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					                                                                           September / October 2007
                                                           Member of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.

Committee News                  3

Servant Leadership              4
                                     Dear Fellow Professionals,
Committee Opportunities         5
                                               One dictionary gives a definition for professional as “a person
Especially for Students         6
                                     who is expert at his or her work”. The Capital District Paralegal Association exists to fa-
                                     cilitate your (and my) development as a professional. What are your goals for your
Upcoming CLE Information        7
                                     work as a paralegal? What will you commit to do this year (September to August) to
                                     further develop excellence in your profession? Perhaps you might commit to attending
                                     one more Continuing Legal Education seminar than you did last year, or maybe you
CDPA Membership Gala            9
                                     might become further involved in the work of this Association? Personally, I have found
Enhancing Paralegals’                that my pursuit for excellence as a professional has been enhanced as a result of “rubbing
Marketability                        elbows” with other Association members. Whether you are new to the profession or are a
                                     seasoned professional, YOU can add to the development of this Association.
CDPA Membership
Application                                   A phrase has been running through my mind for several weeks,
                                     “professionalism in the profession”. It is my desire to do everything I can to be able to
Directory of Officers / Board
                                14   offer each member of CDPA opportunities to become an expert at his or her work. Do you
of Directors
                                     want to be an expert and have your work characterized with excellence? If so, please be-
                                     come more involved in CDPA. YOU are vital to the success of this Association. On page
     It’s membership                 5 you will read about some opportunities available to serve in the Association. Please con-
                                     sider how you might increase your involvement in CDPA, and please feel free to contact
       renewal time!                 me at with your questions or thoughts.
                                              Our membership Gala is only a few weeks away. Please plan to attend (further
     Applications and                details on page 9). Our many thanks to Constructive Copy for sponsoring this event.
     dues are due by                 Their sponsorship allows the cost for our members to be minimal. Please reserve this date
                                     and come and meet other members and our other sponsors (please be sure to chat with me,
     September 30th.                 too). Our sponsors offer opportunities for you to gather important resource material to
                                     facilitate that goal of excellence and to assist you to be an expert paralegal. Please do not
                                     miss this event.
                                             Professionalism in the profession, expert and excellence … goals for each of us to
                                     pursue. Hope to see many of you on September 11th as we begin our new year.

                                                                                           Your fellow professional,
                                                                                                    Donna Shappy
CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.                               September/Octob er 2007

                                       Committee News

             CDPA Calendar of Events                                        Pro-
                                                                       Amy Sadlon-Meacham
   Board Meeting        September 4, 2007
   Law Offices of Kara Conway Love
                                                                 On Saturday, July 14,2007, The Legal Pro-
   Membership Gala      September 11, 2007               ject hosted an uncontested divorce clinic at the
   Dorato’s Restaurant, Guilderland, NY                  Mechanicville Community Center. The Legal Pro-
                                                         ject, in conjunction with volunteers from the Capi-
   Ethics CLE            October 16, 2007                tal District Paralegal Association, successfully
   Callaway Grill, Latham, NY                            aided approximately 19 people with various docu-
                                                         ments related to uncontested divorce proceedings.
   NFPA Conference    October 18-21, 2007                Both the Legal Project and CDPA would like to
   Hyatt Regency, Tampa Bay, FL                          thank the following members for volunteering their
                                                         time: Christina Davis, Jennifer Essegian and
   Medicaid CLE         November 13, 2007                Patricia Fitch.
   Dorato’s Restaurant, Guilderland, NY                          Attention all Volunteers! Keep the date
                                                         open for the 2007 Senior Citizens’ Law Day,
                                                         hosted by Albany Law School on October 27, 2007.
            Continuing Legal Education
                 Sandina Ordway                                      Professional Development
                                                                            Tracey Stein
        Save the date for our upcoming CLE on Eth-
ics, as it relates to the paralegal, scheduled for Oc-          The Professional Development committee
tober 16th at the Callaway Grill. I am pleased to        has been working alongside Sage College and
announce that attorney Roberta Gabrenya has gra-         Maria College to plan two Roundtable events over
ciously volunteered as our next speaker. She is an       the next two semesters. The first will take place, on
Associate Professor of Legal Studies at The Sage         November 27, 2007, during the Fall Semester at
Colleges, and you will not want to miss what she         Maria College. The second will be held during the
has to say.                                              Spring semester at Sage College in late March of
        On a separate note, in the future, the Asso-     2008. These will be the first Roundtable event
ciation may begin to seek corporations, law firms,       scheduled at each college as part of the schools
and/or sole proprietors to underwrite the CLE din-       partnership with CDPA as Educational Sponsors.
ners. In order to continue to offer CLE dinners at       Representatives from both schools will be at this
minimal cost to our members and non-members,             September’s Membership Gala and look forward to
we are looking for ways to offset the costs incurred     meeting all of you. We will soon be calling for vol-
by the Association. We will continue our quest for       unteers to help make each of these important
cost effective solutions. Thus, we encourage you         events a success. Look for more details in the next
as members to attend the dinners, and to bring           issue of Para-News.
your non-member colleagues, co-workers, friends,                If you are interested in taking part in your
etc. If you would like to suggest a future CLE topic,    association and the Professional Development
or if you know someone willing to volunteer his or       Committee,        please     contact        me at
her time as a speaker, please forward your     
thoughts and comments to
                                                                                          (Continued on Page 4)

                                                                                                       CDPA/ 3
September/October 2007                   CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.

Committee News continued
                                                              Servant Leadership
                      NFPA                                             By Tracy Stein
               Tracey L. Young, RP

       I am pleased to announce the recent for-              All of us have had someone in our life – a
mation of the New York City Paralegal Association.   teacher, coach, parent or other relative – that
They are new members of NFPA and the Empire          has affected us and helped to make us a
State Alliance of Paralegal Associations.            stronger person. When you think of the people
       CDPA is pleased to welcome NFPA Region        who have inspired you, what specific qualities did
V Director, Sharon Spinelli, to our Membership       they possess that caused you to look up to them?
Gala on September 11th. Sharon, who works in         What lessons did you learn from them? Although I
Hartford, Connecticut, has been our Region Direc-    would receive a myriad of answers to these ques-
tor since May 2005 and will be glad to answer        tions, one basic principle surely applies. The most
your questions about NFPA.                           inspiring people are typically those that we feel
                                                     put the needs and well-being of others ahead of
Soakin’ it up in Tampa Bay – October 18-21!          their own ego or desires. This basic principle is
         Cheryl and I are looking forward to the     the backbone of servant leadership.
NFPA Annual Policy Meeting/Convention in                     The term “servant leadership” was coined
Tampa, Florida. All CDPA members are welcome         by Robert Greenleaf in 1970 in an essay titled
to attend the NFPA convention - this would be a      “The Servant as Leader”. Since that time,
great opportunity to take a mini-vacation, visit a   Greenleaf’s ideas about leadership and manage-
warmer climate and experience a national conven-     ment have been expanded upon and incorpo-
tion first hand.      Registration is available      rated into businesses and corporations all over
online at Seminar topics and     the world.
many of the speakers’ names have been posted                 We may not realize it, but leadership is an
to the website. Tampa Bay is going to be a great     issue that affects us all, from changes in govern-
experience packed with education, fun, and re-       ment to our work environment to raising children.
laxation! Any questions, please contact me at        Everyone has a leadership role to play. It is impor-                                      tant to ask yourself what kind of leader you want
                                                     to be. The fundamental principle of servant lead-
                                                     ership is recognizing that true leadership is a self-
                                                     less action. The words “servant” and “leader”
                                                     seem almost in opposition of each other, how-
                                                     ever, put into the right context, they express the
                                                     balance necessary to be a productive leader.
                                                             Successful leaders have a desire to lead,
                                                     but only second to their desire to serve. In con-
                                                     junction with this, they practice listening, persua-
                                                     sion, developing foresight, steady stewardship,
                                                     and a commitment to the growth of their organi-
                                                     zation and the community. Instead of trying to
                                                     impress those around them with their own bril-
                                                     liance, a servant leader works to help those
                                                     around them shine.
                                                       "The goal of many leaders is to get people to think
                                                         more highly of the leader. The goal of a great
                                                        leader is to help people to think more highly of
                                                               themselves." ~ J. Carla Nortcutt

CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.                               September/Octob er 2007

                               Committee Opportunities
                                   Donny Shappy, CDPA President

       We currently have two available directorship      the Director will assist in mailing and distributing
positions: EVENTS/FUNDRAISING, which includes            membership packets as needed, respond to inquir-
educational and corporate sponsorship work, and          ies about the Association and membership, assist
MEMBERSHIP. Please consider how you might be-            the Events Director with coordinating the annual
come involved in supporting and how you can              Membership Gala, and encourage existing mem-
strengthen your Association. Even a few hours a          bers to "refer" new potential members to join the
month will make a huge difference. Please know           Association.
that we will assist you in the learning process.
                                                                 Time consideration for the Director: Direc-
        EVENTS/FUND-RAISING. Duties include se-          torship of this position requires attendance at
lecting and arranging locations for yearly events        monthly board meetings and attendance at as
(e.g., Membership Gala kick-off, Holiday Social, An-     many member activities as possible, including spe-
nual Meeting/Election of Board and the Installation      cial events, education dinners, and Association
Dinner), coordination and organization of fund-          meetings. Knowledge of Microsoft Access and the
raising events involving Current Fundraiser, 50/50       ability to export to Microsoft Excel are important.
raffles, etc., and oversight of the corporate/           Currently, we also have some "behind-the-scenes"
educational sponsorship work. This position also         volunteers to assist with the work of this position. If
helps to raise money for the association's budget        you would like to take on the role of Membership
while encouraging the membership to become in-           Director or are willing to donate a few hours a
volved and active in CDPA functions. PLEASE              month as a “behind-the-scenes” volunteer, please
NOTE: THE BOARD IS STRONGLY CONSIDERING                  send an email to
include assisting any other Committees when the
need arises.
        Time Consideration for the Director Direc-
torship of this position requires attendance at
monthly board meetings and attendance at as
many other Association dinner meetings as possi-
ble. A Director should be willing to be involved in
the activity of the Association. In addition to atten-
dance at the meetings, the work requires time to
perform the necessary duties. Currently, we also
have some "behind-the-scenes" volunteers to as-
sist with the work of this position. If you would like
to take on the role of Events/Fundraising Director
or are willing to donate a few hours a month as a
“behind-the-scenes” volunteer, please send an
email to
       MEMBERSHIP Duties include maintaining
the membership database, accurately making ad-
dress additions and updates, exporting and e-
mailing membership lists to NFPA, and updating
and compiling membership packets (with the Com-
mittee’s assistance) for new members. In addition,

                                                                                                        CDPA/ 5
September/October 2007                      CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.

What You Should Know About Online Pre-Employment Screening
                                         Charles A. Volkert, Esq.

        If a prospective employer were to “Google”      mean you should become overly sensitive to what
your name, what would your online “image” be? For       you say and do. Just be aware that whatever you
job seekers, the answer to this question can have       post (text or image) has an increasing chance of be-
serious, even negative, implications. Search en-        ing viewed by a potential employer.
gines that can quickly access vast amounts of infor-            If you’ve never done so, use a search engine
mation have become powerful new tools for employ-       to see what information already exists and is associ-
ers attempting to screen and evaluate candidates.       ated with your name. Even if you find links that
Virtually everyone leaves some sort of electronic       mention you (or someone else who shares your
“footprint” nowadays, and by following a candi-         name) that you can’t edit or change, it’s good to
date’s online trail, employers are able to obtain a     simply know what’s out there. You also can take
variety of information about a job seeker.              advantage of recent laws that allow consumers to
        For those in the job market, it pays to be      request free copies of their credit reports once in a
aware of your own Internet presence. A simple web       12-month period, and check your report for inaccu-
search can yield a significant amount of information    racies that may turn up should a prospective em-
about an individual – much of which can be errone-      ployer ask to perform a credit check.
ous or irrelevant. That’s why it’s critical that you            You also can improve the situation by doing
learn how to keep up with and manage electronic         some old-fashioned networking. Make sure the
information about yourself.                             contact information you have for all previous super-
                                                        visors is up to date, and stay in touch with those
                                 HECKING                who will give you the best references. That way,
         In the past, employers put most of their ef-   you’ll be able to provide hiring managers with the
forts into checking lists of references that candi-     most comprehensive and current list possible,
dates provided. This gave job seekers a distinct ad-    which may decrease the need for additional, inde-
vantage: They could hand-pick contacts in their pro-    pendent searching and background checks.
fessional and personal networks who were most                   The Internet has had an effect on virtually
likely to give glowing recommendations.                 everything we do today, including looking for a new
         Today, you may give the hiring manager at a    job. Just as you refine your resume and practice
law firm or legal department your list of references,   your interviewing skills, you also should take time to
but he or she also may contact former employers         ensure, as far as possible, that your online informa-
not listed as references or conduct an informal         tion is accurate and presents a favorable and posi-
online search. Businesses routinely use search en-      tive professional image.
gines such as Yahoo! or Google, as well as other
Internet-based sources to gather additional informa-         Charles A. Volkert is executive director of Robert
tion about job candidates.                            Half Legal, a leading staffing service specializing in the
                                                        placement of attorneys, paralegals, legal administrators
                         ONFIDENCE                      and other legal professionals with law firms and corpo-
       When commenting on personal homepages, rate legal departments. Based in Menlo Park, California,
                                                        Robert Half Legal has offices in major cities throughout
blogs or social networking sites, give a little thought the United States and Canada.
as to how your statements may be interpreted if
seen by people outside your community of interest.
Mentally editing yourself online in this way doesn’t

CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.                       September/Octob er 2007

                    CDPA                                New York State
                                                    Academy of Trial Lawyers
  October 16 – Ethics
  5:45 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.                            October 26 – 2007 Annual Update: Prece-
  Callaway Grill (Dinner Buffet)                   dents & Statutes for Personal Injury Litigators
  $20 members ($25 non-members)                    9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                                   Holiday Inn Express
  Speaker:                                         Free for Academy of Trial Lawyers Members!
  Roberta Gabrenya                                 $100 non-members
  Associate Professor of Legal Studies
  The Sage Colleges                                    [For more information call 364-4044
                                                          or visit]
             [RSVP to]
  November 13 – Medicaid
  5:45 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  Dorato’s Restaurant (Dinner Buffet)                         New York State
  $20 members ($25 non-members)                               Bar Association
  Speaker:                                         September 25 – Supplemental Needs Trusts
  Mary Frances Carr                                9:00 a.m. – 4:10 p.m.
  Jones & Wilcenski, PLLC                          Albany Marriott
                                                   $45 students/paralegals (by 9/15/07)
             [RSVP to]               $60 students/paralegals (after 9/15/07)

 ===================================                 [For more information visit]

            Albany County                          October 10 – Practical Skills: Basic Matrimo-
                                                   nial Practice
            Bar Association                        9:00 a.m. – 4:35 p.m.
                                                   Crowne Plaza
  November 28 – Electronic Filing in NYS Courts    $40 students/paralegals (by 10/1/07)
  1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.                            $55 students/paralegals (after 10/1/07)
  74 State St., Albany, NY
  $75 ACBA Members; $95 Non-members                  [For more information visit]
  $30 Law students/paralegals
                                                   October 26 – Prosecuting and Defending Medi-
  Speakers:                                        cal Malpractice Claims
  Jeffrey Carucci                                  9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  Program Director of Electronic Filing            Holiday Inn
  Charles Diamond                                  $45 students/paralegals (by 10/16/07)
  Chief Clerk of Albany County Supreme and         $60 students/paralegals (after 10/16/07)
  County Courts
                                                     [For more information visit]
          [For more information visit
]                 ==================================
                                                                                               CDPA/ 7
CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.                    September/Octob er 2007

              CDPA Membership Gala
                     Sponsored by Constructive Copy

                         Tuesday, September 11th at 6:00 pm
                                  Dorato’s Restaurant
                         2050 Western Avenue, Guilderland

       Guest Speaker: Sharon Spinelli, NFPA Region V Director

                             New members welcome.
                            Bring a friend or colleague.

               Come and meet CDPA’s Officers, Directors,
                       Corporate Sponsors and
                     Newsletter Advertisers . . . and
              Network with other capital district paralegals!

                                     $5 per person
                               Hot and Cold Appetizers
                                      Cash Bar
                                Raffles & door prizes

                         RSVP by Sept. 7th to

           BONUS! All members who join or renew their membership
         at the Gala receive a $5.00 discount on their dues for 2007-2008.

                     Sustaining members will be acknowledged
                       in a press release and on our website.

       See page 12 for a Membership application or visit our website at
                     Questions? Send an e-mail to

                                                                                         CDPA/ 9
September/October 2007                     CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.

     How Project Work Can Enhance Paralegals’ Marketability
                                        Charles A. Volkert, Esq.

         It’s an exciting time to be a paralegal, given   liver quality results at lower bill rates than attorneys
the continuing emergence of new roles and oppor-          and other legal personnel, but it also offers these
tunities and the robust employment outlook. Ac-           practitioners new opportunities to expand their
cording to projections by the Bureau of Labor Statis-     skills and advance their careers.
tics in its Occupational Outlook Handbook, the posi-              In addition to steady hiring of paralegals
tion is expected to grow much faster than the aver-       among law firms and legal departments, a growing
age for all occupations through 2014. The growing         number of other businesses, such as banks, insur-
trend among a number of corporate legal depart-           ance companies, real estate and title insurance
ments and law firms is to hire paralegals who can         firms employ paralegals. There also are job oppor-
assume some duties of junior staff attorneys or           tunities for paralegals in the public sector, including
first-year associates duties. This move is primarily a    federal, state and local government agencies; com-
cost-saving measure, since legal assistants can de-       munity legal-service organizations; and the courts.

CDPA/ 10
CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.                               September/Octob er 2007

        This dynamic job market also is host to an-             Flexibility. One assignment might entail 50
other trend. To meet expanding workloads and            hours a week for three weeks, and another, 60
client demands, firms increasingly recognize that       hours a week for eight months, depending on the
full-time hiring is not always the best solution. Le-   nature of the job. Such unpredictability might be
gal assistants are often hired on an interim basis      unsettling for some, but many legal assistants
when caseloads spike or specialized assistance is       prize this kind of flexibility and find it enables them
only needed for a limited time. During major litiga-    to achieve greater work/life balance, continue
tion or contract negotiations, for example, parale-     their professional education or pursue other inter-
gals may be brought on board to help with trial         ests. Another advantage of project work is that
preparation or research. In other instances, pro-       paralegals can choose when and where they want
ject paralegals provide coverage during scheduled       to work. After one assignment ends, they’re free
staff absences or personnel transitions, or when        to move on to another or take a break.
specific practice area expertise is required.                   Continuing income. Project employment
        What does this mean for you if you are          brings a steady income stream and allows the le-
seeking employment as a paralegal? With so              gal assistant to work while searching for a full-time
many opportunities presenting themselves, it can        position. Because many firms prefer to hire on an
be difficult to decide which is best for your long-     interim basis first to “audition” a candidate, pro-
term career goals and which law firm or business        ject-based employment can work out well for both
would best suit your professional and personal de-      parties. The employer has a chance to observe
sires. Project-based employment can be a great          the paralegal on the job, while the legal assistant
way to build your skills while sampling a wide vari-    can evaluate the position firsthand and build a
ety of positions and work environments. Some            track record on site, which confers a decided ad-
professionals so appreciate the flexibility this ap-    vantage over other candidates.
proach provides that they view it as a long-term
alternative.                                            Is It Right for You?
                                                        Those who prefer predictability or wish to move up
The Pros of Project Work                                through the ranks with a single employer are not
Some of the leading reasons to consider project         as likely to find project work as appealing as those
work include:                                           who enjoy change and variety. Following are some
        Variety. Paralegals who pursue project-         key attributes of professionals who would thrive
based work have the opportunity to experience dif-      working as an interim paralegal:
ferent corporate and law firm cultures, acquire ex-              Outstanding communication skills. To work
posure to a broad spectrum of businesses and in-        well on a project basis, you must be able both to
dustries, and gain experience in many practice ar-      communicate your knowledge and listen carefully
eas and types of cases. This variety not only offers    to the needs and objectives of the law firm or com-
insights into the kind of full-time employment that     pany. This is critical, since as a project profes-
would give you the greatest fulfillment; it also        sional, you don’t have the advantage of familiarity
boosts your range and marketability.                    with the history and deep background of a given
        Diversity. The job is never the same, ena-      case or client matter.
bling paralegals to broaden their expertise while                Self-motivation. In the intense, busy envi-
augmenting their income. On one assignment, the         ronment of most law firms and legal departments,
paralegal might supervise legal support staff dur-      there’s no time for tutorials and prolonged learning
ing in an initial public offering (IPO). A few weeks    curves. As a result, you may receive minimal direc-
later, the paralegal may be working at another          tion or guidance when starting a new project. To
company, assisting in contract review for a merger.     thrive in such situations, you must be resourceful
For the next assignment, a law firm might hire the      and actively seek the information and answers you
paralegal as part of the team conducting discovery      need to do the job.
in a major litigation case.                                                               (Continued on Page 15)

                                                                                                        CDPA/ 11
                       a member of the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF PARALEGAL ASSOCIATIONS, INC.
                                                MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                                       Please print or type clearly

Name: ____________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Home address: ___________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: _______________
Phone: ______________________ E-mail address: ________________________ (please print clearly)
Employer: _____________________________________________ Position/Title: ______________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: _______________
Phone: ________________ Fax No.: ______________ E-mail address: ______________________
                                                                                        (please print clearly)
Please indicate where send newsletter:         Home         Work         E-mail
How did you learn about CDPA?_______________________________________________________
Practice area(s): ____________________________________________________________________
                               Length of Paralegal Employment (check one):
   less than 1 year          1-3 years      3 - 5 years              5 - 10 years         10 years plus
If you are a student, please indicate where you are studying for your degree/certificate:

                                                                                                                     cut here
__________________________________ Expected graduation date: _____________________

                    Education/Professional Certification (check all applicable boxes):
  High School           Paralegal Certificate      AA/AS Paralegal         AA/AS Other
  BA/BS Paralegal       BA/BS Other                Other: _______________________________
  PACE Registered Paralegal (RP)                   Certified Legal Assistant/Certified Paralegal (CLA/CP)

                                            Membership Dues:
                         Dues for year September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2008
                {includes membership in the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. (NFPA)}
                                   New Member                           Renewal
                                Classification (see Page 13 for qualifications):
 Voting Member: $55.00          Associate/Student: $35.00          Affiliate: $40.00       Sustaining $100.00
Please indicate which committees you would be interested in joining:
         Continuing Education            Membership                            Professional Development
         Pro Bono                        Events/Fund Raising                   Newsletter

The information provided herein is true to the best of my knowledge. I hereby agree to abide by the New York State
Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and any other code adopted by the Association.

                                        Signature: ___________________________________________

Forward application and       Capital District Paralegal Association, Inc.
make checks payable to:       P.O. Box 12562, Albany, New York 12212-2562                   Payment received:

CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.                              September/Octob er 2007


         Membership qualifications shall not exclude or discriminate because of race, color, religion,
  sex or national origin, age, physical handicaps, or sexual orientation. However, any person who is in-
  carcerated at the time of application or who has been disbarred from the practice of law is not eligible
  for membership.

                          QUALIFICATIONS FOR “VOTING” MEMBERS:
          Any person who is a practicing paralegal/legal assistant at the time of application for member-
  ship may become a voting member. A practicing paralegal/legal assistant may be employed or re-
  tained by a lawyer, law firm, corporation, agency, clinic, governmental agency, court or other entity.

       Any person who is enrolled in a formal paralegal course may become an associate/student

         Any person who has practiced as a paralegal/legal assistant or who has completed a formal
  course of study, but who is not so employed at the time of application for membership and any voting
  member who is not practicing as a paralegal/legal assistant at the time of the annual renewal of such
  voting member’s membership may become an affiliate member.

        Any person, partnership, organization or other entity interested in supporting the association
  may become a sustaining member.

  •      A paralegal shall demonstrate initiative in performing and expanding the paralegal role in the
         delivery of legal services.
  •      A paralegal shall maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  •      A paralegal shall maintain a high level of competence and shall contribute to the integrity of
         the paralegal profession.
  •      A paralegal shall preserve client confidences and privileged communications.
  •      A paralegal shall serve the public interest by contributing to the availability and delivery of
         quality legal services.
  •      A paralegal shall aspire to perform pro bono legal services for the benefit of those with limited
         means who are denied access to the legal system.

         All individual members of the Capital District Paralegal Association, Inc. are members of the
  National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. (NFPA) and receive the benefits of membership to
  NFPA, including subscription to the magazine the National Paralegal Reporter, information via the
  Web at, networking opportunities, discounts on goods and services, up-to-date
  information pertaining to legislative activities, continuing legal education and opportunities for
  involvement in the profession at the national level.

                                                                                                      CDPA/ 13
September/October 2007                       CAP ITAL DISTRICT PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, INC.

How Project Work … continued                             you’ll find that it can be an outstanding way to de-
                                                         velop your professional skills, build practice area
       Adaptability. As a project paralegal, you will    expertise and explore a range of workplace cul-
repeatedly find yourself in new settings, so you         tures. Whatever the specific assignment or set-
must be able to immediately fit in and adapt to un-      ting, project work can be a stimulating and satisfy-
familiar procedures and personalities. Although          ing career choice.
you may do similar legal work for two law offices,
no two firms or departments are exactly alike. You               Charles A. Volkert is executive director of Robert
may encounter considerable differences in com-           Half Legal, a leading staffing service specializing in the
munication style and daily business practices.           placement of attorneys, paralegals, legal administrators and
                                                         other legal professionals with law firms and corporate legal
       Whether you intend to work on an interim          departments. Based in Menlo Park, California, Robert Half
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                      Officers and Board of Directors 2007-2008

 President                             Vice President                           Secretary
 Donna Shappy                          Theresa Miller                           Sandra Andreadakis
 Law Office of Kara Conway Love        Horigan, Horigan, Lombardo & Kelly, P.C. Martin, Harding & Mazzotti
 456-0460 (w)                          843-0043 (w)                             724-2249 (w)                                        
 Treasurer                                                                     Past President
 Tracey Chandler, RP                                                           Cheryl Corning
 McNamee, Lochner, Titus & Williams,                                           Andrea E. Celli, Ch 13 Trustee
 P.C.                                                                          449-2043, x 206 (w)
 426-4260 (w)                                                        
 Professional Development              ESAPA                                   Pro-Bono
 Tracey Stein                          Cheryl Corning                          Amy Sadlon-Meacham
 Phelan, Phelan and Danek              Andrea E. Celli, Ch 13 Trustee          Whiteman Osterman & Hanna
 640-6900 (w)                          449-2043, x 206 (w)                     487-7693 (w)                                         
 Events/Fundraising                    Membership                              NFPA Primary
                                                                               Tracey L. Young, RP
 position vacant                       position vacant                         E. Stewart Jones PLLC
                                                                               274-5820 (w)

 Continuing Education                   Newsletter Editor                      NFPA Secondary
 Sandina Ordway                         Stephanie Moll                         Cheryl Corning
 Albany County Public Defender’s Office BlueShield of Northeastern NY          Andrea E. Celli, Ch 13 Trustee
 447-7759 (w)                           220-5829 (w)                           449-2043, x 206 (w)                
CDPA/ 14
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