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2        Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                     BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                                    January 2010

                                       DNA testing Must Be Funded
    n June 2009, Gov. Crist signed into                                                  “10-year phase in” so that only a                     I am concerned that if FDLE does not
    law what may be one of the most                                                      portion of it would be funded each year.            get the needed funds to expand the
    important law enforcement initia-
                                                                    BREVARD              The law is supposed to allow a small                DNA analysis to assure compliance
tives in a long time. The law provides                           COUNTY SHERIFF          fraction of arrested felons, those                  with the new law, we may lose the
for an expansion of DNA analysis.                                    JACK PARKER         arrested for the most severe offenses, to           opportunity to do so in the future.
Florida now joins many other progres-                                                    provide their DNA to the state this first           Laws that are passed that are not
sive states that has a law allowing DNA                                                  year. Each year after that, additional              funded are sometimes rescinded after a
testing at the time of arrest in lieu of     committing new offenses. If law             felony acts will be added until 2019,               period of time. This law is much too
having to wait for a conviction for those    enforcement officers have the ability to    when all felonies will be included. The             important to allow it to be put on a
accused of felony offenses. This             quickly compare the DNA of those            thought behind the transition was to                shelf or worse yet, rescinded.
expansion will help law enforcement          arrested for serious crimes with evi-       make it as affordable and as easy as                  If the state of Florida does not
officers across our state put many more      dence from unsolved crimes, criminals       possible for the agency doing the DNA               provide the funding FDLE needs to
murderers and rapists behind bars            could be immediately re-arrested if out     analysis, the Florida Department of Law             comply with the law, many unsolved
where they belong.                           on bond. Better yet, they could possi-      Enforcement.                                        crimes will remain unsolved. And
   There is just one problem ... it was      bly be arrested while in jail before           I have spoken personally to the                  worse, criminals who should be in
not funded.                                  bailing out. This would not only help us    commissioner of FDLE, Gerald Bailey,                prison will unnecessarily victimize
   Prior to the law being passed, a DNA      solve hundreds, if not thousands, of        who has expressed he strongly favors                more innocent people. We cannot
sample could only be taken following         unsolved crimes, it would help us           the new law and believes it will solve              allow that to happen.
an actual conviction. A conviction           prevent new crimes from occurring.          many crimes. However, there is                        Please contact your local state
usually takes many months and can            This DNA expansion could also help us       concern among FDLE personnel that if                representatives and state senators
sometimes take years. To force officers      clear certain suspects from suspicion if    FDLE expands DNA testing without                    and let them know that the state
to wait for a conviction before we can       their DNA does not match up with            being funded to do so, it could delay               needs to comply with this important
collect DNA samples results in long          crime scene evidence, allowing officers     other critical DNA analysis requested               law and they should do everything
delays before we can compare them            to focus their attentions on more           by police agencies. I understand that               possible to assist FDLE to make our
against DNA gathered from other              probable suspects.                          limitation and that concern, but I know             communities safe and get dangerous
unsolved crimes. Complicating                   The new law as proposed by state         I speak for all law enforcement officers            criminals off of our streets.
matters, criminals are often free on         Senator and retired sheriff Steve Oelrich   when I say that it is a limitation that                                    Sheriff Jack Parker
bond awaiting trial, many times              is very well thought-out and creates a      must be overcome.                                                    Brevard County, Florida

                                             Victim of a Sexual Battery
                                                                                                                                             battery (Chapter 794, F .S).
               If you are a victim of a sexual crime,                                       Rape crisis centers are legally and ethically       Sexual battery means oral, anal or vaginal
                                                                                         required to protect your confidentiality            penetration by, or union with, the sexual
                      you have certain rights.                                           (Florida Statute 90.5035). Unless you spe-          organ of another by any other object com-
                  Support is also available to you                                       cially ask them in writing with your signature
                                                                                         to release information about you, they will
                                                                                                                                             mitted without that person’s consent (if that
                                                                                                                                             person is an adult).
           free of charge whether or not you continue                                    not.                                                   Consent means intelligent, knowing, and
                                                                                                                                             voluntary consent and does not include
                 with the criminal justice process.                                           Sexual Battery is a Crime!                     coerced submission. The law say that con-
                                                                                                                                             sent doesn't not mean the failure by the
          Help is Available                  many of the issues described in this
                                                                                            A victim of sexual battery can report the        alleged victim to offer physical resistance to
                                                                                         crime to law enforcement and can ask the            the offender.
   Anyone who has been the victim of a         • Assure you that your reactions          state attorney to file a criminal complaint            If the victim is younger than 16 years of
sexual crime needs compassion, sensitiv-         are a normal part of the response       against the offender(s).                            age, consent cannot be used as a defense to a
ity and caring. Dealing with the feelings        to the crime.                              A victim has the constitutional right to be      sexual crime. Further, a 16- or 17-year-old
and issues resulting from the crime can        • Listen to your feelings and             informed, to be present, and to be heard at         cannot legally consent to sexual activity with
be overwhelming and confusing. Ser-              concerns.                               all crucial stages of a criminal or juvenile pro-   a person in a position of familial or custodial
vices, including hotline, crisis interven-     • Help you understand and                 ceeding, to the extent that this right does not     authority or to a person 24 or older.
tion and advocacy, are available to you          weigh your options.                     interfere with constitutional rights of the
free of charge from your local certified       • Be with you at appointments             accused.                                               What if I fear for my safety?
rape crisis center. An advocate from a           if you desire.                             What is sexual battery?
rape crisis center can:                        • Contact others on your behalf              In the state of Florida, the legal term for        Both adult and minor victims of sexual
   Help you understand in greater detail         with your permission                    the crime of rape or sexual assault is sexual
                                                                                                                                             See VICTIM, 3

January 2010                                                  BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                             Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS              3

Victim                                           • Believe in your right to your own
                                                                                                • Make sure all doors have good
                                                                                                deadbolt locks. Landlords are required
                                                                                                to supply them.
                                                                                                                                         2725 Judge Fran JamiesonWay
                                                                                                                                         Bldg D
                                                                                                                                         Viera, Fl 32940
From page 2
                                                             AT PARTIES                         • Be sure all windows have               Office 321-617-7533
                                                                                                locks. For sliding doors or              HOTLINE: 321-784-HELP (4357)
crimes who fear for their safety or fear the     • Be aware that men who rape                   windows, place a wooden or     
offender might contact them can seek a sex-       often use alcohol to exploit your             metal rod between the
ual violence injunction (Florida Statute         vulnerability. They tend to try to             moveable pane and the
784.046) sometimes referred to as a restrain-    make you drink more than you                   opposite casing.
ing order or protection order.                   intended.                                      • Get to know your neighbors
   Victims younger than 18 can file for an
                                                 • Keep in control of your drinking.            so you can get help if
injunction or their parents or legal guardians
                                                 • Don’t leave a drink unattended,              necessary and are familiar
may file for them.
                                                 or accept a drinkthat someone else             with who is coming and
   To obtain the injunction the victim or
                                                  has given you. Most times this is             going in the neighborhood.
guardian must have reported the crime to
                                                 harmless, but you are trying to
law enforcement and cooperate in any crim-
inal proceeding against the offender.            avoid the one time it isn’t.                      ON THE STREET
   Victims may also seek an injunction           • Think ahead. Have a safe way
against an offender who has been released        to get home already planned.                   • Be alert. Be aware of who else
from jail or prison or who will be released      • If in a group, plan ahead to                  is on the street. Make it difficult
within 90 days.                                   watch out for one another.                     for anyone to surprise you.
   Filing for a sexual violence injunction is    • If a friend looks as though she              • Walk assertively.
free.                                             or he is losing control, step in and          • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
   The application can be made at the local       take care of them.                             if someone is making you feel
courthouse with assistance from the court        • If a friend is harassing women,              threatened.
clerk.                                           make it your concern.
                                                 • Remember you cannot tell the                         Resources:
       Victim Compensation:                      good guys from the bad guys by
                                                 appearance or good looks.                      Victim Compensation
   Victims of sexual crimes may be eligible      • Watch out for someone who is                 1-800-226-6667
for financial assistance. If you wish to apply    pressuring you; who keeps           
for assistance, check on the status of your      giving you drinks; who wants to                Florida Council Against Sexual
applications, or if you are in need of any       get you alone; who guilt-trips                 Violence
other assistance, you can contact the Divi-      you if you are reluctant.                      Statewide information and
sion of Victim Services within the Office of     • Don’t use sex to keep someone’s              referral line: 1-888-956-7273
the Attorney General toll-free at (800) 226-     attraction or respond to guilt trips.
6667.                                                                                           Florida Department of
                                                          IN THE WOODS                          Corrections
              GENERAL TIPS                                                                      Victim Information and
                                                 • Statistically, the woods are safer than      Notification
  • Know the real picture. Most rapes             either your home or the street.                Everyday (VINE) & Victim
   (85 percent) are committed by                 • However, men have raped women in             Assistance Office 1-877-8-
  non-strangers and in familiar, social           the woods, although infrequently.             VICTIM
  situations.                                    • Stay aware of your surroundings.             (1-877-884-2846) Toll-Free
  • Men who rape usually try to gain             • Avoid any headset that prevents you          VINE Line: 1-877-VINE-4-FL
   trust to test your boundaries.                 from being focused and aware.                 (1-877-846-3435)
  • If they judge you to be passive and          • If someone’s behavior makes you    
   easily dominated, they move in.               nervous, listen to your instinct and           victasst/ind
  • Trust your very first feeling of             leave.                                         ex.html
  uneasiness. Don’t dismiss that                 • Consider running, hiking in a group.         Florida Department of Law
  feeling. Act on it by firmly saying            • Take self-defense to increase your           Enforcement
  “no”, “leave me alone” or leave if             options and skills.                            Sexual Offender/Predator Unit
   necessary. Don’t worry about                  • Report any suspicious person(s) to           1-877-414-7234
  hurting feelings or appearing rude.             the police.                         
  • Use a strong, serious voice. Don’t                                                          Florida Abuse Hotline
  plead or play cute.                                                                           1-800-962-2873
  • Don’t apologize.
  • Look for others to assist if you
  need to.
                                                              AT HOME                            Victims often need support in
                                                                                              the healing process from a sexual
  • If the aggressor is an intimate              • Most rapes are from non-strangers.         crime. Your local rape crisis cen-
  partner, tell them in a serious tone           However, stranger rape is still a reality.   ter stands ready to help you:
  that you are not comfortable and               • Keep outside doors locked.
   want them to stop. Now.                       Don’t be afraid to be assertive and ask        Sexual AssaultVictim Services
  • Try not to smile or laugh out of             strangers to wait outside.                     (SAVS)

4         Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                         BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                    January 2010

                       Jail Complex
                      Gets Top Grades
       Over the course of a three-week period, the
    Brevard County Jail Complex recently under-                 “I am very proud of
    went comprehensive inspections by the Flori-
    da Model Jail Standards Inspection Team,                     Commander Jeter
    which consisted of staff members from the                   and her entire team                       In an effort to improve access to the public to view Jail Court
    Seminole, Orange and Volusia counties’ jails.
    The inspection covered Inmate Housing, Food                for maintaining such                       proceedings, the Sheriff’s Office has implemented a Web
                                                                                                          video streaming capability that citizens can watch in their
    Services, the Medical Facility including medical          a professional and safe                     homes and businesses on their computer.
    records; chronic care conditions and treat-
    ment, Security and Control, Sanitation, Con-                   environment                            The jail courtroom is typically used for initial proceedings
                                                                                                          for persons who were arrested in the county within the pre-
    struction Standards, and Policies and Proce-                under the toughest                        vious 24 hours, and for other proceedings like plea court.
    dures, among others to see that the jail meets
    standards set forth by the Florida Model Jail                of circumstances.”                       To view the streaming video, please go to the sheriff’s Web
    Standards.                                                                                            site at and click on the link titled
       During the course of the inspection, the team                                                      “Live Stream Jail Court” on the right side of the home page.
    completed its reports, outlining standards for
                                                                Sheriff Jack Parker
    each area reviewed. Team members were high-                                                           Times of court processes:
    ly complimentary on the cleanliness of the
    facility, the programs offered, and the profes-                                                       Initial proceedings: Monday through Friday (excluding holi-
    sionalism displayed by the jail complex staff.       Jail Complex Commander Susan Jeter stated,       days): 1:15 pm
       The Brevard County Jail Complex was found       “We were so successful because of the great        Saturday, Sundays & Holidays: 9:30 am
    to be in compliance with all Florida Model Jail    teamwork of the entire jail complex staff.”        Plea Court: Wednesdays: 9:30 am
    Standards. During the exit interview, the            Sheriff Jack Parker added, “I am very proud of
    inspectional team indicated that the facilities    Commander Jeter and her entire team for            For more information, please contact Major Greg Robertson
    and staff either met or exceeded all the stan-     maintaining such a professional and safe envi-     at the Brevard County Jail Complex at (321) 690-1504.
    dards.                                             ronment under the toughest of circumstances.”

                                                                  Graffiti Busters
                                                                                                                         and to recruit new members.
                                                                                                                            By quickly removing graffiti, we are not
                                                                                                                         only beautifying our county, we are making
                                                                                                                         it difficult for gangs to communicate.
                                                                                                                            The inmates use recycled paint, which is
                                                                                                                         provided by the county at no cost. Inmates
                                                                        The Sheriff’s Office has created a program       have been approved to remove gang graffiti
                                                                       which uses supervised jail inmates to             from all public areas and can also remove
                                                                       remove and repaint areas that have been           from private buildings, fences, etc., upon
                                                                       vandalized with graffiti. Gang members use        approval from the property’s owner or man-
                                                                       graffiti as a means of establishing territory     ager.

                                                                                      If you see graffiti, please call the Sheriff’s Office Graffiti
                                                                                           hotline at (321) 633-0245 and an inmate crew
                                                                                        and jail supervisor will be sent to remove the graffiti.

January 2010                                                    BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                       Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS              5

           Brevard Jail’s Mental Health Unit a Win for the Community
                                                                                                                                                   ations to help prevent harm to the inmate
            On-site mental                                                                                                                         and the officer. Correctional staff who have
          health coverage                                                                                                                          inmate contact are also required to partici-
                                                                                                                                                   pate in annual mental health and suicide
          is now available                                                                                                                         prevention training.
            from 7 a.m. to                                                                                                                            On-site mental health coverage is now
               midnight on                                                                                                                         available from 7 a.m. to midnight on many
           many nights. A                                                                                                                          nights. A 24/7 on-call system assures the
                                                                                                                                                   availability of mental health staff during
               24/7 on-call                                                                                                                        hours when they are not on site.
           system assures
         the availability of                                                                                                                          New policies will also help
             mental health                                                                                                                            re-entry to the community
        staff during hours
            when they are                                                                                                                             Jail staff have developed a system to
                not on site.                                                                                                                       identify inmates who meet the criteria for
                                                                                                                                                   involuntary placement under the Baker
                                                                                                                                                   Act. If these criteria are present at the time
                                                                                                                                                   of release, the staff works to facilitate
                                                                                                                                                   involuntary placement at a mental health
                                                                                                                                                   receiving facility.
                                                                                                                                                      Clayton’s team includes a case manage-
                                                                                                                                                   ment/care coordinator who oversees care
   When Brevard County Sheriff Jack Park-           “This specialized mental health cell-         partnership with the School of Psycholo-         for select inmates during their jail stay and
er was elected in 2005, the county’s jail        block was designed to ensure corrections         gy at Florida Institute of Technology to         facilitates follow-up and reentry services
was experiencing a number of serious             deputies have continuous observation of          provide practicum training for advanced          to the community including assistance
problems to include a large number of jail       the inmates, which will help us further          doctoral students in psychology. Typically,      with obtaining medication appointments.
suicides. The jail was experiencing severe       reduce suicides and inmate assaults,”            three students per semester commit to            Sheriff Parker, Commander Jeter and their
overcrowding. Dealing with inmates with          Parker said at the facility’s ground-break-      train for at least two semesters at the          staff are pleased at the overall pattern of
mental illness was particularly challeng-        ing. “We thank the Board of County Com-          jail. To date, more than 20 students have        success demonstrated by the new addi-
ing due to a lack of jail space. The sheriff     missioners for having the vision to pro-         received in-depth training under Clay-           tion to the jail facility and its programs to
and his newly appointed jail commander,          vide     this    much-needed        facility.”   ton’s supervision.                               treat inmates with mental disorders.
Susan Jeter, realized that any solutions to      Orville Clayton, LMHC, LCSW is Mental               “We look forward to having these young           Inmates now participate readily in men-
the overcrowding problem would need to           Health Director for the Jail’s Mental            leaders join us and in turn, they experi-        tal health services such as group therapy
include corrective actions to address            Health Unit. He is responsible for its daily     ence a clinical setting unlike any other,”       and the effect is seen in reduced discipli-
inmates with mental illness in the jail          operations and policy initiatives that           said Clayton. “The students provide thou-        nary incidents and a large reduction in
population.                                      allow for more appropriate monitoring,           sands of hours of supervised services for        suicide        attempts      and      suicides.
   Across the state, the number of Floridi-      supervision and services for the mental          the inmates and their enthusiasm keeps           While the sheriff and jail commander con-
ans with mental illnesses who are in             health unit and the total jail population.       us energized.”                                   tinue to advocate for a better solution than
prison has increased 36 percent in the           Among the initiatives was the develop-                                                            jail for citizens experiencing mental health
past five years. Parker and Jeter under-         ment of a primary mental health care                Law enforcement training                      problems, they are proud of the way in
stood that Brevard’s increase was not a          team that not only provides mental health                                                         which the Brevard County Jail is providing
passing phenomenon but a chronic situa-          services but also functions effectively as
                                                                                                        essential to success                       treatment and care for inmates with men-
tion being experienced by all jails and          part of the larger corrections team. At any        Commander Jeter has also spearhead-            tal illnesses.
prisons in Florida.                              given time, there are as many as 170             ed Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) train-            They credit the programs’ accomplish-
   At Parker’s direction, Jeter crafted a plan   inmates taking psychotropic medications          ings for jail complex staff, as well as for      ments to the entire staff at the jail. Com-
to alleviate the overcrowding crisis             who must be monitored by the mental              other law enforcement officers in the            mander Jeter said, “We all share the pride
throughout the jail and also provide effec-      health staff.                                    Sheriff’s Office and various police              of serving the citizens of Brevard County
tive mental health services for those in            A series of checks and balances in the        departments and first responders from            by providing effective, cost-efficient serv-
need. The result was a new 346-bed Men-          inmate assessment process are also in            the public/private health and mental             ices and care to this segment of the popu-
tal Health/Medical Facility, which opened        place, mandating that booking supervi-           health                              sectors.     lation,” and “Their illnesses, if left untreat-
in April of 2008. The facility provides          sors and deputies serve as an extra level of     “CIT training is a unique partnership            ed, could result in further criminal justice
assessment and treatment for inmates             review. As a result, Clayton and his team        between law enforcement, the mental              system involvement, but if we can assist
with mental illnesses to help reduce             are frequently called upon to evaluate           health system, consumers and their               them in living law abiding, productive
injuries, suicides and suicide attempts.         inmates upon their booking. This helps to        families,” said Jeter. “It has become an         lives with appropriate mental health inter-
   Funding for the facility was part of an       ensure that those who meet given criteria        integral part of our success in the mental       vention, then it’s a win for the entire com-
overall plan approved by the Brevard             will be appropriately housed and receive         health unit and with our first responders        munity.”
County Commission to reduce jail over-           follow-up care from mental health staff.         in the field.”                                                   Reprinted with permission of
crowding and create a safer jail and get         To help meet the high demand for mental            This specialized training teaches the offi-                        Florida Partners in Crisis
more criminals off of our streets.               health services, the jail has entered into a     cers and staff how to de-escalate crisis situ-                         

6        Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                          BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                               January 2010

                                                               Mind Your Credit
   Due to an increase in recent debit/credit
card fraud and theft cases, the Brevard
County Sheriff’s Office would like to
remind everyone of some important fac-
tors regarding the use of bank cards. We
want to help protect you from any possible
fraud on your accounts. The following are
tips for personal card use/protection:
   If possible, never allow your credit or
debit card to leave your hand. If you must
hand the card to a cashier, don’t allow it to
leave your sight. If you know in advance
that the card will leave your presence, like
in a restaurant, consider paying with cash.
   When using your debit card, be aware of
your surroundings. Don’t allow someone
to watch while you enter your personal
identification number (PIN) into the key-
pad. Cover the keypad if necessary before
entering your PIN.
   Criminals are using credit card readers
attached to “pay at the pump” gas pumps Always hide your pin number when
at service stations to obtain your credit making a purchase
card information. The scanners are
attached to the area where you normally
swipe your credit card and may appear a little bulky compared to what a person would
normally see. Once the scanner captures information from multiple users, criminals
then remove the device and gather the information and create duplicate cards. If you
notice something that looks suspicious, please ask the store clerk to check it out.
   When you are using your debit/credit card to withdraw money from an ATM machine,
be sure to properly close your session. There have been incidents when people have
used their cards to make a withdrawal and forgot to close out their session, allowing the
next person to withdraw money from their account. The banks will typically not reim-
burse the loss to the customer, because it is the customer’s responsibility to end all trans-
actions before they leave the terminal.
   If you notice an employee watching or attempting to watch you enter your PIN, dis-
creetly notify law enforcement. This could be a valuable lead in ongoing investigations.

        Watch out for
  suspicious devices                                                                               Don’t keep your PIN written on anything near your actual debit/credit cards and don’t
   or strange attach-                                                                           share your PIN with anyone unless they are authorized to use the card. This is often a
       ments on card                                                                            violation of the bank/cardholder agreement and may negate the bank covering any
   readers at the gas                                                                           monetary loss on the cardholder’s account.
  pump. In order to                                                                                Keep receipts on your card transactions for at least a month, but preferably three
                                                                                                months, before destroying them. NEVER throw away receipts unless they have first been
obtain your informa-                                                                            shredded.
   tion, a cyber-thief                                                                             Many people use auto-pay features to pay their monthly bills. If a credit card number
  will attach a device                                                                          is compromised, the loss will be covered (if user agreement has been met) by the issuing
to a card reader that                                                                           bank and you are usually not out anything upfront.
  will read your card                                                                              If your debit card is compromised, your account can by emptied in a matter of min-
  and send it to their                                                                          utes. You may not notice a fraudulent charge for a few days and your authorized auto
                                                                                                pay transactions may fail due to a lack of funds. Even if your bank guarantees reimburse-
                                                                                                ment of losses due to theft, you may unintentionally default on a loan (mortgage, car,
                                                                                                etc.) and it could take months, if not years, to correct the problem and your credit status.

January 2010                                                  BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                             Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS      7

                                                    Avoiding Car Burglaries
   Automobile burglaries are the most common form of          commonly leave valuable unattached items within the
burglary in Brevard County. It also maybe the easiest         vehicle. Common target areas for these type offenders
one to avoid. In layman’s terms, in order to constitute       are:
an automobile burglary, a person must enter or attempt
to enter an automobile with the intent to commit a              • Hotel/motel parking lots
crime.                                                          • Beach accesses
   There were approximately 1,500 automobile burgla-            • Boat ramps
ries occurring in the unincorporated area of Brevard            • Campgrounds
County last year. The most common burglary scenario             • Shopping malls; especially during the holiday season.
is the theft of unattached items from an unlocked vehi-
cle parked overnight in a residential area. Items com-           This type of offender is looking to maximize the
monly stolen are those commonly found within the              potential profit for the risk taken; often only targeting
passenger compartment, i.e., loose change, GPS                vehicles that they know contains valuables that can be
devices, laptop computers, etc.                               easily converted to cash.
   The offenders in these types of burglaries are often          You can discourage this offender by removing valu-
juveniles or young adults living in the general vicinity of   able items from the vehicle, concealing the items from
the victim or who have traveled to the victim’s neigh-        view in the vehicle trunk, locking and alarming your
borhood to visit friends or attend a function.                vehicle, and parking in areas that makes the offender’s
   These types of automobile burglaries are often             attempts to forcibly attempt entry to the vehicle open      • Use the alarm, if equipped
crimes of opportunity. The offenders will check vehi-         to public view.                                             • Avoid leaving valuables
cles in a specific area looking for unlocked vehicles.           Concealing items under your front seat is only             in the vehicle
Locking a vehicle’s doors, and setting the vehicle            slightly better than leaving them completely exposed.       • If you must leave valuables
alarm, if available, will usually deter these offenders.      Remember, a burglar may be in a position to observe           in the vehicle, conceal them
   Less common is a more sophisticated type of offend-        you concealing items of value or your key. The crimi-         in the trunk
er who uses auto burglaries as a primary source of            nals know about our secret hiding place under the           • When parking in public areas,
income. This offender is mobile, often works as part of a     vehicle seat.                                                 park your vehicle in well-lighted
team, will use force to defeat locked vehicles, and trav-        Consistent with the theory that juveniles and young         areas that can be readily
els to target rich environments to commit their crimes.       adults commit the most common form of car burgla-             observed by others
He or she is prolific in the number of crimes commit-         ries, a vehicle is over 30 percent more likely to be bur-
                                                                                                                          • Be cognizant of persons acting
ted, but often spreads them over a wide geographic area       glarized during the months of June and July. Decem-
to avoid creating a recognizable crime pattern. This          ber and January are two other months that                     suspiciously
offender type often has an extensive criminal history         consistently have a higher than average number of           • Be able to identify your property,
and will go to great lengths to evade arrest. He or she       reported car burglaries.                                      by model, serial number,
may conduct area surveillance to observe the conduct                                                                        or other unique identifier
of potential victims, and to ensure that items of high                Tips to avoid being victimized:                     • Call law enforcement if you see
value are contained within the vehicle.                                                                                     persons acting suspiciously
   The offender targets areas that he knows that people         • Lock your vehicle                                         or are victimized

                                                         Surviving a Robbery
  No one likes to ever think of becom-        ever, when the victim refuses, the situ-        Every incident is different and will     trade-off for your safe release, but in
ing a victim of robbery, or worse yet, a      ation takes on a whole new dimen-             require its own unique response from       many cases it’s only a ploy to inflict
physical assault, but it is important to      sion.                                         the victim; however, the Survivor’s        more harm. If you are being kid-
always have a mental “game plan” just           A robber who isn’t getting what he          Rules will in many cases provide you       napped, do everything possible to
on the rare chance something would            demands (and expects) may be sur-             with the best chance for the incident      fight, yell and draw attention to the
ever happen.                                  prised and when surprised, he or she          ending without injury.                     situation.
  Give it up! One of the most danger-         becomes very unpredictable and can                                                          • DO remember what they look like,
ous actions a person can take during a        result in further violence. The best                    Survivor’s Rules                 what they said and where they went;
robbery is to refuse to give the robber       advice, in most situations, is to give                                                   then immediately call 911. Note any
what they are demanding. Most of              them what they are demanding, com-              • DO give them what they want so         distinguishing scars, tattoos or
these thieves believe that with the           ply with their demands (without vio-          the incident will be over as soon as       marks.
threat of a weapon or even implying           lating the Survivor’s Rules) and              possible.
that they will do harm, that you will         observe all that you can to aid law             • DON’T EVER go with them! They            Portions of information provided
immediately give up whatever proper-          enforcement in identifying and appre-         may try to convince you that going         by www.crimepreventionconnec-
ty of yours they are demanding. How-          hending the suspect.                          with them to a different location is a

8       Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                    BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                     January 2010

                                            Prescription Drug Abuse
   Brevard County experienced a total
of 199 deaths during 2007 and 2008
combined that were directly attributed
to prescription drug abuse. So far in
2009, there have been 55 deaths attrib-
uted to prescription drug abuse.
Another 28 drug overdose deaths are
pending toxicology tests and 55 more
deaths are yet to be determined by the
medical examiner.
   In 2008, the Sheriff’s Office experi-
enced a 136 percent increase of pre-
scription drug investigations from
2007. Seized prescription pills by the
Sheriff’s Office increased by 87 percent
in 2008 with 5,406 seized pills. As of
October 2009, the Sheriff’s Office had
83 prescription drug investigations and
seized 1,723 pills.
   According to Florida Department of
Law Enforcement’s 2009 Interim
Report of Drugs Identified in Deceased
Persons by Florida Medical Examiners
(January - June 2009), statewide 1,157
individuals died from at least one pre-
scription drug and 2,557 individuals
died with one or more prescription
drugs in their system. Statewide deaths
from prescription drug abuse now far
surpass illegal drug abuse. In 2007,
Florida reported 989 deaths related to
illegal drug abuse such as cocaine or
heroin, where prescription drug abuse
was attributed to 2,328 during the
same time period.
   Prescription drug abuse happens         Prescription drug abuse happens across all age groups. In 2008, of the 499 reported deaths statewide where oxycodone
across all age groups. In 2008, of the
499 reported deaths statewide where
                                           was found in lethal levels, seven individuals were younger than the age of 18 and 103 were older than 50.
oxycodone was found in lethal levels,      become a greater temptation and            to use the medications as intended,        stances.
seven individuals were younger than        threat than the street drug dealer.        such as crushing the medication to           The Sheriff’s Office Special Investiga-
the age of 18 and 103 were older than      While many parents lock their liquor       chew, snort, inhale, smoke or inject       tions Unit is committed to aggressive
50.                                        cabinet, most do nothing to secure the     directly into the body. This abuse can     enforcement efforts in order to target
   Controlled prescription drugs can be    medicine cabinet.                          lead to rapid release and absorption of    all levels of drug distribution in Bre-
diverted from their lawful medical pur-      Additionally, the Internet is equally    a potentially fatal dose.                  vard County, with the ultimate goal of
pose to illicit use from manufacturing     as dangerous; anyone with a credit           Unlike other drug-related crimes,        saving lives. Our multi-agency cooper-
facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, doc-    card and Internet access has access to     prescription fraud offenders span a        ation with the municipal law enforce-
tors’ offices and patients’ medicine       drugs many times more potent than          wide range of ethnic, social, educa-       ment agencies is proving to be success-
cabinets. Patients can obtain the med-     those purchased on the street. Internet    tional and economic backgrounds.           ful. This cooperation is designed for
ication by simply faking symptoms and      pharmacies that do not practice over-      Often, they become addicted to drugs       intelligence sharing and coordination
“doctor shopping” by visiting a num-       sight and accountability have the abili-   legally prescribed to them, then           of countywide narcotics and vice-relat-
ber of doctors to obtain a prescription    ty to hide in the darkness of cyber-       attempt to obtain additional drugs ille-   ed investigations.
from each and altering prescriptions.      space.                                     gally when the medications are no
   For most, including children, access      It is also important to remember that    longer prescribed. Other offenders,           For more information, please contact
to controlled prescriptions drugs can      prescription painkillers are often much    already addicted to controlled sub-        the Special Investigations Division at
be as close as the household medicine      stronger than illicit drugs. The pre-      stances, discover how to convert pre-      (321) 385-1300 or online at www.Bre-
cabinet. The medicine cabinet has          scription medication abuser also fails     scription drugs into more potent sub-

January 2010                                           BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                             Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS        9

                                              Lock Up Your Medicine
  Parents, did you know that more
than 3 million teenagers ages 12-17
report abusing prescription drugs?
Did you know that more than 70 per-
cent of those kids admit getting those
drugs from family or friends?
Although most people take medica-
tions responsibly, there has been a
marked increase in the non-medical
use of prescription drugs within the
United States. Commonly abused
drugs include opioids, central nerv-
ous system depressants (CNS) or
  Opioids are commonly prescribed
because of their effective analgesic
or pain-relieving properties. Medica-
tions that fall within this class —
referred to as prescription narcotics
— include morphine, codeine, oxy-
codone (e.g., OxyContin, Percodan,
Percocet) and related drugs. Opioids
can produce drowsiness, nausea,
constipation. Opioid drugs also can
induce euphoria by affecting the
brain regions that mediate what we
perceive as pleasure. This feeling is
often intensified for those who abuse     Currently, more than one-third of teens have the ability to get a hold of prescription drugs in order to get high. Prescription
opioids when administered by routes       drug abuse among teens is on the rise.
other than those recommended. For
example, OxyContin often is snorted       ders. Usually, benzodiazepines are         addiction became apparent, the             As with other drugs of abuse, it is
or injected to enhance its euphoric       not prescribed for long-term use.          medical use of stimulants began to         possible for individuals to become
effects, while at the same time             There are numerous CNS depres-           wane. Now stimulants are prescribed        dependent upon or addicted to many
increasing the risk for overdose.         sants. Most act on the brain by pro-       for the treatment of only a few health     stimulants. Withdrawal symptoms
  CNS      depressants,     sometimes     ducing a drowsy or calming effect          conditions, including narcolepsy,          associated with discontinuing stimu-
referred to as sedatives and tranquil-    that is beneficial to those suffering      ADHD and depression that have not          lant use include fatigue, depression
izers, are substances that can slow       from anxiety or sleep disorders.           responded to other treatments.             and disturbance of sleep patterns.
normal brain function. Because of           Despite their many beneficial              How do stimulants affect the brain       Repeated use of some stimulants
this property, some CNS depressants       effects, barbiturates and benzodi-         and body? Stimulants, such as dex-         over a short period can lead to feel-
are useful in the treatment of anxiety    azepines have the potential for abuse      troamphetamine (Dexedrine and              ings of hostility or paranoia.
and sleep disorders. Among the med-       and should be used only as pre-            Adderall)     and    methylphenidate           Further, taking high doses of a
ications that are commonly pre-           scribed. Because all CNS depres-           (Ritalin and Concerta), have chemi-        stimulant may result in dangerously
scribed for these purposes are the fol-   sants work by slowing the brain’s          cal structures similar to a family of      high body temperature and an irreg-
lowing:                                   activity, when an individual stops         key brain neurotransmitters called         ular heartbeat. There is also the
  • Barbiturates, such as mephobar-       taking them, the brain’s activity can      monoamines, which include norepi-          potential for cardiovascular failure
bital (Mebaral) and pentobarbital         rebound and race out of control,                                                      or lethal seizures.
                                                                                     nephrine and dopamine. Stimulants
sodium (Nembutal), are used to treat      potentially leading to seizures and                                                     Currently, more than one-third of
                                                                                     enhance the effects of these chemi-
anxiety, tension and sleep disorders.     other harmful consequences.                                                           teens have the ability to get a hold of
  •    Benzodiazepines,      such    as     What are stimulants? As the name         cals in the brain. Stimulants also
                                                                                                                                prescription drugs in order to get
diazepam (Valium), chlordiazepoxide       suggests, stimulants increase alert-       increase blood pressure and heart
                                                                                                                                high. Prescription drug abuse among
HCl (Librium), and alprazolam             ness, attention and energy, as well as     rate, constrict blood vessels, increase    teens is on the rise. As a parent or
(Xanax - also referred to as Bars), are   elevate blood pressure and increase        blood glucose and open up the path-        guardian, you are also one of the
prescribed to treat anxiety, acute        heart rate and respiration. Stimu-         ways of the respiratory system. The        main keys to preventing this sort of
stress reactions and panic attacks.       lants historically were used to treat      increase in dopamine is associated         abuse. Parent’s, it’s time to “Lock Up
The more sedating benzodiazepines,        asthma and other respiratory prob-         with a sense of euphoria that can          Your Meds”!
such as triazolam (Halcion) and esta-     lems, obesity, neurological disorders      accompany the use of these drugs.
zolam (ProSom) are prescribed for         and a variety of other ailments. But         What are the possible conse-              Reprinted with permission of Leon
short-term treatment of sleep disor-      as their potential for abuse and           quences of stimulant use and abuse?        County Sheriff ’s Office

10      Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS               BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                January 2010

         Home                                  Knock, Knock.Who’s There?
         Alone                              Do You Know Who is at Your Door?
   Many families must make the diffi-      Strangers at your door can be scary     house. An empty house is a tempta-
cult decision to leave age-appropri-     for some people, especially if you are    tion to a thief. When someone does
ate children home alone. While there     home alone or if it is late at night. A   knock or ring your doorbell, try to
are many aspects to your personal        stranger can be a potential thief         find out who is there by using your
decision, there are some important       wanting to know if your home is           doorviewer or peephole or a window
parts to the decision making process     unoccupied. In fact, knocking on          to check who it is and then simply
that will help to ensure your child is   doors is a common tactic for burglars.    ask, “Who’s there?” Please stay
safe, knows what to do in the event of   While they’re knocking on your front      secured behind your locked door, but
an emergency and will make good          door, they not only determine the         let the stranger know that someone is
common sense decisions while they        house is unoccupied, they can also        home. It is important that everyone
                                         see if there is a dog or valuables in     in your family learn this safety
are “in charge” of the house.
                                         sight. If a burglar is surprised that     approach.
   Confirm they know what to do in
                                         someone is home, they may:                   When you are home alone, you can
the event of an emergency such as                                                  give the impression that there are
fire, medical incident, power outage,      • As to use the telephone for a         other people at home with you. You
natural disaster or other event and          fabricated emergency. Tell            could simply say or yell, “I’ll get it!” or
they are aware of all escape routes          them you will call 911 for them       pretend to call the name of another
from the house. Make sure they             • Ask for directions because            family member. Other options
know it is OK to call 911 in an emer-        they are lost                         include saying, “We are not interest-
gency.                                     • Ask for donations for some cause      ed!” If you are expecting a sales repre-
   Lay down the ground rules. No use       • Say they are conducting a survey      sentative, official, tradesperson or
of fire products, keep doors and win-      • Ask for a specific person and         any other professional, verify that
dows locked, no friends over and             act confused that they                they are legitimate by checking their A burglar may impersonate a trades-
other rules that will provide them           must have the wrong address           identification. If you are suspicious person, such as a plumber, to gain
with the maximum amount of safety.         • Impersonating sales                   about their identity, call the business entry to your home.
   Provide telephone numbers where           representatives, officials,           they are representing. Business cards
you can be reached as well as at least       tradespeople and others               may be easily replicated, so don’t be any reason to let a stranger in or to
one other trusted adult. Also advise                                               fooled by this type of identification. give personal information at the
                                           A doorbell or knock should not go       Be sure to verify an individual’s iden- door. If you are suspicious and feel
your child which neighbors they can
                                         unanswered. Leaving your door             tity and if you feel uncomfortable, lis- you may be dealing with a home bur-
trust and seek assistance from, if
                                         unanswered gives the impression           ten to your inner voice. If you feel glar or some other criminal, it is
needed, while you are gone.              that no one is at home and may actu-      something may be wrong, there is appropriate to call 911 and report the
   Discuss with them the danger of       ally encourage a thief to enter the       good chance there is. There is never suspicious activity.
opening the front door to a stranger.
Let them know when you expect
them to open or not open the door.
Also pretending not to be home is
                                                                                                     The mission of Boys & Girls Clubs
unsafe when it comes to burglars.                                                              of Central Florida is to inspire and enable all
   Most importantly, instill in you                                                                 young people, especially those from
child YOUR expectation and require-
ments for what they are or are not to
                                                                                                  disadvantaged circumstances, to realize
do and make sure they are well pre-                                                                  their full potential as productive,
pared to expect the unexpected and                                                                    responsible and caring citizens
deal with it accordingly.
                                                                                                 To learn more about the Boys and Girls
  Portions of the information provid-                                                              Clubs of Central Florida, please call
ed comes from www.crimepreven-
                                                                                                   407.841.6855 or visit

January 2010                                               BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                   Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS      11

            Recognizing Signs
             of Child Abuse
   Of course, all children get scratches,     • feel sad, passive, withdrawn
bruises, and cuts from time to time.             or depressed
That’s the nature of childhood — a time       • have difficulty forming
that’s full of tumbling, climbing and            new relationships
adventures. That makes it difficult to        • use drugs or alcohol
tell what is normal and what may be a         • avoid going home after school
sign of abuse. Unfortunately, there is no     • show a fear of certain adults
one telltale sign that a child is being
abused. Bruises, black eyes and broken        Children who witness abuse but are
bones are certainly clues, but other        not victims themselves may also dis-
signs are less obvious. Children who        play some or all of the above signs. It is
have been abused may behave differ-         important to note that these symptoms
ently. They may have nightmares or          are all nonspecific, meaning they could
trouble sleeping. Their school perform-     result from a number of causes — not
ance may suddenly decline. In addi-         just child abuse.
tion, they may:                                Children who are under stress from a
   • have a poor self-image                 variety of sources — including parental
   • be unable to love or trust others      separation, divorce, and visitation and         Unfortunately, there is no one telltale sign that a child is being abused. Bruises,
   • be aggressive or disruptive            custody arrangements — may show                 black eyes and broken bones are certainly clues, but other signs are less obvious.
   • display intense anger or rage          similar symptoms.
    • act out in the classroom                Those who abuse children may show             neighborhood, may not participate in             If you suspect child abuse is occur-
   • act out sexually                       certain nonspecific signs as well. For          school activities and may be uncom-            ring, contact your local law enforce-
   • be self-destructive, self-abusive,     example, parents who abuse their chil-          fortable talking about their children’s        ment agency or the Sheriff’s Office Spe-
      or suicidal                           dren may avoid other parents in the             injuries or behavioral problems.               cial Victims Unit at (321) 633-8419.

                                            Crosswinds Youth Services
                                                                                               Rainwater Center, a day treatment pro-         Street Outreach to homeless and
                     Need help?                                                             gram providing education, counseling, life     runaway youth and those at risk
                                                                                            skills, and community service activities for      PAWS Program, offering reading
           Call Crosswinds Youth Services                                                   girls in the juvenile justice system
                                                                                               Intensive Delinquency Diversion
                                                                                                                                           enhancement through interaction
                                                                                                                                           with Crosswinds’ certified therapy
                                                                                            Services (IDDS), a diversion program           dogs
   Crosswinds Youth Services supports                                                       for young offenders                               Project Safe Place where children in
                                            Programs and Services Available:                   Juvenile Assessment Center, provid-         trouble can get help fast by entering a
Brevard County’s youth and their fami-
                                                                                            ing assessment and service referrals           Brevard business, fire station, or pub-
lies through programs and services that        Dr. Robert E. Lehton Children’s Shelter, a   for non-detainable arrested youth and          lic building displaying a Safe Place
keep young people safe, strengthen and      24-hour emergency shelter for youth in          those at risk                                  sign
reunite families and assist youth in        crisis                                             Intensive Family Therapy for youth             For more information, go to
making choices away from delinquency           Transitional Living Program, offering        on probation and their families         
and other unsafe behavior. Crosswinds’      housing, support, and skill development
mission is to create opportunities for      to help homeless young people prepare
young people to succeed by helping          for successful adulthood                                          If you are a youth, parent or
them overcome challenges and                   Community Counseling/Case Manage-
strengthen the skills they need to
                                            ment for youth and their families                     have a friend in need of help or if you want to help
                                               Independent Living Services for youth                 support their good work, call Crosswinds at
become successful at home, in school,       transitioning from foster care to adult-
at work, and in the community.              hood                                                                     (321)452-0800

12       Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                        BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                             January 2010

                                    Sheriff ’s Office Specialty Units
   Agricultural / Marine Unit                    The unit also has an
                                               interactive robotic boat
                                               that helps them to teach
   Brevard County’s extensive coastline,       boating and water safety to
inland waterways, canals and lakes pres-       elementary age children.
ent unique challenges for law enforce-         “Bobby the Boat” is a fully
ment and emergency rescue operations.          animated robot that can be
The responsibility to meet these chal-         brought into schools or
lenges falls to the Brevard County Sher-       other civic groups to inter-
iff’s Office Agricultural and Marine Unit.     act with children and teach
Using specialized equipment such as V-         valuable water safety con-
hull vessels, airboats, 4x4 trucks and all-    cepts.
terrain vehicles the unit enforces marine
laws and ordinances, patrolling the
waters of Port Canaveral and rivers in               Bomb Squad
Brevard County. The Agriculture and
Marine unit also responds to calls for            The Sheriff’s Office Bomb
service, investigates boating accidents        Squad’s       responsibilities
and conducts boating education and             include disarming impro-
safety inspections. The unit works in          vised explosive devices and
conjunction with other state and federal       assisting with investiga-
entities on homeland security issues and       tions on all bomb-related
with the interdiction of illegal activities,   incidents. This includes                                                   Bomb Squad
such as narcotics and refugees.                incidents      that    involve
   Additionally, the Ag/Marine Unit            weapons of mass destruc-
works closely with local farms and             tion, to include suspected anthrax. The
ranches to prevent thefts, vandalism,          squad is federally accredited by the Fed-
and trespassing, and to help keep the          eral Bureau of Investigation.
county’s natural resources well-pre-              In 2008, the bomb squad handled 213
served for future generations.                 calls with 41 devices. These devices
   The Ag/Marine Unit may attend               included improvised explosives, military
homeowner association meetings when            and hoax devices. The squad is on call
they relate to waterway issues and con-        seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and
cerns, and also participates in the coun-      consists of two full-time deputy sheriffs
ty’s Marine Advisory Council Board.            and nine patrol deputies who are on call
                                                                      throughout       the
                                                                        In 2009, a new
                                                                      bomb truck was
                                                                      purchased      with
                                                                      grant funds, and
                                                                      fully outfitted by
                                                                      the bomb squad.
                                                                      The new bomb
                                                                      truck enhances the
                                                                                                                                  Traffic Unit
                                                                      Sheriff’s    Office’s   entire unincorporated areas of the coun-      Office receives from citizens is that we
                                                                      capability        to    ty, and along I-95. This unit’s goal is to    need to write more traffic tickets. The No.
                                                                      respond to various      reduce the traffic fatalities on Brevard      2 complaint is that we write too many
                                                                      calls.                  County roadways and interstate with           tickets.
                                                                     Sheriff’s Office         aggressive traffic enforcement.
                                                                                                 The unit focuses on operators driving
                                                                                                                                               Each year, Brevard County Sheriff’s
                                                                                                                                            Office issues thousands of citations and
                                                                       Traffic Unit           under the influence of drugs and alcohol      warnings to drivers not to raise money
                                                                                              and aggressive driving. They also con-        for the Sheriff’s Office, but solely to pro-
                                                                       The Traffic Unit       duct special details such as parades, sev-    tect the citizens and visitors who are
                                                                     has the primary          eral types of traffic escorts, traffic con-   using local roadways. It is the duty of
                                                                     responsibility  for      trol, and civic benefits, etc. The unit       each deputy sheriff to enforce posted
                                                                     Traffic and D.U.I.       consists of 15 deputy sheriffs and            speed limits.
                                                                     Enforcement              includes eight motorcycles.                      Sheriff’s deputies do not have quotas
               Agricultural/Marine Unit                              throughout     the          The No. 1 complaint the Sheriff’s          See UNITS, 13

January 2010                                               BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                          Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS      13

                                                                                         Aviation Unit Excels
                                                                             Beginning as a part-time Aviation Unit,        notifying them of the violation. The Avia-
                                                                          utilizing a Hughes 269 helicopter, and            tion Unit then escorted the aircraft to air-
                                                                          then a Robinson R22 helicopter and sev-           ports within the county, standing by until
                                                                          eral fixed-wing aircraft, the unit was            an investigator arrived on scene.
                                                                          strictly an “on-call” unit only. When the               In 2002, the first full time Tactical
                                                                          helicopter or fixed-wing was needed, a            Flight Officer / FLIR operator was
                                                                          pilot would be called to respond from             assigned to the Aviation Unit. This has
                                                                          their other duties that they were assigned.       greatly improved the performance of the
                                                                             In 1996, the Sheriff ’s Office received        Aviation Unit.
                                                                          four flyable OH-58A+ helicopters under              In July 2003, the unit was awarded first
                                                                          the 1208 program. Three of the aircraft           place in the FLIR Vision Award at ALEA’s
                                                                          were outfitted as patrol aircraft and the         annual conference in Wichita.
                                                                          fourth was utilized as the training air-             In April 2004, the Aviation Unit acquisi-
                                                                          craft. The fixed-wing was sold during this        tioned a set of fixed floats that attached to
                                                                          time so the first Forward Looking Infrared        the training aircraft. This type of aircraft
                                                                          (FLIR 6000) System could be purchased.            was necessary because of the increased
                            Dive Team                                           In 1997, the Aviation Unit was in place     number of water-related calls that the
                                                                          on a full-time basis and moved to the             STAR aircraft were responding to, but
                                                                          Merritt Island Airport. The Aviation Unit         unable to offer any “hands-on” support.

Units                                                                     worked with three full-time pilots, a
                                                                          mechanic/pilot, and five FLIR operators
                                                                          dually assigned, working other duties
                                                                                                                            After the installation of the floats, the Avi-
                                                                                                                            ation Unit was afforded the opportunity
                                                                                                                            to train on crew deployment into water
From page 12
                                                                          within the Sheriff ’s Office, as well as with-    with Patrick Air Force Base’s 920th Rescue
for traffic citations. It is also a common misconception that the Sher-   in the Aviation Unit.                             Squadron. The Aviation Unit was also
iff’s Office receives significant amounts of money from traffic fines.         Since becoming a full time operation,        trained in basic water life saving tech-
The great majority of the money collected goes to the state of Flori-     the Aviation Unit known as “STAR” (Sher-          niques with Brevard County Fire Rescue’s
da. Only a small portion (about $4) is put in a state fund for training   iff ’s Tactical Air Response) responds to a       Ocean Life Guard Unit.
law enforcement personnel. As a result, deputies do not write tickets     multitude of calls such as, crimes in                Within three months of the floats being
for the money. They write tickets to enforce the laws and most            progress, search-and-rescue missions,             installed onto the aircraft, “STAR FISH”
importantly, save lives.                                                  and performing counter-drug surveil-              had its first water rescue. At the entrance
                                                                          lance. STAR also plays an instrumental            to the St. Johns River on Lake Washington,
                                                                          part supporting other emergencies, such           two airboats collided, partially submerg-
                      Sheriff’s Dive Team                                 as brush fires and hurricane damage               ing both of them in the water, out of reach
                                                                          reconnaissance flights.                           of any aid via land. Several people were
   With three rivers and the Atlantic Ocean within its boundaries,           In 2000, the Aviation Unit started utiliz-     injured, one critically. STAR FISH was
Brevard County is virtually surrounded by water. Brevard County           ing two sets of ANVIS-9 Night Vision Gog-         called upon to respond and landed on
is also home to Port Canaveral.                                           gles. The Aviation Unit also began utiliz-        Lake Washington. With the assistance of
   The Sheriff’s Office Dive Team is composed of deputy sheriffs          ing officers from cities within Brevard           Brevard County Fire Rescue, the most
assigned throughout the agency that can respond to any water-             County. One Officer each from Cocoa,              critical patient was loaded into the air-
borne incident within the jurisdictional boundaries of Brevard            Melbourne and Palm Bay began working              craft and transported to a landing zone,
County. Those incidents may include the rescue and recovery of            one shift a week within the unit.                 where they transferred to a waiting air
drowning victims, submerged vehicle recovery or the collection of            In 2001, the Aviation Unit received its        ambulance and flown to the trauma cen-
submerged evidence.                                                       second Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR             ter in Melbourne.
   In addition, the Dive Team is called upon by the United States         7500) System. After receiving this system,          Because of the types of calls STAR FISH
Customs Office and the United States Coast Guard to perform div-          the Aviation Unit placed second in the            is responding to, the Aviation Unit has
ing operations relating to drug interdiction, hull searches, and          FLIR Vision Award at the Airborne Law             begun training paramedics with Brevard
port security within Port Canaveral.                                      Enforcement Association (ALEA) annual             County Fire Rescue Station 43, which is
   Dive Team members are specifically trained and equipped to             conference in Austin, Texas.                      also located at the Merritt Island Airport.
respond to these waterborne incidents in a safe and professional             After the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks,    The paramedics are versed on how to
manner. Currently there are 13 members assigned to the Dive               the duties of the Aviation Unit grew,             respond, work on, and operate around
Team. Dive Team members represent a diverse cross section of the          requiring increased security at Port              and in the float aircraft. dThis type of
different units within the Sheriff’s Office. Members are on call 24       Canaveral during the time cruise ships            training ensures future responses of STAR
hours a day, seven days a week and ready to respond when need-            were entering and exiting the port. The           FISH will have dedicated paramedics
ed.                                                                       STAR Unit also assisted with the tempo-           trained to respond with the Aviation Unit.
   The Dive Team members of the Sheriff’s Office are a highly dedi-       rary flight restrictions ( TFR) during space        In 2005, the Aviation Unit added a
cated group of individuals ready and willing to go the extra mile.        shuttle launches, as well as several presi-       fourth full time pilot and a second full
                                                                          dential visits. If there was an aircraft vio-     time mechanic. and construction of a
 You can contact the Sheriff’s Office Special Operations/Traffic          lating the air space, it is the military fight-
                                                                          er’s job to gain attention of the pilots,         See AVIATION, 14
Unit at (321) 454-6643 if you need assistance.

14       Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                   BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                               January 2010

       SWAT Deputies Remember
          Fallen Comrades
  By Maj. Greg Purden                              and grows in size. For the past several years the
  SWAT Team Commander                              SWAT team has sold BBQ dinners and T-Shirts
                                                   at the event donating the proceeds to law
  Training is the cornerstone of any successful    enforcement officers or their families who may
SWAT Team. SWAT team leaders across the            be in need. The past year was most memorable
country recognize that training results is per-    as the SWAT team remembered Deputy Richard
formance.       The Brevard County Special         “Rick” Lee. Deputy Lee was tragically killed in a
Weapons and Tactics team is no exception.          motorcycle accident in October 2008 at the
  Tactical skills such as weapons handling and     young age of 37. His parents Jim and Shelby
shooting accuracy are perishable skills, which     Lee of Merritt Island were devastated at the loss
must be constantly kept at the ready. The          of their only son.
SWAT team trains twice monthly and is com-            SWAT was determined to remember Deputy
promised of deputies from across the county        Lee and his years of service to the citizens of Bre-
whose primary job may be that of a patrol          vard County. After considerable discussion and
deputy, investigative agent or supervisor.         the approval of Jim and Shelby Lee, the SWAT
  Each year the SWAT team hosts a pistol com-      team set out to raise funds for a scholarship to the
bat competition open to all law enforcement        Brevard Community College Law Enforcement
agencies in Brevard. During this past year         Academy.
there were numerous teams that competed in            After a successful 2009 Speedy DeWitt Competi-      The Aviation Unit currently assists with approximately
the event. The competition is an annual event      tion, the SWAT team partnered with the Fraternal       1,000 to 1,200 calls for service a year while only flying
to honor the memory of Commander S.R.              Order of Police Lodge 37 in Melbourne to find a
“Speedy” Dewitt. Commander Dewitt was a            deserving candidate for the Rick Lee Law Enforce-
                                                                                                          approximately 600 to 800 flight hours a year, operating
charismatic and respected leader who passed        ment Scholarship.                                      seven days a week, 21 hours a day, with an operational
away in 1987. The competition was created to          After screening and interviewing many candi-        budget of $166,775 a year.
foster tactical training awareness with a          dates Ms. Kristen Fettes was selected as the schol-
healthy spirit of competition and fun. This year   arship winner. Ms. Fettes is a graduate of Florida
several members of Commander Dewitt’s fami-
ly attended the event, which has been held
                                                   Tech where she was an avid softball player and
                                                   coach. Ms. Fettes has completed her training in
                                                                                                          From page 13
each year for over 20 years. David Dewitt,         the police academy and has been hired as a Bre-
Commander Dewitt’s son who now resides on          vard County Sheriff’s Deputy. Deputy Fettes will
Orlando, said his family is honored that his       begin an extensive field-training program in Janu-     new hangar was started. In 2007 a second full time
father has been remembered so many years           ary and should be on patrol by May 2010. The Lee       Tactical Flight Officer / FLIR operator was assigned to
after his death.                                   Family and the SWAT team wish her great success        the Aviation Unit. The three city Officers assigned to
  Each year the competition gains momentum         in her new career.                                     the Aviation Unit are still with the unit working as day
                                                                                                          shift Tactical Flight Officers. All three TFO’s have
                                                                                                          been involved in water rescues while working on day
       Each year the                                                                                        The Aviation Unit trains bi-annually in Water Sur-
SWAT team hosts a                                                                                         vival Techniques. This includes semi-annual recur-
       pistol combat                                                                                      ring emergency day and night procedures, as well as
  competition open                                                                                        Night Vision Goggle training.
                                                                                                            The Aviation Unit also participates in Project Life-
            to all law                                                                                    saver (Care Trak) program, which utilizes electronic
        enforcement                                                                                       wristbands, emitting a frequency that can be tracked
          agencies in                                                                                     to help locate those who have Alzheimer’s, Dementia
        Brevard. The                                                                                      or subjects that wander from their familiar surround-
                                                                                                          ings and become lost. These units have had great suc-
  competition is an                                                                                       cess locating children diagnosed with autism or
     annual event to                                                                                      Down’s syndrome.
honor the memory                                                                                            The Aviation Unit currently assists with approxi-
of Commander S.R.                                                                                         mately 1,000 to 1,200 calls for service a year while
    ‘Speedy’ Dewitt.                                                                                      only flying approximately 600 to 800 flight hours a
                                                                                                          year, operating seven days a week, 21 hours a day,
                                                                                                          with an operational budget of $166,775 a year.

January 2010                                          BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                             Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS        15

                            Sheriff’s 911
               Communications Officer Makes A Difference
  On Oct. 23, 2009, Sheriff’s Office     tional help was just moments away. In      with gathering critical information as
Communications Center assistant          the discussion, Graham encouraged          quickly as possible. Specialized train-
shift    supervisor   Hope    Graham     the woman to place the weapon in           ing and an acute protocol provide rigid
received a 911 call from a very dis-     another room and then meet with the        guidelines for the successful comple-
traught woman. The woman relayed         city of West Melbourne police officers     tion of these tasks. Likewise, the
that she was contemplating suicide       at the front door of her residence. The    human elements of care and compas-
and needed to talk to someone. Super-    woman ultimately complied and the          sion, as displayed by Supervisor Gra-
visor Graham immediately engaged in      officers were able to make contact         ham in the call above, play an equally
dialogue with the woman to gather        without jeopardizing the safety of all     important role in providing exception-
more information and reassure the        involved.                                  al public service to the citizens of Bre-
woman that she could indeed help.           Graham was recognized by both the       vard.
The woman relayed that she had a gun     West Melbourne Police Department             “Supervisor Graham is typical of all
in her lap and was thinking about tak-   and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office    of our 911 communications officers
ing her life.                            for her actions in this critical event,    who play such a vital role in safeguard-
  With emergency units responding to     and was subsequently selected as           ing the residents of our community.
the address, Graham continued talk-      Communications Officer of the Month        They have an action-packed, stressful
ing with the woman to convince her       for October 2009.                          job and we greatly appreciate their
not to harm herself. She was success-       911 communications officers are the     dedication and commitment to help-
ful in reassuring the woman that she     first line of communication for our cit-   ing our citizens,” Sheriff Jack Parker
was there to help her and that addi-     izens in an emergency. They are tasked     said.                                                   Hope Graham

                                                     Volunteers Needed
      If interested, please                                                                                             Are you interested in volunteering your
       contact the Special                                                                                            time in a civilian capacity at one of the
                                                                                                                      Sheriff ’s Office facilities? We can use your
 Operations Office which                                                                                              help with a variety of important responsi-
 accepts applications for                                                                                             bilities. Maybe you are retired and want a
         volunteers for the                                                                                           new challenge; perhaps you are a college
 Sheriff’s Office. You can                                                                                            student and need some practical experi-
             reach them at                                                                                            ence; or maybe you are temporarily out of
                                                                                                                      the work force and want to sharpen your
    (321) 454-6643, or in                                                                                             skills or just get involved in helping your
        South Brevard call                                                                                            community. We can find a work location
  (772) 664-1015 and ask                                                                                              convenient to your home. We have a vari-
          for the volunteer                                                                                           ety of assignments to include working at
               coordinator.                                                                                           the jail, courts, records or neighborhood
                                                                                                                        You will need to submit to a brief back-
                                                                                                                      ground review due to the nature of the
                                                                                                                      work we do. If interested, please contact
                                                                                                                      the Special Operations Office which
                                                                                                                      accepts applications for Volunteers for the
                                                                                                                      Sheriff Office. You can reach them at (321)
                                                                                                                      454-6643, or in South Brevard call (772)
                                                                                                                      664-1015 and ask for the volunteer coordi-
                                                                                                                      nator. You can learn more and print an
                                                                                                                      application at,
                                                                                                                      and click on “Working for BCSO”, then
                                         We Need YOU!                                                                 click on the “Volunteers” link.

16   Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                           BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                        January 2010

                                                                  Most Wanted
       If you have information about any of these subjects,
                   DO NOT TRY TO APPREHEND!
                                                                                                                IMPOR TANT DISCL AIMER
             Call the CRIMELINE at 1 (800) 423-TIPS or                                            The Brevard County Sheriff ’s Office does not warrant
        the Brevard County Sheriff ’s Judicial Process Unit                                    that the information or data contained in this publication is
         at (321) 264-5217. If you call CRIMELINE you can
       remain anonymous and if your tip leads to an arrest,                                     accurate or correct, as the information and addresses can
            you can be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.                                                          change at any time.
     This is only a partial listing of subjects on the wanted list.                                        This information is a synopsis of the
                        To view more go to:                                                     available information and is not intended to represent all
                                                                                                   the information available under Florida Statue 119,                                                                                    Florida’s Public Record Law.

               For: Attempted                                     For: V.O.P.,                                   For: Failure to                          For: Escape
                    Murder                                        Additional warrants                                 appear
                                                                                                                                                          DOB: 12/15/70
               DOB: 7/2/85                                        DOB: 9/10/ 79 or 74                            DOB: 9/23/41
                                                                                                                                                          Race: Black
               Race: Black                                        Race: Black                                    Race: Black
                                                                                                                                                          Sex: Male
               Sex: Male                                          Sex: Male                                      Sex: Male
                                                                                                                                                          Height: 5’ 9”
               Height: 5’ 8”                    Scott             Height: 6’ 3”                                  Height: 5’ 9”              James
Krishna                                                                                       Franklin                                                    Weight: 240
Anthony        Weight: 170                     Ericson            Weight: 160                 Bowman             Weight: 180               Bernard
Badaloo                                        Burgess                                                                                     Milkles

               For: Failure to notify                             For: V.O.P.                                    For: Violation of                         For: Failure to
                    D.H.S.M.V. of                                                                                community control                              Appear
                                                                  DOB: 12/21/81
                    Address                                                                                      DOB; 6/29/80                              DOB: 1/25/81
                                                                  Race: White
               DOB: 3/29/86                                                                                      Race: White                               Race: White
                                                                  Sex: Male
               Race: White                                                                                       Sex: Male                                 Sex: Male
               Sex: Male                                          Height: 6’ 3”
                                              Phillip                                                            Height: 6’ 2”                             Height: 5’ 5”
Steven D.                                                         Weight: 180                  Jusin B.                                     Oscar
               Height: 5’ 10”
 Strack                                      McClellan                                          Philips          Weight: 230               Martinez        Weight: 160
               Weight: 215

                                        For: FTA: Forcing a                             For: V.O.P. CT I & II                        For: Armed robbery
                                        child to commit                                 Lewd or Lascivious
                                        lewd, lascivious                                act on a child.                              DOB: 9/23/48
                                        acts. Forcing sexual
                                        performance of a                                DOB: 9/30/53                                 Race: White
                                        child, computer
                                        solicitation of a child                         Race: White                                  Sex: Male

                                        DOB: 01/31/45                                   Sex: Male                                    Height: 6’ 1”
                  Curtis                                             Harvey                                       Raymond Weight: 170
                                        Race: White                                     Height: 5’ 5”
                 Edward                                              Taylor                                       Hernandez
                  Evans                 Sex: Male                                       Weight: 15

January 2010                                           BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                      Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS     17

               Sexual Offender Reporting and Tracking
   One of our priorities at the Sher-      the country, to include the Florida
iff ’s Office is the monitoring of sex
offenders and predators, and notify-
                                           Department of Law Enforcement.
                                             The system generates a mailing
                                                                                          The system generates a mailing via post
ing the public of their presence in
the communities in which they
                                           via post cards to citizens in the
                                           immediate area affected by the
                                                                                           cards to citizens in the immediate area
reside. The Brevard County Sheriff ’s      offender changing their residence.             affected by the offender changing their
Office is accomplishing this through       Since its inception over 134,000
its Sexual Offender Registration and       individualized notifications have             residence. Since its inception, more than
Tracking Unit (S.O.R.T.). This all-        been directed to the citizens in Bre-
encompassing          unit    assumed      vard County. The service also pro-         134,000 individualized notifications have been
responsibility for the registration of
almost 700 offenders and predators
                                           vides an option for the citizens to
                                           sign up for e-mail alerts that can be
                                                                                        directed to the citizens in Brevard County.
in Brevard County, as well as verify-      generated immediately upon verifi-
ing their addresses, monitoring            cation of the offender’s address.       protection of children from sexual     which was reduced to 15 at the end
their movements and enforcing the            There is also a need to verify the    exploitation additional investiga-     of its first full year of service. The
statutes of the state of Florida.          information     provided    by    the   tors and a certified forensic com-     S.O.R.T. Unit has also formed a
   A critical component of the             offenders during registration. A        puter specialist were assigned to      partnership with the U.S. Mar-
S.O.R.T. Unit has included using           verification system was introduced      S.O.R.T to specifically address vic-   shal’s Office, which has assisted
crime analysts for the registration        to verify the address of every          timization through the use of the      with attempting to track down
and notification functions of the          offender in the unincorporated          Internet. Because of the worldwide     those absconders who have fled
unit. Through the use of a database        area of the county twice yearly         capability of the Internet, a part-    Brevard County and the state of
developed in-house at the Sheriff ’s       using sheriff ’s patrol deputies. A     nership was forged with the Inter-     Florida to elude capture.
Office, the analysts are able to input     coordinated effort with the Bre-        national Crimes Against Children         All of these innovative approach-
all information on the offenders’          vard County law enforcement             Task Force (ICAC) as well as Immi-     es use every facet of law enforce-
addresses, employment and move-            community also provides the man-        gration and Customs Enforcement        ment manpower and knowledge
ments.                                     power to perform countywide             (ICE). Locally, ICE and S.O.R.T.       base within Brevard County to
   In order to meet the public needs       monitoring and verification of          formed a Child Exploitation Task       actively monitor and verify the
of notification, the Brevard County        offenders in their respective juris-    Force. All available resources via     movements of offenders. This has
Sheriff ’s Office became the first         dictions. This effort also includes     the Internet to include chat rooms,    resulted in a registration compli-
Sheriff ’s Office in the state of Flori-   partnering with probation officers      personal ads, MySpace and Peer to      ance rate of approximately 94 per-
da to partner with Offender Watch          who are able to assist in searches      Peer downloads are utilized.           cent every month.
Systems to develop a web-based             of offenders under court supervi-         The efforts of the S.O.R.T unit        Most importantly violent crimes
notification program, along with a         sion, gain access to the conditions     has resulted in reducing the num-      against women and children have
mail-out system, to reach as many          of probation for specific offenders,    ber of absconders in Brevard           seen a 12 percent decrease in
of the citizens as possible. Today,        as well as access to GPS tracking of    County whose whereabouts are           reported cases since 2006 as a
Offender Watch has partnered with          offenders.                              unknown. There were 52 at the          direct result of S.O.R.T enforce-
law enforcement agencies across              With the great interest in the        implementation of this program,        ment activities.

                                                     Community Alerts
       Citizens can now register for Community E-mail
     Alerts! The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to
     announce its continued partnership with Watchsys-
     tems to keep the residents of our county informed.
     Your Sheriff’s Office will continue to help you stay
     informed and stay safe by offering you important
     information on topics such as arrests, crime statistics,
     criminal activity, hurricane information, community
     programs, and family/community safety tips. Please
     visit our Web site at and click
     on the Community Alerts icon on the right side of the
     screen to register.

18   Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS          BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                      January 2010

                                                     Sexual Absconders
             IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER                                             Date of Birth                 Date of Birth
                                                                              3/17/1955                    5/19/1960
    The Brevard County Sheriff ’s Office does not warrant
                                                                               Last Known                   Last Known
 that the information or data contained in this publication is
                                                                                Address                      Address
 accurate or correct, as the information and addresses can
  change at any time. This information is a synopsis of the                   MELBOURNE                      COCOA
  available information and is not intended to represent all
     the information available under Florida Statute 119,           Jose       POSSIBLY in       Jose       POSSIBLY in
                 Florida’s Public Record Law.                       Cruz         RICO           Garcia-     Unknown

               Date of Birth                     Date of Birth                Date of Birth                 Date of Birth
               2/17/1982                        7/30/1953                     12/21/1981                   6/17/1965
                Last Known                       Last Known                   Last Known                    Last Known
                 Address                          Address                      Address                       Address
                                                  COCOA                       TITUSVILLE
              TITUSVILLE                         POSSIBLY in
 Patrick                            Harvey        IN, TN,
                                                                   Phillip                     Timothy
 Fisher         POSSIBLY in         Taylor       ME, OR,          Mcclellan    POSSIBLY in     Frazier     POSSIBLY in
                Unknown                                                        Unknown
                                                    NJ                                                     Unknown

                Date of Birth                    Date of Birth                Date of Birth                 Date of Birth
               3/19/1986                         6/6/1961                     7/19/1961                     8/13/1984
                 Last Known                                                                                  Last Known
                                                 Last Known                    Last Known
                  Address                                                                                     Address
                                                  Address                       Address
               BAREFOOT                         MELBOURNE                        Cocoa                       Unknown
                     B AY
 Steven                              Wayne                        Timothy      POSSIBLY in     Robert
 Strack         POSSIBLY in         Goodwin                                                                 POSSIBLY in
                                                  POSSIBLY in      Angel        MEXICO          Allen       Unknown
                Unknown                           MEXICO                                       Hendee

                Date of Birth                     Date of Birth     A Sexual Absconder is a sex offender who ceases
                 Last Known         Arr          6/16/1954                  to make herself/himself available

                                                  Last Known
                  Address                          Address
                                                                                    for supervision and
                                                                            whose whereabouts are unknown.


                                                                               Or this refers to an offender
                                                                       who is no longer living at the last reported
  Brant         POSSIBLY in         Jacob        POSSIBLY in      address given to the Florida Sexual Offender Registry.
                Unknown                          Unknown              If you have information, call (321) 633-8407.
 Phillips                           Hansen

January 2010                                          BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                           Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS      19

                                                              Sexual Predators
                                                                                                      Status:                                   Status:
                                                                                                      DOB: 12/10/1961                           DOB: 01/17/1939
     The Brevard County Sheriff ’s Office does not warrant
   that the information or data contained in this publication                                         Race: Caucasian                           Race: Caucasian
   is accurate or correct, as the information and addresses                                           Sex: Male                                 Sex: Male
                    can change at any time.
         This information is a synopsis of the available                                              Height: 6’                                Height: 6’ 1”
      information and is not intended to represent all the                             Leroy          Hair: Brown
                                                                                                                               Frederick        Hair: Gray
        information available under Florida Statute 119,                              Kenneth                                   Hudson
                                                                                                      Weight: 240lbs                            Weight: 200lbs
                  Florida’s Public Record Law.                                        Adams                                    Applegate

                  Status:                                   Status:                                   Status:                                  Status:

                  DOB: 08/15/1973                           DOB: 02/11/1979                           DOB: 01/24/1953                          DOB: 12/09/1976

                  Race: Caucasian                           Race: Afr Amer                            Race: Caucasian                          Race: Afr Amer

                  Sex: Male                                 Sex: Male                                 Sex: Male                                Sex: Male

                  Height: 5’ 11”                            Height: 5’ 6”                             Height: 5’ 11”                           Height: 5’ 3”
  James E                                   Teryn D                                   Gerald                                    Lionell
                  Hair: Brown                               Hair: Brown                               Hair: Brown                              Hair: Black
 Armacost                                    Betts                                   Joseph                                     Devon
                  Weight: 185lbs                            Weight: 185lbs                            Weight: 220lbs                           Weight: 176lbs
                                                                                    Borchardt                                   Brown
                  Status:                                   Status:                                   Status:                                  Status:

                  DOB: 02/14/1941                           DOB: 10/15/1966                           DOB: 10/07/1949                          DOB: 03/11/1939

                  Race: Afr Amer                            Race: Caucasian                           Race: Caucasian                          Race: Caucasian

                  Sex: Male                                 Sex: Male                                 Sex: Male                                Sex: Male

                  Height: 6’ 2”                             Height: 5’ 6”                             Height: 5” 8”                            Height: 5’ 11”
Theodore          Hair: Black
                                           Monte            Hair: Brown                Alfred         Hair: Gray
                                                                                                                               Thomas          Hair: Gray
Roosevelt                                   Scott                                     Eugene                                     Cox
                  Weight: 176lbs                            Weight: 165lbs                            Weight: 160lbs                           Weight: 145lbs
Campbell                                   Casteel                                    Conway

                                                     Central Florida CRIME-           CRIMELINE offers a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to a
                                                  LINE is a completely anony-       felony arrest.A reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest in
                                                  mous tip line for the com-        a homicide case.
                                                  munity          to      provide     The bord of directors for CRIMELINE determines the reward amount for
                                                  information to law inforce-       each case. Tipsters/callers are paid their cash reward via an anonymous sys-
                                                 ment, CRIMELINE never              tem. No signiture or identification is required to collect the reward.
  asks for your name. There is no caller ID and calls are not traced or recorded.     Central Florida CRIMELINE is a way to make a difference in the commu-
    Tipsters or callers are given a unique number for their call. They are asked    nity without being directly involved. Call CRIMELINE, 1-800-423-tips
  to call back with updated information, to check the statis of a tipor to deter-   (8477), with your information or submit your tip on-line through CRIME-
  mine if they are elligible for a reward.                                          LINE’s website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

20   Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS             BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                            January 2010

                                                   Sexual Predators
              Status:                             Status:                      Status:                       Status:

              DOB: 05/27/1967                     DOB: 06/17/1978              DOB: 09/01/1957               DOB: 09/08/1951

              Race: Caucasian                     Race: Caucasian              Race: Caucasian               Race: Caucasian

              Sex: Male                           Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                     Sex: Male

              Height: 6’                          Height: 5’ 7”                Height: 5’ 10”                Height: 5’ 10”
NATHAN A Hair: Brown                  Sean     Hair: Blonde         Randall    Hair: Brown
                                                                                                 Vernon      Hair: Brown
CRANSTON                            Culbertson                       Davis                        Dean
              Weight: 165lbs                      Weight: 180lbs               Weight: 195lbs                Weight: 195lbs
              Status:                             Status:                      Status:                       Status:

              DOB: 06/25/1981                     DOB: 04/04/1979              DOB: 09/20/1985               DOB: 03/28/1967

              Race: Caucasian                     Race: Caucasian              Race: Caucasian               Race: Caucasian

              Sex: Male                           Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                     Sex: Male

              Height: 6’                          Height: 5’ 4”                Height: 5’ 10”                Height: 6’ 2”
 Antonio      Hair: Black
                                       Eric       Hair: Red          Jacob     Hair: Blonde
                                                                                                 Jeffrey     Hair: Brown
  Dias                               Anthony                         Scott                       Gilliland
              Weight: 246lbs                      Weight: 165lbs               Weight: 169lbs                Weight: 340lbs
                                     Douglas                         Evans
              Status:                             Status:                      Status:                       Status:

              DOB: 04/03/1961                     DOB: 07/07/1958              DOB: 02/27/1968               DOB: 03/08/1975

              Race: Caucasian                     Race: Afr Amer               Race: Caucasian               Race: Caucasian

              Sex: Male                           Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                     Sex: Male

              Height:6’                           Height: 5’ 8”                Height: 5’ 9”                 Height: 6’ 1”
RAFAEL E      Hair: Black
                                      Leon        Hair: Black
                                                                     Allen     Hair: Brown
                                                                                                  Daniel     Hair: Brown
GONZALEZ                             Goodwin                        Anthony                      Harrison
              Weight: 187lbs                      Weight: 125lbs               Weight: 186lbs                Weight: 261lbs
              Status:                             Status:                      Status:                       Status:
              DOB: 01/16/1970                     DOB: 02/19/1973              DOB: 06/17/1973               DOB: 10/30/1966
              Race: Caucasian                     Race: Afr Amer               Race: Caucasian               Race: Caucasian
              Sex: Male                           Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                     Sex: Male
              Height: 6’                          Height: 6’ 1”                Height: 6’                    Height: 5’ 8”
ROBERT        Hair: Brown
                                      Kevin       Hair: Black       Joseph W   Hair: Brown
                                                                                                             Hair: Brown
HOWARD                               Johnson                         Kearns                      Howard
              Weight: 230lbs                      Weight: 200lbs               Weight: 222lbs                Weight: 175lbs
  JR,                                                                                            Knight

January 2010                           BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                      Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS    21

                                             Sexual Predators
               Status:                      Status:                      Status:                          Status:

               DOB: 10/07/1958              DOB: 07/01/1984              DOB: 02/16/1961                  DOB: 02/18/1983

               Race: Caucasian              Race: Caucasian              Race: Caucasian                  Race: Afr Amer

               Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                        Sex: Male

               Height: 5’ 11”               Height: 5’ 7”                Height: 5’ 5”                    Height: 5’ 8”
  Kevin W      Hair: Gray
                                 Russell    Hair: Brown       Thomas     Hair: Brown
                                                                                                          Hair: Black
  Koss Sr                         Leo                         Donald                           K
               Weight: 240lbs               Weight: 140lbs               Weight: 160lbs      Lewis        Weight: 140lbs
                                 LaClair                      Larrow
               Status:                      Status:                      Status:                          Status:

               DOB: 12/22/1972              DOB: 12/05/1957              DOB: 05/01/1966                  DOB: 02/07/1941

               Race: Caucasian              Race: Caucasian              Race: Caucasian                  Race: Caucasian

               Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                        Sex: Male

               Height: 5” 8”                Height: 6’ 1”                Height: 6’ 1”                    Height: 6’ 2”
    Scott      Hair: Brown
                                 Grady      Hair: Gray        Michael    Hair: Brown
                                                                                           Douglas        Hair: Gray
    Lovall                        Paul                         Allen                        Paul
               Weight: 230lbs               Weight: 205lbs               Weight: 240lbs                   Weight: 200lbs
                                 McLain                        Miller                      Monroe
               Status:                      Status:                      Status:                          Status:

               DOB: 06/02/1961              DOB: 08/24/1945              DOB: 12/21/1945                  DOB: 04/30/1952

               Race: Caucasian              Race: Caucasian              Race: Caucasian                  Race: Caucasian

               Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                        Sex: Male

               Height: 5’ 9”                Height: 6’                   Height: 5’ 6”                    Height: 5’ 7”
  Steve A      Hair: Brown
                                 Charles    Hair: Brown        Louis     Hair: Brown
                                                                                            Daniel        Hair: Brown
  Muncey                         Munsey                       Palmieri                     Stephen
               Weight: 140lbs               Weight: 190lbs               Weight: 160lbs                   Weight: 145lbs
                                   Jr                            Jr                        Perdue
               Status:                      Status:                      Status:                          Status:
               DOB: 10/02/1981              DOB: 02/24/1969              DOB: 11/27/1959                  DOB: 04/22/1979
               Race: Caucasian              Race: Afr Amer               Race: Afr Amer                   Race: Caucasian
               Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                    Sex: Male                        Sex: Male
               Height: Brown                Height: 5’ 7”                Height: 6’ 1”                    Height: 5’ 8”
  Carlos       Hair: Brown
                                 Patrick    Hair: Black        Amin      Hair: Black
                                                                                           Thomas J
                                                                                                          Hair: Brown
  Jeremy                         A Powell                        A                         Richards
               Weight: 315lbs               Weight: 128lbs               Weight: 255lbs                   Weight: 200lbs
   Perry                                                      Rasheed                         Jr.

22   Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS             BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                 January 2010

                                                     Sexual Predators
              Status:                              Status:                        Status:                        Status:

              DOB: 06/27/1947                      DOB: 09/11/1964                DOB: 09/06/1978                DOB: 04/02/1949

              Race: Caucasian                      Race: Caucasian                Race: Caucasian                Race: Caucasian

              Sex: Male                            Sex: Female                    Sex: Male                      Sex: Male

              Height: 5’ 6”                        Height: 5’ 2”                  Height: 5’ 8”                  Height: 5’ 10”
 Ronald       Hair: Brown
                                    Karen Lee      Hair: Brown
                                                                     William      Hair: Brown
                                                                                                      Robert     Hair: Brown
  Ray                                Roberts                          Keith                             A
              Weight: 180lbs                       Weight: 125lbs                 Weight: 210lbs                 Weight: 160lbs
  Rife                                                               Roberts                           Rush
              Status:                              Status:                        Status:                        Status:

              DOB: 08/04/1939                      DOB: 01/14/1957                DOB: 12/20/1952                DOB: 06/26/1981

              Race: Caucasian                      Race: Caucasian                Race: Caucasian                Race: Hispanic

              Sex: Male                            Sex: Male                      Sex: Male                      Sex: Male

              Height: 5’ 9”                        Height: 5’ 7”                  Height: 5’ 11”                 Height: 6’
 Clifford                            Vincent                           Mark                          Anthony
              Hair: Gray                           Hair: Gray                     Hair: Gray                     Hair: Black
    W                                   J                              Brian                         Michael
              Weight: 188lbs                       Weight: 145lbs                 Weight: 200lbs                 Weight: 290lbs
 Sutton                             Taggart Jr                         Ulrey                          Velez
              Status:                              Status:                        Status:                        Status:

              DOB: 05/28/1960                      DOB: 10/19/1964                DOB: 05/09/1972                DOB: 10/03/1970

              Race: Caucasian                      Race: Caucasian                Race: Caucasian                Race: Afr Amer

              Sex: Male                            Sex: Male                      Sex: Male                      Sex: Male

              Height: 5’ 11”                       Height: 5’ 5”                  Height: 5’ 9”                  Height: 6’ 1”
 James        Hair: Brown              PAUL M   Hair: Brown             Hal       Hair: Brown
                                                                                                                 Hair: Black
  Leo                               WEINFURTNER                       Forrest                            S
              Weight: 185lbs                    Weight: 191lbs                    Weight: 230lbs     Williams    Weight: 218lbs
Vermilye                                                               White
              Status:                              Status:                        Status:                        Status:
              DOB: 03/25/1959                      DOB: 05/11/1945                DOB: 01/27/1956                DOB: 12/17/1963
              Race: Afr Amer                       Race: Caucasian                Race: Caucasian                Race: Caucasian
              Sex: Male                            Sex: Male                      Sex: Male                      Sex: Male
              Height: 5’ 11”                       Height: 5’ 7”                  Height: 6’                     Height: 5’ 5”
 John         Hair: Black
                                      Gerald       Hair: Gray        Keith Earl   Hair: Gray
                                                                                                              Hair: Black
   A                                    C                            Youngken                       Hassinger
Worsham       Weight: 190lbs                       Weight: 197lbs                 Weight: 185lbs                 Weight: 135lbs

January 2010                                                     BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                        Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS               23

                     An Inside Look at Crime Scene Investigators
   The Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Unit in       imaging, composite creations and surveil-
the Criminal Investigations division is           lance video enhancement. Additionally,
staffed with Crime Scene Investigators,           the Crime Scene Investigator will go to
who are dedicated to providing investiga-         court to testify to the results of their inves-
tive support in the areas of crime scene          tigation.
and physical evidence analysis. The Iden-            Currently, the Sheriff’s Office has three
tification Unit in Criminal Investigations is     different levels a Crime Scene Investigator
staffed with Latent Print Technicians, who        can attain during the course of their
are dedicated to providing investigative          career. These levels are I, II and III. To
support in the areas of fingerprint and           become employed at the I level, an Associ-
palm print analysis. This support is              ates degree, vocational technical degree,
offered to the investigative units within the     or specialized training equivalent to satis-
Sheriff’s Office as well as other requesting      factory completion of two years of college
local agencies, state agencies and federal        education with emphasis in Criminology,
agencies in order to assist in the reduction      Law Enforcement, Forensic Sciences,
of crime and the improvement of the qual-         Criminal Justice or a closely related field is
ity of life of the citizen’s of Brevard County.   required. After one year, the Level I Crime
   Many citizens are familiar with Deputy         Scene Investigator is eligible for advance-
Sheriffs and what their jobs entail; howev-       ment to the Level II position upon the suc-
er, many citizens gain their knowledge            cessful completion of crime scene related
about the job of a Crime Scene Investiga-         training and obtaining certification by the
tor and Latent Print Examiners from what          International Association For Identifica-
they see on television. CSI and NCIS are          tion as a Certified Crime Scene Investiga-
examples of shows highlighting the jobs of        tor. The Crime Scene Investigator is eligi-
the Crime Scene Investigator and Latent           ble for advancement to the Level III
Print Technicians, which often display the        position after three years as a Crime Scene
jobs as being technical, fast paced and           Investigator, the successful completion of
                                                                                                    CSI Matthews shows CSI Evans different techniques in examining evidence.
exciting. After spending time with the            crime scene related training and obtaining
Sheriff’s Office CSIs and Latent Print Tech-      a more advanced certification by the Inter-       of a print to a known subject, they can          prints obtained from evidence in a nar-
nicians, its comes to light that though           national Association For Identification –         search the print through these databases.        cotics investigation. She was reviewing
these jobs are very exciting, the tasks are       Certified Crime Scene Analyst.                    These databases will return a list contain-      the extensive notes she had taken during
often very tedious and time consuming,               The job of the Sheriff’s Office Latent         ing the various offenders’ prints that most      her examination of these prints. She
and require a methodical approach.                Print Technician entails the examination          closely resembled the unknown print that         loaded an image of one of the prints and
   The Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Unit          of fingerprints and palm prints that have         was searched. The technician can then            submitted it into the AFIS database to
consists of six Crime Scene Investigators–        been collected from the scenes of various         look at the characteristics present in the       search against convicted offenders. After a
Erin Green, Anastacia Parenti, Candace            different crimes to determine what per-           unknown print and each offenders’ prints         short time, the computer returned its
Matthews, Celia Mahler, Kaitlin Hart and          sons left those prints behind. They com-          to determine which offender, if any, was         results. It is not nearly as fast as it is on tel-
Heather Evans. The Sheriff’s Office Identi-       pare the characteristics in a print to the        the creator of that print.                       evision, but the computer still produces 30
fication Unit consists of four Latent Print       characteristics of prints collected from a           Currently, the Sheriff’s Office has two       possible matches. She carefully examined
Technicians – Dorothy Barbour, Susan              known person to determine if that person          levels within the Identification Unit. An        each of the 30 prints that resulted from the
Krause, Wanda Mulcahy and Yvonne                  did or did not leave those prints behind in       employee begins in this unit as a Finger-        search of the database. One of the prints
Scheiner. Administrative Assistant Mar-           a crime scene. Latent Print Technicians           print Technician, which requires a high          suggested by the computer appears to
garet Cline supports both units in their          evaluate prints through various methods,          school diploma. After two years, a Finger-       have consistent characteristics with the
various additional needs. Both units are          to include using magnifying glasses and           print Technician can advance to the sec-         unknown print. She then requested this
supervised by Virginia Casey, who is both         using computer software. Additionally,            ond level, Latent Fingerprint Technician,        offender’s fingerprints to compare them
an experienced Crime Scene Investigator           the Latent Print Technician will go to court      upon the completion of advanced finger-          directly to the unknown print to deter-
and Latent Print Technician.                      to testify to the results of their investiga-     print training, an initial latent print exami-   mine if that offender created the unknown
    The job of the Sheriff’s Office Crime         tion.                                             nation course and obtaining certification        print. In approximately 25% of investiga-
Scene Investigator entails responding to             The Latent Print Technicians frequently        by the International Association For Iden-       tions where no suspect has been devel-
various types of crime scenes, document-          use an investigative tool called AFIS,            tification as a Tenprint Examiner.               oped, searching the AFIS database devel-
ing these crime scenes, collecting items of       which stands for the Automated Finger-                                                             ops a suspect. However, if no match is
physical evidence from crime scenes, and          print Identification System. AFIS stores            (Sheriff’s Office staff member Cheryl Sink     found during the initial search, the
the processing of items of evidence within        fingerprints and palm prints collected            recently spent a day with the members of         unknown print will be retained in the sys-
a laboratory setting. They process the evi-       from convicted offenders in the state of          these units and reports on what she              tem and will continue to be searched
dence located at crime scenes and evi-            Florida. Additionally, there is a system          observed.)                                       against the new convicted offenders that
dence in the laboratory through a variety         called IAFIS, which stands for the Interna-                                                        are added to the system daily.
of means to include powders, chemicals            tional Automated Fingerprint Identifica-              “A CALM IN THE STORM”                           On this same day, Crime Scene Investi-
and the use of alternate light sources; and       tion System, which store fingerprints and                                                          gator Green was processing evidence in
through a variety of techniques to include        palm prints collected from nationwide               On the day these units were “shadowed”,        the laboratory. Upon receiving a new case,
trajectory/shooting reconstruction analy-         convicted offenders. If a Latent Print            Supervisor Casey was examining latent            she reviewed the reports written by the
sis, bloodstain pattern analysis, digital         Technician is unable to identify the source

24       Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                         BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                                   January 2010

                                                                                               being held by a clip several inches from             Celia is kneeling at the foot of the body.
                                                                                               the base of the copy stand, another clip          She is taking notes and shining a flashlight
                                                                                               must hold a small ruler beside it.                around the room. I am still just in the hall-
                                                                                                  Candace also explains using a “hot spot”       way, but I can see one of the victim’s feet. I
                                                                                               to bring out more detail in the photo-            notice the room is extremely dark, but I
                                                                                               graph. Although the print may be on a             don’t know why.
                                                                                               dark surface, shining a bright light on it in        As Celia moves around the room, I enter
                                                                                               a particular way makes the background             the doorway. This is the first time I have
                                                                                               appear white and the print show up dark.          seen a dead body, other than in photo-
                                                                                               This is tricky and involves holding the light     graphs.
                                                                                               really close to the object being pho-                There are cigarette butts and beer bot-
                                                                                               tographed. The lights are very hot and            tles around the room. The floor is littered
                                                                                               Heather is concerned that her gloves              with trash, dog droppings and other items.
                                                                                               might melt.                                       I am wondering how anyone can become
                                                                                                  Candace compliments Heather on the             accustomed to the odor inside the resi-
                                                                                               photographs she has taken and informs             dence. The two dogs gated nearby are
                                                                                               her that there will be a test the following       whining.
                                                                                               day.                                                 I can see a rope hanging from a broken
                                                                                                   At about 9pm that evening, I get a call to    ceiling fan. Now I know why there is no
                                                                                               head out to a crime scene to continue             light in the room.
                                                                                               shadowing the unit. Two calls came in                I ask Celia what notes she is taking and
                                                                                               within moments of each other and I’m not          she tells me that she has to document
                                                                                               sure what I am going to see.                      what she sees regarding the position of the
                                                                                                  I arrive at a trailer park just before 10pm.   body and other details, like the rope.
                                                                                               A Crime Scene van, a patrol vehicle and              Celia stops to look at a note that victim
Deputies involved to learn the facts of the            “TIS THE SEASON – Call Outs”            two unmarked cars are parked out front. I
case. The items she was processing had                                                                                                           left. It is too far for me to read it, but as
                                                                                               meet with CSI Celia Mahler and Homicide
been submitted by several different               Katrina Wilson had the opportunity to                                                          Celia shines her flashlight, I think I can
                                                                                               Agents Joe Martin and Marlon Buggs.
Deputies from several different crime          ride along with the Crime Scene Unit just a                                                       make out the words, “I’m sorry.”
                                                                                               They inform me that there had been a sui-
scenes. She examined a paint can used to       few days before Christmas. Below she                                                                 We exit the residence as Celia goes to her
                                                                                               cide inside. I hear dogs barking from with-
break a car window in a vehicle burglary, a    reports what she observes that day.                                                               van to gather the supplies she will need
                                                                                               in the residence.
stun gun used to threaten a victim during         First, I’m spending a little time with CSI      A neighbor is sitting on the porch of the      now that she has made her initial assess-
a burglary, a beer can located in a stolen     Candace Matthews and CSI Heather                residence next door. She is smoking and           ment of the scene. Before we go back into
vehicle, a firearm purchased from a            Evans. Candace has been in the unit for a       sobbing. She is watching everything that          the residence, she stops to take pictures
unknown firearms trafficker and a skate-       number of years and Heather joined eight        is going on, but not saying a word.               outside.
board that was allegedly used in an            weeks ago. Newly hired CSI’s must go               Celia takes notes and diagrams every-             I wait on the front porch as Celia takes
assault. She photographed and examined         through a detail-oriented training pro-         thing that she sees outside the residence.        pictures of the entryway of the residence.
each item separately to ensure that each       gram in forensic processes, similar to the      Joe and Marlon are discussing the infor-          Marlon is still interviewing the victim’s
item is properly documented and no cross       Field Training program for new deputies.        mation they already have about the vic-           girlfriend just outside the door. Celia
contamination occurs.                             Today Candace is sharing her photogra-       tim. I notice the Patrol Deputy who had           invites me back inside and enters the vic-
   All of these items are then placed into a   phy expertise and using a copy stand, a         initially responded watching everything.          tim’s bedroom.
Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber. This             stationary platform that holds a camera            Marlon has been an investigative agent             Shortly thereafter, Joe, Marlon and an
chamber is a safe and effective way to         and lights, to take photos of latent prints.    for many years, but he is new to the Homi-        investigator from the Medical Examiner’s
process these items for latent prints.         Candace has prepared mock evidence on           cide Unit, so Joe is discussing each inves-       Office enter the residence while the vic-
                                               glass, metal, a mirror and several other        tigative step and what they will ask in the       tim’s girlfriend remains outside. She is
Inside the fuming chamber, superglue
                                               objects to show Heather different tech-         interview with the victim’s girlfriend, who       wrapped in a blanket.
heated into a gaseous form adheres to
                                               niques that are used to obtain the best         found his body. They tell me that the vic-           Marlon briefs Celia on what he learned
latent prints left behind on the surfaces of                                                                                                     from the girlfriend and what she did upon
                                               photograph of a print. Candace explains         tim hung himself.
evidence.      The entire process takes                                                                                                          discovering the body. Everyone is working
                                               how using different techniques and light-          I can see the glow of the GPS in all the
approximately 25 minutes. When the                                                                                                               by flashlight.
                                               ing help make the print clearer and bring       vehicles, including my own, that everyone
fuming is complete, CSI Green examines                                                                                                              The ME’s investigator comments to the
                                               out detail that wouldn’t be visible to the      used to get here.
some of the items using a RUVIS, which                                                            Celia, Marlon and Joe enter the resi-          agents that this is his “fifth suicide today.”
stands for a Reflected Ultra Violet Imaging    naked eye. Heather makes adjustments to
                                               the lights and the camera’s shutter speed       dence. I stand outside and the Patrol             He and Celia are both taking photographs.
System. The RUVIS uses ultraviolet light in                                                    Deputy writes my name on the Crime                   Marlon takes notes and answers Celia’s
                                               to obtain the best photograph possible.
conjunction with a specialized lens to                                                         Scene Log. A few minutes later, Marlon            questions as she moves around the body.
                                                  Candace learned many of the methods
view latent prints on the surfaces of evi-     she is sharing at an intensive training         and Joe step outside the residence to             They discuss the position of the body and
dence. CSI Green then processes the            course taught by the FBI regarding latent       speak to the victim’s girlfriend and they         his apparent actions prior to the suicide.
items using different kinds of latent print    print photography. The FBI offers many          invite me in to continue shadowing Celia.            There are still adhesive heart monitor
development chemicals and finally using        different courses to the CSI’s at no cost to       The residence has a strong odor from           leads on the victim’s chest from the para-
fingerprint powder. She photographed           the agency. They even pay for airfare and       the dogs inside. The floors have a bouncy         medics’ efforts. He was 41-years-old.
the items and the developed prints along       lodging.                                        feeling as I step in from the kitchen and            Celia moves the victim’s arms and opens
the way.                                          While Heather is adjusting the camera,       into the hall. I am surprised by the lack of      his hands to look at and photograph his
   During this workday, there were no “call    Candace explains the importance of put-         any sign of Christmas inside the residence        fingers. She takes photos of his face and
outs” to crime scenes. According to the        ting a measuring device in the same focal       so late in December. I have to step over a        the neck. She opens his mouth and takes
CSI’s the majority of the call outs occur      plane as the item being photographed.           puddle of dog urine to meet Celia just out-       more photos. The ME’s investigator says
after 5pm.                                     Since the item being photographed is            side the victim’s bedroom.
                                                                                                                                                 See INVESTIGATORS, 25

January 2010                                                   BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                      Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS            25
                                                   The ME’s investigator, the transport van
Investigators                                   and Homicide agents leave within
                                                moments of each other. Celia is taking a
From page 24
                                                few last photos.
he is glad our CSI's photograph the fingers        The Patrol Deputy is watching for the
and says Dr. Qaiser is very particular about    victim’s girlfriend to return and walks
fingers being photographed.                     down the street a little.
   The body transport crew calls the ME’s          The sobbing neighbor stands. She says
investigator. They’ve missed the turn into      something I can’t understand. She stum-
the neighborhood and he redirects them.         bles and then comes down from her porch
   As Celia continues to photograph, Joe        steps toward a cat wandering between her
asks her about her holiday plans. She tells     home and the victim’s residence. She
him she’s looking forward to a few days off     stumbles again and falls into the side of
next week.                                      her residence. She tries to pick up the cat,
   Joe tells Marlon what items will be col-     but starts to fall again. She starts walking
lected from the room and what will be           toward the victim’s home. I signal to the
taken to the ME’s office. They discuss the      Patrol Deputy and he asks her politely to
notification of the victim’s parents. Both      go back to her porch. I tell him about her
speak quietly about the notification            falling into the side of the house and onto
process, especially during the holidays.        the driveway. He asks her if she’s okay and
   Celia measures the distance from the         checks on her. She tells him she’s just fine.
floor to the ceiling fan and several others        The victim’s girlfriend returns. She asks
things in the room.                             the deputy to help her move some things          CSI Mahler gathers supplies before entering the crime scene.
   I look around while I’m standing in the      out of the house so she can leave. She also
doorway. I notice several lines on the wall     asks him to shut the victim’s bedroom
where the height and names of children          door so she doesn’t have to see the room.        There is a small Christmas tree in the front    every few houses people are selling popsi-
had been marked.                                He quietly walks behind her and helps as         window and some other decorations               cles, sodas and all sorts of snacks. He
   Celia takes pictures of items she is col-    she tries to think of what she needs to do.      around the living room. There is a photo-       points out the eggs and sausages on the
lecting and then puts them into                    Celia collects the crime scene log from       graph of a woman in a prison inmate’s uni-      price list at a nearby table.
envelopes. The envelopes have all been          the deputy and she puts it with her other        form taped to one of the doors. I am very          There is a small electric burner in the
prestamped with a list of information that      paperwork. She gives me some disinfec-           relieved that this house doesn’t have a foul    kitchen on top of a washing machine. It is
is needed for each case, such as date, case     tant spray for my shoes before I return to       odor like the one from the night before.        just across from a gas stove. I ask the agent
number, etc. Joe asks me if I’m okay.           my vehicle.                                         Heather puts a letter labeling each room     why they would use the burner instead of
   Celia and Joe work together to remove a         We leave the residence at the same time.      on the walls and doors. When Heather            the stove. I think he is teasing me when he
piece of rope from the ceiling fan and it is    As I continue on home, I see her turning         takes photographs, she will first take a pic-   answers.
collected with the other evidence. Joe          into the office to finish up her work with       ture of the letter of that room so she can         The television is on in one of the bed-
then moves the body to collect his wallet.      the evidence she has collected.                  identify the following pictures later. When     rooms. Someone was watching “Law and
His ID is taken into evidence.                     I’ll join the unit again the following day    the agents collect evidence, they will refer    Order.” Candace is drawing a sketch of
   The transport van arrives and waits out-     as they assist with a search warrant.            to the letter of the room to label the items.   the layout of the house while Heather con-
side.                                              I am told to be at a 5pm briefing for a          The narcotics agents are waiting out-        tinues to take photographs. When she fin-
   Marlon reads the suicide note, which is      narcotics search warrant. Sgt. Dennis            side. They are all wearing black hoods to       ishes, we go sit on the porch so Heather
then collected as evidence.                     Casey has drawn a map on a white board           protect their identities. Neighbors are         and Candace can finish their notes while
   Joe and Marlon leave the residence,          and is directing the SWAT Team on how to         peeking out from the doors or sitting on        the agents search. I can see through the
carefully stepping over the puddles of dog      make entry into the residence. As the            dark porches and watching the activity.         front window that they are flipping cush-
urine and weak spots on the floor. I follow     briefing ends, Sgt. Casey yells, “Goggles        Some younger neighbors are standing on          ions and looking in drawers. I can smell
Celia as she takes the evidence she collect-    and guns!” Lt. Vic DeSantis, supervisor of       the sidewalk across the street to watch.        the cigars from the neighboring porch.
ed out to her van.                              the narcotics unit, shouts to his agents,           Candace and Heather go back to the van          It doesn’t take too long to wrap up this
   Everyone is waiting for the victim’s girl-   “Vests and hoods!” Vic tells us as we are        to get supplies and prepare to photograph       scene and collect the evidence. We are
friend to leave the carport so the body can     walking out the door that it looks like there    everything. While taking photos outside of      then off to a marijuana grow house in
be removed from the home. Another               will be another search warrant right after       the residence, one of the neighbors peek-       Satellite Beach. We have a little time
woman takes her for a walk around the           this one.                                        ing out from a door yells something that I      because the agents are still waiting for a
block so everyone can finish.                      I am waiting with CSI’s Candace               don’t understand.         Candace replies,      judge to sign the warrant and then the res-
   The transport crew enters the residence.     Matthews and Heather Evans. We aren’t in         “Nobody died.”                                  idence will need to be secured, so we stop
The two men push a gurney with a velvety        a hurry because the residence has to be             We are walking around the outside of         for a quick sandwich.
looking blanket. They are discussing their      secured before we can go inside. We park         the residence to take photos. It’s a duplex        When we arrive at the next scene, there
plans for a meal break when the evening         at a nearby fire station and wait for the call   and the neighbors on the half not being         are so many cars in front of the residence
slows down. Celia enters the residence          that everything is clear. At about 6pm, the      targeted in this search warrant don’t seem      that it’s difficult to find a place to park the
with them and takes more photos as the          scene is secure and we are on the way.           too happy about the activity.                   van. The neighborhood is very nice. All
body is collected. I am outside the resi-       Candice tells me that this is Heather’s first       When we go back into the residence to        the yards are manicured and there are
dence, but I can see the camera flashing        "crack house."                                   photograph, one of the agents walks             Christmas lights in the front of the target
through the windows.                               Before going inside, Candace and              around with us and answers some of my           home. Standing in the grass out front, I
   The entrance to the home is very clut-       Heather go over what they need to bring          questions. There is a note on the wall with     can smell a very strong odor; it is the mari-
tered and the men must move very care-          in. They are going to do a walk through          items such as sausage, pickles and eggs         juana plants growing inside the residence.
fully to remove the body. As they wheel         and label the rooms then come back and           listed with prices. I ask him if that’s some       There is a woman standing in the drive-
the victim out, the neighbor who had been       take photographs.                                sort of code. He tells me that a lot of the
watching from her porch sobs loudly.               We enter the front door of the residence.     residences in this area sell things. He said    See INVESTIGATORS, 26

26        Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                          BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                                 January 2010

Investigators                                                                                                                                            Gun Safety
From page 25

way crying. I ask one of the agents who
she is. He explains that she owns the                                                                                                                 The Constitution of the United States
home and the suspects are renters who                                                                                                              guarantees our right to “bear
have completely destroyed the inside of                                                                                                            arms.”With that right comes a responsi-
her home.                                                                                                                                          bility to store firearms in a safe man-
   We walk inside through the garage. Just                                                                                                         ner.Unfortunately, many people fail to
as before, Heather and Candace are label-                                                                                                          do so with tragic consequences.
ing the rooms with big letters taped to the                                                                                                           There are too many examples where
wall. As we walk through the home, I                                                                                                               children access guns that parents feel
notice that the front room and one bed-                                                                                                            are hidden in locations that are “safe
room seem fairly normal. There is furni-                                                                                                           enough” for the time being. Children
ture in the rooms, a nativity scene on the                                                                                                         are curious and often will find these
coffee table and some baby items still in                                                                                                          hidden firearms, with deadly results.
their original packaging.                        Agent Marlon Buggs discusses the scene with CSI Mahler.                                           Sometimes parents are overconfident
   One of the road patrol deputies comes                                                                                                           that their child is familiar with gun safe-
up to talk to me. He was a narcotics agent          The rooms with the plants are very           and then placed on special cards.                 ty. Many tragedies have surprised par-
many years ago. He comments that when            warm because of the bright lights. Each            Now that the plants are out of the             ents because they thought their child
he was an agent, Crime Scene wasn’t the          room has temperature controls and elabo-        rooms, the smell of chemicals and fertiliz-       knew better. Even if your child is well-
unit it is today and that back then the          rate watering and nutrition systems. The        er is very strong. I hadn’t noticed it before     versed on gun safety, parents need to
agents had to process the scene while col-       bright lights and reflective walls make the     because the odor from the plants them-            also consider that other children will be
lecting evidence and managing suspects.          plants look almost yellow. There are large      selves overpowered everything else.               visiting their home, unpredictable chil-
He comments what a great job they do.            containers of chemicals and fertilizer.            As Candace and Heather finish process-         dren without gun safety knowledge.
   Most of the agents in the home are still         When Heather finishes photographing,         ing each room, the agents begin to dis-           Parents must also teach their children
wearing their hoods. The residents of the        the agents quickly move in to remove the        mantle massive structures built to conceal        what to do if they come in contact with
home are still there. They are being inter-      plants. Everyone who walks into the grow        and mask the growing process. They take           a gun when they are away from home.
viewed in Spanish. The agent asking the          rooms comes out sticky and dusty from           out the lights, insulation, air units and irri-      In addition to child safety, many of
questions first asks in English so the other     marijuana resin.                                gation. The agents are being as careful as        the firearms that are in the hands of
agents can understand, then in Spanish.             I have to step outside for some fresh air;   possible not to cause any more damage             criminals today were not purchased
When the suspect answers, he repeats the         the odor is so strong it is giving me a         than absolutely necessary to the home.            legally. They were stolen from homes
answer in English.                               headache. I wonder about the pregnant           The agents talk as they dismantle, they feel      during home burglaries. Criminals
   The residents of the home are a young         resident and if she planned to raise her        sorry for all of the homeowners who are           know that citizens often hide their guns
couple. The woman is 7-months preg-              child in that home when it is born.             unknowingly renting to grow operations.           in easy reach of where they sleep. As a
nant. She tells the agents interviewing her         As the plants are brought out, they are      No matter how careful they are this home-         result, a burglar who wants to steal a
that she is a resident alien who came to         stuffed into huge paper bags. The agents        owner has a huge mess ahead of her.               firearm usually heads to the master
Florida from Cuba as a refugee.                  bend and fold the plants into little bundles       The Agents continue packaging evi-             bedroom first and searches nights
   As we work toward the back of the             and struggle to fit two plants into each        dence and arranging to have the power to          stands and the mattress.
house, we see that all the back bedrooms         bag.                                            the home shut down. They discovered that             The problem of criminals and chil-
have been converted into rooms for grow-            One of the agents brings in a bathroom       the suspects have illegally diverted power        dren accessing firearms in our homes
ing marijuana. Each room is lined with a         scale. He weighs himself and then weighs        from the neighbors to source the opera-           can be cured with the same action. Gun
reflective silver insulation, bright horticul-   himself again holding a bag with two            tion and avoid the power bills. Candace           owners need to secure their weapons.
tural lamps hang from the ceiling and the        plants. The first bag weighs 12 pounds.         and Heather pack up the prints they’ve            Years ago, it was difficult securing your
rooms are filled wall to wall with huge          The second bag weighs approximately 12          collected and put their gear back into their      weapon in a gunsafe and having it
plastic pots with large marijuana plants.        pounds as well. There are a total of 24         vans. The agents discuss their plans for          immediately available for protection in
The plants are staked with bamboo to sup-        huge marijuana plants divided between           the following day. They are all very tired. I     the middle of the night. Law enforce-
port their size.                                 three bedrooms.                                 hear them counting the number of search           ment officers investigating a gun theft
   Almost every outlet in the home has a            Lt. DeSantis pulls a bud on one of the       warrants served this week; this is number         or a tragic accident often hear the
plug-in air freshener. There are candles on      plants and shines a flashlight on it. He        five and the week isn't over. I watch as Lt.      homeowner say they didn’t lock up
every table and countertop, as well as on        shows me how they tend and prune to the         DeSantis calls the Division Commander.            their gun because they wanted to get it
the floor. There are even air fresheners in      plants to develop large buds and how the        He details the night's activities and out-        quickly if it were needed to defend their
the garage, but the massive amount of            resin makes the plants glow under the           lines the follow-up for the evidence and          family.
flowery fragrance cannot cover the unmis-        light.                                          suspects. As Vic ends the call, he turns to          Fortunately, that is not a problem
takable odor of marijuana plants.                   When the first room is emptied of            the tired agents and says, "Another suc-          today. There are many products on the
   Heather must photograph the entire            plants, Candace and Heather set to work         cessful night. Bad guys in jail, no one hurt.     market today, which provide both great
house before the grow operation can be           gathering fingerprints. They shine blue         We are on our way home to our families."          security and quick access by the rightful
dismantled. She has to take pictures of          flashlights onto the reflective wall surface.   When we leave, I notice that this house is        owner.
every cabinet and drawer. She takes pho-         When they see a print, they cut the insula-     the only one with Christmas lights still lit         If you have an unsecured firearm in
tographs of each room from multiple              tion and peel off the reflective coating to     in the front yard.                                your house, make the decision today to
angles. When she gets to the grow rooms          collect the prints. When they are done             It’s 11:45pm as I’m riding back to the         get purchase what you need to store it
to take photographs, it is extremely diffi-      with the walls, they collect prints off the     office with Candace. She notes that she is        in a secure manner. Your child’s life or
cult because she can barely fit into the         light bulbs and other surfaces in the room.                                                       the life of another depends on it.
                                                                                                 See Investigators, 27
doorway because all the plants.                  The prints are lifted off the items with tape

January 2010                                                  BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                     Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS           27

                I Resolve that Crime                                                                    Reducing Violent Crime
                    Prevention ...                                                                Over the past several years, the Brevard
                                                                                               County Sheriff’s Office initiated a multi-
                                                                                               phased approach to address an increase
                                                                                                                                               munity is serious getting violent criminals
                                                                                                                                               off of our streets. With the assistance of
                                                                                                                                               strong prosecution and long prison sen-
   The New Year has started and so have        your home a fortress.                           in violent crimes occurring state-wide and      tences by strong judges, violent criminals
the New Year’s resolutions. As in years           • If you have a firearm in the house,        here in Brevard where increases in gang         will stay out of our communities.
past, we will vow to lose weight, quit some    resolve to keep it in a secure location to      violence, graffiti, violent crime and juve-        A review of 2008 crime statistics for the
bad habit or in some way improve our           prevent children or burglars from access-       nile crime have been observed. In               areas served by the Brevard County Sher-
                                                                                               response, the Sheriff’s Office has part-        iff’s Office shows a large decrease in the
lives. We usually can point to some specif-    ing it. Resolve to take advantage of the
                                                                                               nered and taken the lead with other law         crime rate. Compared with the previous
ic event that has caused us make this res-     many programs that are offered by your          enforcement agencies from the federal,          year, homicides were down 71 percent,
olution.                                       local law enforcement agency, such as           state, and local sectors. A unified, pro-       rapes were down 22 percent, aggravated
    For a lot of people, crime prevention      Neighborhood Watch, Operation ID,               active approach to stopping criminal            assaults were down 11 percent, robberies
works the same way. Usually a specific         Child Safety, Adult/Senior Safety, Identity     activity, with an overall goal of eliminating   were down 22 percent and deputies
event, such as becoming the victim of          Theft, Frauds/Scams and Child Finger-           or decreasing the incidence of violent          arrested 710 fewer juveniles. These num-
crime, leads us to change our attitude         printing.                                       offenses, has been implemented. The ini-        bers are even more positive when you
toward crime prevention. It is not until          • Resolve to learn more about how to         tiative has since branched out to commu-        compare them to many other counties
then that we resolve to take positive          protect yourself and family from becom-         nity involvement and public awareness           who experiencing increasing crime rates.
action to protect our family, our property     ing victims of identity theft. Identity theft   efforts by informing parents, teachers, and     As compared to 2009, the recent release of
and ourselves.                                 is the fastest-growing and most pervasive       students about gangs and gang involve-          the mid-year report reflects a continued
   • Instead, resolve this year to heed the    crime in recent history.                        ment.                                           decrease of 2.2 percent for violent crimes,
advice from your local law enforcement            • Resolve to slow down and drive more           The initiative brought about the devel-      a trend we are very pleased is continuing.
agencies, regarding securing your proper-      safely, wear your seatbelt, not drink and       opment of the GAME OVER Task Force                 The gang-related intelligence and
ty. This means closing garage doors com-       drive and restrict phone use and never          and the Sheriff’s TACTICAL Team, along          enforcement activities included the pilot
pletely, locking your car doors, removing      not read or send e-mails or text messages       with partnerships with municipal law            program design and implementation of
visible valuables and garage door openers      using phones and other devices. Hurried         enforcement agencies, the Anti-Gang             Graffiti Busters. This program combines
from your car if left outside.                 lives make us impatient, which affects our      Partnership and the Graffiti Busters Pro-       anti-gang enforcement efforts with Sher-
   • Resolve this year to get a free home or   judgment while driving. Not only are            gram. In this multi-pronged approach,           iff’s Office Inmate Work Crews utilizing
business security survey and then follow       accidents increasing at an alarming rate;       each local agency identified repeat, sus-       donated paint to cover gang communica-
                                                                                               pected perpetrators of violent offenses in      tion “tags” which appear as graffiti. Since
up on their recommendations. Your local        incidents of road rage are becoming an
                                                                                               their geographic areas. Resources from          inception, the Graffiti Busters program
law enforcement agency has certified           all-too-common headline.                        various agencies were combined to identi-       has covered over 800 incidents of gang-
Crime crime Prevention prevention Spe-            Knowledge is power. The more you             fy, monitor and track those violent offend-     related graffiti at no cost to Brevard Coun-
cialists specialists who can show you          know about crime prevention, the more           ers. By working together and sharing            ty taxpayers.
what steps can be taken at your home to        you will be able to protect yourself and        resources, intelligence information, and           The reduction in violent crimes likely
improve your home security. There is no        your family. When making your list of res-      analysis, inter-agency communication            occurred from a combination of all of
charge for the survey by your local law        olutions this year, make room for crime         has improved and the objective of safer         these efforts made within the law enforce-
enforcement agency and you can make            prevention.                                     communities and a safer county is being         ment community. Criminals adapt quick-
your home safer. For a small investment,                                                       realized.                                       ly to these efforts made by law enforce-
you can purchase security upgrades from          Portions of this message were provided           The GAME OVER Task Force has made a          ment, so law enforcement must continue
your local hardware store that can make        by                      huge impact in the community, making            to evolve, never becoming complacent in
                                                                                               nearly 400 arrests in the 18 months since it    its efforts to protect the citizens of Brevard
                                                                                               was formed. Among these offenders were          County.
                                               sights, the sounds and especially the
Investigators                                  smells were often overwhelming. They
                                               are not the CSI’s we see on TV; there is no
                                                                                               homicide suspects, career criminals, sex
                                                                                               offenders, home invasion and robbery
                                                                                               suspects, fugitives and several considered
                                                                                                                                                  There are also many ways for residents
                                                                                                                                               and business owners to become a less
                                                                                                                                               attractive target for criminals. Citizens are
From page 26
                                               glamour. The work is dirty, smelly and          to be the “Most Wanted” throughout the          encouraged to educate themselves in
only on call for 15 more minutes. She          never-ending. They are simply a handful         county. Also, many illegally possessed          Crime Prevention and Awareness by part-
pauses for a moment and comments that          of unseen heroes who show up at every           firearms and weapons have been removed          nering with law enforcement through pro-
she really hopes nothing else happens          crime scene with a smile. After watching        from the streets.                               grams such as the Neighborhood Watch,
before her call day ends. She’s looking for-   them, I'm really not sure how they do it,          The overall initiative was designed to       Business Crime Watch, and CrimeLine.
ward to spending some time with her fam-       every day, all day. It makes me very            measure success in the quality of arrests          When the community works together in
ily.                                           proud we have such a professional, well-        made, not just the quantity. Over the past      crime prevention, the criminals will be
   When we return to the office, I get in      trained group of women handling this            two years, hundreds of criminals were           less likely to stay in business. For more
my car to go home. Candace and                 important and often undervalued                 arrested for various serious crimes, meth       information about all the programs refer-
                                               responsibility, not just for the Deputies       labs and marijuana grow operations have         enced here, please visit the Brevard Coun-
Heather are unloading the items they’ve
                                               and Agents who rely on their expertise,         been dismantled and hundreds of areas           ty Sheriff’s Web site at www.BrevardSher-
collected and are preparing them for pro-                                                      with graffiti have been cleaned up.   
cessing. They have fingerprint powder          but for the families and friends of the vic-
                                               tims who are seeking closure to life alter-        In Brevard County, the Uniform Crime            The brave and dedicated men and
on their faces and smudges all over their                                                      Report statistics show that there was a sig-    women of the Sheriff’s Office and all of our
uniforms. I don’t know how long it will be     ing events. I hope they have a quiet
                                               Christmas break and get to spend some           nificant decrease in violent crimes and         local and state law enforcement agencies
before they can go home and rest after                                                         juvenile arrests. By targeting and aggres-      routinely place themselves between our
this long day.                                 much needed time with their loved ones,
                                                                                               sively pursuing the most active, danger-        citizens and these violent criminals, put-
   It has been interesting and fun spend-      but as I was told many times over the past
                                                                                               ous known criminals, a clear message has        ting their lives at great risk to keep your
ing time with the Crime Scene Unit. The        two days, "tis the season."                     been sent that the law enforcement com-         community safe.

28       Brevard County HOMETOWN NEWS                                    BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                                                                                           January 2010

 EMERGENCY CALLS/DISPATCH................................911                                                             OTHER IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS
                                                                                                          Crime Line / Anonymous Tips ..........................................(800) 423-TIPS
                                   NON-EMERGENCY:                                                         Department of Children and Families Hotline ................(800) 96ABUSE
 North Precinct, Titusville .................................................(321) 264-5208               Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) ...........(321) 984-4880
 East Precinct, Merritt Island ............................................(321) 454-6652                 Probation and Parole Titusville ........................................(321) 383-2728
 Canaveral Precinct, Cape Canaveral ...............................(321) 868-1113                         Melbourne .........................................................................(321) 752-3145
 West Precinct,Viera ..........................................................(321) 633-2123             Cocoa .................................................................................(321) 690-3200
 South Precinct, Melbourne ..............................................(321) 253-6658                   State Attorney’s Office ................................................ ......(321) 617-7510
 Micco ............................................................................ ....(772) 663-6269
 Criminal Investigations ...................................................(321) 633-8499
 Jail Complex ................................................................ .....(321) 690-1500
 Communications Center .......................................... .......(321) 264-5100
 Career Development ........................................................(321) 264-5308
 Crime Prevention .............................................................(321) 454-6643
                                                                                                                                         USEFUL WEB SITES
 Judicial Processes Unit .....................................................(321) 264-5217
                                                                                                         Brevard County Sheriff’s
 Personnel ...........................................................................(321) 264-5212     Brevard County Clerk of Court
 Public Information / Media ...................................... .......(321) 636-4665                 Brevard County Board of County Commissioners
 Records (background checks / public records) .......... .....(321) 264-5214                             Florida Department of Law Enforcement
 Sexual Offender/Predator Tracking .................................(321) 633-8407                       National Sex Offender Registry
 Special Investigations Unit (vice/narcotics) ....................(321) 385-1300                         Consumer Information Center
 Special Operations ............................................ ...............(321) 454-6643           National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
 Special Victims Unit (sex crimes) .......... ...........................(321) 633-8419                  Federal Bureau of Investigation
 Teen Driving Program .......................................................(321) 633-8446              Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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