General Purpose adhesive, patching skimming compound by ars16282


									durarep styrofix
              General Purpose adhesive, patching & skimming compound

DESCRIPTION                              • Can be used on vertical and               approved spiral paddle. Very small
                                           overhead applications                     quantities may be mixed by hand but
durarep styrofix is a two-component,     • Will overcoat undulations and             extreme care should be taken to
polymer modified cementitious blend,       irregularities such as                    ensure that the product is mixed
which only requires thorough mixing.       honeycombing.                             thoroughly. Do not split kit. The
Its unique formulation provides                                                      mortar is gauged with an amount of
excellent adhesion between concrete,                                                 liquid to match the consistency
                                           TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
masonry surfaces and polystyrene.                                                    required for application.
durarep styrofix also provides a fair-   Colour                  Grey                Pour the liquid into the mixer and with
faced finish to concrete and masonry                                                 the mixer running, gradually add the
                                         Approximate fresh                           durarep styrofix to the liquid in the
and polystyrene whether used as a                                2Kg/l
                                         wet density                                 container. Mix for 3 to 5 minutes until
fairing or to close blowholes prior to
applying      protective   decorative    Approximate                                 the product is lump free, smooth and
coatings.                                working time            20 minutes          fully homogeneous. Do not mix more
                                         @20 C                                       than can be applied in 20 minutes.
USES                                                      o
                                         Setting time @20 C      30 to 50 minutes
durarep styrofix is used as a thin       Coefficient of                       -6 o
                                                                 9 to 12 x 10 / C
film adhesive and coating to concrete,   thermal expansion                           1 litre of mixed cobfix will cover
masonry and polystyrene surfaces                                                     approximately 1.0 m at 1 mm thick.
which are not trafficked. It can be      SURFACE PREPARATION
applied from feather edge to 4 mm in                                                 APPLICATION
thickness for applications such as:      The substrate must be sound, firm,
                                         clean and free of oil, grease, loose        Mixed cobfix should be applied by
• An adhesive to bond polystyrene to     particles, cement laitance, old layers      trowel in as few applications as
  concrete and masonry surfaces          of paint or other contaminants. In          possible. As an adhesive the product
• Fairing of concrete or masonry         severe cases chemical or steam              is applied using a suitable notched
  surfaces to receive protective or      degreasing might be required. In            trowel to ensure total embedment of
  decorative coatings                    addition or as part of the cleaning         the polystyrene and while still tacky
• Interior and exterior applications     process ensure that the substrate is        bed the polystyrene into the adhesive
• Ideal for use as a scraper coat and    roughened to provide sufficient key         layer and secure for 24 hours for
  filling minor indentations             for bonding. This can be achieved by        optimum adhesion. When fairing, the
• Filling blowholes                      light scarification or grit-blasting.       product can be applied a maximum of
                                         Where the effectiveness of the              4 mm down to a feather edge. The
FEATURES AND BENEFITS                    surface preparation is in question          coating must be allowed to set
                                         pull-off tests should be performed.         sufficiently before final profiling. Slight
durarep styrofix is highly compatible    When using compressed air for               wetting can aid a smoother finish.
with and bonds extremely well to         cleaning, the air must be clean and oil
concrete, masonry, polystyrene and       free.                                       CLEANING
other durarep mortars and can be
over coated with duracote coatings.      BONDING / PRIMING                           Clean tools with water before the
durarep styrofix is applied from a                                                   mortar hardens. Hardened material
feather-edge to a maximum thickness      Priming is not required, but absorbent      can only be removed by mechanical
of 4 mm. Ready to use only requires      surfaces such as plaster or concrete        means.
thorough mixing.                         must be thoroughly pre-wetted with
• Easy to apply, excellent adhesion      clean water. Ensure that there is no        PROTECTION ON
• No primer or curing membrane           free water on the surface prior to          COMPLETION
   necessary                             application.
• Excellent bond to the polystyrene,                                                 Should rainfall be imminent, suitable
   concrete and masonry surfaces         MIXING                                      protection must be provided until
• Constant quality/performance (pre-                                                 durarep styrofix has cured. durarep
   blended)                              Forced      action      mixing     is       styrofix does not require membrane
• Contains no chlorides                  recommended for mixing large                curing. In extreme cold conditions, the
• Provides a consistently smooth         volumes of this type of product. One-       coating should be protected from
   finish, which enhances the            kit batches or smaller volumes may          freezing. For additional protection
   appearance of protective coatings     be mixed with a variable-speed (300-        properties, durarep styrofix is fully
                                         500 r/min) industrial drill with an         compatible with the durarep styrofix

                                                                                                               91231 Rev: 06-03-09
and duracote range of protective            HEALTH & SAFETY                           FURTHER INFORMATION
coatings. Depending on ambient
conditions the durarep products can         Product safety information required       Where other products are to be used
be over coated in 48 hours.                 for safe use is not included. Before      in conjunction with this material, the
                                            handling, read product and safety         relevant technical data sheets should
TEMPERATURE AND                             data sheets and container labels for      be consulted to determine total
RELATIVE HUMIDITY                           safe use, physical and health hazard      requirements.
                                            information. The safety data sheet is     abe Construction Chemicals has a
Surface and ambient temperature             available from your local abe             wealth of technical and practical
must be at least + 5 °C and rising,         Construction     Chemicals     sales      experience built up over years in the
                   o          o
ideally between 20 C and 35 C. At           representative.                           company’s pursuit of excellence in
ambient temperatures above 35 ºC,                                                     building and construction technology.
the material should be stored in the        IMPORTANT NOTE
shade and cooled water used for
mixing.                                     This data sheet is issued as a guide
                                            to the use of the product(s)
MODEL SPECIFICATION                         concerned. Whilst abe Construction
                                            Chemicals endeavours to ensure that
durarep styrofix, Polymer-modified          any       advice,     recommendation,
cementitious polystyrene adhesive,          specification     or   information   is
fairing mortar, filling of blowholes and    accurate and correct, the company
thin skin fairing coat on non-trafficable   cannot - because abe has no direct or
surfaces. The adhesive or fairing           continuous control over where and
mortar will be durarep styrofix, a          how abe products are applied -
two-component,         polymer-modified,    accept any liability either directly or
chloride-free compound applied in           indirectly arising from the use of abe
accordance        with     manufacturers    products,     whether     or   not   in
instructions.                               accordance       with    any    advice,
                                            specification, recommendation or
                                            information given by the company.

durarep styrofix is supplied in 10
litre kits,  powder   and    liquid


This product has a shelf life of 12
months if kept in a dry cool place in
the original packaging. In more
extreme conditions this period might
be shortened.

                                                                                                             91231 Rev: 06-03-09

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