In today s global marketplace excellence in professional English by markpaulgosselar


									In today’s global marketplace, excellence in
professional English is a critical component of
success. Many students come to the United States to
achieve a competitive edge in the international       International Fellows Program
business world.                                       Tel: (909) 621-8308
International Fellows is an advanced English          Fax: (909) 621-0518
program designed specifically for students admitted   E-mail:               A Joint Program of:
to Claremont Graduate University’s programs in        Web:
management, financial engineering, and
information science.                                  Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito    The Peter F. Drucker and
                                                      Graduate School of Management:
The goals of the program are to help students:        Tel: (800) 944-4312                   Masatoshi Ito Graduate
     Develop sophisticated spoken and written
                                                      Fax: (909) 607-9104                   School of Management
     English for academic and professional
                                                                                            The School of Information
     Gain a deeper understanding of American          School of Information Science
     culture — in particular, business and            Tel: (909) 607-3180                   Science
     academic cultures                                Fax: (909) 621-8564
     Build confidence for success in the classroom    Web:
     and beyond

     Become bilingual and bicultural managers in
     their fields

  “This is a rigorous English program in which                                                  “Managers have to learn to know
 you learn how to interact in an easy way with                                              language, to understand what words are
    American culture. During my studies at                                                     and what they mean. Perhaps most
   CGU, I have improved my writing and oral                                                important, they have to acquire respect for
  skills a lot, allowing me to feel more confident                                           language as our most precious gift and
 in my MBA classes. This has been one of the                                               heritage. Without the ability to motivate by
     most challenging experiences of my life.”                                              means of the written and spoken word or
                                                                                            the telling number, a manager cannot be
             —Evren Urkmez, Turkey                                                                         successful.”
                                                                                                       —Peter F. Drucker
                                                    Course Descriptions                                        Admission Procedures
                                                    Summer Session                                             Application to the International Fellows Program is
Stage One: Summer Session                                                                                      automatically made upon application to CGU. Some
    Advanced English for Graduate Studies: Oral     Management 101y: Advanced English for Graduate             students are admitted to this program as a condition of
    Proficiency                                     Studies: Oral Proficiency                                  their acceptance to CGU. Others may volunteer to take
    Advanced English for Graduate Studies:          Students develop advanced proficiency in oral English      the program as a complement to their graduate studies.
    Text Analysis and Composition                   through extensive practice that includes managerial        Students who enroll in the International Fellows Program
    Intensive tutorial support for pronunciation    problem-solving activities. They participate in small      must complete all required courses.
    Discussion groups with American CGU             group discussions, individual presentations, and team      Cost of the Program for 2008-2009
    student leaders                                 projects that build their expertise and confidence for     Summer Session: $9,992.00
                                                    communicating effectively in English in graduate           Fall and Spring Sessions: Students pay the equivalent
Stage Two: Fall Semester                            classes and business settings. Students have weekly        CGU tuition for each course.
                                                    pronunciation tutorials.
   Up to 3 Drucker MBA, IS or FE Courses, one of                                                               Dates of the Summer Program for 2008
   which is Management 345: Organizational          Management 102y: Advanced English for Graduate             June 9 - August 13, 2008
   Behavior                                         Studies: Text Analysis and Composition
   Management 145y: English for                     Students analyze articles from business journals, do
   Organizational Behavior                          library and internet research, and review business
   Optional tutorial support                        cases to develop proficiency in graduate-level reading
                                                    and writing. Written assignments include a summary,
Upon successful completion of the program in        case report, critique, argument, and analysis.
December, students will receive an International
Fellows Certificate.                                Fall Semester
Optional Stage Three: Spring Semester               Management 145y: English for Organizational
   Management 108y: Critical Analysis of            Behavior
   Management Issues                                The course guides students toward greater compre-
                                                    hension of readings, discussions, and lectures for
Courses are subject to change.                      MGT 345: Organizational Behavior. Its primary
                                                    purpose is to promote effective class participation. The
                                                    English instructor attends the MBA course to coordinate
    “The program made me a lot closer to my         lessons and observe student participation. Students            “The International Fellows Program gave me
classmates. We were able to share our knowledge     may opt for tutorials to address their particular            confidence speaking and listening to English. It
  with each other. This was an advantage over       language needs.                                              also gave me the opportunity to interact closely
     other international students, who had to                                                                     with people from other cultures. I now have a
 struggle to learn independently. We formed a       Spring Semester                                              better understanding of those cultures and other
strong team, perhaps because of the rigor of the                                                                  ways of doing business. In a global business
program and the external pressures of living in a   Management 108y: Critical Analysis of Management                 environment, it is important to have this
   different culture. I have made a lot of good     Cases (optional)                                                               knowledge.”
  friends, and I am sure we will keep in contact    Students analyze and resolve management cases and
                 after graduation.”                 controversial issues. They participate in discussions                    — Hiroshi Ishimura, Japan
                                                    and debates.
              — Vincent Chen, Taiwan

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