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Employee performance appraisals

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									Employee performance appraisals

There are many employee performance evaluation methods; however, all of them focus
on some specific and quantitative criteria. For example, a sales employee must reach the
sales target, or a switchboard-man has to answer the phone call within 3 ring bells, etc.

1. Such criteria must be set in accordance with the job description and the job
characteristic of each employee.

2. Periodically (or annually), the superiors shall apply a prepared criteria board to
evaluate their employees.

3. Different companies will have different items in the criteria board to ensure an
accurate, square and convincing employee evaluation result.

4. It should be noted that evaluation is to help developing but not punishing and for that
reason, the superiors and employees should communicate with each other when

5. The superiors must work alone with the employee on every criterion and give point as
well as explain why the employee gets such point. Thus, the employee may know his
strong points to develop and weak points to improve after the evaluation.

6. During the communication, both the superiors and employee need to be open and
straightforward in order to have a positive result.

7. Finally, both of them need to consider some solutions or methods to develop or
improve the performance and also, set a specific period to complete. It shall be better if
any person is decided to be the assistance or helper in these development or improvement

You should pay attention that these are 11 methods of performance appraisal such as

1. Critical incident method
2. Weighted checklist
3. Paired comparison analysis
4. Graphic rating scales
5. Essay Evaluation
6. Behaviorally anchored rating scales
7. Performance ranking method
8. Management By Objectives (MBO)
9. 360 degree performance appraisal
10.Forced ranking (forced distribution)
11. BOS

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