A slice of life in Tedstone history

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         A slice of life in Tedstone history
Across our parish, there are                                              Lizard Point, and with several
many marks of our history – our                                           painted windows, among which
churches, and some of the hous-                                           the east window, with three tall
es are among the most obvious.                                            slender lights filled with one of
New families move into and out                                            Hardman's most successful imi-
of the parish, but some names                                             tations of mediaeval glass, the
crop up time and again – war                                              offering of James Lane Wight,
memorials, local history books                                            Esq., of Tedstone Court, is con-
and even the parish magazine                                              spicuously beautiful.
show us that some families have
been here for at least 200 years.    bracing” and that the area’s his-    “Altogether, although on a very
                                     tory possibly includes a battle      small scale, the church of
Before the advent of the tele-       during the Wars of the Roses,        Tedstone Delamere represents
phone and the Yellow Pages,          fought close to Tipton farm.         fairly enough the type of parish
trade directories offered infor-                                          church which belongs to this bor-
mation on areas so that trades-      There is a good deal of informa-     der land of Celt and Saxon.”
men would know who the wealth-       tion about the church – the          There is a note of disappoint-
iest inhabitants were, what          Gazetteer says: “The situation of    ment in its observation that “ the
trades were already offered in an    the church, as also of the Court     parish registers only date from
area and also gave some of the       and Parsonage house, is highly       the Revolution of 1688”, but the
history of a place. Tedstone         interesting, and commands very       parish did at least have its own
Delamere     is    covered     by    extensive prospects in the coun-     school, whose master was
Littlebury’s    Directory    and     ties of Worcester, Stafford,         William Price, with Mrs E Preece
Gazetteer of Herefordshire,          Warwick, and Gloucester. The         running the infants section.
which gives information on “pri-     celebrated hills of Malvern form
vate and commercial residents”       a leading feature towards the        The commercial residents listed
for 1876-7.                          south-east. One of the very few      include names that are familiar
                                     instances which are to be found      today – T Benbow was the parish
The      Gazetteer       described   of the mistletoe growing on the      clerk for the neighbouring
Tedstone as “ a picturesque          oak, is to be seen in this parish.   Tedstone Wafer (the Gazetteer’s
parish”, whose population in                                              spelling), and the Evans family’s
1871 was 235, including “James       It covers the rebuilding of the      gamekeeper Richard Jones lived
Lane Wight, Esq., of Tedstone        church (above) in 1856-7, paid       at Lay farm. James Gough,
court, who is lord of the manor,     for by the former Rector, the Rev    Thomas Herring and Charles Hill
Edward Bickerton Evans, Esq., of     I Smith, but with “liberal contri-   all worked for James Wight at
Whitbourne        hall,    William   butions” from parishioners. The      Tedstone Court, while Samuel
Barneby, Esq., of Saltmarshe cas-    rebuilding was overseen by none      Pitt farmed and was the miller at
tle, Stuart Knill, Esq., and Major   other than Sir George Gilbert        Horner’s Mill. George and
Baker, are the principal landown-    Scott, keeping much of the old       Thomas Wilson farmed at Winley
ers.                                 character of the building as well    and Lamb Green, James Ward
                                     as some of its older features,       farmed at Tipton Hall, William
For those who question the ori-      including the chancel screen of      Smith at Wood End, Joseph
gin of the name, the Gazetteer       carved oak, probably Tudor, and      Pantall at Upper Grounds and
suggests: “Duncombe, in his          the old Norman font.                 Henry Moseley at Hedge House.
"History of Herefordshire", gives                                         Most grew hops as well as farm-
"Toddesthorne" as the ancient        The Gazetteer notes: “Oak, the       ing. The parish had a blacksmith
spelling of "Tedstone", and          timber par excellence of this dis-   in Richard Powell, who was also
accounts for "Delamere" by a         trict, was used largely in the       Tedstone Delamere’s parish
"William de la Mere, who held        rebuilding, not only in the ordi-    clerk, and a carpenter in James
Tedston (sic) in the reign of        nary fittings of the church, but     Hodges.
Henry III. by the service of one     also in its shingled spire and                                     RE
knight's fee, as of the Earl of      gable-crosses. The western wall f
Hereford".                           the nave is one of the very few
                                     specimens extant, of Saxon
Tedstone residents will be           masonry. The church is richly
pleased to know that the climate     adorned with small columns of
then was “soft, though fine and      Serpentine marble from the