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					Employee performance appraisal template

A company who values its most important asset that is its people explores all means to
come up with a well written performance appraisal. The appraisal is necessary to
document how well employees are performing their respective jobs. This helps the
company to keep performing employees and to subject to remedial measures or to let go
of non-performing employees.

To help a company come up with a well written appraisal, there's the employee
performance review template that can serve as base or guide by which the company
builds its own customized performance documents suitable for this purpose.

The review with the team member should clearly state the company objectives in the
conduct of such and based on metrics that will actually show an accurate description of
the employee performance. This eliminates the negative perception of employees and
increases their confidence in this tool.

A good review will show the strengths and weaknesses of the employees as well the
factors that limit their performance and the opportunities they have to turn their
limitations and weaknesses into their strengths.

The review should also include how the company intends to help the employee overcome
his performance issues and the commitment of the concerned employee to improve his

A well written review that can be made possible through the employee performance
review template can be the basis for career advancement and continued service in the
company or it can also spell doom for employees who disregard the outcome of the
performance review. Both the employees and the company benefit from a well written
employee review.

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