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					The Shrink Wrap
Graduate Students Coordinating Committee

A word from the Editor
Let me introduce three novelties for this year:   Motivation: let’s be modern folks! ;-)                        Volume 1, Issue 1
                                                                                                             Submitted: June 18, 2007
(1) A Wiki system allows the direct contri-       (3) The newsletter will direct the reader to the
    bution of people to the newsletter.           interview of the person of the week (POW)
                                                  hosted on the website.
                                                  Motivation: taking care of a part of our com-      Important Deadlines:
Motivation: reducing my workload in editing       munity memory and encouraging connections
                                                                                                     July 13: Submit Cap & Gown Order
and collecting the info. Thanks to the people     by allowing everybody to tell something per-            Form to Graduate School
who have used it so far! Please try it—           sonal about themselves and relevant to the life    July 13: Submit defended & corrected
otherwise send me good old-fashioned emails.      of the psychology department.                           thesis/dissertation copy to Graduate
Any kind of contribution is welcome!                                                                      School for review
                                                  My last word will be “don't be too shy!” You       July 27: Submit final thesis/dissertation
                                                  would be surprised to know how much others              copies to Graduate School
(2) The GSCC website will be updated on a         appreciate learning about your interests!          July 27: Academic departments submit
regular basis, thanks to Jeremy. There will be                                                            comprehensive examination results
polls, multimedia, etc.                           Have a good reading,                                    to Graduate School (doctoral exams
                                                                                                          due one week after grading)
                                                  Patrick Jeuniaux (pjeuniau)
                                                                                                     Inside this issue:
     23-25 May Poll
                                                                                                     Person of the Week                    2
•   If there was a weekly seminar involving the graduate students from all research areas, most      Inspire Program
students said they would consider enrolling in this seminar.
• Most students said having a graduate student lounge in the psychology building is an excel-        Upcoming Meetings                     3
lent idea and that they would use it more than once a week.                                          Graduate Student Orientation
                                                                                                     Teaching psychology
• Most students said they would like to know about graduate student events and activities by         eCourseware
                                                                                                     News Flash
                                                                                                     That’s life!                          4
•   Students split on whether receiving emails indicating each time the website has been signifi-    Contributors
cantly updated was nice(24), didn’t matter(19), or was annoying(20).
• Most students said they would prefer the graduate newsletter, The
Shrink Wrap, be a webpage format which will be updated frequently
with current content. If it was available and current, most people said
they would look at the newsletter either once a month (25) or when-
ever a new story is added (20).
(Full results can be viewed on
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                                     Page 2

POW-WOW: The Person of the Week
                                               Some topics of the interview:                     •   Her job at the Psychological Service
Elizabeth Ingram Shands                                                                              Center
                                               •    Her marriage, her origins, a funny time
                                                                                                 •   Her job as a teacher
                              Email:           •    Masters, COMPS, Internship
                                                                                                 •   Graduate school at U of M
                              eingram          •    Her Master’s thesis: Relation between
                                                    early literacy skills and social compe-      •   School Psychology
                                               •    Her Ph.D. dissertation: text difficulty of   Interview: June 1 (19 min.)
                              PhD, School           over 240 rating scale instruments used in
                                                    psychological practice in the                URL to watch the video (22 MB):
                                                    schools through Coh-Metrix.        

The Psyc hology INSPIRE Summer 2007 Inter nship Program

Seeding for the PSYCHOLOGY INSPIRE initiative began                   The goals of the initiative are to:
during the summer of 2001 when Dr. Theresa Montgomery
Okwumabua was asked to serve as a preceptor for a single              Increase the knowledge of, and interest in, pursuing a career in
minority student who was interested in a career in psychol-           psychology;
ogy (Andrea Wheeler). The program has a special emphasis
on individuals from populations that are underrepresented in          Provide rising juniors and seniors with opportunities to learn about
the field of psychology, including racial and ethnic minori-              the field of psychology and the range of research and scholar-
ties, individuals with disabilities, first generation college             ship opportunities in the field of psychology;
students, as well as individuals from socially, culturally, eco-
                                                                      Provide a laboratory experience that enhances basic research
nomically, or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.
                                                                          knowledge and skills;
The initiative is part of the Department of Psychology’s              Provide lectures, workshops, didactic exchanges, etc., to enhance
longstanding commitment to increasing the number of under-                students’ knowledge of the application process for under-
represented minorities who pursue graduate degrees in the                 graduate/graduate studies, for negotiating the academic rigors
social and behavioral sciences.                                           as well as the professional and personal challenges encoun-
                                                                          tered in undergraduate and/or graduate school, and for devel-
This year, the initiative will bring five (5) undergraduate and           oping career paths in social and behavioral science at various
four (4) high school students to the University of Memphis                levels (e.g., the undergraduate and graduate levels, beyond
campus for a six-week program. Events and activities will                 graduate studies);
showcase five main programmatic themes including lab and              Provide mentoring and networking opportunities for students to
research experiences, didactic science lectures, professional             advance their training in psychology.
development, mentoring, and networking.

Participants will work side by side with a faculty mentor on a        Participating Faculty (Mentors)
guided research project, attend weekly seminars, and assist in
                                                                      Melloni Cook (mcook1), Art Graesser (a-graesser), Xiangen Hu
implementing a summer camp focused on teaching children
                                                                      (xhu), Ron Landis (rlandis), Max Louwerse (mlouwers), Danielle
life skills while helping them learn math concepts online.
                                                                      S. McNamara (dsmcnamr), Theresa Montgomery Okwumabua
Students will present their work at a poster session at the end
of the program.
                                                                                          Information provided by Theresa Okwumabua
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                                 Page 3

 Upcoming Meetings                                          Gradua te Student Orienta tion
                                                                 August 20, 2007
         Attn: Buddies!
•    July 3 at 11a.m. in room 208
                                           Michael Rose Theatre & Lecture Hall,            11:00-11:20: Coffee Break and Information Fair
     there will be an important meeting    Rooms 100, 110, 115                             11:20-12:00: Panel Presentations
     for those who can make it on the                                                               Financial Aid, Graduation Require-
     Buddy system. Everyone who has        9:30-10:00: Registration and Information Fair
                                                                                                    ments, University Health Center, Pub-
     been assigned as a buddy should                                                                lic Safety
                                           10:00-10:50: Welcome and Introductions.
     come to the meeting, but all                                                          12:00-12:10: Dr. Shirley Raines, President
     graduate students are welcome.                                                        12:10-12:25: Graduate Assistantships
                                                     Speech of the Provost, Provost for
                                                                                           12:25-12:30: Closing
                                                     Graduate Studies, Vice Provost for
                                                                                                    Graduate Student Association
                                                     Research and the Dean of Libraries
•    GSCC meetings are open to                                                                      Black Graduate Student Association
                                                     Video “Think Memphis” Memphis
     students. The next one is July 6 at                                                   12:30-1:30: Lunch
                                                     Regional Chamber
     1p.m. at El Chico (on Highland        10:50-11:00: College Directors of Graduate
     and Poplar).                          Studies

Info on Graduate Student Preparation for Teaching Psychology

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology has just posted its newest newest to its website: “The STP Guide to
The Society for the Teaching of Psychology has just posted its e-book e-book to its Web site: “ The STP Guide to Graduate Student
Graduate in the Training of Psychology, Psychology, book The book contains descriptions of nearly 50
Training StudentTeachingin the Teaching of2007 ”. The 2007.”contains descriptions of nearly 50 training programs from 25 states. The
training programs from 25 was The entry Sam department William by Sam Morgan and William Zachry.
entry for our departmentstates.written byfor ourMorgan andwas writtenZachry. Visit
Visit for more information. And if you have any ad-
books/gst2007/gst07.php for more information. And if you have any additions, corrections, or suggestions for future editions of the
ditions, corrections, or suggestions for future editions of the e-book, please send them along.
E-book, please send them along.
                                                  Information communicated by William Zachry (wzachry)
                                                                             Information communicated by William Zachry (wzachry)

                                                                                              News Flash
                    eCourseWare                                                   •   Last semester the student handbook was
                                                                                      revised to say that any student to be
                                                                                      discussed during fall evaluations will be
eCourseware is the new online learning management system that                         notified.
is replacing WebCT. It was selected after a lengthy review con-
                                                                                  •   The Clinical program has started a
ducted by faculty, staff, and administration representatives from all                 placement committee.
of the Tennessee Board of Regents institutions.
                                                                                  •   This summer a grievance committee will
                                                                                      be formed.
No courses will be taught using WebCT during the fall 2007 semes-                 •   Faculty are discussing a possible
ter. For this reason, it is highly recommended to begin the process of                location for the graduate student lounge.
preparing for the online courses during the summer months (May-                   •   In the fall there will be a faculty search
July).                                                                                in Behavioral Neuroscience.

For more information:                          More on these topics in future newsletters!
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                      Page 4

                                             That’s life
Who is new?                                                         Marriages
Laurie Burke (labuke) is coming to the master's program in          Dawn Gullickson (dgllcksn) will be
the fall. She's interested in complicated grief and will be work-   married July 7 to Justin Kuehl at St.
ing in Bob Neimeyer's lab.                                          Francis of Assisi Catholic church here in
Dr. Beth Meisinger will be joining the School Psychology Pro-       Memphis.
gram as our newest faculty member in the fall and she will be       Rachel Landau (rlandau) got married
teaching the Intervention/Consultation sequence. She comes          May 19 to Freeman Peterman in Mon-
to us from Dallas Independent School District where she com-        tego Bay, Jamaica!
pleted her predoctoral internship and postdoctoral residency.
                                                                    Ashley Toppins (atoppins) will be
She received her Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.
                                                                    married June 23, in Tuscaloosa, AL to
                                                                    David Robinson.
                                                                    Andrea Wheeler (awheeler) got mar-
Laura Dlouhy (llholt) made the finals for the Funniest Person in
                                                                    ried June 2.
Memphis Competition, held June 6 at Comedy, TN. She turned
out to be the second runner-up.

                                 More info:


Alan Albright (aalbrght), Ann Brock (annbrock), Kelly Buckholdt
(kbckhldt), Roby Coles (rcoles), Rachel Coleman (racolemn), Rebecca
Dedeaux (rwest1), Laura Dlouhy (llholt), Art Graesser (a-graesser),
Elizabeth Ingram Shands (eingram), Patrick Jeuniaux (pjeuniau), Rachel
Landau (rlandau), Frank Leeming (fleeming), Theresa Okwumabua
(tokwumab), Yulonda Shearon (yshearon), Danielle Steele (dbourges),
Ashley Toppins (atoppins), Mary Marjorie Weber (mwweber), Andrea
Wheeler (awheeler), William Zachry (wzachry), ...
                                  … and all the ones we have forgotten!

                                  More news to come... Please join & help us!