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A good int ro to Six Sigma
http://www.incos ppt

Excellent Presentation by Motorola: 408/sixsig.ppt

Overview: -sigma.ppt

Six Sigma at Honey well (Large file!) vugraphs.ppt

Great presentation on Six Sigma and Project Management together !: OK.ppt

Great reference books : The Six Sigma Way by Pande
Book - ec/obidos/ASIN/0071358064/104-4130028-1181526

Team Field Book - ec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0071373144/qid=1053555100/sr=1 -1/ref=sr_1_1/104-4130028-

The Black Belt Memory Jogger:
s&product%5Fid=%7E The+Black+Belt+Memory+Jogger%99

The Six Sigma Memory Jogger:
Fid=%7E The+Six+Sigma+Memory+Jogger%99+II
       Articles on SIX SIGMA Applications in the Healthcare / Medical Industry

Six Sigma helps companies MAKE MONEY/SAVE MONEY ! DGX/ 01_07_03_DGX.pdf

6S in GE Medical: health_forum/roedel1.ppt

Common 6S questions:

Healt hcare and Six Sigma (t he best articles just for your area): forum/handouts/A09_B 09Gauc her. pdf event=3376


A GREA T 60 page power point presentation on Healthcare & 6S althcare.pdf ol/hcare/resources/library/

Dont think Six Sigma isn't required these days for Healthcare jobs? Look at this:

Manager, Core Sequencing-Center for Genome Researc h
As the management and technical lead for the Core Sequencing Team, ensures that DNA sequencing project goals are
within the bi= budget and schedule in a high throughput industrial environment. Has overall responsibility for the Core
Sequencing proc ess, including managing yield on all materials, ensuring proper processing and storage of DNA samples,
managing a continuous improvement programs, and managing an equipment maintenance group. Bachelor's degree
Master's Degree preferred in Engineering, Biology, or related discipline preferred. Minimum of three years experience
managing an advanced manufacturing or production team required; experience in biotech or pharmaceuticals preferred.
Knowledge of Six Sigma, statistical process control, and continuous process improvement skills preferred.

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