SHOWING THE

8/09/2010                 1
Category A: Up to 34” in Height
Category B: 34’ – 38” in Height

Before being able to enter your horse in a show
you have to get your horse measured.
Measuring days are held during the season – a
separate measuring day for A & P shows and for
miniature horse shows. Always take your horse’s
registration papers and height certificates with
you to each show that you are competing in.
This is in case you are asked to produce them.

8/09/2010                                          2
   • Smudge before being prepared for his first show:
     You will be able to compare what a transformation later.

   • Smudge is a small B – 34 ½”.
   • Smudge is currently undergoing retraining (harness) and I plan
     to get into harness in the near future.

8/09/2010                                                             3
                Diet & Exercise
   • When in training, miniature horses require a
     combination of grass and feed. In fact it is
     important to reduce how much grass they get.
   • Miniature horses can get fat easily which can
     cause health problems if not monitored very
   • Round Pen training – free jumping and liberty
     (if you have the facilities available).
   • Introduce your horse to everything – take him
     or her for walks, use natural obstacles in your
     training. Walk through puddles. Get you
     horse to look at what spooks him or her.
8/09/2010                                              4
   • In Hand
                    - People of all ages have
   • Showmanship    Miniature Horses and
   • Jumping        show them.
                    - Miniature horses are
   • Long Reining   very addictive and people
   • Harness        get them for a variety of
                    different reasons.
   • Obstacle

8/09/2010                                       5
                 Show Clothes
     The English riding look is to be avoided.
     The Western look is what many go for,
      including western hat. Wearing a hat is
     The office / professional look is also acceptable.
     It can be a real fashion statement.
     The outfit you choose to wear needs to
      compliment your horse and not clash with your
      horse’s colouring.

8/09/2010                                                  6
            Miniature Horse Transport
   •   Miniature Horse Float
   •   Horse Trailer
   •   Horse Truck
   •   Toyota Lite/High Ace Vans
   •   Ambulance

       People can be very creative as to how to get
          around to shows or in transporting the
                      miniature horse
8/09/2010                                             7
              Summer Figure

     Yearling filly - very successfully shown
      by Therese
8/09/2010                                       8
               My First Show
            Matamata A & P Show

   • Champion Gelding

     Our First Show –
     and WOW – look
     how well we

8/09/2010                         9
   Amavar Standing Ovation

   • Smudge Before

                     Smudge in peak
                      show condition
8/09/2010                              10

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