Dutch Palace Treasure Trove of Kochi Culture

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					                      Dutch Palace Treasure Trove of Kochi Culture

The Dutch Palace also known as Mattancherry Palace is one of the popular tourist attractions of
Mattancherry, Kochi. It is one of the known attractions of Kochi visited by number of tourists
round the year. This beautiful palace was built by the Portuguese and gifted to the Raja of Kochi
Veera Kerala Varma in 1555 AD. Later in 1663 several renovations work from Dutch designated
it with the name of Dutch Palace.

This is a two-storied palace built around central courtyard with an architectural design of
traditional Kerala known as 'nalukettus'. The entrance of this palace has two arches which are in
Portuguese style. From outside the palace look like European style having masonry walls, round
headed windows and doors with sloping tiled roof and wooden balconies.

The interior of this palace is entirely a different world which showcases fine blend traditional
India and Kerala arts. The interior of this palace is plated with wood with sharp color and design
contrast. The beautiful ceilings and painted walls are the most alluring features of this palace
which fascinates tourists during their visit.

The floor of this palace is finest example of Kerala traditional flooring which is made up of
mixture burned coconut shells, plant juices, egg white, lime and charcoal. Some of the other
attractions of this palace are the Central Hall on the upper storey, once used for the coronation
ceremony of Cochin's Rajas. It is known for its beautifully carved wooden ceiling. The Dining
Hall’s famous for its ornamented ceilings with a series of brass cups.

The interior wall of the palace is adorned with series of murals depicting several mythological
scenes from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Puranic legends related to Shiva, Vishnu,
Krishna, Kumara, and Durga. These wall paintings are famous for their artistic values presented
through design and rich color combinations. The paintings cover nearly 1000 square feet
showcasing wide range of themes from the 'Puthra Kameshti Yagam' to Rama's return to Ayodya
after defeating Ravana.

The first floor of this palace is converted into museum in 1985 showcasing the rich culture of
Kochi. The museum comprises the coronation hall, bed chamber, women chamber, palanquins,
dresses and weapons to royal umbrellas, canopy, stamps and coins.

Dutch Palace is among the leading attractions of Mattancherry Cochin known as the
storehouse of rich Kochi culture. This palace is famous for its elaborate design and extensive
mural depiction.

Description: Dutch Palace is the known attractions of Cochin which is visited by number of tourists during their Cochin Tour. This palace is a treasure trove of rich history which fascinates tourists during their visit to this place.