Downloading Installing IVAE This program from IVAO is free by mariolopez


									Downloading / Installing IVAE

This program from IVAO is free and enables you to see who is online; controllers,                      To download IvAe for the first
pilots and observers. You can see where they are flying to and from, their flight                         time, rather than update a
plans and their current position enroute. It also enables you to access weather                      previous version, it is necessary
reports for the majority of airports in the world and see which runways are in use                          for you to select the first
at manned airports, all this information being very useful for pre-flight planning.                                    download link.

To download this program, access via the web
and select the [Download] link at the bottom of the page.                                               To update a previous version,
                                                                                                     select the second download link.

The Eye of IVAO Downloads
The Eye of IVAO +
                  v0.8.6 BETA                 2007-01-13     5.7 MB     [Download] [Changelog]
Data Update
The Eye of IVAO -
                  Jan 2007                    2007-01-13     1.77 MB    [Download]
Data Update
The Eye of IVAO -
                  v0.8.2 BETA                 2005-07-30     4.8 MB     [Download]
Texture Addon

Once you have downloaded IvAe, install the program to a directory of your choice, a
default directory is suggested inside the IVAO folder in your program files directory but its
location does not affect its operation or that of Flight Simulator as IvAe runs in a separate

    Choosing The Right Settings

    On Starting “The Eye” for the first time, it is a good idea to set a few things up so that you
    do not have any complications later on in the use of the program and so that you become
    familiar with the controls and facilities of the program.

Training Academy Document
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Once you have opened IvAe, select the ‘Settings’ tab on the menu bar and then
select the ‘General’ option from the drop down menu.

A new window will appear, similar to that show in the print screen below, with a
variety of options selected and highlighted. Some of these options need

[Startup]                                                                                                       [Operation]
Select the most                                                                                                 Select the options
appropriate option,                                                                                             that apply to you;
we would suggest                                                                                                these options are
that you select the                                                                                             based on user
first option so that                                                                                            preference.
the program
downloads the latest
data as soon as the
program opens.                                                                                                  [Connect to TS]
                                                                                                                In the ‘Callsign’ field,
                                                                                                                enter your Fly UK
[Auto Download]                                                                                                 pilot number e.g.
For effective use of                                                                                             UKV1121
the program, it is                                                                                              In the ‘VID’ field,
suggested that you                                                                                              enter your IVAO ID
‘Enable auto-                                                                                                   number, given to
downloading’. We                                                                                                you upon registering
have chosen 3                                                                                                   and in the
minutes as the auto-                                                                                            ‘Password’ field,
download interval.                                                                                              enter your IVAO
                                                                                                                password (this is the
                                                                                                                shorter one).
Unless you are using a proxy server, you do not need
to enter any information in to this section. If however            Once you have selected all the options that are appropriate and
you are behind a proxy server, then you will need to               once you have entered in the necessary data, press the [Save]
enter information in to this section of which you will             button.
have to provide yourself.

                 Then select the ‘View’ tab on the menu bar and select the options (as displayed in the images below)
                            from the drop down menus that appear when you select each individual item.

      Controllers                    User                      By Rank                 User                     3D (globe)

                                                          Then close IvAe and restart the program to ensure that all of the settings
      Speed vectors
                                                                                are saved and are working.
      FIR Boundaries

Training Academy Document
Document Version: 1.0

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Released: February 2007                                                                                                      Page 2
Starting IvAe With Your Settings Changed

On starting IvAe this time, you will see that a few things have changed and that
your program has loaded differently.
                                                                                                    [Upcoming Events]
A few things you will be able to identify by looking at the program window...
                                                                                                    This is a detailed list of any
                                                                                                    upcoming events that are
                                                                                                    scheduled on the IVAO
[IVAO Status]
This section gives
you a break down of
the current status of
the IVAO network,                                                                                                    [Search
listing the different                                                                                                Clients]
number of clients                                                                                                    This section
connected, the                                                                                                       allows you to
number of POB, the                                                                                                   search for
number of network                                                                                                    particular
and voice servers                                                                                                    people that
online and much                                                                                                      are connected
more.                                                                                                                on the
                                                                                                                     network by
[Friends]                                                                                                            different
Once you have                                                                                                        criteria such
added pilots as your                                                                                                 as callsign.
friend in IvAe, they
will be displayed in
this box if they are                                                                                                 This shows
online.                                                                                                              the current
                                                                                                                     time in Zulu
                                                                                                                     time and the
This is the number                                                                                                   time that the
of people logged                                                                                                     last data was
on to IVAO as of                                                                                                     downloaded.
the last update e.g.
145 clients

                        [Search Data]                                        Data is being downloaded from IVAO (information
                        This section allows you to search for various data   regarding what particular data is being
                        such as weather reports for an airport e.g. the      downloaded is given e.g. ‘Downloaded METAR’
                        METAR for EGNM.

         The latest data will be downloaded automatically every
         3 minutes, as set up in the general settings, but by
         pressing [F9] on your keyboard, a manual update will
         be forced and the latest data will be downloaded.

Training Academy Document
Document Version: 1.0

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Released: February 2007                                                                                                 Page 3
Exploring The Map

Moving on to the ‘Map’ tab, you will
see the current status of the IVAO
network in a visual format - all
information displayed on a map.

When you first start flying online on
IVAO, you are given the SFO rating
(Second Flying Officer); once
completing 10 hours of flight time on
the network, your rank increases to
FFO (First Flying Officer) - other
ranks can be achieved by taking
written and practical exams with
IVAO. Due to the settings made
earlier, pilots ranks are represented
by different colours - pilots that are
an SFO are displayed as white and as
the colours darken, the rank of the
pilot’s increases.

If you move your cursor over a pilot
and use the right mouse button to
click on them, a line will be displayed - this line represents the route   Tip: You can zoom in/out on the map by using the
that the pilot is flying. Green areas on this line represents the part     scroll wheel on your mouse or pressing [F11] and
of the flight the pilot has completed and brown areas on this line         [F12]. Use the arrow keys, on the keyboard, to pan
represents the part of the flight that the pilot is yet to complete.       across the map.

Different visual representations correspond to different items when it comes to displaying airports. Where ICAO
codes of airports are displayed, this means that there is inbound/outbound traffic at that airport. Airports that
have ATC of some form are surrounded by a coloured circle or star; these include Ground (represented by a star),
Tower (represented by an orange circle) and Approach (represented by a red circle). Shown on the print screen
above, we have one airport with Ground and Approach control, one airport with only Tower control and another
airport with only Approach control.

                                                          Large blue circles represent observers - these could be
                                                          IVAO pilots or staff members that have logged onto the
                                                          network using IvAc to simply observer those pilots and
                                                          ATCOs connected on the network.

                                                          The dark blue sectors of the map are areas of controlled
                                                          airspace. These controllers will control you en-route if you
                                                          fly into their airspace. If EGTT_CTR was online, you would
                                                          have seen one of these large blue sectors covering
                                                          England. We can identify that a centre controller is online
                                                          in Amsterdam, so all traffic flying through that controller’s
                                                          airspace would receive enroute control.

Training Academy Document
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By using the left mouse button to click on a pilot (or their aircraft callsign), you can display that pilots details. From the
window that is displayed, you can add the pilot to your friends list by clicking the [Add to Friends] button, or you can
view their filed Flight Plan by clicking the [Show FP] button. This window also displays a variety of information on the
pilots route, not just his details; departure, destination and aircraft details are displayed.

                                                                                         By using the left mouse button to click on
                                                                                         an ATCO, we often find that a grey box is
                                                                                         displayed with several different callsigns
                                                                                         including aircraft, ATCOs and observers.
                                                                                         Having clicked here on EHAM, this has
                                                                                         happened however we want the
                                                                                         information on the controller. Clicking on
                                                                                         the controller’s callsign displays a window
                                                                                         similar to that of a pilot - this includes
                                                                                         details on the controller, the radio
                                                                                         frequency of the facility being controlled,
                                                                                         the weather at that facility and the
                                                                                         runways in use at that facility. You can
                                                                                         listen in to that channel by simply clicking
                                                                                         the [Join Channel] button and you can add
                                                                                         the controller to your friends list by
                                                                                         clicking the [Add to Friends] button.

Training Academy Document
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Released: February 2007                                                                                                     Page 5
It is possible to display the weather on a realistic map. To do this, press the [W] key for the weather and the [T] key for
the texture and your map will change to display something like that which is shown above. This particular screen shows
a hot day in England with some slight cloud coverage in the North West, the rest of Europe looks hot and sunny too.

                                                There are a number of other options and facilities within IvAe including ‘My Eye’
                                                which shows you information related to your flight if you are flying online or
                                                detailed lists on controllers and pilots that are connected to the network. These
                                                facilities are there for you to explore and use them as you wish.

Training Academy Document
Document Version: 1.0

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