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Sample Shopper Referral Email by wio18411


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                                Sample Shopper Referral Email

You can use this sample email to email your friends, family, co -workers, and neighbors
and refer them to Person to Person Quality to become mystery shoppers and participate
in our Shopper Referral Rewards Program.

Remember, the more people you refer to PPQ, and the more assignments those referrals
complete, the more you earn!

Dear Friend,

You may have heard me talk in the past about “Mystery Shopping.” This is something I
do in my spare time to earn some extra money. Mystery Shopping is the practice of using
trained shoppers to anonymously evaluate the customer experience and employee
performance at all kinds of businesses, including restaurants, banks, auto dealers, and

Being a “mystery shopper” in your spare time is a great way to earn some extra money on
the side. And many of the assignments can be kind of fun and interesting – from eating
out at restaurants, to test-driving brand new cars, and even going to the mall. Most
assignments involve either visiting or telephoning a business, and then filling out an
online report after.

One of the mystery shopping firms I complete assignments for – Person to Person Quality
– is looking for new mystery shoppers and has started a new Shopper Referral Program.

You can sign up to be a mystery shopper with PPQ at the following website:

There are no fees involved for registering or becoming a mystery shopper for PPQ (and
one of the rules of thumb is to never pay for access to mystery shopping assignments!).
Since mystery shoppers are independent contractors and not employees, you only accept
the assignments that are convenient or of interest to you.

If you decide to register with Person to Pe rson Quality, please put my name and email
address in the appropriate place on the registration form so I can get credit for referring
you! My email address is {insert your e mail address}

I have attached to this email some more information about Mystery Shopping. Let me
know if you have any other questions I can answer. Thanks!

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