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Please Pray For Those Who Serve and Their Families by wio18411


									                          Please Pray For Those Who Serve and Their Families

Due to security concerns, the full list of OPC personnel serving, other than the chaplains listed below,
is not available online.

If you desire a copy of this list, please request it from the Committee contact (see previous page) and provide
the following information:
1. Your name
2. Your OPC local church name and the page number on which your church is listed from the printed OPC
3. Your pastor’s name
A. Our OPC Chaplains on Active Duty
     1. CPT-P Paul T. Berghaus CH USA - NY – Presbytery of the MidWest
     2. CPT Kyle N. Brown CH USA – TX – Presbytery of Ohio
     3. LCDR (Sel) John A. Carter CHC USN – WA – Presbytery of Southern California
     4. Lt. Col. Richard M. Dickinson CH Maine Air Nat. Guard – Presbytery of New York and New England
     5. LTC-P Jonathan C. Gibbs III CH USA – Division Chaplain, 2nd Division, CO – Presbytery of
     6. Capt. C. Phillip Hollstein Ch USAF –TX – Presbytery of the Southeast
     7. CPT Kenny R. Honken CH SDARNG – Deployed - Pastor, Bethlehem Reformed (OPC), Freeman SD
                – Presbytery of the Dakotas
     8. Capt. Cornelius Johnson Ch USAF – MD – Presbytery of New Jersey
     9. COL Chester H. Lanious CH USA Ret. – SC – Presbytery of the Central U.S.
     10. CDR Timothy J. Power CHC USN – CA – Presbytery of Southern California
     11. Capt. Richard Rojas Ch USAF – DE – Presbytery of New York and New England
     12. MAJ Earl W. Vanderhoff CH USA – AK – Presbytery of Northwest
     13. CAPT Bryan J. Weaver CHC USN – Force Chaplain, Marine Forces Command, Norfolk VA -
         Presbytery of Ohio
     14. COL Christopher H. Wisdom CH USA – SC - Presbytery of the Southwest

B. Our OPC Chaplains in Reserve Status
   1. LTC Graham C. Harbman CH USAR – Assistant Pastor, Covenant OPC, San Jose CA - Presbytery of
      Northern California and Nevada
   2. Capt. Benjamin W. Johnson Ch WIANG – Presbytery of Michigan and Ontario
   3. CDR Douglas M. Withington CHC USN - Pastor, Pilgrim OPC, Raleigh NC – Presbytery of the
   4. CPT James A. Zozzaro CH NJARNG – Pastor, Calvary OPC, Wildwood NJ - Presbytery of New

C. Our OPC Chaplains serving outside the Department of Defense (new to this listing)
   1. The Rev. David P. Bush – Tuolumne Co. Sheriff Dept, Sonora Police Dept. – Presby. of N. California
      and Nevada
   2. The Rev. Gordon H. Cook, Jr. - Mid Coast Hospital, Brunswick ME – Presby. NY and NE
   3. The Rev. Martin L. Dawson, Sr. - Police and Fire Dept., Stratford NJ – Presby. NJ
   4. The Rev. Charles A. McIlhenny – Intern, serving with LA County Dept. of Health Services – Presby.
      So. Calif.
   5. The Rev. Andrew T. Moody - W.P. Clements Unit maximum security prison in Amarillo, Texas –
      Presby. Southwest
   6. The Rev. Robert B. Needham - Sheriff’s Dept. Kings County CA - Presby. No. California and Nevada

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   7. The Rev. Richard A. Shaw, Spring House Estates Retirement Community, Lower Gwynedd PA –
      Presby. Philadelphia
   8. The Rev. Jack K. Unangst, Chaplain Coordinator, Veterans Adm. MC, Prescott AZ – Presby. NY&NE

D. OPC Committee on Chaplains and Military Personnel

   1. CAPT Gordon E. Kauffman USN Ret. – Vice Chairman; Secretary, PRJCCMP - Ruling Elder, Calvary
      OPC, Phillipsburg NJ – Presby. of New Jersey
   2. Mr. Robert M. Coie –- Secretary - Ruling Elder, Westminster OPC, Westminster CA – Presby. of
      Southern California
   3. CPT James A. Zozzaro CH NJARNG – Pastor, Calvary OPC, Wildwood NJ – Presby. of New Jersey
   4. COL Christopher H. Wisdom CH USA – Presbytery of Southwest

E. Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel Staff
   1. BG Douglas E. Lee CH USA Ret. – Executive Director (PCA)
   2. CAPT Ronald L. Swafford Sr. CHC USN Ret. – Associate Director (PCA)
   3. Mr. Gary Hitzfeld – Ruling Elder – Associate Coordinator (PCA)

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