I arrived. We relieved them for they          ROBERT KING'S SONS WHO ARE GRANDSONS OF ZACK KEATON
were wearied. I looked upon that noble, rotund form that had so many times            William, the first son of Robert King, was born ca 1812. He married Nancy
dangled my upon his knee. I looked upon that idol of a kind indulgent father          Kelley. To William and Nancy five sons and five daughters were born. Robert
and broken hearted mother as he swayed to and fro under the sting of deathly          Jr., the eldest son married Frances Mahaffa. Their children were Will, Manny,
pangs. At last the fatal minute came. A gasp for breath, a twitch of the nerve,       Jasper, and Oscar the sons. The daughters were Tenny, Sarah, Martha, and
and Delta was no more.                                                                Norah. Tip King married Miss Mathis. One son graced their home. John is his
                                                                                      name. William and Nancy King's third son Jake, married Tabitha Bratcher.
WALTER HANCOCK                                                                        {Jake K. King married Miss T. B. Keaton, January 13, 1867 in Cannon County,
I now come to the intellectual, venerable son of Richard Alexander Hancock.           TN} Two sons and one daughter were born to them. Allen and Pete were the
By way of fondness his parents named him Walter. I have often thought that            sons. Ardelia was the only daughter. She married R. A. Dennis, the author of
the prayers of his sainted mother and the sacred songs she often sang around          this manuscript. Taylor King died unmarried. John, the youngest son, married
the hearth stone of her home was a sure stepping stone to his achievements.           Lucy Barrett. Five sons and two daughters were born to them. William King's
Walter’s environments have always been comfortable and pleasant. He was               daughters were Lize, Lyda, Mary Ann, Morning, and Emma {Nancy E.} Lize

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married Harve Dodd. Lyda married Joe Knight. {December 28, 1871} Mary                Robert King married Lyda and Jake Kelley married Morning Keaton. They had
Ann married Monroe Haley {Jacob Monroe Haley. February 11, 1874}. Morning            children. Jake, Jr. was one of the sons. Jake married Laura Fitchpatrick.
married Jackson King. {February 21, 1867} Emma married John Campbell                 {Jacob A. Kelley married Laura Ann Patrick, September 26, 1842 in Cannon
{September 14, 1890}.                                                                County, TN} One dau. was born to them. Paralee was her name. She married
                                                                                     Auntna Stanley. In the year 1844, in Aug. on Sunday, Jake Kelley was walking
Robert King's second son, James, was born 1812. James married Agnes                  across the house floor singing a sacred song and whetting his razor. A vivid
Strickland, born Oct. 31, 1809. Five sons and three dau. were born to them.          flash of lightning, a keen clap of thunder, and Jake Kelly was no more.
Alex married Sarah Ann Bogle. James, Jr. married Nancy Parton. {Sampson
J. King married Nancy Parton, July 21, 1865 in Cannon County, TN} Jordan             William Kelley, a son of Jake Kelley, Sr. and grandson of Zack Keaton & Susan
married Martha Bogle. She died and he married Martha Haley. {Jordan King             Adams Keaton, married Lucinda King, a dau of Robert King. William & Lucinda
and Martha Haley were married February 21, 1867} The Haley wife died and             had two sons and three daughters. Bethel Kelley, the oldest son married Lucy
Jordan married Cynthia Allen, formerly Cynthia Fuson. Jackson King married           Ward. They raised a large family.
Morning King, Henry King married Amanda Keaton.
                                                                                     Sam Kelley married a Miss Archer. They went to Kentucky many years ago &
Lyda King, dau of James and Agnes King, married James Knight. Knight died            they are both dead. The daughters were Alamenta, America and Paralee. She
and Lyda married Daniel Bryson. {Lyda King Knight married Daniel Bryson,             married Jonathan Summar. They had four sons and two girls. Will, Hatton,
May 26, 1874 in Cannon County, TN} Cynthia married Sam Keaton. {Cynthia              Andrew and Robert were the boys. Ethel and Alta were the girls. America and
King and Sam Keaton were married Oct 1, 1874 in Cannon County, TN}                   Paralee Kelley were William and Lucindas other dau. they were feeble minded
Cynthia died and Jane King married Sam Keaton.                                       and are dead.

Abraham King, Robert's son, married Sally Keaton, dau of Larkin Keaton. {A.          PETER KEATON
King and Sally A. Keaton were married February 6, 1852 in Cannon County,             P. A. Keaton was born Nov. 5, 1810, died July 20, 1892. He married Jane
TN} They removed to Carroll Co., West Tenn. I only saw two of their children         Keaton, dau. of Zack Keaton & Susan Adams. Born Sept 9, 1812, died Jan. 2,
Nelson and Mary. I don't know the other children.                                    1888. Peter and Jane had four sons and four dau. Gabriel C. Keaton son of
                                                                                     Peter, married Mary King daughter of Robert King. {Gabriel Keaton and Mary
James King was born 1812, died 1905. Agnes Strickland, wife of James King            King were married February 7, 1865 in Cannon county, TN} They were first
was born Oct. 31, 1809. Died Oct. 31, 1884.                                          cousins. Hayman married Eliza Davis. Bill married a Miss Reedy. {W. T.
                                                                                     Keaton married M. E. Ready, January 4, 1872 in Cannon County, TN} N. J.
Jake, one of Robert King's sons, married Lunnie Williams. {Jake and Lunnie           married Tenney McGee. {Peter N. J. King and Nancy T. A. McGee were
were married October 21, 1867 in Cannon county, TN} To them three sons               married October 10, 1869 in Cannon county, TN} Sarah Keaton married
and two dau. were born. Bob married Maggie Jaynuay. Bill King married Al             Parker Tedder. Lyda married Mr. Hammons. Mary married Jerry B. Collins.
Groome. {W. L. King married Alice Grooms, December 2, 1864 in Cannon                 {August 6, 1865}Martha died unmarried. Peter Keaton lived at the head of
County, TN} Alexander married Tenny Keaton. Mary married Neal Bogle. {M.             Sycamore Creek. He owned three or four hundred acres of land and lived
A. King married N. S. Bogle, October 19, 1873 in Cannon County, TN} Martha           comfortable and easy. He was singularly turned but he was sure a fine man
married Jim Womack. {James W. Womack married Martha King, January 26,                and stood to and by his promises. The world is better for him having lived in it.
1879 in Cannon County, TN} John King, Sr., son of Robert King, married Mary          P. A. Keaton born Nov. 5, 1810. Died July 20, 1892. Jane, wife of P. A.
Caroline Hancock, dau. of Alfred Hancock. {J. A. King married Caroline               Keaton; born Sept. 9, 1812. Died Jan. 25, 1888.
Hancock, February 20, 1860 in Cannon County, TN} No children were born to
them.                                                                                ABRAHAM, A SON OF JACOB ADAMS, SR
                                                                                     Abe Adams was born Jan. 16, 1790. Died Sept 9, 1867. He married Nancy
Robert King and {William} Jake Kelley came to Tenn when Zack Keaton and              Adams a sister of Captain Billy Adams, Jan. 7, 1811. Nancy Adams was born
the Adams family emigrated here. They married Zack Keatons daughters.                April 9, 1790. She died Feb. 1, 1852. Abe was a son of the first Jacob Adams

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who emigrated here in 1809. Abe and Nancy raised a large family. There were           Adams had four sons & three daughters. The sons were Lee, who died in his
three sons born to them, William, Peter, and Jacob, Jr. There were several            18th yr. Frank died unmarried; Pleas married Babe Overall. Both are dead.
dau. born to them. Susan Jane Adams; born Apr 30, 1821. Mary W. Adams                 Jim B. Adams married Nola Overall. The dau. of of Jake Adams, Jr. Are
born June 10, 1819. Hannah Leean Adams born June 22, 1817. Fanny                      Caroline, who married James Owen; Priscilla married John Overall. Priscilla
married John Allen. Mr. Lewis married one of Abrahams dau. William Turney             died Aug. 1884. Susan Adams, the youngest one of Jacobs girls mar. Alfred
married Jane Adams. William Turney born Mar. 9, 1814. Died May 22, 1857.              Ewel Hancock. They raised one son only. Valter Hancock is his name. He is
                                                                                      a fine type of humanity. Valter is industrious, a good financier, and is in fine
James Fuson married Abe Adams sister, Elizabeth Adams. Lewis Hancock                  circumstances. He is devoted to the church and gives freely of his means to
married Frances Adams, sister of Abraham Adams.                                       support the church and other good things.

ABE'S DAUGHTERS**JANE ADAMS                                                           William Hays mother was a dau. of Abe Adams. The Hays home was upon
She was a dau. of Abe Adams & grand dau. of Jacob Adams, Sr. and sister of            Purtle's Creek where the late Wes Jennings lived and died. William's father
Peter and Jake Adams, Jr. and William Adams. She married William Turney.              died and he, William bought the farm and sold it to Wes Jennings. William
There were born to them five sons and married, Cyntha Adamson? two dau.               Hays bought a farm one mile east of Alexandria and died there.
Dr. Joe Turney married, a dau of Bill Sellers, the widow of W. J. Hale. I. G.
Turney born April 22, 1852, died Oct 14, 1926. He married John C. Johnson's           Hannah Adams married Mr. Lewis. Mary W. Adams married a Brazzel. Susan
dau. Dr. J. T. Turney born June 10, 1856. Died Nov 9, 1912. Vicy wife of Dr.          Jane Adams married William Turney. Fanny Adams married John Allen Aug.
J. T. Turney, and dau of the venerable Joseph Carter lives at Auburn home.            20, 1825.

John Turney married Anna Fite. She died and he married Emma Estes. They               ZACK KEATON'S SONS
reside on Sanders Fork Creek two miles south of Auburntown. Jasper Turney             Zack Keaton & Susan Adams, his wife raised two sons, Neely & Billy. The
married Hiram Fite's dau. One of Jake Turney's dau. married James Ford.               boys came with their parents to this country when the Adams colony came in
The other one married Will Truett. The Turney family are all dead except John.        1809. Neely was 19 years of age when he came here. Having been born
                                                                                      1783. Neely entered into a covenant with a Miss Harris while preparing to go
Peter Adams, a son of Abe Adams and grandson of Jacob Adams, Sr. was                  west. He promised her to come back & take her as his bride when he became
born Apr. 9, 1813. He died Oct. 15, 1884. He grew up on his fatherÕs farm &           twenty-on years of age. Neely did as he said. He made two crops here,
became a useful citizen. Peter was a stock raiser & stock trader. He drove            bought himself a fine mare, and went for his bride. She rode all the way from
hundreds of hogs south and sold them. Peter was a merchant for a long time.           Va. back home on that mare behind him. They lived on their father's farm all
He sold goods at Round Top upon Purtles Creek for a long while. Peter Adams           their lives. They raised a family of sixteen children. The sons; Isom married
married Eliz. Baker. They had no children. Elizabeth’s first husband was Pleas        Polly Adkins. Wes married Sally Keaton, John married Ann Fuson. {John
Crowley. The late Judge W. G. Crowley of Smithville, Tn was their son. Eliz.          Keaton married Ann Fuson, July 14, 1842 in Cannon County, TN} Mathew
Baker was the widow Crowley when she married Peter Adams. Eliz. Adams                 married Tabitha Bratcher. Sam married Nell O'Connor. Buck married Julia
was born April 16, 1806. Died Sept 4, 1867. Peter Adams born Apr 9, 1818.             Keath. {Robert married Louzia Keith, August 30, 1852 in Cannon County, TN}
Died Oct. 15, 1884.                                                                   Henry married Ellen Derting. James died unmarried. Neely Keaton's sons that
                                                                                      married and raised families. Neely's children are dead.
Williams Adams was born Dec 20, 1811 died 1861. William was the brother of
Peter & Jacob Adams, Jr. William born Dec. 20, 1811. Died 1861.                       Caroline, a dau of Neely Keaton & granddaughter. of Zack Keaton & Susan
                                                                                      Adams, his wife married Henry Hatley. Julia, Cynda, Amanda, & Elizabeth died
Jacob, Jr. a son of Abe Adams and grandson of Jacob Adams, Sr. born May               unmarried. Patsy married Bill Whiteside. Puss married Dave Rogers. Tilda
13, 1815. Died 1887. He married Lucretia Sellers. She was formerly Lucretia           never married.
Braswell. She married Nathan Sellers and gave birth to two sons and one dau.
Samp and Will Sellers were the sons. Jayne the dau. Jacob, Jr. & Lucretia             The children, of Henry Hatley & Caroline Keaton Hatley: Christopher, the

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eldest died in 1883. Charity married James Allen Grooms. James is dead, so              Bone, J. P. Mary Adams married John Allen, August 20, 1825. Zachariah
is their only child. She was the wife of Joe Champion. Sally died unmarried.            Summers bondsman, by Joseph Fite, J. P.
So did Tennie. Dillard died in 1940. Robert is living at the home place with his
sister Charity Grooms. John Hatley was Henry Hatley’s son. He married Mary              RUFUS ALONZO DENNIS SON OF HENRY DENNIS
King, dau. of Abe King. John is dead.                                                   manuscript written 1940

Billy Keaton was a son of Zack & Susan Keaton. Billy married a Miss Holland.            Rufus born June 18, 1868. {Rufus' mother Palona Frances Reynolds Dennis.
{Hollandsworth} Their children: Thomas Keaton married Betsy Fuson. Robert               She was reared by Peter Adams. Peter and Richard Hancock were first
(King) Keaton married Allochie Wilson. Billy Keatons daughters: Susan                   cousins}
married John Davis. Frances married Will Adamson. Another died unmarried.
                                                                                        ALAMENTA HANCOCK AND FOUNTAIN OWEN
Thomas Keaton's sons were James, Samuel, Horace & Lee. The daughter                     Alamenta Hancock was the only daughter of Richard Hancock and Mary
Tenny married James Dull Jennings. Leandrew Hays married one of them                    Adams Hancock. She was born about 1813. She married Fountain Owen and
Rebecca. So did Pony Jennings & Jim Sharp Jennings married Thomas                       their home was above Gassaway upon Clear Fork Creek. James Grizzle owns
Keaton's girls. Jane the youngest daughter married an Allsup.                           the home place at the present time.

JACOB ADAMS, SR. HIS DAUGHTERS                                                          Fountain Owen was in possession of several acres of fine land, probably two
James Fuson married Elizabeth Adams Feb 6, 1820. To this union one son                  thousand acres or more. They had several children but I do not know all of
and six daughters: Leroy, the son, married Lucinda Hass. Betsy married                  them. I just know what I have been told by my folks and others.
Thomas Keaton. Anna married John Keaton. Tilda married Jasper Ruyle. She
was his second wife. Cyntha married James Allen. He died & she married                  Alfred was one of the sons of Fountain and Alamenta Owen. He married
Jordan King. One married a Wright. Patsy died unmarried. James Fusons                   Lucinda Fuson. {Alfred Owen married Lucinda Fuson, December 23, 1855 in
home was up the Anderson Hollow, over across the mill dam from Cottage                  Cannon County, TN} They had two sons and one daughter. Fate, the oldest
Home. James Fuson sold his farm to Allen Wilson & removed to Liberty,                   son married Babe Goyrd. They move to Gibson county in West Tenn. A man
DeKalb co., Tennessee and engaged in the hotel business the remainder of his            struck Fate on the head with a cotton hoe and he died in a day or so from the
life. Leroy Fuson raised three sons and four daughters. James died in the War           effects of the blow on the head. Josiah Owen, second son of Alfred and
between the States. Andy died in 1882. John A. Fuson resides at the home                Lucinda Owen, married Nola Campbell. {J. S. Owen married Noley Campbell
place in Wilson Co. Sarah married Henry Barrett. Molly married Thomas                   February 24, 1886 in Cannon County, TN} Their children were as follows:
Groom. Laura married Steve Robinson. James Mullinax married one of Leroy                Maggie, Will, Gertrude, Ocie, Alva, Oscar, Nelma, Alfred and Lena Owen.
Fusons daughters.                                                                       Josiah is dead.

JACOB ADAMS SR HIS SISTERS                                                              Nancy Owen was the only daughter of Alfred and Lucinda Owen. She married
Mary’s first husband was Christopher Cooper. Her second husband was                     a Mr. Thompson of Gibson county and I think he is dead. Kansie is living yet, I
Richard Hancock. Barbara Adams married Dr. Sam Tittle. Susan Adams                      believe.
married Zack Keaton, Ruth Adams married Mr. Cummings. Warren and                        Fate Owen (Richard Lafayette), son of Fountain and Alamenta Owen, married
Thomas were the sons. Their girls married and located out in Missouri near              and reared a family of several children. I do not know who his wife was. Fate
Carthage.                                                                               moved to Warren County and died there, somewhere near Daylight,
Frances Adams married Lewis Hancock 1811. Susan Adams, Jr. married                      (I have recently been told by Lee Owen, a son of Bob Owen and grandson of
Robert Johnson, July 15, 1812. Isaac McKee, bondsman. Elizabeth Adams                   Fate Owen, that Fate's first wife was a Miss Odom. Fate and his first wife had
married James Fuson Feb 6, 1830, John Adams, bondsman by Abner W.                       two sons, Bob and Babe. Fate's first wife died and he married another Odom

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lady). {R. L. Owen married S. F. Odem February 29, 1852, She died, and he               Lee Overall, the oldest son of H. A. and Caroline Owen Overall, was born in
married Mary L. Odom, September 14, 1864.}                                              1864. Lee was a fine useful man. He married Ada Spurlock, the youngest
                                                                                        daughter of J. C. Spurlock. Lee was a merchant for years. He was elected to
Josiah C. Owen born 1834 son of Fountain and Alamenta.                                  the office of trustee of DeKalb county two terms. He moved to Kentucky to
                                                                                        engage in the asphalt business and died there some few years ago.
Fountain and Alamenta Owen had four daughters and there may have been
some that I have never heard of.                                                        Herschel Overall, the youngest son and the youngest of all the children, on the
                                                                                        Stokes farm, I think. Herschel and Jennie are both dead.
Puss Owen married Archamme Markum. {Arch Markum married A. H. Owen,
May 8, 1864 in Cannon County, TN} They had no children. Their home was                  Nancy Owen, a daughter of Fountain Owen and Alamenta Hancock Owen,
across the creek opposite A. J. Smithson's residence. A. J. Smithson owns the           married John Marcum. {John Markum and Nancy Owen were married
farm now.                                                                               September 12, 1853 in Cannon County, TN}John and Nancy had four girls and
                                                                                        one boy. Johnny Marcum, Jr. died in his 15th year. The daughters were as
Eliza Owen married James Odom, called "Gentlemen Jim". {Eliza L. Owen                   follows: Anthem, married Robert McGee; Helen married L. Evans. {Helen
married James W. Odom, November 11, 1866 in Cannon County, TN} They                     Owen married L. Evans, November 1, 1874 in Cannon county, TN} Dillard
had children but I do not know how many. Albert Odom is one of their boys.              Warren killed L. Evans years ago. Delia married "Black" Bill Grizzle. S. W.
                                                                                        Grizzle, married Delia Owen, August 16, 1881 in Cannon County, TN}They
Caroline Owen married H. A. Overall. They brought up a large family, two sons           raised a large family. Bill and Delia live in Stringtown on Sycamore Creek.
and five daughters.                                                                     Frances Marcum's husband was a Mr. Redmond. They moved to Williamson
                                                                                        County. Frances is dead. I do not know about Mr. Redmond.
Alletha married James Keaton of Cottage Home.
Babe Overall married P. C. Adams. They had the following children: Claude,              John Marcum died soon after the Civil War. Nancy Owen Marcum became the
Prestiss, Frank, and Myrtle. Myrtle, the only grown daughter married Marshall           wife of Monroe King. {Wm M. King married Nancy Owen, December 14, 1873
Groome.                                                                                 in Cannon County, TN} Monroe and Nancy had three children.

Alice Overall married A. J. Smithson. They had three children: the first one            Monroe King and Nancy, his wife, the Widow Marcum, and daughter of
dying in infancy. A son, Willie Horace Smithson, died as a young man                    Fountain Owen and Alamenta Hancock Owen, had three children: Edna King
somewhere in his twenties. The only daughter, Carmine Smithson, married                 married John George. {Edna King married John George, September 1, 1897 in
Robert Stone. They live in Woodbury. Alice is dead. A. J. Smithson still                Cannon County, TN} They live on Blair Branch. Idella King married Joe
resides at his home on Clear Fork above Gassaway. A. J. Smithson owns                   Melton. Joe is dead. Idella, Joe's widow, lives on Wilmouth Creek. Fountain
nearly three thousand acres of good land.                                               King, the only son of Monroe and Nancy (Marcum) King, married Jennie
                                                                                        Vandygriff. They live in Nashville at present. I have recently heard that
Nola Overall, a daughter of H. A. and Caroline Owen Overall, married Jim B.             Fountain King is near unto death. I have not heard anything more of him. The
Adams. They had two daughters, Gracie and Una. Gracie died very young.                  Owen children are dead long ago.
Una married Will Robinson of near Round Top. They are now living at
Chattanooga. Grady is the only son of J. B. Adams and his second wife, Lockie           CONTENTS TO A HISTORY OF SYCAMORE CREEK
Hays.                                                                                   Sycamore Creek
                                                                                        The Right Side of the Creek
Ernest Overall, the youngest daughter, married Jeff McKnight. They had one              The Haley Branch, Bill King and the Kelly Hollows
son that I knew, Delta. He is living I think down in Maury county. All of H. A.         Bobby King Branch
and Caroline Owen Overalls children are dead.                                           Spout Spring Branch
                                                                                        Richard Hancock Farm

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 18 of 42
The Sellers Farm                                                                        the west end of Short Mountain.
Larking Keaton's Farm
P. A. Keaton’s Farm                                                                     The north side of the ridge has long spurs? and short hills branching off from it
Old, or First Settlers                                                                  in many places and several creeks and riverlets and good highway roads most
Christopher Cooper's Land                                                               everywhere. It has always been a lucking place for liquor making
Churches, Mills, Post Office, Merchants                                                 and boot legging. It has ever? had a lawbreaking set of people yes both men
Lawyers, Ministers, Teachers                                                            and women to contend with. For the past few years the ridge has been a very
Big land Holders                                                                        good community to live in.
Blair Branch and Its Settlers
John Haley and Family                                                                   THE ORIGIN OF PLEASANT RIDGE
Thomas Hale and Family                                                                  Grandfather Henry Dennis was a soldier and served and fought in the War of
Robert King and Family                                                                  1812. He drew two land warrants as pay for was service. One warrant was
Richard Hancock and Family                                                              300 acres on the other one 400 acres. He laid his 300 acre warrant on the
A. L. Hancock and Family                                                                north side of the ridge where the cemetery is and the old ---------- Church stood.
Christopher Cooper Hancock and Family                                                   Grandfather gave the graveyard and church ground to the Methodist the year
Alamenta Owen Hancock and Family                                                        1818. He bought a Negro man from Maryland to Tenn with him. He built the
Lew Hancock and Family                                                                  old darkey, Pleas was his first name, a little cabin out near the Melton
Death of Delta Hancock                                                                  Cemetery. The ridge was first called Pleases Hill and by some way it taken the
Walter Hancock, Attorney at Law                                                         name Pleasant Ridge. The Methodist held a church at Pleas Hill till up
Mr. Ford, Jerry Mullinax, Samp Sellers                                                  in the 1830's. Somewhere from 1839 to 1847 when a Church of God was set
Ancient Owner of Sellers Farm                                                           up.
Charles Hancock Family
Larkin Keaton Family
P. A. Keaton and G. C. Keaton
Confederate Soldiers                                                                    OLD PEOPLE OF THE RIDGE 75 AND 80 YEARS OF AGE IN 1955
Union Soldiers                                                                          Capt Jim Melton   Mr. Patric
Land Holders, 1878 to 1900                                                              Ike Higgins       George Bogal?
Free Masons Once Living on the Creek                                                    Hiram Tittle      S. J. Tittle
School Mates                                                                            Will Young        Bill Martin
School Houses                                                                           Dallas Woods      Sam Preston
Present Land Holders on Sycamore                                                        Mr. Pitman        Billy Preston
Aged People Living on Sycamore (1940)                                                   Joe Melton        Mr. Hibdon
Nauvoo, and Sycamore                                                                    B. F. Mayo        John Moody
B. L. Grizzle, J. P.                                                                    Mr. Feesley       Steve Harriman
Public Officials of Sycamore Creek                                                      Marion Hamilton   Wes Harriman
Sweet Singers of Sycamore Creek and Their Old-Time Songs                                T. G. Stone       Bill Bonds
                                                                                        R. M. Stanley     Clent Cooper
PLEASANT RIDGE 1955                                                                     J. A. Stanley     Dave Travis, Sr.
Pleasant Ridge is a long and meandering ridge that starts or hooks off from             Lige Higgins      John Harris
Sugar Tree Knob near the -------- home one the west side of the Knob. This              Jack Gilley       Mr. Walker
ridge runs its way a little north west. It may be said by some to run due west          Bill Dennis       Mr. Reed
but it does not. The main source or base of the Knob and Pleasant Ridge is

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 19 of 42
OLD RIDGE PEOPLE                                                                          Barretts, Cox, Hindons, Bonds, Mullenix, Womacks and many others were
Those I've named or written in this script lived directly on the Pleasant Ridge           affiliated with the Methodist way back in that remote place and time.
Road from Sugar Tree Knob to the Joe Northcutt divide overlooking Porterfield
Community. The Ridge and its spurs once was dated with many rude log huts                 Henry Dennis was a peculiar and droll man, but was easy and pleasant to
but they are all gone and a few well built residences has been put up in many             meet. He was well-to-do and was counted wealthy in his day. He came from
places on the Ridge. Water was once set back to the Ridge. Now every farm                 Maryland to Tennessee about 1798. He married Lafatia Parker and they
has one or two wells on it and if anyone is deprived of a well. He lifts his water        reared a large family. Many of his descendants are scattered over the country
up over trees and bluffs with electricity. That T V A has made available and              about here: the Hollandsworths, Gammons, Higgins, Murpheys, Patricks,
convenient to all. Seven highways crosses the ridge going north or coming                 Nichols, Davenports, Milligans, Grooms, Elledges, Fusons, Powells, and many
south. One spur ridge from Pleasant Ridge touches five counties. They are                 more.
Cannon, Rutherford, Wilson, DeKalb, and Smith.
                                                                                          Somewhere about 1828 to 1832 Henry Dennis went to Nashville in the month
HISTORICAL FACTS ON CANAL CREEK AND PLEASANT RIDGE                                        of August to buy salt, sugar, coffee, and other staples. On the way to Nashville
BY RUFUS A. DENNIS                                                                        down below Lebanon is, or used to be, a camping place for wagoners.
Date: ?                                                                                   Henry Dennis stopped there late in the afternoon to spend the night. There
copied from Kiger papers                                                                  was plenty good water and room for his oxen at that place called Scott's
I have been asked many times if I knew anything of the beginning of the                   Hollow. The proprietor told Dennis there would be preaching at the school
Pleasant Ridge. Pleas Higgins, an old Negro, built a small log cabin about                house back of the thicket that night and invited Mr. Dennis to attend. He went
where the Melton Cemetery now is, and father told me that was why the hill is             to the services and at the close invited the minister to some up in Smith County
called Pleasant Ridge. Pleas Higgins was never a bonded negro. It seems he                and preach for the people. He readily accepted and set the time as 2nd
was born free. He died and was buried on the ridge some where.                            Sunday in Sept. When he returned home he notified the people of the time set
                                                                                          for the big meeting. The people got busy and built a brush arbor where Eulah
Henry Dennis was a soldier in the War of 1812. When discharged he drew two                Powell's barn now stands.
land Warrants for his pay for serving as a soldier. Henry Dennis' home was on
Canal Creek. The George Melton family owns it now. Henry Dennis' land                     When the time arrived the preacher Mr. Jesse Sewell, was on hand and had a
warrants were granted him about 1815. One was 300 acres and the larger one                man with him-Mr.Kelley. The meeting lasted 10 or 15 days and forty men and
was 400 acres. The 300 acres, warrant was on Pleasant Ridge around where                  women embraced that faith (Church of Christ) as I've been told by my father
the graveyard now is. Three counties joined about where the Sam Dennis                    and aunt. The next year Mr. Sewell came back and added more to the church.
home now is. The Warren Co. line came by Short Mountain running with the                  The people got busy and hewed logs, sawed boards and lumber and built a
meander of the ridge and going west to the head of Lox Creek where Warren                 large log house up near the Frances Hollandsworth home. They met at this
Rutherford and Wilson counties joined. Smith Co. and Wilson Co. were on the               place until 1884. A school house was erected on Beach Hill at Gassaway in
north side of the Warren Co. line. Part of Sycamore and all of Canal Creek                1886 and the congregation met there until 1891 when the present house was
were in Smith Co. Some of Sycamore and all of Hurricane Creek were in                     built, that year. I have been told that sometimes the church would be inactive
Wilson Co.                                                                                for 5 years at the time. In my time I have seen it idle 10 years. In 1897 Bob
                                                                                          Standley, L.B. Martin, and probably two or three more, met to raise the church
Henry Dennis had a son William Dennis. He built his son Bill (as he was                   as they called it, and revised the church roll marking off all but a scant few. The
called) a log house where Sam Dennis now lives, and Bill Dennis was the first             church was idle 4 years and dwindled away.
person that lived at the Sam Dennis place on Pleasant Ridge.
                                                                                          The Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ was established about 1834. Vance
Henry Dennis gave the Methodists permission to put up a Methodist Church                  Crabtree, Bobby Preston, Hiram Tittle, Mr. Wilcher, Tom Preston, S.W. Parris,
house on the ridge about 1818. The Higgins, Melton, Nokes, Tittles, Prestons,             Mr. Walls, Mr. Gilley, Mr. Young, and others had let the Methodist church go
Rigsbys, Milligans, Crabtrees, Teasleys, Thompsons, Gilleys, Stones, Neelys,              defunct so they joined the Church of Christ. Some of the men who remember

                                                                       R.A. Dennis Records Page 20 of 42
the church were :                                                                       ridge and its hollows are well wooded after so much valuable timber being
John Derting            Born     1793    died    1881                                   taken off the farms.
HY Morris                        1809            1902
AL Hancock                       1811            1897                                   There are yet thousands of feet on top of thousands of feet of choice timber
PA Keaton                        1810            1892                                   waiting for the woodsman axe and saw. The ridge was at one time a good fruit
Wm. King                         1809            1887                                   section for apples, peaches, and every small fruit of every variety.
James King                       1811            1895
Peter Adams                      1813            1884                                   A MUCH BETTER COMMUNITY
Jacob Adams                      1815            1887                                   The ridge is a very much better place to live than it once was. It was at one
Cooper Hancock                   1815            1877                                   time a disagreeable place to be at. I could name some of the evil points, but I
Ira Hollandsworth                1814            1898                                   deem it best not to do so. I say this. It was an evil whisky strong hold and it is
                                                                                        bad enough yet but nothing to compare with former years. There is not but two
I have heard all the above named men talk of the olden times so often. H.Y.             or three families on the ridge that was living on the ridge 20 and 25 years ago.
Morris was as apostate of the Nauvoo Baptist Church. Ira Hollandsworth was a            They used the church for a whisky selling agency. Sunday School, extra
Methodist at one time.                                                                  preaching days and debates were held to draw crowds. The ones that did this
                                                                                        was church members and they every one went to the bad and passed on.
It seems that the Methodists began to dwindle away in the 1820s (1826-1828).            Boys from off the hill went out there to drink and show off.
A Mr. Lawrence and some Gunters, Baileys, and others, erected a house of                It was a picnic dance. Shooting match or some other evil agency to entice
worship down on Rock House Creek just up on a branch called the Lawrence                people to partake of the bad and evil set in their path way.
Branch. They named it Walnut Grove. The church thrived there for years.
However, something went bad some way and Jake Hawkins slipped to                        RIDGES THAT GOES OFF FROM THE NORTH SIDE OF THE RIDGE
conference and told his untrue flowery tale about things at Walnut Grove, so            The ridges and creeks that takes off from the north side of Pleasant Ridge are
the General Conference sold the church house and land to Mr. Hawkins. He                as follows. Camp hills and what I call Camp Hill Creek is the first to break off
returned home, got everything ready and the night before the big meeting was            from the Ridge.
to begin, hauled rails and built a fence 9 rails high all around the house and          Another section of large hills, branches off from the main ridge near the Box
when the people of the community came to church next day there was nothing              School House Stand. This is a difficult set or bunch of hills to trace. Several
doing. That wound up the Methodists at Walnut Grove. Some members went to               short sfurs and one long ridge breaks off on the right side of the ridge and they
Woodbury, some to Short Mountain, some to Blue Wing in the 8th Civil Dist.              lay between the Camp Hill Creek and Turkey Branch.
And some went to Jones Chapel until it was disbanded in 1884.
                                                                                        A ridge takes off at the old Vickers home near the head or source of Turkey
Henry Dennis gave the church ground on Canal Creek, and gave the land at                Branch and the Thompson hollow. This ridge is between Canal Creek, Turkey
Pleasant Ridge for both Church and graveyard. The graveyard was in Smith                Branch, Willmouth and Clear Fork Creeks. Canal is on the left and the others
County. Sam Dennis home was in Wilson Co. Where the school house now                    already mentioned are on the right of the long hill or ridge. The Wilmouth and
stands was Warren Co. All on the south side of the Ridge road was Warren Co.            Clear Fork Creek are on the east side of this ridge and Canal Creek on the
I do not know whom Henry Dennis sold his Ridge farm.                                    west. This ridge dips off at Gassaway. Beech Hill Cemetery in on the end of
                                                                                        this hill. There is only one house on the long ridge. The Abe Scott home. Now
SCHOOLS FRUIT TIMBER 1955                                                               lets go on west and cross the Rock house and Canal Creek low gap and go out
The Ridge once had five schools and three churches. There are only one                  to the old church stand and the large graveyard.
church and one school house on the ridge at this date Dec. 1955. Pleasant
Ridge takes the black ribbon for cemeteries. There are 14 grave yards on the            At the south west corner of the cemetery a road turns to the right called
ridge that I know of. Some of the grave yards are off on the first ends of Spur         Sycamore Ridge road. This ridge divides at the John Seaton Womac farm. At
off ridges. The stores, mills, grist shingle and lumber mills are no more. The          the extreme source of Sycamore Creek one ridge runs east to the left an spur --

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 21 of 42
- goes nearly or about due north. The right hand ridge is 7 or 8 miles long and             This ridge section is a fine place. Its good farms fine homes in its valleys are
at one time 22 families resided on this hill and today. There is not one family on          beautiful to look upon. The cave ridge and Turner Knob are noted for chasing
the ridge.                                                                                  hills. Also the Broughton hill has been the chasers delight. This hill is the last
                                                                                            of this range. The H. M. Evans home is on the heel of this noble range of fertile
SYCAMORE RIDGE AND SPURS                                                                    and beautiful hills.
This right hand ridge is between Canal Clear Fork and Sycamore Creeks and
Blair branch. The lamented A. L. Hancock home is at the heel of this ridge. A               There is another ridge to write up that goes off from this long ridge at the Davis
ridge starts off on the Nokes place later knows as the Niger Rans Higgins                   home one the high hill. This ridge course is near a north direction. The
stead. This ridge is on the west side of Blair branch and the Bogle hollow and              Anderson branch is on the east side of this ridge and the Erving branch and
Sycamore on the east.                                                                       Smith Fork on the West side of the ridge. The Hite? Farn Hatley farm, the
                                                                                            Hancock, J. B. David and L. D. Hamilton farms are on the West side of this
The Rufe George, Joe Dodd and S. L. George are on and near the heel franys?                 ridge. Hamilton farm is on the heel of this ridge
- -- of this range of fertile hill. In going out this right hand spur ------many start
spurs ----- naked off on the east side of the ridge and they all faint off at Canal         THE LONG RIDGE ** IT'S LENGTH
Creek. The longest sfur? makes off at the head of the N. T. Stuart hollow on                We are now back to the Joe D. Northcutt divide overlooking Porterfield
the southeast and the head of Gravel branch on the N W. This ridge stops at                 community. There a long ridge makes off short to the right to the north. This
the Frances Holland home on Canal Creek. The graveyard                                      ridge is 100 miles long. This ridge and its sfurs ---- runs through and touches 5
is on the nose of this ridge.                                                               counties. One of its sfurs ends at the gin fluf at Dowell Town., Tenn. another
                                                                                            sfur ---- runs near Alexandria and takes in Helton Creek and the Walker Creek
THE LEFT HAND SPUR OF SYCAMORE RIDGE                                                        hills. A sfur sets off at the head of Smith Fork and goes near Watertown and
This spur breaks off at the J. S. Womac home and its course is just a little N W.           turns east and it ends near where Caney River runs into Cumberland River
This is a long ridge and to follow the meanders of the ridge it will measure 50 to          above Carthage. I have not noted all points of interest about Pleasant Ridge. I
75 miles in length. It is between Sycamore and Clear Fork Creek on the east                 have just made out a short sketch or true script so far as I have ---- into. I must
and Hurricane Sanders Fork and Smith Fork on the west and north west. Back                  write a short report of the left hand side of the ridge. This is the Stone River
some years ago many people lived on this valuable long range of hills. A score              and south side of the range.
or two years ago about 50 families lived on this range of valuable fertile hills
and ridges. Today five families are all I can number on the ridges. Short sfurs             THE SOUTH SIDE OF PLEASANT RIDGE
makes off on either side of the ridge to the ash harbor and lick branch low gap.            The Lawrence branch is the first outlet from the Knob on the south and right of
Short sfurs goes off from the ridge until we get to the Halley farm. Here a spur            the ridge. This small creek runs into Rock House Creek at Walnut Grove. The
goes off and it runs between Hurricane and Sanders Fork on the west and the                 Lester Higgins and Burley Mayo branch enters Rock house Creek near the
Ewen branch on the east. This Hatley ridge butts off at the Hays bridge on the              Hawkins home and so does the Marcum and Wooten Hollow. Rock House
highway above Prosperity. We as now at the Davis and Frank Bryson -----                     heads at the canal gap. It is four miles long and it empties into Stone River
settlement. This ridge runs east and it has short sfurs on its S E side jointing            near the new bridge. Highway 53 is on Rock House Creek. Cavenders Creek
down to Sycamore and Clear Fork Creeks. This ridge comes to end at the                      is next. Doc Tittle comes next and its black road comes to the center of
Overall Cemetery over in the late Alex Higgins lot. This ridge is a limestone               Woodbury on its north side and across the bridge into town. The Woodbury
ridge and its soil is fertile as creek bottom land. At the head of the Anderson             and Auburn black road is on Rush Creek and when going south on this road
hollow and the Adams hollow a ridge starts off and runs between the Anderson                you by Edge Field and hit Highway 70 turn east and you are in one minute of
branch and Smith fork on the west and the Adams branch and Clear Fork on                    Woodbury. There is no sterile land on this creek. It is all very fertile.
the east. This is the Keaton ridge and it has many short sfurs and low hills
running off from it. Some people live on this range of hills.                               LAP CREEK
                                                                                            This creek starts from the Northcutt divide and it is the largest and longest
THE KEATON RIDGE                                                                            creek on the south side of this ridge range. Its ridge sfurs extends down to

                                                                         R.A. Dennis Records Page 22 of 42
Readyville and to the Gooch ford below Readyville. The Sambo peak the Swim                   churches in this hill and valley section. Its colleges and high schools are the
hill and Maxie hill now the Dennis hill are all of this range. Also the mink mine            best available. This territory has more wealthy citizen (I mean farmers) than
on one of Sam Braggs farms belong to this ridge group.                                       any other big locality in this state. Our
                                                                                             banking interest is prosperous and flourishing. The grade of cattle hogs,
The Readyville school house is on this creek some distance east of Readyville.               sheep, and mules are of the best and pure blooded animals. We grow corn
The house is on highway 70.                                                                  wheat rye, oats, barley, cotton, all grades of hay, and the finest burley tobacco
THIS IS THE END OF MY SCRIPT THERE ARE MULTITUDES OF THINGS                                  in the U. S. A.
                                                                                             OLD PEOPLE THAT LIVED 90 YEARS AND NEAR ONE CENTURY
The 15th District has never been given credit for its worth and always been due             Nancy Alexander 1855        1949   91 age Been wife dau of Tom Davenport
it. The fifteenth district was set up or created the year 1882. G. G. Stone and             Capt Billy Adams 1800       1895   95
William Martin was the first two magistrates chosen by a special election. J. S.            Frances Anderson 1802       1894   92
Womac the first constable. Such good men as B. F. Mayo,Johnny Watson, L.                    JJ (Daf) Bryson  1834       1924   90
B. or S. B.? Martin, M. B. Davenport, M. B. Milligan, J. S. Womac, Jesse                    Jennie           1857       1953   96     wife of R B Bogle
Wooten and a host of others now cherished in memory. J. B. Womac, Clyde                     Henry Baty       1864       1955   91
Hollandworth and maybe some others are yet on this --------. Joe Watson and                 Dan Campbell     1863       1959   90
Burley Mayo holds the helm of the district and they are devoting their time and             Henry Dennis Sr. 1771       1863   92
interest to and for the future welfare of the county in general. Of course some             John Cummings 1862          1955   93
serious crimes and brutal murders have stained and disgraced her soil so deep               Sr.
                                                                                            Charley Dugin    1850       1946   96
it has left or stain and perpetual disgrace. Yet with all this harmful crime strewn         John C. Duggin   1851       1941   90
upon her I think she has retrieved for situation. We should not look on the dark            S L George       1840       1940   99       lacking a few mo. being 100 yr. of age
side of the picture always. When we view the dark side of life and its                      Aaron Jones      1804       1895   91
meancally? scenes the funeral bell tolling in our ears the black hearse at the              Ezra Johnson     1861       1951   90
front gate to bear our dear ones away we say how long and toil seem is life on              Lamon?
this earth.                                                                                 Esa John Melton 1800        1896   96
                                                                                            Betty Milligan   1855       1947   92
Now turn reverse the picture and see life in all its gaiety tiffiny, the fantastic with     Alex Mayo        1861       1955   94
gay giddy friend life is just a short fleet dream. The 15th District has reaped for         Savanah Odom 1863           1954   91
part of life from both sides of life picture.                                               Sat? Powell      1853       1949   96
                                                                                            W.C. Smithson    1828       1920   92
She has been decorated with some of the blue blooded men and women all                      Kate Trail       1861       1952   91
along God ever created. I spent the bloom of my youth a far her soil and every              W D Black of     1863       1957   94
fiber of my living every pulsation of my heart is consecrated to her.                       Milton
                                                                                            22 90 and above
I claim this Pleasant Ridge, and its long spurs and off shoots, its large creeks,
and rich valleys and fertile hills and blue grass lots of pastures and excellent
meadows. fine woodland hills of the choicest timber, its pure cave springs of
water, its chimney fire proof rock, and many other gifts of nature are the purest
and best that can be found on this mundane? sphere. There are thirty two

                                                                          R.A. Dennis Records Page 23 of 42
Page 34                                                                                               Mary Adams Hancock    1773
PEOPLE 80 AND UP TO 90                                                                                Rebecca Hancock       1822   1904   82
                                                                                                      Albert Higgins        1870   1952   82
Bud Anderson         1851.. 1936. 85                                                                  Fan Jones             1836   1922   86
                            .     age                                                                 Jim Jones             1863   1952   84 Canal Creek
                                  .                                                                   A J Jetton            1829   1909   80
Mary Anderson        1810 1890 80 wife of Spy                                                         Mary Keaton           1809   1894   85 Larky Wife
                                      .......................................................         P A Keaton            1810   1892   82
Virginia Jake Adams, 1738 1807 69                                                                     T Knight              1863   1952   89
Sr.                                                                                                   James King            1812   1895   83
Tenn Jake Adams Sr. 1761                                                                              H M King              1867   1956   88
son                                                                                                   Cathryn Melton        1805   1890   85 Lufer mother
Maynard Bogle        1871 1953 82                                                                     G G Melton            1825   1911   86
Alex Barrett         1844         82                                                                  J W Mathis            1823   1909   83
Yevi B. Barrett      1851 1935 84                                                                     Hall Marcum           1868
Marge Bullard        1857 1939 82                                                                     A P Mullinix          1815   1898   83
Mary Bass            1865 1954 89                                                                     Sam D. Milligan       1856   1939   83
Susie Bragg          1869 1855 87                                                                     Dave Macon            1870   1952   82
Jim George Bogle     1860 1955 87                                                                     T B Mears             1868   1953   85
Warren Cummings      1814 1898 84                                                                     Mat Tafley Milligan   1866   1951   85
W.A. Cathcart        1846 1932 86                                                                     T P Mullinix          1853   1939   86
J B Collins          1843 1925 82                                                                     H Y Morris            1810
Francis Dennis       1849 1931 82                                                                     Harret Hart Morris    1818   1900 82
Wiley Davenport      1801 1831 80                                                                     Page 35
Lucinda Davenport    1806 1888 82
Rev R H Davenport    1856 1940 84                                                                     Morgan Milligan     1867     1951   85
Annis Davinport      1872 1951 83                                                                     H A Overall         1822     1904   82
John Darting         1793 1881 88                                                                     Thomas Ross Preston 1869     1953   84
Abram Davenport      1833 1915 82                                                                     Jose Pinkeaton      1867     1951   84
Horace Davenport     1873 1954 81                                                                     John W. Rich        1870     1951   81
Lou Knight Dodd      1872 1952 82                                                                     Melvina Rich        1872     1952   80
J A Fuson            1860 1955 85                                                                     Bill Ready          1863     1945   82
J R Gassaway         1825 1911 83                                                                     Ocie Spurlock       1868     1952   84
J F Gassaway         1871 1951 80                                                                     Angie Stone Jay     1871     1954   83
Caroline Gassaway    1828 1910 82                                                                     Stone
Yige Gilley          1871 1953 82                                                                     Jackson Sauls       1871     1955   84
Carney Gunter        1864 1953 89                                                                     Mary Turney Sr.     1808     1888   80
Nancy Jayn Dig       1854 1936 82                                                                     R D Tarfley         1870     1953   83
Hollandsworth                                                                                         James P Trail       1854     1940   86
John Hawkins         1867 1954 87                                                                     Harrison Vandygriff 1848     1934   86
A L Hancock          1811 1897 86                                                                     J S Womac           1859     1942   83
Richard Hancock      1753             Father                                                          Gus Willard         1871     1955   84

                                                                                    R.A. Dennis Records Page 24 of 42
Offie Patton Williams   1866   1955   89 Dorans mother                                Elizabeth Cummings      1843 1915 72
Martha L Water          1841   1921   80                                              Page 36
Martha Wilson           1837   1922   85
J R Simmons             1871   1952   81                                              Etna Hays Fuson         1868   1940   72
James A Wilson          1875   1956   81                                              W H Finley              1874   1947   73
  75 80 and above                                                                     Jim Franis              1867   1942   78
70 THROUGH 79                                                                         George Francis          1875   1953   78
                                                                                      George Groom            1869   1944   75
George Alexander        1877   1951   74   John son                                   Ernest Grizzle          1882   1954   72
R M Alexander           1875   1951   73   son D                                      Bulah Groom Bailey      1878   1952   74
Lavina Williasm         1831   1906   75   wif of W M Adamson                         France Holland          1846   1921   75
Albert Anderson         1830   1952   72   son of Shy Bud?                            S T Holland             1871   1942   71
Elijah Adamson          1878   1949   71   son of Clear Fork Fres                     Henry Holland           1861   1938   77
Peter Adams             1813   1884   71                                              B F Hall                1838   1914   76
Jacob Adams             1815   1887   72                                              Nancy Hancock           1870   1949   79
Abraham Adams           1790   1867   77                                              Bratten
Claud Anderson          1879   1955   76   Pea Ridge                                  Jiohn Hale              1818   1894   76
Lige Ashford            1833   1910   77                                              Julia Knight Hale       1823   1893   70
Donald Bogle            1844   1917   73                                              James Hall Sr           1823   1899   76
Thomas A Bogle          1871   1949   78                                              R A Hancock             1827   1897   70
Snow E Bogle            1873   1950   77                                              An Jeff Hancock         1835   1908   73
Phillip Barrett         1876   1955   78                                              James Sfide Higgins     1873   1952   79
Bill Barrett            1860   1931   71   Black Smith                                Susan Adams             1853   1930   77 wife of Caf Hancock
Charley D Bethel        1881   1952   71   Mark son                                   Molly Hawkins           1879   1955   76
Clark Barton            1878   1952   74                                              Mrs Camri Higgins       1879   1955   76
Roland J Butcher        1832   1909   77                                              Richard Dick Higgins    1882   1955   73
Paschal Bogle           1877   1955   78                                              Bill Jones              1861   1940   79
Joe Bryson              1867   1944   77                                              Jim Jones               1866   1942   76
Sam H Bogle             1876   1955   79   John Ermus son                             Lou Jones               1875   1954   79
Mrs Nettie Bogle                      72                                              Tenny Jones             1858   1929   71
Dovie Cummings          1814   1884   70                                              Susan Summar            1866   1942   76
Thomas A Campbell       1872   1944   72                                              Larkin Keation          1797   1874   77
Letha Cooper            1875   1952   77                                              Wm Sanf Keaton          1832   1905   73
Thomas Conley           1876   1955   79                                              Rece King               1875   1954   79
Henry Dennis            1829   191?   76                                              Nancy King              1871   1942   71
Alice Dennis            1861   1938   77                                              Monroe King             1843   1915   72
Albert D Davemport      1875   1947   72                                              James King              1862   1939   77
Jesse Delay             1874   1952   78                                              Agnes Strickland King   1869   1884   75
H Duggin                1881   1953   72                                              Jennie Keaton           1812   1888   76 P A wife
W L Dodd                1818   1880   72                                              G C Keaton              1837   1969   72
Edna Davenport          1871   1949   78                                              Bill King               1810   1887   77
Hooker                                                                                Lee Lefever             1838   1917   79

                                                                    R.A. Dennis Records Page 25 of 42
Claud Lefever          1877   1954   77
L L Melton             1845   1919   74                                  111 70 and above
Paralee Milton         1849   1921   72                                  All the above are dead except Y D Hamilton 1863 living 92           H M King 1867
T J Mahaffa            1875   1954   79                                  living 88 in 1955
Nancy Ann Oneal        1865   1944   79
Milligan                                                                  SYCAMORE CREEK
J A Milligan           1820   1893   73                                   Its course is up in the 15th District of Cannon County. Its length is 4 ½ miles.
Mrs Barlett Marcum     1807   1885   79                                   Its course is N E across the 10th Dist. of Cannon County and empties into
Susie Milligan         1817   1888   71                                   Clear Fork two or three hundred yards below the DeKalb Co. and Cannon Co.
A G Milligan           1849   1926   77 1835 1912 77                      line. I will write of the left side of the Creek first. I will go up stream. The Blair
Marthy Melton Josh     1857   1935   72                                   branch is the first tributary of Sycamore. It is two miles long and has a public,
W J Miller             1886   1954   74                                   or county road that leads to Woodbury, the county seat.
Bill Nichols           1859   1932   73
Dillard Northcutt      1874   1952   78                                   There are various coves on up the creek that extends far back into the hills.
Sally Helan Campbell   1876   1951   75                                   The Thomas Hall cove, later known as the Horace Knight farm; in front of C. C.
Rachal Prsell          1873   1954   76                                   Hancock’s residence is another fertile cove. On the Lewis Hancock farm is a
H N Powell             1878   1952   74                                   cove and a hollow on the left side of the Creek. No hollows or coves of any
John C Pitts           1883   1953   70                                   note on that side on up to the head of the creek.
Walter Paschal         1881   1953   72
Elvie Reed             1880   1952   72                                   THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE CREEK
J O Rich               1847   1923   76                                   The Haley branch is the first branch on that side. Only three families live on it.
M G Rich               1873   1955   77                                   The Kelley hollow is next. The Bill King and Kelley hollow is next. More will be
Abe Scott              1872   1944   72                                   said later about this. The Bobby King branch comes next. It has a public road
J D Shirley            1875   1954   79                                   that leads across the high Davis hill down to Prosperity Baptist Church. There
Page 37                                                                   is also a cove on the C. B. Summar farm that is of real value. The Lick, or
A J Smithson                                                              Spout Spring hollow is of great value. It has a very good road which leads
                       1863 1941 78                                       down the ashehopper hollow to Hurricane road and on into Auburntown. The
                                                                          Richard Hancock farm has a fine cove on the right hand side and on the same
W H Smithson           1857   1934   77                                   side is the Lewis Hancock hollow. It was once the finest parcel of land I ever
Penina Summar          1880   1941   71                                   saw. The Ford cove on the Jerry Mullinax farm once was as good as the best.
Liz Smith Claud        1879   1955   76
S P Tassey             1845   1918   73                                   We now come to the Sellers farm. It belongs to Andy Vickers and Joe Bryson.
Hiram Y Tittle         1801   1876   75                                   There is one of the best tracts of land, up in the long hollow that has three
A G Tenpenney          1883   1954   71                                   prongs to it, in the county. The Larkin Keaton farm is next. Two hollows run far
Tilman Tittle          1878   1955   77                                   back into the hills. The upper hollow runs the farthest back. Andy Smithson
James Vance            1874   1950   76 Toms Jim?                         owns back next to Hurricane and is known as "egypt".
George Vandygriff      1880   1954   74
Jesse Wooten           1836   1906   70                                   We are now at the P. A. Keaton farm. Some small coves and hollows run off
C M Wilcher            1818   1894   76                                   on each side of the creek. One or two farms extend on up to the crest of the
Bill Walkup            1876   1948   72                                   ridge. There is much fine timber on the head of Sycamore Creek, and many
Robert West            1881   1951   70                                   fine cove springs on the creek and any number of these good springs are in
Susan Summar           1855   1931   76                                   close proximity to all. A rural mail route goes down the creek but the road is

                                                       R.A. Dennis Records Page 26 of 42
only moderately good.                                                                    Spurlock, Will Robinson, B. A. Williams, Tillman Tittle, John Turney, John
                                                                                         Sadler, Fate Vickers and others that I cannot recall. The doctors were Dr.
OLD OR FIRST SETTLERS                                                                    Arnett, T. O. Bratten and another young doctor whose name I do not recall. He
First settlers were John Haley, Hiram Dodd, Nathan Mathis, John Mathis,                  boarded with Johnny Young just below the Rebecca Hancock home, where
James Blair, Bill Kelley, Jake Kelley, William King, Tom Hale, Bobby King,               John Keaton later lived. Sycamore has produced some old time merchants, C.
James King, Colville Evans, Noah Mahaffa, Richard Hancock, Lewis Hancock,                W. L. Hale, John Robert Hale, Jarrett Warren. The lawyers were Chris Hale,
King Buel Adams, Larking Keaton, and Peter Keaton. These men once owned                  Horace Hale, Walter Hancock, and probably others. Other merchants of some
all the land on the creek except the A. L. Hancock hill across in front of the           note were Blue Givan, George Turney, George Hancock, Jerry Collins, and Joe
church house. That hill, or lot, belonged to Christopher Cooper when the creek           Herandon.
was settled. There were many tenants back in those days and many of them
lived on Sycamore. I will mention all I know of them in this history. There were         PREACHERS OR MINISTERS AND TEACHERS
many Negro slaves on the creek before the War Between the States. Many                   Sycamore has produced some noted ministers, W. J. Watson, M. A. Cathcart,
prominent men grew up on the creek: Ministers, traders, merchants, school                A. C. Webb, John Tedder, Vernon Rich, John Rich, Ernest Rich, Leburn Rich,
teachers, lawyers, and many prosperous farmers.                                          Odas King, John T. Hancock, W. J. Hale, J. E. Spurlock, and H. L. Keaton.

CHURCHES, MILLS, POST OFFICE AND MERCHANTS                                               There were a number of school teachers of which I will name only the old time
Way back about 1818 the citizens set up, or organized, a church on the creek.            ones. They were R. A. Hancock, Elvira Gassaway, James King, Henry King, J.
They built a large log church house just above where Grady Smithson now                  P. Byrn, Buck Knight, Delta Hancock, Babe Hale, Fate Hale, Alon Hancock,
lives. It was used for a black smith shop after the members ceased to worship            Charles Mullinax, and W. J. Hale. For the last 40 years Sycamore Creek has
there. C. B. Summar was the owner of the farm for years. The church was a                produced some excellent teachers. They were George McKnight, Matt Odom,
Baptist Church and the peopled no longer worshipped in it during the War or              and a Mr. Cope, who taught at Spout Spring school house in 1877 and back in
soon there after. The church was name Nauvoo. In 1871 the Baptists                       1875.
reorganized the church down on the creek and it has since been called
Sycamore. Sometime during the seventies, or latter part of the sixties, the              IMMENSE LAND OWNERS
Methodists set up a church at the Spout Spring school house. It went defunct             I have heard my father speak of a Mr. Shaw who once owned the A. L.
about 1882. The Baptists always have, and still predominate all other sects on           Hancock farm down on Clear Fork Creek and the Monroe Hancock farm, just
the creek.                                                                               above the Haley farm now owned by Jennie Vickers, Shelia Jetton, and J. J.
                                                                                         Dodd. Mr. Shaw possessed a large tract of land upon the Lick branch. The log
Many saw mills have come on the Creek but all of short duration. The Brown               cabin house was over across the branch opposite the beautiful Spout Spring.
Brothers came in 1871 and sawed the lumber to build the first Baptist Church             Christopher Cooper got in possession of all this land in some way. Mr. Cooper
house and when the church was rebuilt in 1894 the same Browns came and                   married Mary Adams. Cooper died and Richard Hancock married his widow
sawed the lumber. Various saw mills have sawed on the creek. Corn or grist               and of course she was the lawful owner of the land. Mary and Christopher
mills have been run by W. J. King, William Vickers, the Brown, and several               Cooper had no children. She married Richard Hancock and had three children
others. Will Hale has a saw mill on the Creek at the present time.                       by him. A. L. and C. C. were the boys and Alaminta the only daughter. The
                                                                                         heirs of Richard and Mary Adams Hancock heired all the land at their death.
A post office was established in 1891. It was of short duration. T. B. Reedy
was postmaster and N. J. Keaton assistant post master. R. A. Dennis was the              THE BLAIR BRANCH
mail carrier. Ingalls was the name of the post office and it was located in N. J.        Hiram Dodd's home was the first place upon the Blair Branch. His wife was
Keaton's dwelling house.                                                                 Jenny Adamson. Their boys were Harvey, Milton, Will, John R., and Monroe.
                                                                                         The girls were Anna, Rachel, Fannie, Mary, and one who married Blue Givan.
There have been several store keepers, as they are usually called, on the
Creek, to wit: Lee Overall, Claude Spurlock, Elmer Byron, W. A. and Maud                 Nathan Mathis lived on the branch many years ago. I do not know anything

                                                                      R.A. Dennis Records Page 27 of 42
about him except that he raised two sons, John and Daniel. There may have                industrious. He taught school most every year and was held in high esteem by
been others but I have never been informed of them. Daniel married Frankie               every one. He married Ida Hale in {March 2,}1886. Died January 9, 1895.
Pistole. Johns first wife as a Miss Dodd, a sister to Hiram and Bill Dodd. Uncle         Richard Thomas married Nancy Bratten. {Richard Thomas Hancock married
John raised a large family. Rich Mathis was the oldest boy and other boy was             Nancy Bratten, September 10, 1889 in Cannon County, TN} He lived up on the
named George. One of the girls married Polk Grizzle and another married Tip              Blair branch and died some years ago. A. M., the youngest one of the family
King. The second wife of John Mathis was a Miss Rigsby. To this union 3                  married a daughter of Tip Blair. He moved to Warren County and is now dead.
sons and one daughter were born: Henry, Horace, Hiram, were the boys and
the daughter married John R. Dodd.                                                       Eliza's husband was Joe Dodd. Fannie's husband was H. L. W. Dodd. A. L.
                                                                                         Hancock gave each of them a farm. A. L. was their grandfather. All are dead.
James Blair comes next. His home was where the late C. W. Grizzle lived.
H.B. Edward owns the home place at present. Mr. Blair owned the Joe {Joe                 THOMAS HALE
Frank} Spurlock farm, the Arnette Farm, the B. L. Grizzle farm and the Motley            Tom was a son of Benjamin Hale. Ben reared his family near Gassaway on
farms, and probably more. Eunippus and Tip were the only sons I ever heard               Hog Thief Branch just above the Campbellite meeting house. five sons were
of and A. L. Hancock's wife was the only daughter. I am confident, however,              born to Benjamin Hale: Thomas, John, James, Joe, and Ben., Jr. Two girls,
there were other children. No doubt other land owners lived on Blair Branch              one married John R. Adamson, and the other married Christopher Owen.
back in those days but I never did hear them spoken of.
                                                                                         Tom Hale is one I am writing of at the present time. He lived and reared his
I am writing of the old settlers first. When I complete the first land owners and        noted family of six sons and one daughter, whose name was Letitia. She
settlers I will refer to those who came later.                                           married Jarrette Warren. The boys were C. W. L., J. N., W. J., Babe, Horace
                                                                                         and Chris. Tom Hales wife was a Miss Warren. Fate and John R. were
I will now start up Sycamore Creek. Ten or twelve men owned the entire Creek             merchants. Horace and Chris were lawyers; Babe a farmer and W. J. a
at the time I am referring to, with the exception of two or three. I will speak of       Methodist minister. While at work in a new ground a limb dropped from a tree
some very interesting happening later on.                                                and killed Thomas Hale almost instantly.

JOHN HALEY                                                                               Thomas' first wife died and he married Melissa Keaton. To this union two
John Haley's home was the first location above the church house. The late E.             daughters were born: Polly and Ida. Joe Bryson married Polly and John T.
T. Haley lived and died there. John Haley owned the W. J. King, J. J.                    Hancock married Ida. All are now dead except Joe Bryson. Thomas Hales
Summars, Mon and James Haley, and the J. D. Campbell farms. His wife was                 home was upon the hill and later became known as the Horace Knight home.
a Miss Williams {Jerusha Calvin}, sister of Sebastian, James and Tom                     Rufus George now owns it. When Thomas Hale died his widow, Melissa,
Williams. They raised 4 boys and 4 girls. They are all dead except Cynthia               chose her homestead and dower down on the side of the creek where Tom
Keaton. Tom Haley owns the E. T. Haley home. The rest of the estate belongs              Hancock now resides. I am persuaded to believe that Thomas Hale gave
to Spurlock, Vickers and Jetton. The boys were E. T., James, Monroe, and                 Melissa a deed to the farm. Her daughters: Polly and Ida, heired all the farm
John M. Haley. They are all dead, too. The Haley family was certainly a noble            at their mother's death.
one. E. T. Haley was the finest, solidest, man I Ômost ever saw. The boys are
all dead long ago. John Melton Haley, the youngest son, went to Missouri sixty           The old Hale home, built of hewn logs burned down in 1878 or 1879 and Mr.
years ago and never returned.                                                            Knight built the present home where Mr. George now resides.

MONROE HANCOCK                                                                           ROBERT KING
Monroe was a son of A. L. Hancock. He married Cynthia Hancock, daughter of               Robert King came to this country with Zack Keaton and Isom Keaton. He
Charley Hancock. They had 5 children. John Turney, Richard Thomas, and                   married one of the Keaton girls. His home was on the King branch where
Alfred Monroe Hancock, Jr. were the boys. Eliza and Fannie were the girls.               William Grizzle now lives. He owned the entire branch and some land
John Turney Hancock was a Baptist preacher. He was full of energy and                    elsewhere. His family consisted of 6 boys and 5 girls. Bill, the oldest, married

                                                                      R.A. Dennis Records Page 28 of 42
Nancy Kelley. They had 5 boys: Bob, Tip, Jake, Taylor and John. There were            sons and two daughters: Bill, Eb, Taylor, Hatton, and Ambrose, were the boys
5 girls: Lise, Lyda, Marian, Morning, and Emmaline. Bob's wife was Frances            and Allie and Lula were the girls.
Mahaffe. Tip married a daughter of John Mathis. {James H. King married Ibby
Elizabeth Mathis, September 12, 1860 in Cannon county, TN} Jake's wife was            Lize {Nancy Elizabeth}, daughter of William and Nancy King, married James
Tabitha Bratcher who first married Madison Keaton. {Jacob King and T.                 Harvey Dodd. {James Dodd and Nancy Elizabeth King were married January
Bratcher Keaton were married January 13, 1867 in Cannon county, TN} John's            5, 1853} Lyda married Joe Knight. Mary Susan married Jacob Monroe Haley,
wife was Lucy Barrett. {They married October 1, 1876 in Cannon County, TN}            February 11, 1874} Emmaline married John Campbell. {Emaline King married
Lize's husband was Harry Dodd. Lyda married Joe Knight. Mary Ann married              John Campbell, September 14, 1890 in Cannon County, TN} Morning married
Monroe Haley. {February 11, 1874} Morning married Jackson King. {February             Jackson King. {February 21, 1867}I wish I had the dates of all the births,
21, 1867} Emmaline married J. D. Campbell. Bill King is my wife's grandfather.        marriages, deaths, and everything pertaining thereto so that I might be able to
His son Jake is my father-in-law. I married Delia King,                               write a better manuscript.
daughter of Jake King, Jr.
                                                                                      Taylor King, the fourth son of William and Nancy King, died a prisoner of the
Other sons of Robert King were James, Abraham, Jake, Sr., Alexander, and              War Between the States. Taylor was a southern soldier as were all the King
John, Sr. James married Agnes Strickland. Abraham married Sally Keaton.               boys. There were six of them.
Jake, Sr. married Louanie Williams. Alexander married Nancy Jones. John
married Mary Caroline Hancock. The King girls were: Nancy McGee, Betsy                Jake, the third son of Robert King and Nancy King, married Louanie Williams
Craddock, Lucinda Kelley and Mary (Pop) Keaton. All of Robert King's sons             the first time. {They were married October 21, 1867} They had three sons and
lived and died on Sycamore Creek except Abraham who lived in Carroll                  two daughters. S. A. King, the oldest son married Tennie Keaton. {S. A. King
County, West Tennessee and died there. The King family is a large one. The            married Tennessee Keaton September 16, 1875 in Cannon County, TN}
off-springs of Robert King run up in to the thousands, no doubt. The older ones       Robert, Jake's second son, married Maggie Janeway. Millie was their only
were men of importance. some were carpenters, black smiths, stock doctors,            child. Bill married Alice Groom. Mary, the oldest girl, married Neal Bogle.
school teachers, physicians, and preachers.                                           {October 19, 1875} Martha married James Womack. {January 26, 1879}

SONS OF ROBERT KING                                                                   Abraham, son of Robert King Sr., married Sally Keaton. {A. King married Sally
William King, oldest son of Robert, was born in 1809. He married Nancy Kelley         Keaton February 6, 1852 in Cannon county, TN} Nelson and Mary are all the
and to this union were born five sons and five daughters. One of the sons: W.         children I ever saw but there were more than those two.
R. King, was born about 1835. His wife was Frances Mahaffa and four sons              John, son of Robert Sr., married A. L. Hancock's daughter.
and four daughters graced their home. Jasper, William, Nanny, and Oscar
were the boys and Tennessee, Sarah, Martha, and Nora were the girls. Taylor,          Alexander, youngest son of Robert King, married Nancy Jones, daughter of
another son of Bill and Nancy, died in prison during the War Between the              Aaron Jones. Lee, their only son, was accidentally killed while leading a heavy
States. J. K. King, second son of William and Nancy King was born in 1844             log on a wagon. Josie went to Texas. Mollie married Bedford Gann.
and died August 7, 1897. His wife was Tabitha Bratcher. Two sons, Allen and           {Mollie King married Richard Gann, May 26, 1889 in Cannon County, TN}
William, and one daughter, Ardelia were born to them. Ardelia became the wife
of R. A. Dennis January 18, 1894. J. H. and A. J. Dennis are the sons of R. A.        DAUGHTERS OF ROBERT KING
Dennis and Ardelia King, his wife. One daughter Bertie, and an infant son died        Elizabeth married Robert Craddock. Simon, Harrison, John, and Billy were
young. Bertie was only four years of age when she                                     their sons and Mary, Lucinda, Paralee, and Martha were the girls.
died in July, 1903.
                                                                                      Nancy married Jesse McGee. Bob, Sam, Jesse Jr., and Henry McGee, the
Tip King, son of William and Nancy King, married a daughter of John Mathis.           doctor, are their sons and Sis, Julia, and America were the girls.
They had one son Johnny. He married Nancy Barrett. John, fifth son of
William and Nancy King, married Lucy Barrett {October 1, 1872}. They had five         Lucinda married William Kelley. Bethel and Sam were their sons and Alaminta,

                                                                   R.A. Dennis Records Page 29 of 42
Paralee, and America were their daughters.                                              I now come to the noted, influential, intellectual Hancock family. I shrink with
                                                                                        dread, almost with horror, because I know I have not even begin to honor them
Mary "Pop" married Gabriel Keaton. Their children died in infancy. {Mary King           here as they deserve. They were, and are, all staunch Baptists, rock
married Gabriel Keaton, February 7, 1865 in Cannon County, TN}                          ribbed Democrats and everything else that entitles them to a graceful
                                                                                        citizenship. The Hancock brothers came here from Virginia. They were
SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF JAMES KING                                                        Richard, Lewis, Charles lived across the hill on Hurricane Creek. Their farms
Jackson King's wife was Morning King. The had one heir: Candace, who                    joined each other. Benjamin, I have been told, went to Alabama. The Hancock
married Lee Vickers.                                                                    brothers owned about 3,000 acres of the finest fertile land I ever saw. It
                                                                                        extended from the Robert King farm and Tom Hale farm up the creek to the
Jordan's wife was Martha Bogle who died and he married Martha Haley. They               Larkin Keaton farm, and from over on Blair Branch and Clear on to Hurricane
had one son, Sampson. Martha Haley King, his second wife, died and he                   Creek.
married the widow Allen, formerly Cynthia Fuson.
                                                                                        Richard Hancock, a son of Benjamin Hancock, was born in Fluvanna Co.,
Henry King married Amanda Keaton. They had three sons and two daughters.                Virginia April 16, 1783. He emigrated west in 1809 and settled on a farm in
Matthew and Hall are dead. Reece married Nancy Rich. They live on                       what was then Wilson county but now (1940) is Cannon county, Tennessee. In
Hurricane Creek.                                                                        1810 he married a widow Mary Cooper who owned a farm on Sycamore Creek
                                                                                        about one mile below where he had settled. She was the widow of Christopher
Matilda married H. L. Young. {Henry Lester} Hattie died unmarried.                      Cooper. Her maiden name was Adams. Being born in 1773 she was ten years
                                                                                        his senior. She had no children by her first husband. She died and Richard
Lydia, daughter of James King, married Jim Knight. They had one son and two             married the widow Warren. Richard Hancock left three children by his first wife.
daughters. Elizabeth and Eliza died single and James moved down in Wilson               Two sons, Alfred L. and Christopher Cooper, and one daughter, Alaminta. All
Co. Jim Knight died and Lydia married Daniel Bryson.                                    three of them married and raised families as the following pages will show.

Cynthia married Sam Keaton, Jr. She died and Jane a sister of Cynthia's                 Richard Hancock owned two thousand acres. His farms were located on
married Sam Keaton.                                                                     Sycamore and Clear Fork creeks in the 10th district of Cannon County except a
                                                                                        small portion that extended into DeKalb Co. Richard was a slave owner and
James, the second son of Robert King, married Agnes Strickland. They had                had several thousand dollars loaned out. He was open hearted and the needy
five sons and three daughter of Daniel and Mary smith Bogle. They had four              and poor were never turned away empty handed.
girls and four boys: J. D. King married Darthula Raikes, Frank married Alice
Davenport. Sterling married a Miss Morris and Pharris married Meda Melton.              Alfred L. Hancock, the oldest son of Richard and Mary Adams Hancock, was
The girls were Edna, who married Bill Moss {W. H. Moss married Edna King                born in what is now Cannon Co., Tennessee on March 30, 1811. He grew to
September 17, 1884 in Cannon county, TN}, Samantha who married Henry                    manhood on his father's farm on Sycamore Creek. He owned near two
Keaton, Amanda Jane married James Scott {J. M. Scott married Amanda Jane                thousand acres of land. He put up a cotton gin on his farm which was run by
King, December 30, 1895 in Cannon County, TN} , and one died very young.                horse power attached to a sweep. He put up an overshot power mill to grind
                                                                                        corn. He brought into the neighborhood the first two horse rail-road power
James Jr., son of James and Agnes King, married Nancy Parton. Three sons                wheat thresher. He donated the land for a graveyard, a school building, a
and three daughters were born to them: Lester, whose wife was Nan Keaton,               church building and was noted for his generous manner of helping the poor and
dau. of Haman Keaton; Marvin, whose wife was a dau. of James Derting;                   needy. Objects of charity were never turned from his door without having been
Herschel, whose wife I do not recall; Florence married John Banks; and Callie           helped. Alfred L. Hancock married Eliza Blair in 1836. The latter was born in
married Mr. Curtis. Nola died young.                                                    1812. To this union were born four sons and five daughters as follows:
                                                                                        Richard Monroe, Armilla, Christopher Eleana, , Mary S. Caroline, Margaret
RICHARD HANCOCK                                                                         Lucetta, Alfred Buel, Eliza Alaminta, Adaly, and George Hancock.

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 30 of 42
Alfred's first wife, Eliza, died April 5, 1858 and Nancy E. Hale became the             Arzilla Hancock married Monroe Allen in 1858 and died in 1877.
second wife of A. L. Hancock about 1859. Their children were as follows:
Alice, Rebecca Frances, John Morgan, Americus, Robert Lee, and Sylvester M.             Christopher Eleana Hancock was born September 13, 1841 and died June 4,
Alfred's second wife, Nancy, died October 24, 1871 and Martha Vandygriff
became his third wife on April 4, 1872. She was born March 4, 1854. Two                 Mary Caroline Hancock was born May 19, 1843. She married John King in
sons and three daughters were born to A. L. and Martha J. Hancock as follows:           1861. They died soon after they married.
Aletha, Audie Ethel, William, Minnie and Marshall. He had nine children by his          Margaret Lucetta Hancock was born November 3, 1844. She married James
first wife, six by his second wife, and five by his third wife. Total of twenty         Monroe Hollandsworth in 1863 and died about 1865.
children of whom only one, William, is living in 1940. William first son of his
third wife, is living in Warren County.                                                 Adaly Hancock married Richard Grizzle in 1861. Richard was accidentally
                                                                                        killed in a new ground at a log rolling by a hand spike hitting him on the head.
On October 5, 1897 at the ripe age of 86 years, Alfred died and his remains
were laid to rest in the cemetery which he had previously given to Sycamore             Alfred Ewel Hancock was born August 18, 1851. He married Susan Adams in
Baptist Church.                                                                         1881. They are dead (A. E. died February 18, 1918, Susan born March 18,
                                                                                        1853 Per Kiger)
A. L. Hancock, of whom I am speaking, was a singular turned old gentleman. If
he became miffed at one of his own children he never did speak to that one              Eliza Alaminta Hancock was born Mary 17, 1851. She married Pett Turney in
again during his life time. He was a dead-set man in favor of free whiskey              1868. They are dead.
without any taxes or revenue to be paid in anyway.
                                                                                        George Hancock was born August 28, 1857. He married Mollie Melton on
He possessed many good natured ways and used them freely for the comfort                January 16, 1881. He died April 14, 1904 and Mollie died in 1895.
and ease of his friends. If A. L. Hancock had advocated the better things of life
and devoted his life and influence to a more civil duty, the community would            Alice Hancock was born April 10, 1860. She married George Turney
have achieved greater and better morals. But after all he was a great man held          November 24, 1874. She died in May 1899.
in high esteem by his surviving friends.
                                                                                        Rebecca Frances was born January 5, 1862. She married Galen Morris in
CHILDREN OF A. L. HANCOCK                                                               1875. They are both dead long ago.
Richard Monroe Hancock was born July 23, 1838. He married Cynthia                       John Morgan Hancock was born December 25, 1863 and died unmarried on
Hancock February 7, 1857. The names of their eight children are: Anna, Eliza,           August 5, 1893.
John Turney, Richard Thomas, Nancy, James Bedford, Sarah Frannie, Hollie,
and Alfred Monroe Hancock. Eliza married Joe Dodd. She was born January                 America Hancock married Joe Vandygriff. She was born Mary 13, 1866 and
19, 1858. John Turney Hancock was born October 28, 1859. He married Ida                 she and Joe are both dead.
Hale in 1885 and died January 9, 1895. Richard Thomas Hancock was born
March 22, 1861. He married Nancy Bratten September 18, 1889. Nancy E.,                  Two of A. L. Hancock's children: Robert Lee and Sylvester, died in infancy.
fourth child of R. M. and C. E. Hancock, was born September 7, 1862 and died            Aletha, oldest daughter of A. L. and M. J. Hancock, was born June 4, 1873.
August 15, 1863. James Bedford Hancock was born April 13, 1866 and died                 She married Jim Grizzle in October 1887.
September 22, 1873. Sarah Fannie Hancock was born July 25, 1867. She
married H. L. W. Dodd September 15, 1889 and died March 11, 1894. Mollie                William Hancock was born January 11, 1876. He married Hallie Milligan in
was born July 21, 1869 and died in October 1875. Alfred Monroe Hancock, Jr.             1896. They are living in Warren County. William is the only one of A. L.
was born February 6, 1870. He married Paralee Blair. They are both dead.                Hancock's children that is living.

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 31 of 42
Audie Ether Hancock was born December 29, 1878. She married Bill Dodd in           A. J. Hancock was born July 14, 1858. He married Alena Gossett of Liberty,
July 1895 and died November 29, 1903.                                              Tennessee on January 18, 1888. His wife died during the year during the year
                                                                                   1896 and on September 11, 1898 Mary Rich became the second wife of A. J.
Minnie Hancock was born July 5, 1881 and married Hall Owen in March 1899.          Hancock. He died May 11, 1904.
Minnie is dead.
                                                                                   A. B. Hancock, nicknamed Hardy, was born May 3, 1861. He is dead but I do
Marshall Hancock, youngest son of A. L. Hancock, was born February 15,             not know the date of his death.
1894. He married Lissie Tassey October 29, 1903. Marshall is dead. He was
the youngest child of A. L. Hancock.                                               James Quincy Hancock was born November 25, 1863. He married Mattie
                                                                                   Johnson of Mississippi. I think Quincy is dead.
Christopher Cooper Hancock was born in Cannon County, Tennessee                    Kittie Hancock was born March 18, 1868. She was a consistent member of the
September 15, 1815. He was the second and the youngest son of Richard,             Baptist Church. She was quite handsome and polished in her manners. She
grandson of Benjamin, and great grandson of John Hancock of Patrick County,        died August 14, 1898. Her remains were laid to rest in the cemetery near the
Virginia. C. C. Hancock was married to Rebecca Dollahide December 18,              Sycamore Baptist Church. No funeral procession has ever equaled hers at
1839. She was born June 5, 1823. Coopers father gave him a good home one           Sycamore.
mile down the creek from Richard's home. It is known to us as the G. B.
Summar farm which is now owned by Grady Smithson. When his father,                 ALAMINTA HANCOCK AND FOUNTAIN OWEN
Richard Hancock, died Cooper became heir to the old home place and died            Alaminta Hancock was the only daughter of Richard Hancock and Mary Adams
there the 15th day of September 1877. Rebecca Hancock died May 24, 1904.           Hancock. She was born about 1813. She married Fountain Owen and their
She was 82 years of age lacking a few days. She was a member of the                home was above Gassaway upon Clear Fork Creek. James Grizzle owns the
Sycamore Baptist Church. She outlived her five daughters and three of her          home place at the present time.
                                                                                   Fountain Owen was in possession of several acres of fine land, probable two
CHILDREN OF COOPER AND REBECCA HANCOCK                                             thousand acres or more. They had several children {at least 10} but I do not
Twelve children were born to Cooper and Rebecca Hancock as follows: Mary           know all of them. I just know what I have been told by my folks and others,
Paralee was born in Cannon county, Tennessee December 6, 1840. She                 also.
married John R. Turner February 23, 1858. She died December 15, 1879 and
he died February 20, 1898. She was born November 2, 1829. Louisa E. died           Alfred was one of the sons of Fountain and Alaminta Owen. He married
when only about 4 years old.                                                       Lucinda Fuson. They had two sons and one daughter, Fate, the oldest son
                                                                                   marred Babe Goyrd. They moved to Gibson County, in West Tennessee. A
Richard Thomas Hancock was born November 27, 1844. He married Elizabeth            man struck Fate on the head with a cotton hoe and he died in a day or so from
F. Francis September 9, 1869. She was born January 12, 1844.                       the effects of the blow. Josiah Owen, the second son of Alfred and Lucinda
                                                                                   Owen, married Nola Campbell. Their children were as follows: Maggie, Will,
Alaminta Jane Hancock was born May 31, 1849. She was married to Thomas             Gertrude, Ocie, Alva, Oscar, Nelma, Alfred and Lona Owen. Josiah is dead.
Jewell September 23, 1869. She died March 24, 1904.
                                                                                   Nancy Owen was the only daughter of Alfred and Lucinda Owen. She married
William Christopher Hancock was born February 17, 1853. He married Fannie          a Mr. Thompson of Gibson County and I think he is dead. Kansie is living yet, I
Law. They are dead.                                                                believe.
Benjamin Cooper Hancock was born January 18, 1856. He married Cassie
Odom, daughter C. B. Odom about 1879. They are dead.                               Fate Owen, son of Fountain and Alaminta Owen married and reared a family of

                                                                R.A. Dennis Records Page 32 of 42
several children. I do not know who his wife was. Fate moved to Warren                 1864. Lee was a fine useful man. He married Ada Spurlock, the youngest
county and died there, somewhere near Daylight, Tennessee.                             daughter of J. C. Spurlock. Lee was a merchant for years. He was elected to
                                                                                       the office of trustee of DeKalb county two terms. He moved to Kentucky to
I have recently been told by Lee Owen, son of Bob Owen and grandson of Fate            engage in the asphalt business and died there some few years ago.
Owen, that Fate's first wife was a Miss Odom. Fate and his first wife had two
sons, Bob and Babe. Fate's first wife died and he married another Odom lady.           Herschel Overall, the youngest son and the youngest of all the children,
                                                                                       married Jennie Powell of Forks-of-the-Pike. They settled below Dowelltown on
Fountain and Alaminta Owen had four daughters and there may have been                  the Stokes farm, I think. Herschel and Jennie are both dead.
some that I have never heard of. {Josiah C. Owen born 1834 was a son of
Fountain and Alaminta Owen.}                                                           Nancy Owen, a daughter of Fountain Owen and Alaminta Hancock Owen,
                                                                                       married John Marcum. John and Nancy had four girls and one boy. Johnny
Puss Owen married Archamac Markum. They had no children. Their home                    Marcum, Jr. died in his 15th year. The daughters were as follows: Anthem,
was cross the creek opposite A. J. Smithson's residence. A. J. Smithson owns           married Robert McGee; Helen married L. Evans; Dillard Warren Killed L.
the farm now.                                                                          Evans years ago.?lia married (Black) Bill Grizzle. They raised a large family.
                                                                                       Bill and Delia live in Stringtown on Sycamore Creek. Frances MarcumÕs
Eliza Owen married James Odom, called "Gentlemen Jim". They had children               husband was a Redmond.
but I do not know how many. Albert Odom is one to their boys.
                                                                                       John Marcum died soon after the Civil War. Nancy Owen Marcum became the
Caroline Owen married H. A. Overall. They brought up a large family, two sons          wife of Monroe King. Monroe and Nancy had three children.
and five daughters. Alletha married James Keaton of Cottage Home.
                                                                                       Monroe King and Nancy, his wife, the widow Marcum, and daughter of
Babe Overall married P. C. Adams. They had the following children: Claude,             Fountain Owen and Alaminta Hancock Owen, had three children: Edna King
Prentiss, Frank, and Myrtle. Myrtle, the only grown daughter, married Marshall         married John George, they live on Blair Branch. Idella King married Joe
Groom.                                                                                 Melton. Joe is dead. Idella, Joe's widow, lives on Wilmouth Creek. Fountain
                                                                                       King, the only son of Monroe and Nancy (Marcum) King married Jennie
Alice Overall married A. J. Smithson. They had three children, the first one           Vandygriff. They live in Nashville at present. I have recently heard that
dying in infancy. A son, Willie Horace Smithson, died as a young man                   Fountain King is near unto death. I have not heard anything more of him. The
somewhere in his twenties. The only daughter, Carmine Smithson, married                Owen children are dead long ago.
Robert Stone. They live in Woodbury. Alice is dead. A. J. Smithson still
resides at his home on Clear Fork above Gassaway. A. J. Smithson owns                  LEWIS HANCOCK
nearly three thousand acres of good land.                                              In 1809 two sons of Benjamin Hancock, whose names were Richard and Lewis
Nola Overall, a daughter of H. A. and Caroline Owen Overall, married Jim B.            emigrated to Tennessee and settled on adjoining farms on Sycamore Creek.
Adams. They had two daughters, Gracie and Una. Gracie died very young.                 Lewis Hancock was born October 25, 1787. He married Frances Adams about
Una married Will Robinson of near Round Top. They are now living at                    1811. They reared a family of children: two daughters and three sons are all I
Chattanooga. ?ady is the only son of J. B. Adams and his second wife, Lockie           can trace.
                                                                                       Lewis Ross Hancock was born in 1829 and removed to Limestone County,
Ernest Overall, the youngest daughter, married Jeff McKnight. They had one             Texas in 1851, and spent his life in that county. He married but had no
son that I knew-Delta. He is living I think down in Maury County. All of H. A.         children. He died about 1890.
and Caroline O. Overall's children are dead.
                                                                                       Bluford Jordan Hancock was born in 1831 and removed to Limestone county,
Lee Overall, the oldest son of H. A. and Caroline Owen Overall, was born in            Texas in 1851, and spent his life there, dying about 1900. He married but had

                                                                    R.A. Dennis Records Page 33 of 42
no children.
                                                                                        Ada died single, and so did Myrtle. Hallie is yet living. Her home is upon
Hannah Hancock married William Adamson, son of Simon Adamson.                           Kennedy Creek. She married the late Tom Bryan, one son, Carl, and one
                                                                                        daughter, Gertrude, graced their home. Gertrude married Hayden Hale.
The other daughter married Mr. Thomason.
                                                                                        WALTER HANCOCK
Richard Alexander Hancock was, I think, the oldest son, born January 17,                I now come to the intellectual, venerable son of Richard Alexander Hancock.
1827. He was tall and strongly built. Fair complexion, blue eyed, and by way of         By way of fondness his parents named him Walter. I have often thought that
misfortune, neuralgia had busted, or put out, one of his eyes. He was of a kind,        the prayers of his sainted mother and the sacred songs she sand so often
affectionate disposition and very pleasant to be in company with. He was                around the hearth stone of her home was a sure stepping stone to his
discreet in his talk and spurned all ill mannered talk. He was a strong believer        achievements.
in good schools and churches and freely gave of his means to support such.
He was a member of the Baptist Church, and a Democrat. He was magistrate                Walter's environments have always been comfortable and pleasant. He was
of the 10th dist. and was state representative of Cannon county. He was the             born on Sycamore Creek in the tenth civil dist. of Cannon Co. Jan 21, 1869 on
neighborhood advisor and arbitrator when the occasion required it of him. The           a Thursday. In 1873 we met each other and have been fast friends since. We
latch string of his door hung on the outside and within his breast the pulsation        went to our first school, taught by Miss Elvira Gassaway, in a rude log cabin
of a true heart throbbed for the interest and future welfare of humanity. Richard       near the Jerry Mullinax residence. We sat upon the same split log backless
Alexander Hancock married Anna Jeff Sneed, the daughter of the venerable                bench. We ran foot race across the play ground. We plucked peaches and
John Sneed of Kennedy Creek. Two sons and four daughters were the only                  apples off the same trees. We enjoyed the same grape vine swing. We cooled
children.                                                                               and refreshed ourselves in the big pond up in the hollow back of the blue grass
                                                                                        lot. When sent to the hill for stove wood we cried. When dinner was ready, we
Delta, the older son, was born Jan. 1859 and died May 1880. Sad indeed.                 smiled. Ah, God knows the bountiful feasts we enjoyed at our mothers tables.
About the 26th day of May 1880 I went to Mr. C. B. Summars shop with my                 We are old gray headed men now. We are making our last stand upon the
father. A storm came and heavy rain came up. When it ceased, or near that               battle field of this earthly life. We hope to cross the river
time, Quent Hancock came down the creek riding a mule in a fast run. He                 where the ford is exceedingly shallow, clear as a crystal. Where its pebble bed
stopped at the shop and informed us that Delta had been accidentally shot by            sparkles under a radiant hue of the sunshine of Gods love and feel the spray of
Morgan Bullard. I went with father & Horace Knight up there. We found him               that celestial stream fanned against our enfeebled spirits by the tips of angel's
in a very critical condition. Jerry Collins was there also. The house was soon          wings sent as an escort to conduct us safely over into Heavens bright world.
full of people. Dr. Everett was called. He said death would be the result.
DELTA                                                                                   Walter Hancock is living at Woodbury, Tennessee. He married Claudia Brown,
Remedies and the tender care of loving friends were of no available for cure.           oldest daughter of Chris Brown. They have no children. He is a lawyer and
He was wounded on Friday near 11 o'clock and died on Sunday evening 44                  real estate dealer.
min. after 11 o'clock. I was helping fan him when he died. France Ellege &
George Hancock was fanning him when father and I arrived. We relieved them              This closes the writing of the Hancocks for the present time. We will write of
for they were wearied. I looked upon that noble, rotund form that had so many           Charles soon.
times dangled my upon his knee. I looked upon that idol of a kind indulgent
father and broken hearted mother as he swayed to and fro under the sting of             Louis Hancock's farm was once the finest and best hill farm in Cannon County.
deathly pangs. At last the fatal minute came. A gasp for a twitch, a breath, of         Smooth, not steep, long, broad hillsides. Some level and fine grass lots. The
the nerve, and Delta was no more.                                                       best water one ever drank. The timber growth was walnut, popular, red lindon,
                                                                                        chestnut, hemlock, and wild cherry. This is the valuable selling timer. All other
Richard Alexander Hancocks oldest daughter was Etna Hancock. She married                kinds of trees grow on the farm, also. The best orchard on the creek was on
Jake Young. I think they raised four sons, I am not positive.                           this farm. Grady Smithson owns the most of the farm now.

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A Mr. Ford, a son-in-law of Charles Hancock, once owned the farm Jerry                  1824 and died August 23, 1867. Mary L. died October 4, 1898. Benjamin A.
Mullinax lived and died on. Mr. Mullinax owned the farm for years. His wife             Hancock was born February 22, 1827. Died September 9, 1892. He married
was Amanda Rich. Four girls and four boys were born to them. Ocie Mullinax              Nancy Elizabeth Kennedy, who was born February 6, 1833 and died May 3,
married Jim Spurlock. Alta and Brown Mullinax died single. Julia Mullinax               1897. Sarah Jane Hancock was born July 27, 1830 and married Tom Ford
married Hall Owen. Charlie Mullinax married a daughter of Jonathan Melton.              December 28, 1850. He was born Mar. 30, 1825 and died July 23, 1863.
Leavy Mullinax married Lula Reed. Selmer Mullinax married Minnie Dodd the               Sarah died August 23, 1854. Eliza Caroline Hancock was born on August 30,
first time. Wilburn Mullinax married a daughter of Ike Turney.                          1832 and married Monroe Ramsey , January 18, 1860. They had two
SAMP SELLERS                                                                            daughters, Alice and Elnora. Monroe Ramsey died during the War between the
                                                                                        State in prison. Eliza Caroline married John R. Armstrong and he died April 4,
Samp Sellers owned the next home above the Mullinax place. His wife was                 1899. His companion followed January 7, 1900. Cynthia E. Hancock was born
Nancy, a daughter of Spy Anderson. Three sons and three daughters were                  May 18, 1836 and died October 1?, 1873. She married Monroe Hancock, her
born to them. James Sellers married Ada Groom. Nathan Sellers married                   second cousin. Richard Ramsey Hancock was born August 2, 1840 married
Callie Groom. John Sellers died. Molly Sellers married France Elledge. Lou              Sue Lester September 27, 1871.
and Mag Sellers died single. Helen was a foster child. She married H. G.                Williams Charles Hancock was born 1845 and died July 14, 1864.
                                                                                        LARKIN KEATON
One of the Hancocks once owned the Sellers farm, also a Mr. Perkins once                The farm of Larkin Keaton comes next. It is really an excellent farm. It had a
owned it. The farm is now owned by Joe Bryson and Andy Vickers. King Bull               rather rough front but the hollows open like fans back next to the ridge.
Adams got hold of the farm some way. He transferred the farm to Allen
Vandygriff. Elisha Vandygriff, the blind fiddler, was born at this place, and the       Larkin was born 1797 and died July 9, 1874. His wife was Mary Willard. They
scarlet fever put out his eyes at the age of two years. The tombstone shows by          had four sons and five daughters. William Keaton married Lize Fuson.
dates on it that King Bull Adams' 16 year old wife died at this home. She was a         {William Keaton married Elizabeth Fuson, March 20, 1855 in Cannon County,
Miss Fuson before her marriage. I think she was Capt. Bill Adams' mother.               TN} Keen and the other two died single. Sally Keaton married Abe King.
King Bull Adams married the second time and Nancy, the wife of Abe Adams,               {Sarah J. Keaton married A. King, February 6, 1852 in Cannon county, TN}
and a son were born to this union. I don't know whether his name was                    Melissa Keaton married Tom Hale. {Melissa Keaton married Tom Hale,
Greenbury or not. Greenbury was Robert Adams' father and Dr. Adams is a                 January 21, 1864 in Cannon County, TN} Geneva Keaton married Sam
son of Robert Adams. Captain Bill and Greenbury Adams lived near Statesville            Keaton. Caroline Keaton married Eugene Fuson. Barbara Keaton never
upon Smith Fork Creek in Wilson County. The ravages of time, the ruthless               married.
hand of ignorance, have devastated and destroyed nearly all trace of the family
cemetery on Sellers' place. I have heard it said that King Bull Adams and the           William Keaton and Lize Fuson Keaton had the following children: Alice, who
wife (Mary Adams daughter of Jacob of Virginia-per KIGER) of Richard                    married Frank Bogle. Anthem married Will Bogle. Nancy married Will O'Neal,
Hancock were half brother and sister. Of course I am not positive about this. I         who died and she married Rans Milligan. Hatty died at the age of twelve or
never did hear my mother say.                                                           thirteen years. Billy Keaton married Fannie Rigsby. Lonnie married a Miss
CHARLES HANCOCK, as has been said, was a brother to Richard and Lewis                   Peter Keaton, a brother to Larkin Keaton, was born November 5, 1810 and died
Hancock. Charles located over on Hurricane Creek and his farm joined those of           July 20, 1892. He located on the extreme head of Sycamore. A tenant or two
Richard and Lewis. Charles Hancock was born in Patrick county, Virginia May             and his sons Gabriel and James lived on above him. Peter's wife was Jennie
28, 1798. Charles married Nancy Ramsey in 1820. Nancy Ramsey was born in                Keaton, a daughter of Zack Keaton. She was a sister of Neil Keaton. They
North Carolina May 18, 1801. Charles Hancock died January 3, 1875. Patsy                raised four sons and four daughters: Gabriel married Mary "Pop" King.
was born in 1822 and died in her twentieth year. Mary L. Hancock was born on            Hayman married a Miss Davis. {H. A. Keaton married Miss Annie Davis,
December 12, 1824 and married Prestly Duggin in 1844. Mr. Duggin was born               January 29, 1871 in Cannon county, TN} Bill married a daughter of Bill Ready.
on May 9,                                                                               {W. T. Keaton married M. E. Ready, January 4, 1872 in Cannon County, TN}

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 35 of 42
Jim married Jenny McGee. J. B. Collins married Mary Keaton. {Jeremiah                   Bogle, Charley Crisps, C. C. Hancock, R. A. Hancock, J. P. Byrn, ?. B. Sellers,
Collins married Mary Keaton, August 6, 1865 in Cannon County, TN} Parker                H. G. Hale, R. A. Dennis, Cuba Jennings, Joe Brown, and James King, Jr.
Tedder married Sarah Keaton. Lyda Keaton married a Hammonds and Martha
Keaton never married.                                                                   DWELLING HOUSES 100 YEARS OLD AND OVER ON SYCAMORE
                                                                                        When I was a young man there were many century old houses on the Creek.
? C. Keaton's farm was up in the left hand hollow above Peter A. Keaton's               Twenty or more there were of them. The. H. B. Edward house is over on
home. Bly and Charles Sliger own the farm at the present time.                          hundred years old. This is the James Blair home.

CONFEDERATE OR SOUTHERN SOLDIERS THAT LIVED ON THE CREEK                                The Bobby King house now occupied by Bill Goyrd Grizzle, was built in 1812.
The soldiers that were raised on Sycamore and those that lived on the creek
after the War closed were George W. Grizzle, Polk Grizzle, J. C. Spurlock, Ike          One room of the C. C. Hancock house was put up in 1835 by Richard Hancock
Campbell, John Campbell, Jordan King, James King, Alex King, Bob King, Tip              for his son Cooper. This is the Grady Smithson home.
King, Jarrett Warren, Horace Knight, Francis M. Barrett, Joe Hawkins, Monroe
Hancock, Elcana Hancock, J. M. Hollandsworth, Gale Hollandsworth, Henry                 Richard Hancock built the lower room of his house in 1812, I have been told.
Dennis, Jerry Mullinax, William Keaton, Gabriel Keaton, Hamen Keaton, Will H.           This is the Mary Dodd place. The Lewis Hancock house is somewhat over a
Young, Andy Bryson, Lish Mahaffa, Keen Keaton, Dock Murphy, Taylor King,                century old. The Larkin Keaton house was erected about 1817. Sam Jones
Matthew Dennis and Spunk Dennis.                                                        owns it now. The Samp Keaton kitchen house was erected by Mrs. Hammond
                                                                                        over 100 years ago.
The Union soldier that lived on the Creek were, Sam Keaton, Sr., James                  SCHOOL MATES
Keaton, Jr., Oba rich, Billy Rich, James Woodside, Monroe King, R. N. Mathis,           School mates among the boys on Sycamore long ago were James, John and
Henry Mathis, and George Mathis.                                                        Nathan Sellers, Lee King, Lee Tedder, Charlie Mullinax, Walter Hancock,
                                                                                        Hardy Hancock, Quint Hancock, Bud Petty, H. M. Bogle, Jay King, Reece King,
The old land holders all died or moved away, and from 1878 to 1900 such men             Terrance Keaton, Jim ÒRedÓ Keaton, G. C. Summar, P. A. {Pleasant Albert}
as W. J. King, Henry Powell, Thomas Hale, J. E. Spurlock, Horace Mathis, R.             and H. L. Young {Henry Lester}, Henry Keaton, John King, Bill King, Gus
T. Hancock, Dr. Arnette, J. C. Spurlock, H. B. Edward, Bob Motley, J. J.                Raikes, C. A. Summar, Monroe Knight, Joe Knight, R. T. Hancock, A. M.
Summar, James Haley, Ely Vickers, John T. Hancock, A. M. Hancock, H. L. W.              Hancock, John M. Haley, Lester King, and Billy Keaton.
Dodd, Joe Dodd, Rufe George, Monroe King, A. J. Smithson, J. B. Smithson,
Bill Grizzle, Sam Warren, James Jennings, C. B. Summar, John Scurlock, J. B.            The girls were Alice Anthem, Nancy Ann and Hattie Keaton, Molly and Lou
Collins, Jim Keaton, Oba Rich, B. A. Williams, J. M. Barrett, Joe Hearndon, T.          Sellers, Ocie and Alta Mullinax, Ada Hancock, Kitty Hancock, Louisa Ann
B. Walker, J. L. Hale, William Vickers, ?. B. Reedy, John Keaton, M. B. Milligan,       Bogle, Thankful Young Samantha King, Amanda King, Matilda King, Melissa
A. J. Hancock, A. L. Odom, ?. F. Odom, Tom Groom, J. P. Byrn, Josiah Bogle,             Summar, Darthula Raikes, Ada Petty, Fannie and Lou Knight, Ida Hale, Polly
John Sadler, Salmern Mullinax, Andy Vickers, Joe Bryson, Tom Vance, Dave                Hale, Florence King, Clemmie Floyd and Cynthia Keaton.
Travis, Jim ÒRedÓ Keaton, Dock Odom, John Rich, Henry Dennis, R. A.                     SCHOOL HOUSES
Dennis, R. R. Milligan and Frank Bogle lived on the farms on the creek and of
course many more whose names I do not recall.                                           There were many school houses on Sycamore. I am of the opinion that the
                                                                                        school house that was built over in A. L. Hancocks lot in front of the John Haley
FREE MASONS WHO LIVED ON SYCAMORE                                                       home, or residence, was the first one. If not, probably school was first taught
Free Masons living on Sycamore were G. W. Grizzle, J. C. Spurlock, C. H.                in the Nauvoo Baptist church house, later know as the C. B. Summar black
Dodd, Claud Spurlock, E. T. Haley, J. J. Summar, L. E. Barger, C. C. Summar,            smith shop.
A. C. Summar, Jarrett Warren, J. O. Rich, John Spurlock, J. P. Bogle,
Lawrence Keaton, N. H. Smith, Joe Herndon, John Keaton, J. B. Collins, ?. M.            How long the school house over in A. L. Hancocks lot was used I do not know.

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 36 of 42
School was once taught somewhere on the King Branch on the Bobby King                   Nauvoo was a little village in old Virginia, or a public place of some note. There
farm. It has been over 100 years ago since school was taught at either of               was a small creek in Virginia in the Hancock neighborhood called Sycamore
those places. Lewis Hancock built a good log school house on the hillside just          Creek. When the Hancock brothers came to this country and settled on a little
below the big cave.                                                                     creek they named it Sycamore. They, and the other settlers, on the creek, built
                                                                                        a large log house known as the C. B. Summar black smith shop. Then it was a
In the latter part of the sixties the school interest boomed up and a good frame        Baptist Church house and they called it Nauvoo. Nauvoo became a noted
house was built out on the hill side from the Haley home and above where the            place for religious worship back in those far distant days. No doubt there are
church house now stands. School was kept there for years but it is                      sainted spirits today, singing praises to the Master, who worshipped at Nauvoo
now consolidated with the Gassaway school.                                              back in those days. No doubt Uncle Richard Hancock sat in his chair looking at
                                                                                        the clear sparkling water from the cave spring of his brother Lewis, as the
When the Nauvoo Church went defunct the community go busy and built a                   waters went tinkling downward over the graveled bed of the creek and at the
good house on the Lick Branch, usually called Spout Spring Branch. It was               same time his mind concentrated on the little Sycamore
used for both church and school. The Methodists preached there until about              Creek in old Virginia where he spent his youthful boyhood days. This, you see,
1882. A school was set up in 1903 just above Joe BrysonÕs house. It was of              is the origin of Nauvoo Church and Sycamore Creek.
short duration and was known as Upper Sycamore. Spout Spring school and
upper Sycamore consolidated about 1912. Sycamore people built an excellent              B. L. GRIZZLE, J. P.
school building midway between the A. L. Odom and the A. J. Hancock home.               I wish to record here, and say something about the honorable Buck Grizzle as
                                                                                        we were accustomed to calling him. He was tall, slim, spare of build, had blue
When I was a small lad school was taught in a little log house on the creek.            eyes and fair complexion. He had small hands and feet, and stood straight as
Elvira Gassaway taught near the Jerry Mullinax residence in 1874, and in 1876           an arrow 6 feet 1 inch high. He was free spoken and easy to approach, being
she taught in the John Sadler house. It belonged to R. A. Hancock. During               naturally sociable. He was well informed on all points of interest and law. He
1880 a Miss Byrn taught in a log cabin near the Larkin Keaton cave just above           was a devoted member of the Methodist Church, a staunch Democrat, and a
the Sellers location.                                                                   bitter enemy of all immoral things, especially the whiskey business. his home
                                                                                        was on Blair Branch and he was magistrate 10th civil dist. of Cannon county
LAND HOLDERS ON SYCAMORE AT THE PRESENT TIME                                            over 40 years. Gov. W. G. Brownlow issued to him his first papers
Land holders on Sycamore at the present time are, Claud Spurlock, Nancy                 commissioning him to serve as magistrate of the 10th district. He tried
Hancock, John George, Hall Edward, Tom Haley, Fate Vickers, Jenny Vickers,              hundreds of cases and just two were appealed to court and he was sustained
Shelia Jetton, Joe Dodd, Tom Hancock, Rufe George, Mr. Jones, Bill Gourd                in his decision which he rendered on those.
Grizzle, Grady Smithson, Bill "Black" Grizzle, Sylvanus George, Will Walker,            I do not know his birth date nor when he died but he was 87 years of age when
Mary Dodd, Tom Spurlock, Selmer Mullinax, Andy Vickers, Joe Bryson, Molly               he passed away. His first wife was a Miss Melton. To this union 3 sons and 3
Keaton, Sam Jones, Herschel Grizzle, Bob Gassaway, Hill Patrick, Penny                  daughters were born. Polk, the oldest son, married John MathisÕ daughter.
Dodd, Charlie Slyger, John Trail, A. J. Smithson and George Vandygriff.                 John R., his next son, married a Miss Spurlock, Bill "Black" Grizzle, the third
                                                                                        son, married Delia Markum. A daughter, Lucinda, died unmarried. Dock
AGED PEOPLE OF SYCAMORE AT PRESENT TIME                                                 Hubbard married a daughter and Parry Patterson married the other daughter.
In this year of 1940 there are living on Sycamore the following aged people: H.         His first wife died and he later married the widow Campbell. Before her first
B. Edward, 74; Jennie Vickers, 82; Joe J. Dodd, 83; Bill "Goyrd" Grizzle, 83;           marriage she was Dovie Young. They had no children. His third wife was a
Lydia Grizzle, up in the sixties; Bill "Black" Grizzle, 82; and his wife 77; Mary       Miss Foster. They had one daughter, Bertha who married Ike McKnight. The
Dodd, 66; J. D. King 70; and wife 67; Lee Keaton, 70; J. R. Bryson, 73; Mollie          family is dead with the exception of Bill and Bertha.
Keaton, 74; Rufe George up in the sixties, his wife 61; Nancy Hancock, 68; Lou
Dodd 69; Selmer Mullinax 64 and Blyther 56.                                             Mr. B. L. Grizzle was tax assessor of the 10th civil district of Cannon County
                                                                                        the year 1902. He was school commissioner, road commissioner, and held
NAUVOO AND SYCAMORE                                                                     other positions of trust along with his J. P. office.

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 37 of 42
                                                                                      ORIGAN OF SYCAMORE CREEK AND NAUVOO CHURCH
PUBLIC OFFICIALS OF SYCAMORE CREEK                                                    Back in Patrick Co.,Va is a small creek called Sycamore. Also a school house
I have never heard anyone say just who the first officers were on the creek.          or probably a church house, known as Nauvoo. When Richard Hancock and
When Warren Cummings was sheriff of Cannon County c. C. Hancock was                   his brothers came here in 1809 and located on the creek thet called it
deputy sheriff. Joab Markum was constable in his young days. Larkin Keaton            Sycamore. When the old log church house was erected-later becoming the
and A. E. Hancock were deputies of Sheriff Vinson in the seventies. Dock              C.B. Summar shop-it was named for the house in Va, Nauvoo. Nauvoo was
Hubbard was constable in 79 and 80. Jim Motley, T. B. Walker, A. C. and C. C.         once a Baptist Church and noted as a place to gather and conduct old
Summar were deputy sheriffs and constables also. L. W. Barger was                     fashioned revivals and foot washings, the latter custom being practiced
constable. R. A. Hancock was both J. P. and state representative. L. E.               regularly here.
Barger, C. C. Summar, and S. V. George were magistrates. B. L Grizzle
served as J. P. 42 years and as district tax assessor one term.                       The old Nauvoo church is never thought of now. No one on the Creek even
                                                                                      knows there was once a devoted Baptist Church where the old shop of C.B.
SWEET SINGERS OF SYCAMORE CREEK                                                       Summar once stood.
The person who has never been charmed and made happy by the silver toned              (Hand written on my copy)
voices of sweet singers has missed on side of life. Today my mind reverts             Last Page of Dennis Record.
back some 50 years ago when I was a gay, flect-footed young may enjoying life         Dennis Record Kept by and older genration of Adams & Kings who gave
in the home of my father and mother. The loving, happy girls and boys with            imformation to Ardella King Dennis & son. Rufus A. Dennis gaave records to
who I once associated, and to whose musical voices I once listened to, are            Sampson J. King and his son G.F. King who gave the information to our
nearly all passed away. Their forms are now dust and their chanting will never        generation.
again be heard in the land. Their memory will live for ever in the hearts of          Sampson J. King was a son of Jordon King & Martha Haley King. This family
surviving friends. The charming, devout love implanted and instilled deep down        marriages has made Sampson J. King & Sampson A. Haley double cousins.
in the heart and soul can never be eradicated. It is embedded there for ever          I have found only two mistakes in this record - it was a labor of love that these
more. We would not sell the sweet memories of long ago for rubies nor pearly,         records are intak and to us who live in this area & have scatterred across the
no, not for anything. We treasure them in our heart as a perpetual memorial for       world "you have a great Heritage if any Family Record Are in here. If you
them.                                                                                 already have a Copy Pass it on to someone who will share.
                                                                                      The 1st Spurlock to marry in Adam, King, Keaton, line was Mary Vandergriff to
The sweet singers were such young girls as these: Alta Mullinax, Susan                Joe Miley Spurlock. she was a grandau of Robert & Lydia Keaton.
Milligan, Kitty Hancock, Fanny Cothren, Fannie Knight, Lou Knight, Thankful
Young, Fannie Hancock, Samantha King and Louisa Bogle. The above named                Still Searchin
could surely charm the hearts of those who were accorded the privilege of
hearing them. They could sing sacred songs to a perfection. Nancy Rich,               (name was not readable on my copy)
Mary and Alice Rich were the best singers of love songs I ever listened to. All
these girls were sociable and very kind to whomever they met.                         The End

A list a few of the songs the girls sang: Bury me Not On the Long Prairie or
Nelly Gray-My Broken, Loving Heart-My Parents Raised Me Tenderly-My dear
Colonial Home-My Kind People I'm Going to Leave You, Take me Not Over
The Hill to the Poor House-If You Would Just Put Your Lily White Hand on
Mine-The Orphan Child-The Time Draws Near When You and I Must Part-Love
Lies In A Heart Just Like Yours-Just One Year Ago Tonight, Love-Know You'll
Be True to Me, Robin-The Empty Grave Is Waiting for Me.

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  The Dennis Family of Cannon County, Tennessee                                         and came across the mountains of western North Carolina about 1795. His
                      Written by Rufus A. Dennis - 1940                                 neighboars friend John Hollandsworth came with him from Virginia. They
                  Transcribed by Judi Bentley - August 1998                             located on what is known as the Oba Rich farm near Mount Moriah Baptist

                                                                                        *It has never been proven that Calvin Dennis came on the Mayflower. I am
                                                                                        certain that he must have been on another ship that came from England in that
        Home of Henry Dennis
                                                                                        time period.
      Located at mile marker 22,
         Hwy. 53, Gassaway,                                                             This Henry Dennis married *Lafatia Parker. I am informed by my father that the
           Cannon Co.,TN                                                                Parkers came here when Henry Dennis came. The Wilcher family, the Crabtree
                                                                                        family, Reeves family, the Tittle family and some others drifted here about the
                                                                                        same date. Henry Dennis did not live on Pea Ridge but a short while. This
                                                                                        Henry Dennis is my grandfather. He located on Canal Creek on what is now
                                                                                        known as the G.G. Melton farm. He owned 700 acres of land on the creek near
 This is a family history manuscript on the Dennis family written by R.A.
                                                                                        Gassaway. He built a first class house for that day and reared a family of 10
 Dennis in 1940. Keep in mind as you read this that the language and terms
                                                                                        children. Their names were William, Matthew, Samuel, Henry and James. The
 used were normal for that time period. There are known errors in the
                                                                                        girls were Polly, Patsy, Charlotte, Eliza, and Emmaline. To tell who they
 manuscript along with improper spelling of many words and names. The
                                                                                        married and where they drifted to is no small job but I will try. I will make some
 handwritten manuscript has been typed as written, errors and all. This is
                                                                                        errors no doubt, however, I will do the best I know how.
 being provided as a research tool for you. If you find a link you should
 pursue it through further research and obtain documentation to substantiate            *Lafatia Parker went by Patience.
 the research. Notes have been added to the manuscript and marked with
 an *.                                                                                  THE DENNIS FAMILY
I have no motive in writing this of my people and parents only to inform my sons
of their ancestors. I dont think there is one untrue word or sentence written in        There is not anything more delightful or more interesting or intertaining than to
this manuscript. It is my aim to write the truth about all things. I have learned       hear people talk of people of long ago. I always have delighted on hearing
from the coat of arms and what I have heard my folks say and what I have saw            people talk of their far off ancestors. When a small lad I used to sit by the huge
and learned myself of my people convinces me that I am writing only facts. I            fire place and listen to Father and Mother speak of many different families or
pass this to others hoping it will be treated respectfull. I wish I was able to         generations of old ancestors. People are more ignorant of and about their
rewrite this and place it in finer condition but perhaps this will be sufficient.       ancestors than any one thing on this earth. I am writing this sketch or what I
                                                                                        term a poor effort for the benefit or to perpetuate the history of the Dennis
May 18, 1940                                                                            family. My sons can refer to this and learn much of their far off kins folk. Of
Rufus A. Dennis                                                                         course, I will miss and fail to record many important facts. However I will
                                                                                        indevor to do the best I can. I am up in years and have no eloquent pen,
Calvin Dennis came to America or to Plymouth Rock in 1620. Whether he                   therefore I will be brief as possible and risk the future for results.
married in England or after he came in the *Mayflower to this country I don't
know. His wife was Lou Cardwill. They reared a large family and one of his              Rufus A. Dennis
boys lived in Boston and his name was Henry Dennis. He married Julia
Newman.They reared a family and one of the boys located in Maryland. His                My grandfather Henry Dennis was of low stature and a strangely man. He was
name was Samuel Dennis. Samuel married Sara Lamar. They had nine                        friendly annd accomadating. He loved his morning drink, and is said to get a
children one name Henry Dennis. Grandson of Henry and great grandson of                 little tipsy at times. He managed his affairs well and was a good provider and
Calvin Dennis and Lou Cardwill. He was born May 17, 1771. He left Maryland              kept plenty about himself to live on. He was an active helper in the settling of

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 39 of 42
Cannon County in 1835. Why his name is not mentioned in the History of                  went to Oklahoma. I regret it of course that Sam is not listed with his brothers
Cannon County I am not prepared to say. Grandfather was very reserved and               and sisters who are Spunk, Matt, John, Johnson, and Dock and Cola and
proud. He went to Nashville in a two wheeled cart to purchase his coffee,               Tinnie his sister Mary.
sugar, salt, and other such things that he needed. He formed acquaintance with
a Mr. Sewell who was a preacher. Grandfather engaged Sewell to visit Smith              There are so many Sams it will be difficult to keep them separated while
County and preach for the folks. Sewell came and held services under a large            reading this sketch. Samuel Sr. was grandfther Henry's third son. He was a fine
elm tree in the yard and large crowds of people attended the meeting. Several           type of humanity. He was a natural born leader of men. A Lt. in Jim Allisons
united themselves together and set up a church. Grandfather was the leader.             Auburn Company. Inclined to horse racing and shooting matches. Always
                                                                                        sober, level-headed, and generously kind to one and all. He never married. He
William Dennis was the oldest son of Henry and Lafatia Dennis. He was born in           made lots of money. He finally settled in Oklahoma near Afton. He raised a
the year 1809, He was married to Peggie Higgins in his eighteenth year. They            foster child his name was Brink Hutchins. Brink married Jim Ledbetters
had six boys and three girls. There names were Henry (Spunk), Samuel,                   daughter, a sister to Johnson Dennis' wife. James Dennis died when a small
Matthew, John, Johnson, and Dock. The girls were Cola, Tinney, and Mary.                boy. I dont know which was older my father or his brother James.
Spunk married Nancy Tittle. One son, John D. have daughter Sarah married
George Ledbetter. Babe married a Mr. McElhaney. I cant tell more of them only           I now come to the last son of my grandfather. My fathers name was Henry. He
Spunk and Nancy are dead. Matt as we call him married Susie Marcum. I dont              was borned Oct 17, 1838. He died May 15, 1915. He was boarned on Canal
know but littel about his family. Alice married Mr. Boatright. Willie the boy was       Creek one mile south of Gassaway. His father was Henry Dennis and his
not grown when I was at their home in Arkansas. John Dennis wife was Ponie              mother Lafatia Parker. Father became of mature age at the commencement of
Grizzle daughter of B.L. Grizzle. They had only one son Dock. I forget who his          the War Between the States. He inlisted in Capt. Phillips Company and served
wife was. John and Ponie are dead.                                                      throughtout the war. At the close of the war, he married Palona Frances
                                                                                        Reynolds in 1865. There were 7 children born to them. Elizabeth, Rufus,
Johnsons wife was Mr. Spurlocks daughter. I suppose they are yet living. Their          William, Fanny, Laurel, Hiram and Pleas. Elizabeth married W.B. Adamson.
only child was very small when I was out in Arkansas. I never saw Dock. Cant            Rufus first wife was Delia King, second wife Alice Ashford. Four children were
tell anything about him.                                                                borned to the first union, Jake, Sam, Bertie and an infant not named. Children
                                                                                        Rosa, Nolia, Jim B., Willie, Ethel, Walter and Freland.
Cola married Kahal Hollandsworth. They had one son only, Adam. Cola and                 Brother William died in Washington.
Kahal are dead.
                                                                                        Hiram married Mildred Reedy. Pleas is yet single. Fanny died a young babe.
Mary husband Alfred Marcum. Ball and Archaniac was their children. This is              Laurel married Tilford Hollandsworth. Their children Bonnie, Maynette, Burton,
about all I can say of uncle Bills children.                                            Mallie, George, Samuel. My father died one mile north of Readyville and
                                                                                        mother died at the same house also.
Uncle Matthew came next. His wife was Selena Reeves. They reared a large
family. George the oldest son was married twice. I only knew one of his                 This checks up the history of the boys of course many newsy things of course
children. His name was James Henry wife was a Miss Robinson. Sams wife                  are omitted and of course I've done the best I could. I am the oldest Dennis in
was Lee Boon. One daughters husband was a Mr. Rodger, one and probably                  all the family here so far as I know. I am 72 years of age, and I feel that my time
two married Green Scott and the other married Green brother Tite Scott.                 is short here and that is why I write this sketch. I will write of the sisters of my
                                                                                        father next. There were five of them. They all married very young and lived to
On writing of uncle William Dennis boys I missed his fourth son Samuel. I               be up in years. They all were good aunts to me. That is the ones I knew. I
regret doing so. Sam was sure a fine high toned cultured gentlemen. He                  never saw aunt Patsy. I used to visit the other four, Polly, Emmaline, Eliza and
possessed a fine farm and was a prosperous farmer. His wife was Nan Lucas. I            Charlotte.
dont remember all of his children. I think there were five of them. They were
small children when I was at his home. Dave was the oldest sons name. I lost            Polly was the oldest girl and she married James Higgins. There was two
trace of Sam years ago. I dont hnow where he drifted too. I have a faint idea he        children borned to them, Alochie. She married Sam Tittle. Asa never wore the

                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 40 of 42
name Higgins. James Higgins and aunt Polly separated seven months before              Lucenia, and Mecie the girls. John's wife was Susie Arnette. Lee's wife was a
Asa was borned and he grew up in grandfather's home. He went by the name              Miss Miller. Martha married Bill Ledbetter. Marry married Tom Powell. Lucenia
Dennis all his life. Asa married Adaline Vandygriff. They had five boys and           married William Parker. Mecie married a Mr. Gribble. I suppose Lee and Mecie
three girls, John, Lee, Luster, Arthur and Willie. The girls Letha, Ada, and          are living. The rest are dead. This closes the direct family list so far as I know. I
Daisy. Sam Tittle and Alochie had two girls, Sadie and Ada. Sadie married N.G.        know there are legions of things interesting to write if I knew of it. My
Mullennex. Ada married M.B. Davenport. After Polly and Higgins parted she             environments are and have been such that I am deprived of recording what I
married Jerry (Jeremiah) O'Conner. Four children graced their home. Henry,            wish too.
John, Josie, and Babe. Henry wife was Rachel Adamson. John wife Sarah
Dirting. Babe married P.L. Adamson.                                                   Calvin Dennis who came to this country in the year 1620, was Judge John
                                                                                      Dennis' father. Judge John Dennis the Coat of Arms say had several sons. One
Charlotte married in her fourteenth year to John Hollandsworth. They had eight        of them came over the mountains into NC when very young. His offspring has
boys and 2 girls. James Monroe was the oldest. He married Lucetta Hancock in          been traced here. Joe and Kye Dennis, George Dennis of near Porterfield are
1864. She died two years later. Jim remained single twenty one years. His             Judge Dennis' people. Down in Carroll Co. in west Tennessee lives a large
second wife was Melissa Smith. They had two sons, Alonzo and Julius. Melissa          family of the Dennis folks and Abe King told me that one of the old Dennis men
died and Jim amd Polina Mason, Bill Stone's widow married. They had one               told him that his father and his father's brother Henry separated near Liberty in
son, Robert. Jim and Palina separated and he married Livie Smith sister to his        1819 and had never heard of his uncle Henry. No doubt the Henry spoken of by
second wife. They had to girls. Walter Melton's wife Ethel and Albert                 the old man to Uncle Abe is grandfather Henry Dennis.
Alexander's wife Nola. John and Charlotte's second son married Nancy Jane
Melton. To this union were born several children, four sons and two daughters         I cannot write anything of the Parker family that would be interesting. My father
are living. Tilford, Huey, Edd, and George are the boys. Martha (Mattie) and          said his father Henry and his mother Lafatia Parker married near Temperance
Effie the girls. Tilford married Laurel Dennis. Huey married Frances Moore.           Hall in 1807 or 1808. The Nickojack Indian Trail came up Smith Fork Creek and
Edd's first wife James Melton's daughter, Lovie. His second wife was Bob              up Clear Fork up the Adamson Branch on out Pea Ridge by where grandfather
Shank's daughter, Mae. Martha married ? Eldridge. Effie married Edward                first lived. The Nockojack trail went clear to North Carolina. If the Parker family
Snooks.                                                                               came here when grandfather came which my father says they did they followed
                                                                                      the Indian trail down on Smith Fork and located there. I used to visit
Hiram third son of John Hollandsworth and Charlotte Dennis his wife. Hiram            grandmothers folks down at Temperance Hall also. John, Richard, Matthew
(Bud) Hollandsworth's wife was Nan Neeley. They brought up a large family.            and Jasper Parker were my grandmother's brothers. It is natural that
Martha their oldest daughter married Bill Manus. Hattie's husband was a Mr.           grandfather would follow the Indian trail to see the Parker family who came
Anderson. Marie Anderson Taylor lived in Texas. A son of Bud was Frank                here with him. Hence his marriage.
Hollandsworth. Sam the fourth son went to Arkansas as a young man and
never returned. He married and raised a family in Arkansas. Will the fifth son        Uncle Sam Dennis was a Lt. in Jim Allison's Company. My father served as a
died in 1874 in his eighteenth year. Allen's wife was Melissa Jetto. Sam and          private in Capt. Phillips Company. Asa Dennis, Spunk (Henry), and Matt
Joshua are the sons and Daisy, Elizabeth. Gertrude, Mary and Ehlah are Allen          Dennis and Jim Hollandsworth, nephews to father and uncle Sam Dennis were
and Melissa's children. Henry's wife was Jennie ?. Lloyd Cloud and Shealy             in Capt. Phillips Company. John Dennis and France Hollandsworth served on
Couger (there is more here that I cant make out). Henry is buried in Cannon           the Union side in the State Militia the latter part of 1864 and 1865. Many
Co. Riverside on France H. lot. Johnny married Delia Nokes. The had I dont            interesting things taken place or happened back in those days. That is from
know how many children. Allatha (?) Pearl was the oldest child. Kandace died          1820-1866. I used to hear old men talk of the rough times they had back in
and there was one or two more girls. Earnest was the only son.                        those days. House raisings and log rollings, rail maullings and various other
                                                                                      social things were in vogue. Neighborhood parties or socials, fiddling, dancing.
Emmaline Dennis married David Hutchins. John R., Leander, and Melissie was            Whiskey drinking was the first fitting order of the day at that time. It seems as
all the children they had when they went west. Patsy married Richard Talley.          though they then were not exactly sane somehow. I will have more to say
They had no children. Eliza Dennis married Dock Murphy. They brought up               shortly.
seven children. Jake and lee was the boys and Martha, Mary,
                                                                   R.A. Dennis Records Page 41 of 42
The dates and time of those who left or moved off to other states I dont know.          somewhat gray. Him and Kathlyn have no children. Jake is making the race for
All I know is they went away . Father's brother Matthew Dennis went To                  County Trustee. Jake is very industrious, full of energy and never idle. The
Madison County, Arkansas about 1849. John Hollandsworth went with Matt and              public calls on him every day for assistance of some sort and he never turns no
he came back the next year. My father went out there in the fall of 1868, stayed        one away empty handed, if he can possibly do or help them anyway. Their
one year and returned. Bill and Sam Dennis went to Arkansas in 1870. They               home is a welcome place for all respectable people.
never returned. John Dennis, my cousin and Uncle Bill's son went 1875 and he
never came back. Matt, Jr. Bill's son and Spunk went and died in Arkansas.
Kahal Hollandsworth and Alfred Marcum, Bill's son-in-law went and died in
Arkansas. David Hutchins, Aunt Emmaline's husband and Richard Talley,
Patsy's husband went to Indian Territory in 1783. They died out there. Dock
Murphy, Aunt Eliza Dennis' husband settled down at Dibrell in Warren County,
Tennessee and died there.

Henry Dennis was of Scotch, Irish, and Welch descent. Calvin Dennis was his
great grandfather who came over here in the Mayflower from England. *Again
there is no proof of this His birth was in Scotland. Lou Cardwill his wife was
from near London. Calvin's son, Henry who located in Maryland and married
Miss Julia Newman was the father and mother of Samuel Dennis. Julia
Newman was of Dutch descent so says the Coat of Arms. Samuel Dennis, son
of Henry Dennis married a Miss Sarah Lamar, a full-blooded Irishwoman.
Samuel was the father of Henry Dennis, my grandfather. This Henry married
Lafatia Parker. She was full Irish. All the Parkers hailed from Ireland. How and
when they came to this country, I dont know. I mean America. The came to
what is now Tennessee when Henry Dennis came of course.

Palona Frances Reynolds, wife of Henry Dennis, Jr. was of English descent. All
of her fore parents were of English extract. I dont know very much about my
Mother's people
The Reynolds, and Bakers, and Foutch and Crowley families are all closely
related. Grandfather Reynolds wife was Melvina Baker. Elizabeth Adams, wife
of Peter Adams was a sister to Melvina Reynolds. Elizabeth's first husband was
a Mr. Crowley, father of Judge Will Crowley of Smithville. If there was any
brothers of Melvina and Elizabeth, I never heard of one. My mother's brothers
died years ago. Their names were Hiram and William Reynolds.

Jake Dennis is the oldest son of Rufus A. Dennis. He was born Oct 14, 1896.
He is at the present time selling merchandise at Woodbury. He has a good
business education. He served thorought the World War, serving in the Navy
near five years. Jake has done lots of work and has done moderately well. He
married in Illinois some few years ago and his wife sure is a fine type of
humanity. She is polished in her manners and strives to make everyone feel
welcome when in her company. Jake is near 44 years of age and is
                                                                     R.A. Dennis Records Page 42 of 42

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