THEATER MEDICAL INFORMATON PROGRAM (TMIP) Brief to the 2002 by markpaulgosselar


									MHS IM/IT

              THEATER MEDICAL
                 Brief to the 2002
              HIMSS CONFERENCE
                  LTC(P) Mark A. Lyford
                     Program Manager
                Theater Medical Information
                       What is TMIP

   TMIP is a “system of systems” – integration
    across OSD(HA) and Services’ current
    stovepipe systems
   Medical systems functionalities to be
    —   Do in war as we do in peace
    —   Use systems developed for the day to day mission
    —   Not all the functionalities of each systems will be
        exported to theater.
              Mission Needs Statement
                     PSA Revalidated - 29 Jan 96

Integrate Medical Information
Systems to Capture the
Medical Record and
link care in the “Theater of Conflict”             LEVEL 5

with the sustaining base for
Enhanced Medical Care
                                                             LEVEL 4

to the Warfighter
                                         LEVEL 3

                             LEVEL 1/2

          Why Are We Doing TMIP?

   Supports Force Health Protection
   Remedy identified deficiencies
   Meets Congressional and
    Presidential mandates
   Support the CINCs

               Force Health Protection

   Healthy and Fit Force
    —   Physical/Dental/Emotional Fitness
    —   Injury/Disease Prevention

   Casualty Prevention
    —   Surveillance System(screening/surveys)
    —   Recognize/Counter Health Threats(vaccines)

   Casualty Management
    —   Clinical Stabilization Forward
    —   Tailored Medical Readiness Packages
                 Requirements Documents

   Capstone Requirements Document
     —   Joint Requirements Oversight Council Approved – Feb 99
   Block 1 Operational Requirements Document
     —   Joint Requirements Oversight Council Approved – Oct 99
   Block 2 Operational Requirements Document
     —   Estimated JROC Approval - Mar 02
   Main Areas of Functionality
     —   Command and Control
     —   Health Care Delivery
     —   Patient Movement
     —   Medical Logistics

                Value for the Warfighter
TMIP IS the medical component of the Global Combat Support System

   Enables new doctrine to optimize medical footprint in theater
   Ability to “Flex” with Warfighters Enhances “Joint” Operations
   Seamless Transition Peace to War (Same System used in Garrison
    as Deployed)
   Optimizes patient movement while providing total asset visibility
    (patient and logistics)
   Reduces time and resources for mobilization, deployment,
    employment and redeployment
   Allows medical and environmental surveillance to prevent
    casualties and maintain healthy force
   Enhances healthcare delivery for operational forces
   Improves medical intelligence gathering and potential threat
    mitigation on Chem/Bio threat and attacks
            Force Health Protection Continuum


CHCS II                        TRAIN
                                                 DEPLOY          PREVENTION

                                                                               AID STATION
        HEALTHY & FIT

                                   CLINICAL                    THEATER
                                     DATA                      CLINICAL
                                  REPOSITORY                     DATA

   ASSESS                                                                                      FORWARD
                           GARRISON                       THEATER                            RESUSCITATIVE


                                               ENROUTE CARE


  = EIC/CAC data read/write points                             TRAC2ES                                       7
        CAC/EIC Recent Events Summary

   Mid-June ASD(HA/SG) meeting on June 12th.
   ASD(HA) signed the letter on August 14th.
   Dr. Chu endorsed the letter on September 27th.
   SCSCG responded favorably on Sept 21st.
   CAC/EIC Integration
    —   Contract for CAC/EIC – CHCS I:
            Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) patient check-in.
            Bring up patient record.
            DEERS check.
    —   Contract for CAC/EIC using CHCS II.
            Development of CAC – Clinical Concept of Operations.
            Analysis of CAC/EIC Joint Medical Data Elements.
            CHCS II software modifications.
            Limited User Test of CAC Clinical Concepts of Operations
     CAC/EIC Recent Events Summary

   Army MC4 ORD states the CAC/EIC will be used
    as a Digital Enabler.
   Navy IT21 TMIP-M ORD will interface with
   Air Forces Global Expeditionary Medical System
    (GEMS), a service system, has embedded the
    utilization of CAC/EIC as part of the program.

                        Development Plan
Block 1
         Medical Reporting/Surveillance (MSS I)
         Medical Logistics(Ech 1/2)
         Patient Tracking (within MTF)
         Clinical Data Collection
         Blood Management
         Immunization Tracking
         Radiation/Occupational Health
Block 2
         Enhanced Population Health Management (MSS II)
         Upgrades to Block 1 Clinical Functionality (CHCS II)
         Occupational Health Environmental Surveillance (DOEHRS)
         Patient Med Regulating and Evacuation (TRAC2ES)
         Medical Logistics (DMLSS) Release 3
Block 3
         Upgrades to Block 2 Clinical Functionality
         Medical Intelligence
         (Chemical/Bio) Detection
         Environmental Surveillance

                  Block 1.0 Functionality

   Command and Control Reporting           Post deployment surveys
   Medical logistics                       Consult generation
   Blood management
                                            ICD-9 coding scheme
   Immunization tracking
                                            Occupational
   Medical record generation                health/radiation exposure
    (SF600)                                 Lab results
   Structured text clinical encounter      Automated medical
   Symptomology                             reference/library
                                            Status reporting
   Battle injuries, DNBI
   Sick call & physical exams

                                TMIP Block 1
                                 TMIP Core Database                  DEERS
                     MSS                               Interfaces    CDR

                                      LDB                  CHCS NT

                       DBSS                           CHCS II T
TMIP Core Components:                                     External Interfaces:
Medical Surveillance System   DMLSS AM                    Defense Eligibility Enrollment System
Interim Theater Database                                  Joint Medical Asset Repository
Local Database                                            Clinical Data Repository

                    Block 2.0 Functionality

   Enhanced Medical Analysis                 Preventive health data
    Tool                                       collection
     —   Common User Database                 CHCS II T enhancements
     —   Situational Awareness Reporting
                                              Patient movement item
   Integrated Patient In-Transit              tracking
                                              PKI support
   Medical Surveillance based on
    real time population at risk              Web enabled access

   Interface with Electronic                 Personal Digit Assistant
    Information Carrier (EIC)                  support

   Environmental & occupational              Integrated Medical
    health data collection                     logistics support for all
                                               levels                      13
ACTIVITY                           FY02                                            FY03                               FY04
                      1Q          2Q           3Q           4Q             1Q     2Q      3Q       4Q       1Q       2Q       3Q        4Q
Block 1
• C2 [50%]            System Development      & Demonstration                                       Sustainment
• Health Care
  Delivery [37%]
                            DT&E and T                  MC                OT
• Medical Logistics
• Patient Movement
  (stand-alone) [50%]

                                Program-wide MS B
Block 2                            Block 1 MS C                                 FRPDR &
                                                                                S/W IOC
• C2 {90%]
• Health Care
  Delivery [80%]      Block 2 ORD
• Medical Logistics
• Patient Movement     Planning                    Concept & Tech Dev                          System Development & Demonstration
• CAC Interface                                                                                                           DT&E
• Web enabled

Block 3                                                                                                                      Block 2
                                                                                                                              MS C
• C [100%]

• Health Care
  Delivery [100%]
• Medical Logistics    Legend:
  [100%]               T – Alpha Test
• Patient Movement     C2 – Command and Control                                                    Block 3 ORD
  [100%]               CAC – Common Access Card
                       DT&E – Developmental Test and Evaluation
                       FRPDR – Full-Rate Production Decision Review
                                                                                                              Planning      Concept & Tech Dev
                       MC – Millennium Challenge
                       OT – Operational Test and Evaluation
                       PKI – Public Key Information
                       S/W IOC – Software Initial Operational Capability


 For Further Information Contact:
CAPT William H. Roberts, Jr.,       LTC Mark A. Lyford
         MSC, USN                    Program Manager
 Director, Medical Readiness    Theater Medical Information
  Information Management                 Program
        703-681-3927               703-379-0138 ext.232

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