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It is not a secret nowadays, recruiters and companies are inundated with executive CV
and Resume applications for most senior management jobs.

You may have tried various conventional methods of composing your current senior
executive CV using online templates, resume samples and other CV Writing tips and

If all that has failed so far and your phone has refused to ring, and you want another
executive CV strategy that has the possibility of making an immediate impact, give
this "testimonial effect method" serious consideration.

This tried and tested method has prompted lots of positive interest in the past for other
job seekers. It is really the compelling power of a testimony embedded within a CV or
Resume application.

What this means is get an ex-employer, ex-manager, supervisor or end client to give
you a three line testimony based on your career expertise and employment

Of course to get this you need your ex-manager or ex-employers full support and
cooperation. If you have proved your worth within a past organisation this should not
be a major problem.

With their full approval and permission, inject there three line testimony into your
CV, Curriculum Vitae or Resume, word to word, with their full name, job-title and
company name details embedded within the quote.

Preferably let this testimonial be listed up front within the top fold profile section of
your executive CV or Resume. Simply type the testimony in quotes saying "extract
from past employer" and embed the testimony accordingly.

What would this achieve?, for starters this unique approach to Resume and CV
writing is different from the conventional writing styles of just listing who you are
and where you have worked to date.

This testimony approach has worked for others. 90% of job seekers would not think
of adding a client or manager testimony into their current senior executive CV or
Resume, so you may stand out from the crowd if you utilise this unique method today.
Potential employers and recruiters may at the very least want to speak to you further,
which in turn could lead to a face-to-face interview offer.

With this testimony approach to executive CV and Resume Writing, your interview
rates has a strong chance of drastically increasing. We have used this approach to get
a senior executive job seeker noticed and it worked wonders. Give it a try.

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