Army and Independent Research and Development by tha93087


									      Army and
Independent Research
   and Development

     10th Annual Science & Engineering
     Technology Conference

  Empowering Soldiers                    Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati
through High Technology                         Deputy Director
                                          for Laboratory Management

      23 April 2009

         • Army Science and Technology (S&T)
         • The Next Generation of Revolutionary
         • Independent Research and
           Development (IR&D)

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                       Strategy—what is Army S&T working to
Foster innovation and accelerate/mature technology to enable
Future Force capabilities while exploiting opportunities to rapidly
transition technology to the Current Force
   Current Force                                  Enabling the Future Force
                                                                                            Future Force

      Modular Protective Systems                                                Immersive Training

    Add on Armor for                                                          Virus-based Self-         Wearable Flexible
    Tactical Vehicles                                                         Assembling Electrodes—    Displays
                                                                              Advanced Batteries
                                                                                      Armor Kit    Mounted Combat
                                                                                                   System (MCS)
                              Micro Air Vehicle

 120mm Mid-Range                            Enhancing the Current Force

042309_IRD_Pamulapati_Final                                                                                                 3
         echnology Area Investments to Achieve
    FY09 $1.8B      Shaping S&T OutcomesWarfighter
               Warfighterthe      List of 37 Tier One
                                  S&T Outcomes (1 of 2)
                                 FY09/10 Portfolio                        •   Battle Command Network*
                                                                          •   Counter IED and Mine*
 Force Protection                                                         •   Power & Energy*
                                                                                                              “Big 5” Warfighter
Force$332M                                                                •
                                                                              Human Dimension*
                                                                                                              S&T Outcomes

           $370M                                                          •
                                                                              Communicate in the Combined/Joint Environment
                                                                                      10 Comprehensive Warfighter
                                                                              Future Force JIM Interoperability
                                                                          •   Austere A/SPOD Physical Assessment
                                                                                      Outcomes— includes “Big 5”
                                                                              Austere A/SPOD Protection and Security
                                                                              Austere A/SPOD Enhancement
       ISR $149M                                              JCA
                                                                          •   Analysis and Reporting of Intelligence Information
                                                                      • Battle Command Network
                                                                          •   Observe and Collect Information Worldwide
                                                                          •   Collect and Manage Biometric Data
                                                                      • Counter IED and Mine
                                                                          •   Standoff Sense Through Walls
       C4 $144M                                                           •   UGV Autonomous Movement
                                                                      • Power and Energy
                                                                          •   UGV Autonomous Tactical Behaviors
                                                                          •   Responsive and Sustainable Aviation Support
                                                                      • Human Dimension
 Lethality $161M                                              JCA
                                                                          •   Effective Aviation Operations in the Contemporary Environment
                                                                      • Training
                                                                          * “Big 5” Integrated Warfighter Outcomes

     Medical $140M                                            JCA
                                                                      • ForceList of 37 Tier One Warfighter
                                                                      • Battlespace Awarenessof 2)
                                                                                S&T Outcomes (2
     Soldier $135M                                            JCA
                                                                      • Force Application and Effects
                                                                          • RSTA and Attack Operations
                                                                          • Networked Precision Fires
                                                                      • LogisticsEffects Versus Platforms
                                                                          • Scaleable
       Logistics $92M                                         JCA         • Scaleable Effects Versus Personnel
                                                                          • Point Neutralization of CBRN Operations
                                                                      • Unmanned Systems- explosive hazards
                                                                          • Visual and virtual obstacle marking system
        Rotorcraft $72M
                                                                                  • Improved Soldier Protection
        Classified $62M                                      Includes •all Army Tier I Outcomes—aligned with S&T portfolio
                                                                        Lightweight Soldier Ballistic Protection
                                                                                  •   Lightweight Platform Ballistic Protection
     Unmanned Vehicle $54M                           092308_Killion_ASTWG_Final   •   Reliability

    Mil Eng & Environment $47M                                                    •   Prognostics & Diagnostics
    Advanced Simulation $37M                                                      •   Alternative Energy Sources
                                                                                  •   Force Health Protection Initiative

 Basic Research                                                                   •
                                                                                      Increase control of unmanned systems
                                                                                      Future Force Multi modal Human Computer Interface
                                                                                      Increase Future Force Soldier Cognitive Functions While Under Stress
     $379M                                                                        •
                                                                                      Language and cultural awareness
                                                                                      Dismounted soldier virtual training environment
                                                                                  •   Adaptive training system


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                            Big-Five Warfighter Outcomes that
                                  Guide S&T Investment
           Battle Command Network                           Counter IED and Mine
    • Beyond-line-of-sight                    • Detect, identify and neutralize CBRNE obstacles
    • Optimized for mobile operations         • Safe standoff distance
    • Increase access to the individual       • Maintains maneuver force momentum while
      Soldier                                   protecting Soldiers and platforms

•   Enhanced agility to operate worldwide, reducing weight and volume
•   Sufficient pulsed power enabling advanced lethality options             Power & Energy
•   Increased continuous power and fuel economy
•   Dismounted Soldiers to possess twice available power, at half the tactical weight

       •   Enhance & restore cognitive and physical performance
       •   Soldiers incorporated into highly trained and competent small units     Human
       •   Access on potential vs. high school performance
       •   Mitigate the increase in physiological and psychological tress        Dimension  
       •   Improving mental, moral and physical capacity and performance

•   Live, virtual, constructive and mixed venues                                    Training
•   Impart more skills, faster, at lower cost, with greater retention than currently achievable
•   Use non-traditional home station training techniques; train prior to employment
•   Enhance and account for individual proficiencies and learning rates (outcome based)

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                                       Army S&T Priorities

                 • Battle Command Network
                 • Counter IED and Mine
                 • Power and Energy
                 • Human Dimension
                 • Training
                 • Force Protection
                 • Battlespace Awareness
                 • Force Application
                 • Logistics
                 • Unmanned Systems Operations
                              S&T portfolio aligned with Warfighter needs
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                              The Next Generation of Revolutionary
             Decade of the 1970’s                                   Today for 2020 and beyond…
     Structural Imaging                  Artificial Intelligence       Functional Brain       Robotics
                                                                     Imaging & Beyond
       1971 – First Practical
         X-ray Computed
  Micro-                                                Super-
                              Schematic of Early                                                    Quantum
                                 ARPANET             computing

  1971 – First 4-Bit          ARPANET               1975 – Cray I                   Science
  Micro-Processor                                   1975 – Cray I
  in Production                                    Supercomputer
                                                                              Immersive Bio-
                                                                           Environments technology

                                        Genetic Engineering

042309_IRD_Pamulapati_Final                                                                                    7
                                 Complexity Demands Disruptive
  Ground Combat Vehicle Evolution                                                           Helicopter Evolution
                                                                                                        AH-1 G Cobra
                                                                                                        •FM Radio
                                                                                                        •Direct View Optics
                                                        M1A2 Abrams                                     •2.75 inch rockets and
                               M47 Patton               •Secure data/voice radio                        7.62mm machine gun
                               •FM Radio                •Thermal Viewer
                               •Direct View Optics      •FBCB2 Digital Battle Command                    AH-64 Apache
                               •Engine Gauges           •Digital Fire Control                            Longbow
                               •Ballistic Periscopes    •1 Color/3 Monochromatic Displays
                                                                                                         •Secure data/voice radio
                                                                                                         •Integrated pilot night
                                                                                                         vision system
  Soldier as System Evolution                                                                            •Digital fire control linking
                                                                                                         gunners view & weapons
                                                                                                         •Longbow MMW radar
                                                                                                         •Hellfire missiles and
                                                                                                         30mm cannon
                                                       Future Force Warrior (FFW)
                                                                                                         •Survivable rotors—up to
                                                  •Integrated body armor &
                                                  equipment carriage suite                               23mm AA
                              Late 1960s Soldier •Helmet mounted thermal imaging
                              •FM radio           •Radio digitally linked to unit
                              •Early I2 devices   communications network
                              •Binoculars         displaying individual locations
                              •M-16 with daylight •Laser aided weapon precision fire
                              scope               control
                                                  •Embedded training

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                                       Revolutionary Technologies


                                                               Virus-based Self- Assembling        Nanofluidics
                    Bio-Inspired Energy-Dispersive Materials


                                            Network Science

                                                                                              Micro Autonomous Systems
                                                                         Nanoflyer                 Technology CTA

042309_IRD_Pamulapati_Final                                                                                              9
                              Revolutionary Technologies

                                                            S1           S2         S3      S4    S5         S6      S7

                                                                 S8       S9        S10     S11    S12       S14     S15

                                               S16   S17         S18      S19        S20    S21    S22       S23      S24

                                              S25    S26         S27          S28     S29   S30        S31    S32     S33

                                               S34   S35           S36        S37     S38   S40        S41     S42        S43

                                               S44    S45         S46     S47


    Quantum Information
    Science                              Immersive

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                     Army S&T Enterprise—Research,
                Development & Engineering Centers & Labs
                                                                                                                        Cold Regions
   U.S. Army Materiel Command                                                                                           Research &
                                                                              Tank-Automotive                           Engineering Lab
   U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command                              RDEC                                                               Natick
   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                                                                                                  Soldier
                                                                                                    Research Inst. of                            Center
   U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command                                                      Environmental
   Army Research Institute for the Behavioral & Social
   Sciences                                                                                                                          Communications &
                                                                                                        Armament                     Electronics RDEC
                                                                Construction                                                                Research Inst.
                                                                Engineering                                                                 of Chemical
               Army                                             Research Lab                                                                Defense
                                                                                                                                          Inst. of
                                                                     Army Research                                                        Disease
                                                                     Institute for               Walter Reed
                                                                     the Behavioral &            Army Inst. of
               Army Research Lab—                                    Social Sciences              Research                            Edgewood Chem
               Battlefield Environments and                                                                                           Bio Center
               Survivability Elements
                                                                 Space &
                                                                 Missile                                                              Army
                                                                 Defense                                                              Research Lab
                                                                 Center                                                 Army
                                                                                                                        Research     Topographic
                                              Institute of                                                              Office       Engineering
                                              Surgical                                                                               Center
                                                                           Aviation & Missile                                 Simulation & Training
                                     Coastal & Hydraulics Lab              RDEC                                               Technology Center
                                     Environmental Lab
                                     Geotechnical & Structures Lab                              Aeromedical
                                     Info Tech Lab                                              Research Lab

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                 Partnering—leveraging other Services,
               Agencies, Academia, Industry & International
       Other Services                    Versatile, Affordable,    Agencies     Micro Air Vehicle
                                         Advanced Turbine Engine
       •Air Force                                                  •DARPA
       •Navy/USMC                                                  •DTRA
                                                                   •DoE labs
                              PTSD treatment

                                          Industry                                           NLOS-LS

Academia                                  •Primarily technology           International
•Georgia Tech                             development to create options     • The Technical Cooperation
                                          for PMs                             Program (US, UK, CA,
•MIT                                      •Small Business Innovation
•Penn State                                                                   AUS, NZ)
                                          Research—solutions from non-      • NATO Research &
•USC                                      traditional sources                 Technology Organization
•UMd                                      •Army Venture Capital             • Bilateral Agreements (UK,
•UC System                                Initiative—dismounted Soldier       CA, IS, FR, GE…)
•Delaware                                 power
                                                                                    Co-investment with
•Michigan                                Transparent Armor–
                                                                                    UK to advance state-
•Arizona State                           Assessment &
                                                                                    of-the-art in network
    .                                    Transfer, Inc.
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                              Upcoming Events/Opportunities

         • TRADOC Information Information Exchange Program
         • AMRDEC
         • CERDEC Technology Interchange Meetings
         • TARDEC
         • ARDEC
         • AUSA (Winter/Spring)
         • Army Science Conference

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                                       For More Information

         • Links to pertinent websites
                 – RDECOM
                 – US Army Corps of Engineers
                 – US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
         • Service IR&D Lead
                 – Contact info:
                          • Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati
                          • 703.601.1515

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