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									Name                 Garry R Whitby

                     +84 94 824 3418


Nationality          British

Qualifications       Bristol University, UK: BSc Engineering

                     Chartered Engineer, CEng

                     Member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology, MIET

                     Member of Institute of Management Consultancy, MIMC

Profile              International development advisor and programme manager with over 30
                     years experience in Africa, South and SE Asia, specialising in private
                     sector development and livelihood creation.

                     For further details visit

Employment History

Date                 Organisation                      Position Held
Sep 07 –date         Danida/ASMED (Vietnam)            Senior Advisor
Sep 06 – Jun 07      KPMG (South Africa)               Business Development Manager
Jun 98 - Sep 06      Deloitte (South Africa)           Partner
Sep 93 – Jun 98      PPI Consultants (Malawi)          Managing Consultant
Jun 90 –Sep 93       UNDP/ILO (Malawi)                 Chief Technical Advisor
Aug 88 – Jun 90      Self Employed (UK based)          International Development Advisor
Jan 86 – Aug 88      ITDG (Malawi)                     Operations Field Director
May 79 – Dec 85      ITDG (UK based)                   Industrial Advisor
Sep 76 – May 79      Imperial Group Limited (UK)       Project Engineer
Sep 74 – Sep 76      CAV Limited (UK)                  Graduate Apprentice

                                      1/8                                        Garry Whitb y
Relevant Professional Experience

2007 - date   Danida, SME Development, BSPS Programme, Vietnam

              Senior Advisor, ASMED [24 months]

              Advisor to the Business Sector Programme Support, advising on provincial
              business environment, with a role for the whole programme of five components
              covering enabling environment, labour conditions, business competitiveness, legal
              reform and SME research.

2006 - 2007   KPMG, Development Advisory Services, Africa Region

              Manager, Development Advisory Services Unit [8 months]

              Creating a development advisory business to provide professional services to
              international donors and NGOs, governments and private foundations in Africa.
              KPMG has a network of offices throughout Africa providing local knowledge, skills
              and contacts; and, an infrastructure from which to launch development projects.
              This is seen as KPMG’s contribution to Africa’s growth, by offering services, which
              nurture partnerships between the international donor agencies, private sector, civil
              society, governments and communities.

2005          United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Regional Office for South Asia

              Advisor – Livelihood Development [30 days]

              Developing a methodology for strategic planning leading to the re-construction and
              development in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami; concentrating on the
              reconstruction of the education sector, with particular emphasis on livelihood
              development opportunities. Testing of the methodology in the Maldives, which was
              economically devastated; and presenting the methodology in Bangkok to an
              audience of 90 delegates from South and SE Asia.

2004          Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)

              Team Leader – Business Planning [6 weeks]

              Development of business plan and budget to implement the Regional Indicative
              Strategic Plan, by Directorate and Units, for presentation to the member states.

2004          Ministry of Private Sector Development, Ghana

              Advisor – Advocacy [15 days]

              Development of an evaluation template to assist with the selection of a variety of
              private sector development interventions for support by Government.

2000-2005     Department for International Development (DFID) – Private Sector
              Development - Challenge Fund Management

              Global Project Director – Matching Grants Programme [inputs over five years]

                                        2/8                                        Garry Whitb y
              Design, development and implementation of Challenge Fund approach to socio-
              economic development through dialogue with the private sector to develop
              innovative delivery of new products and services to address the needs of the poor
              by entering mass markets with commercially viable initiatives. Manager of two
              funds, the Financial Deepening and Business Linkages Challenge Funds in Africa
              and South Asia

1999- 2002    Department for International Development (DFID) – Private Sector
              Development - Management Support

              Project Director – Business Development Services [inputs over 3 years]

              SME Business Development and Support Services assisting the Small
              Enterprises Development Corporation (SEDCO) to refocus and develop its
              services; reviewing the needs of its clients for services and workspace; facilitation
              of preparation of a new strategic plan; and, capacity building of SEDCO
              counsellors to improve the quality of support to entrepreneurs in the production of
              business plans

              Project Director managing technical assistance to the Enterprise Trust Fund to
              assist its Phase II development, accreditation of Financial Intermediaries,
              development of Credit Cycle Management techniques, and manuals.

1990 – 1993   United Nations Development Programme

              Chief Technical Advisor – Entrepreneurship Development [37 months]

              Transformation of a government department to an autonomous trust for
              entrepreneurship development. Responsible for: developing a new management
              structure; implementing a commercial accounting system, including budgeting and
              financial reporting; development of a business plan for financial sustainability and
              raising the profile of MEDI; developing product range and marketing; introducing
              improved management processes; rationalising staff, providing human resource
              development and training support; providing corporate/strategic planning, and
              change management advice.

1993 – 1998   PPI Consultants Limited, Malawi

              Managing Consultant – Livelihood Development [56 months]

              Advisor to the international donor agencies in Malawi, developing and managing
              programmes. In particular, construction adviser to the DFID funded Community
              Schools Programme, building 100 schools in rural and remote communities;
              approaches to community involvement; developing emerging contractors to assist
              them become involved in the construction of schools; as well as, small cont ractors
              to build schools in remote areas of Malawi.

              Managing Consultant – Strategic Planning

              Strategic Planning for the Malawi Police Service, National Statistical Office (DFID)
              and the Lesotho Bureau of Statistics (EU).

                                        3/8                                         Garry Whitb y
1988- 1990    Independent Development Advisor

              Advisor - Enterprise Development [10 months]

              Enterprise Development, Zambia Advisor to ZCCM on enterprise development
              for re-trenched employees of the copper mines. Development of business case for
              entrepreneurial development. [3 weeks]

              Rural Industries Development, Lesotho Advisor to Lesotho Highlands
              Development Project on enterprise development and training for displaced
              communities, whose land was to be flooded by the Katse Dam. (EU) [6 weeks]

              Enterprise Development for Refugee Affected Are as, Sudan Advisor to
              ILO/UNHCR identifying income generating opportunities and business development
              strategies. [6 weeks]

              Rural Electrification, Lesotho Advisor to Lesotho Highlands Development Project
              on the potential of rural electrification in the Maluti Mountains, as a result of the
              electrification, which was happening to build the Katse dam. (EU) [2 weeks]

              Entrepreneurial Development, Malawi Advisor to ILO on the development of the
              Malawian Entrepreneurs Development Institute. Subsequently, became the CTA to
              implement recommendations. [3 weeks]

              Small Industries Development, Pakistan Team Leader to develop a programme
              of entrepreneurial development, and small industry promotion to Sindh Province
              (EU) [3 weeks]

1979 - 1988   Intermediate Technology Development Group

              Operations Field Director – Enterprise Development [30 months]
              Development and design of development programmes in Southern Africa for ITDG
              in the field of technological and enterprise assistance. Advisor to UNIDO and

              Industrial Adviser - Industrial Development [7 years]
              Responsible for industrial development in under-developed countries in Africa and
              South Asia.

May 1999 –    United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – Institutional
July 1999     Development

Aug 2002      Senior Manager - Management Audit

              Management Specialist undertaking a management audit of the Education
              Foundation, an NGO which provides educational statistics and information to
              Government and other decision and policy makers.

Dec 2001 –    European Union – Institutional Development
Feb 2002
              Advisory Partner - Management & Forensic Audit

                                        4/8                                        Garry Whitb y
Dec 1998 –   Audit of a donor funded projects in Eastern Cape investigating mismanagement,
Feb 1999     fraud and corruption.

             Management Audit of the Programme Support Unit in the Ministry of Finance in
             Tanzania for EDF funded projects

                                     5/8                                      Garry Whitb y
Other Professional Experience

1976 – 1979     Imperial Group Limited

                Project Management Engineer

                Management of engineering projects in a sawmill and ply mill in Malawi, cigarette
                manufacturing in Nottingham, brewery in Bristol and snack food plant in

1974 – 1976     CAV Limited

                Graduate Apprentice

Education, Professional Training & Membership

Education       1971-1974 Bristol University: BSc Engineering

                1983 Bradford University: Investment Appraisal for Development Banks and
                Financial Institutions

Professional    1974 - date     Numerous courses including finance for non-financial managers,
training                        entrepreneurship, strategic planning, change management,
                                institutional development

Professional    1982            Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET)
Membership      1982            Chartered Engineer (CEng)

                2005            Member of Institute of Management Consultancy (MIMC)

Publications/   Africa Investor, Micro-finance Goes Corporate – Expert Insight Garry Whitby
Presentations   March 2006

                BusinessIn Africa - Africa: -Decline of paternalism in sight – Opinion Garry
                Whitby May 2005

                Corporate Africa - African Private Sector is the Key to Africa’s Growth – Garry
                Whitby, Burger Muller November 2005

                Role of the Private Sector in Africa’s Growth – Africa Business Roundtable –
                Garry Whitby Accra November 2005

                Investment Climate Facility - Africa Business Roundtable – Garry Whitby
                Accra November 2005

                Sustainable Infrastructure in Africa – Challenge Funds a 5-Year
                Perspective – British Consultants and Construction Board – Garry Whitby
                London January 2006.

                                         6/8                                        Garry Whitb y
Career Achievements (selected)

KPMG            I established the Development Advisory Services division within KPMG Africa, in
                which I developed the business strategy, trained staff from all over Africa and won
(2006-2007)     significant work, notably the management contract for the £100 M DFID funded
                global Governance and Transparency Fund.

Deloitte &      I was brought into Deloitte to turn around an ailing development advisory business.
Touche          Within seven months I turned a loss of USD 85,000 into a profit of USD 200,000 by
                re-examining the economic model of the business within Deloitte. I was then asked
(1998-2006)     to assist their advisory business in Maputo, and turned a loss making business into
                profit within one year, to a success business generating profits of USD 150,000 to
                USD 220,000 pa dependent on the market.

DFID            Business Linkages & Financial Deepening Challenge Funds where we designed and
                developed, what has proved to be a new development tool in international
(2000-2005)     development, which brings socio-economic development on a commercially
                sustainable basis. Through these Funds we were able to nurture a partnership
                between international donors and the corporate world to work together and invest in
                development to contribute to the sustainable growth of Africa and South Asia,
                benefiting poor communities and people, as well as enhance shareholder value.

                Community Schools project where we developed an approach involving rural and
                remote communities in the development and management of their schools, but
                empowering them with skills to become part of the decision making process, and
                give them the confidence to take advantage of new livelihood opportunities that the
                social development of their communities brought, by assisting them benefit
                economically from the influx of development funding entering their community.

UNDP/ILO        In Malawi, at MEDI, I transformed a government department into a sustainable
                organisation, by introducing new management techniques; re-structure their
(1990-1993)     accounts from budget-based system, into an income and expenditure system,
                which encouraged the making of profits. I also introduced a complet ely new set of
                entrepreneurship development programmes in line with market forces. The institute
                now offers sustainable, affordable services to entrepreneurs at commercial rates,
                over 10 years since I left.

ITDG            With ITDG I established their original programme of assistance in southern Africa,
                and developed the operational and financial model for their Country Based offices
(1979 – 1988)   throughout the world. I was also able to develop their consulting business (IT
                Consultants), into a business offering affordable services to international donors and
                NGOs, which became profitable during my time with them.

Strategic       I have been able to articulate the benefits of strategic planning to diverse
Planning &      organisations from the Malawi Police Service to Statistical Offices to Business
Management      Development organisations, all of which have developed second and third plans to
Audits          guide their operations, especially to align them with the needs of the people they
                seek to serve. In management audits and evaluations I have been able to assist
                ailing organisations become viable (Education Foundation, SA).

                                          7/8                                        Garry Whitb y
8/8   Garry Whitb y

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