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									              Rajasthan Tours with Different Flavors of this Wonde rland

If you have not visited Rajasthan, you have not tasted ultimate royalty. Come to this land of
raja-maharajas and delve into its fascinating attractions. Its rich cultural heritage manifesting in
its stunning palaces, majestic forts, opulent havelis, beautiful temples and colorful fairs and
festivals attracts tourist from far and wide.

Rajasthan is widely known as the colorful desert where barrenness is punctuated by
wonderful attractions. On your Rajasthan Tour enjoy the rustic charm of its unfathomable desert
with sand dunes dramatically changing their look. Visit the royal palaces and forts to experience
the luxury and royalty of the bygone era. Participate in its wonderful fairs and festivals to get
acquainted with its unique culture. Pay a visit to the beautiful temples steeped in great
mythological legends. Stay in a cool environment at its hill station and venture into the wildlife
destinations to adorn your holidays with wilderness.

And how can be a tour to Rajasthan is complete without feasting on its delicious cuisine and
going on a shopping spree in its markets. Once you taste the traditional food of Rajasthan, you
will stop counting the calories and give in to the seduction of amazing dishes. The bazaars here
are full of shops selling a variety of handicrafts such as miniature paintings, tie and dye fabric,
embroidered juttis, lac bangles, puppets, metal ware, carved furniture and precious and semi-
precious stone jewelry.

Rajasthan Palaces and Forts which were once inhabited by the kings and queens still retain
their old-world charm. Their interiors are decorated in traditional style capturing the glory of the
bygone era. The art and architecture of these royal structures are simply fascinating and leave the
onlookers spell bound. Some of them have also been converted into heritage hotels for tourism

There is so much to experience and explore in the enchanting state of Rajasthan. Depending on
your taste and budget you can choose from a variety of Rajasthan Tours. Some of the famous
tours are Forts and Palaces with wildlife tour, Rajasthan Cultural tour, Colorful Heritage
Rajasthan Tour and many more. Take your pick!

The amazing palaces, forts, havelis, temples, wildlife, culture, cuisine and handicrafts are the
wonders of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tour Packages offer amazing tours to choose from.
Rajasthan holidays will surely adorn your holidays with royalty and golden memories.

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