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									Anna Service Bureau – Business & Technical Specifications
Executive Summary

                      Anna Service Bureau
               Business and Technical Specifications

                             Executive Summary

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Anna Service Bureau – Business & Technical Specifications
Executive Summary

1. Introduction

On behalf of the numbering agencies, the ANNA Service Bureau („ASB“) is tasked with improving
upon all aspects of the timely, accurate and standardized identification of financial instruments, the
equitable distribution of this information, and related customer support. The ASB is envisioned as a
central hub to receive and consolidate ISIN data from the 61 ANNA members and disseminate this
information to the market via downloadable FTP and web-based solutions.

The ASB will also provide solutions to the industry’s ongoing requirement to link and cross-reference
the single ISO numbering standard ISIN with the myriad of local numbering systems embedded in the
infrastructure of market participants.

This summary outlines several key features and requirements of the ASB, including the following

§   ASB ISIN Masterfile Maintenance (Batch Processing))

•   ASB ISIN Maintenance System („AIMS“)

§   ASB ISIN Access – Extensive ISIN query facility

§   ASB ISIN Admin – ISIN Customer admin and customer support

2. The Role of Telekurs and Standard & Poor's

Both Standard & Poors (S&P) and Telekurs Financial will operate as data hubs for receiving inbound
ISIN data from the National Numbering Agencies (NNAs). Both sites, including appropriate regional
offices, will also operate as ASB Customer Support sites.

Data collection and processing
To ensure an efficient data collection across the different time zones, Telekurs Financial, based in
Zurich, Switzerland and Standard & Poor‘s, based in New York, United States will both operate as
the data collection site for NNA’s within two defined regions. Data processing and data integrity
operations will occur at S&P NY. In order to meet this requirement, Telekurs will immediately send
all inbound ISIN files to the S&P FTP server for validating and processing. Telekurs will be
responsible for providing appropriate support when files from one of these NNA’s are either late (after
6pm GMT – subject to change), incomplete, or not received at all.

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Anna Service Bureau – Business & Technical Specifications
Executive Summary

System Backup / Disaster Recovery
The New York database will be updated and the information will be replicated to the Zurich system.
The synchronization of the two systems will thus provide a backup facility in case the New York
system is down.

Data Distribution
In addition to validating and processing all daily ISIN files, the ASB will be responsible for delivering
a daily batch file to the NNAs that contains a consolidated collection of all adds, updates, and deletes
of ISIN data that occurred before 6PM GMT. Such delivery will be executed from New York as a
primary site.

Customer Support and customer administration
As an ASB Customer Support facility, the ASB will have the ability to create, update and delete
detailed customer information, detailed user information, and detailed customer permissioning
information. The related system will provide the possibility to view and query detailed customer
information as well as daily ISIN activity.
 Applications within ASB will be capable of recording, managing, and reporting daily and historical
ISIN activity.

3.Product and Service Overview

•   ISIN Masterfile Maintenance
              The ISIN Masterfile Maintenance will be used by NNAs to add, modify, or delete
              ISIN records via batch/FTP to the ASB on a daily basis. This function will also allow
              NNA’s to retrieve daily consolidated ISIN update files, and/or retrieve a Masterfile of
              all historical ISIN data.

•   ISIN Maintenance System („AIMS“)
              NNA’s will also have the option to submit new ISIN adds, changes or deletions on a
              transactional (per security) basis via a web-enabled tool called AIMS. This tool is
              anticipated to assist NNA’s and partners with extremely low daily volume that may
              not necessitate supplying a daily batch to the ASB. It can also be used by high-
              volume NNA’s to augment, or provide better timeliness to, their daily batch files.

•   ISIN Access
              ISIN Access is a realtime web interface that will be used by NNAs and other custo-
              mers as an extensive query mechanism that will search the full ISIN database. Late-
              breaking issues that are added via the AIMS input system can be viewed here

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Anna Service Bureau – Business & Technical Specifications
Executive Summary

•   ISIN Admin
              ISIN Admin will be used internally by the ANNA Service Bureau and its Customer
              Service Department to provide global support for NNA’s and users. Its main
              functions will be to create and maintain users of the ISIN Masterfile Maintenance
              and ISIN Access products, maintain user permissions, and creating and distributing
              usage reports.

•   ISID Masterfile and ISIDAccess
              S&P and TKF have co-produced the ISID+ cross-reference service and will offer this
              service via the ASB as well.

4.Data Quality Management and Customer Support
Permissioning -- Masterfile Maintenance
               NNAs listed within the Permissions/Authorization header record will be allowed to
               access to the submitting NNA’s data. The NNA’s listed within this row are not
               expected to change often. Additions and other modifications to the Authorization
               Row will be managed by the ASB Customer Service Department, using the NNA
               Authorization Matrix.

                 The primary security mechanism enforced by AIMS will be the system’s login requi-
                 rement. The system will only be accessible to parties that correctly enter an ID and
                 corresponding password. Customer support personnel will maintain IDs and
                 Additionally, Each NNA will only be able to submit, modify or delete an ISIN that
                 they own.

Data Archiving
                 Detailed ISIN data will be maintained in flat files as a mechanism for providing an
                 audit trail to ISIN data. This before and after image will be maintained within flat
                 files for 30 calendar days on the DATABASE server. After 30 Calendar days, this
                 information will be rolled up, compressed and migrated to the DATABASE server.
                 Finally, after 30 days, documents will be migrated to tape and stored within the ASB
                 ISIN Library.

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Anna Service Bureau – Business & Technical Specifications
Executive Summary
Billing -- Masterfile Maintenance
                The Maintenance Batch product will be an annual subscription based service.
                Subscriptions will automatically be renewed annually unless notified by the customer.

                For Batch processing subscribers, the initial subscription will include a Master file and
                daily updates.
                There will be standard subscription fees for all services. The ASB will be responsible
                for billing the customers directly. All ASB services will be billed using the PIMS
                system and will follow the standard subscription format.
                Resources within the ASB Customer Service department will be used to enter and
                manage this all ISIN product profiles.

A Quality Management Concept describing in greater detail the principles to be followed by the
NNAs, ANNA and the ASB will be drafted in a separate document. The concept will include the
procedures for customer support, as well as further direction in arriving at a simplified licensing
structure for NNA’s and users.


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Anna Service Bureau – Business & Technical Specifications
Executive Summary

Appendix: List of data elements involved in the ISIN-Files

In the first phase of the project the record used for the transmission of new, amended and
deleted ISINs will contain the same data elements as the GIAM-record. The GIAM-record is
composed of the following elements:

12 character ISIN reference as per ISO 6166 with valid check digit.

Date/Time of Last Update
14 characters in format YYYYMMDDhhmmss

ISIN Type & Status
This field is mandatory and contains 2 characters performing two functions.

Issuer Name (long)
Official registered name in country of domicile.
Mandatory field of up to 255 characters maximum.

Issuer Short Name(s)
Optional field of up to 30 characters.

Issue Description
Description of the Issue. Up to 120 characters.
This field is Mandatory unless the CFI Code field 7 has been completed.

C.F.I. Code
Classification for Financial Instruments (ISO 10962)

Nominal Value
Optional field. Up to 12 characters.

Country of Issuer
2-character ISO 3166 country code.
Plus XS, XA, XB, XC, and XD.

Currency of Issue
3- character ISO 4217 currency code

Debt/Equity Code
Mandatory field of I character
  D = Debt instrument
  E = Equity instrument
  S = instrument originally issued with debt instrument
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Anna Service Bureau – Business & Technical Specifications
Executive Summary
  V = Spare

Mandatory field of I character
  B = Bearer
  R = Registered
  S = Bearer or Registered
  O = Other

Syndication Code
Field of 1 character. Optional unless Field 1 1 = D
   D = Domestic debt
   I = International debt

Interest Rate
Optional unless Field 1 1 = D and Field 15 = F

Type of Interest
Field of 1 character. Optional unless Field 1 1 = D First character specifies type:
   F = Fixed
   V = Variable
   Z = Zero

Interest Payment Date
Optional 4-character field.
MMDD: First payment date within calendar year

Interest Frequency
Field of 1 character.

Interest First Payment
Optional 8-character field.
YYYYMMDD representing first date payment made or to be made

Maturity Code
Field of I character. Optional unless Field 11 = D and Field 20 not completed

Optional field unless Field 1 1 = D and Field 19 not completed 8 characters representing

Cross References
Optional field of up to 255 characters which may be used for ISIN cross references, or for free format
Where ISIN cross references are used, up to 18 references may be included, each separated by a blank.
Each reference should comprise
a valid 12 character ISIN code plus 1 suffix letter.
Suffix letter U = Underlying issue
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Anna Service Bureau – Business & Technical Specifications
Executive Summary
Suffix letter 0 = Old security (e.g. after a name change)
Suffix letter N = New ISIN (e.g. when the ISIN has been superseded)

Any Comments
Optional field of up to 255 characters. Free format text.
Since some commercial software packages treat fields greater that 255 characters in different ways,
250 characters is a recommended maximum.

Errors Flag
Optional field of 1 character.

Sender Reference
Up to a maximum of 20 characters. Used to identify individual batches sent by Numbering Agencies.
Mandatory field but no mandatory format. It is automatically generated when using the GIAM PC
application software.

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