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					Professional resume samples

Using professional resume samples to your advantage is not as hard as you might

When you start writing your resume, you can benefit from searching online to find
professional resume samples and advice about how to get started. Many people think
that they have to tell the employer everything about them in the resume and cover
letter, but this is not so. Some bits of personal information should not be included on a
resume because of the possibility of discrimination. These include such things as age,
gender, marital status, ethnic origin, religious affiliation and political affiliation.
Discriminating against applicants for a position for either of these is illegal, but there
is no way to prove it by not being called for an interview.

Another thing you will see from reading professional resume samples is that you
should only include the work history that directly applies to the job posting.
Employers don't want or need to read your complete work history. Chances are there
are jobs you performed that have nothing to do with the job you are applying for and
are therefore irrelevant.

When writing a resume, you need to draw the employer's attention to the skills and
qualifications you possess that will make you the ideal candidate for this job. You
should spend time writing these in such a way as to make the reader sit up and take
notice. Look at the criteria outlined in the job positing. If you are really good at
something that is no longer used in this job, then you don't need to include any details
of it. Skills attained through unpaid work should be included if they meet the job
criteria. Communication and leadership skills are important and many people become
quite adept at them through volunteering or being part of a team while in school.

Look at the professional resume samples you find to see how the writer used words
and phrases effectively. This will help give you advice on how you can use these
same words in your resume.