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       Xi Eta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International
  September 2005                                                                  Newsletter Editor: Elaine Unsworth

 I nside                                                               Xi Eta CHAPTER
 Fall Dinner ........................................... 1              FALL DINNER
                                                                             Thursday November 3, 2005
 President Elect Message ...................... 2
                                                                            Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
                                                                               3811 Point Grey Road
 Xi Eta Board of Directors .................... 2
                                                             TIME:        No Host Bar                   6:00 pm
 Nursing Forum Invitation... ................. 2                          Dinner                        6:30 pm
                                                                          Guest Panel                   7:30 pm
 Member Bio .......................................... 3
                                                             SPEAKERS: 3 dynamic leaders from academia,
 Sustaining a Global Partnership ......... 4                           practicee and administration.
                                                                       Barbara Boyle, Lydia Drasic and
                                                                       Phyllis Giovanetti.
 Ethel Johns Research Day:
 Call for Abstracts ................................ 6       TOPIC:       “Quality practice environments
                                                                          - strategies that work!”

                                                             Dinner Fee: Xi Eta Members: $42.00
Mark Your Calendars!                                                     Non-members: $47.00
                                                                         Students: $27.00
2005                                                         Please make cheques payable to XI ETA Chapter of
November 3rd           Xi Eta Fall Dinner                    Sigma Theta Tau and mail to: Joan Reiter, Xi Eta Dinner,
                       See page 1                            #136 - 3495 Cambie Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 4R3
November 18th          Advanced Practice Nursing             Cheques must be received by: October 27, 2005
                       See page 2                               Student subsidies are needed. Please consider adding
October 31st           Ethel Johns Research Day:
                                                                $10.00 to your payment to support students needing
                       Call for Abstracts Due
                                                                                 assistance to attend.
                                                                     Please call Joan Reiter at 604-666-0683
                       See page 6
                                                                        or email at joan_reiter@hc-sc.gc.ca
2006                                                                         if you have any questions.
February 4th           11th Annual Ethel Johns                  Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to
                       Research Day                              dinner date or payment for meal is expected
                       See page 2
                                                                  Parking is available at the Yacht Club. Get a pass from the
                                                                            front desk to put on your dashboard.

 X-Claim! - September 2005                                                                                               Page 1
     Xi Eta Board of Directors 2004/2005                          President Elect Message
President:      Lynne Young, RN, PhD    604-323-5924 (W)
                leyoung@interchange.ubc.ca                        W      elcome to the Fall issue of X–Claim! In the July issue
                                                                          of X-Claim, Lynne wrote to you of the ‘workings’ of
                                                                  the Board and our future directions. I hope you found that of
President Elect: Candy Garossino, RN, MSN 604-806-8265 (W)
                 cgarossino@providencehealth.bc.ca                interest. We are looking forward to working with you and
                                                                  meeting you this year at various venues. You will note in this
Program and     Joan Reiter                                       issue, we have a focus on one of our strategic priorities –
Vice President: 604-666-0683 (W)                                  ‘Quality Practice Environments”. The intent is to support
                joan_reiter@hc-sc.gc.ca                           existing work regarding quality practice environments that
Secretary:      Mary Shaw, RN, MSN                                nurses from practice, education, research and administration
                604-736-7331 (318) (W)      shaw@crnbc.bc.ca      are engaged in. Our fall dinner is offered as a place to gather
                                                                  and share the pool of wisdom generated in this regard. Joan
Treasurer:      Celina Woo                                        Reiter, VP for Xi Eta and the Board have worked hard to put
                604-773-6433 (H)    celinawoo@gmail.com           together an evening of meaningful conversation for all of us.
Eligibility Chair Carol Bassingthwaighte                          It is our hope that we succeed in piquing your interest..
& Faculty         604-822-0727 (W)                                In addition to the fall dinner, Xi Eta is also supportive of
Counselor:        cbassing@nursing.ubc.ca                         projects that blend Xi Eta’s two strategic priorities of Quality
                Connie Canam, RN, PhD 604-822-7494                Practice Environments and Mentorship. The Board recog-
                canam@nursing.ubc.ca                              nizes that Schools of Nursing and Health Authorities are
                                                                  integrally connected with various projects. One such project
By Laws:        Henriette (Jetty) Soolsma                         is the one planned between Providence Health Care (PHC) and
                604-763-5265 (H)     hsoolsma@shaw.ca
                                                                  University of Victoria (UVic). PHC and UVic are partnering to
Finance:        Elaine Field, RN, MN, GNC(C)                      mentor 3 to 4 students in a project focused on quality health
                604-930-3417 (W) elaine.field@fraserhealth.ca     care environments (course entitled: Nurses Influencing
                                                                  Change) .
Leadership      Sabrina Wong, RN, PhD
Succession      604-827-5584 (W)                                  Wisdom is only recognized if it is shared. I invite you to
Chairs:         wong@nursing.ubc.ca                               speak of quality practice environments in whatever venue,
                Ann Dauphinee                                     arena of nursing, or conversations you have. The wisdom we
                604-233-3128      ann.dauphinee@vch.ca            hold is palpable yet elusive at times.
                Sue McDonald        suemc@idmail.com              See you at the fall dinner!
Membership      Heather Pattullo, RN, MEd                         Candy Garossino, RN, MSN
Involvement:    604-879-8756        hpattullo@telus.net           President-Elect, Xi Eta Chapter
Research:       Paddy Rodney, RN, PhD

                                                                   Nursing Forum
                604-323-5923 (W) prodney@direct.ca
                Anne Earthy        604-517-8613 (W)
                anne.earthy@fraserhealth.ca                        You are cordially invited to attend the 10th BC Advanced
                                                                   Practice Nursing Forum being held on November 18th,
Awards:         Jane Milliken                                      2005 at St. Paul’s Hospital.
                250-472-4704 (W)    jmillike@uvic.ca
                                                                   This Forum is a venue to share knowledge about
Newsletter:     Elaine Unsworth, RN, MSN 604-877-3192 (W)          improving practice and improving health outcomes in
                eunsworth@providencehealth.ca                      British Columbia as well as discussing key issues about
Heritage Chair: Elizabeth Torr, RN, BScN, MSc (T)                  various advanced practice nursing roles. Please see
                                                                   following websites for more information. Thank you for
Newsletter Co-chair 604-734-3979 (H) etorr@shaw.ca
                                                                   your attention.
Induction:      Fuchsia Howard, RN, MScN(c)
                604-734-0434 (H)  fuchsia@telus.net                http://www.nursing.ubc.ca/docs/Announcement.doc

Development:    Sherri Kensall      604-585-5666 (ext 2176) (W)    http://www.nursing.ubc.ca/docs/Registration.doc
                Diana Trifonova
                604-985-4519 (W)    diana.trifonova@vch.ca         Ellie James, BC APN Forum
Laurie Hasiuk, Desktop Publisher      604-875-2875 (W)
 X-Claim! - September 2005                                                                                            Page 2
Member Bio
Katherine Cox Stevenson, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD(c)

K     atherine Cox Stevenson is
      currently on faculty at Camosun
College in Victoria, B.C. Camosun
                                          “Nurses on that team were very skilled and
                                          competent having many years of ICU/ER
                                          experience and then educated on many
partners with the University of           advanced competencies such as intubation,
Victoria (UVIC) with students             running cardiac arrests, burn care etc.” The
completing the first 2 ½ years at         cold temperatures though were trying and
Camosun and then transfer to UVIC to      Katherine clearly remembers one night at
complete their BSN. Katherine has         03:15 hours at - 44 C with the plane engines
been on faculty for nine years, has       going as the pilots couldn’t shut them down      In 2001, Katherine was inducted into the
taught in all years of the program and    due to freezing - standing on the runway         Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing
has held various roles within the         with a cold wind blowing “and you can            Honor Society for excellence in nursing
nursing department such as Team           imagine how bundled up we were”, looking         education. She is currently enrolled in
Coordinator and Chair. She teaches        up at the black night sky and thinking “ok       nursing doctoral studies at the University
sessionally at UVIC and really enjoys     enough of this - is it time to move on.”         of Calgary as a distance student. “Instead
linking up again with 4th year students                                                    of commuting by ferry now it is via
                                          Next was the Royal Alexandra Hospital in
that she was with either in the                                                            Westjet.” She has completed all course
                                          Edmonton for experience in the Cardiac
classroom or in practice when they                                                         work and passed candidacy exams August,
                                          Catheterization Laboratory. Then a move
were in 1st year .                                                                         2004. Her research is focusing on clinical
                                          back to Kamloops this time to work in the
                                                                                           practice education. She continues to teach
Katherine began her nursing career at     Emergency Department. Following the
                                                                                           while going to university and for the last
Royal Inland Hospital School of           autonomous practice of a flight nurse it was
                                                                                           three years has been a member of the
Nursing (1970-1973) and knew as a         difficult to practice within the confines of a
                                                                                           Canadian Association of Schools of
student that she wanted to specialize     hospital setting so “a significant change of
                                                                                           Nursing National Task Force on Clinical
and was fortunate to be accepted as a     direction was needed.”
                                                                                           Practice Education. She sits on various
brand new grad into the Intensive/
                                          In Victoria, fall of 1989 Katherine started      research committees within the college and
Coronary Care Unit. At that time, ICU/
                                          practice as a community home care nurse          community.
CCU nurses learned as they worked
                                          and then commenced studies at UVIC in
and “there were several experienced                                                        Katherine and her husband Duncan are
                                          January 1990 to get her BSN. That program
RNs in the unit willing to help me                                                         both avid walkers, gardeners, readers and
                                          was completed in 1 ½ years and at that stage
learn critical care nursing.” Two years                                                    love to spend time on one of the gulf
                                          “I knew I needed and wanted more
following graduation she became                                                            islands. “Although we had no intention of
                                          education” so undertook Master’s of
Head Nurse of the ICU/CCU and sat                                                          doing so, we bought a second home over
                                          Science in Nursing (MSN) studies at the
on one of the first Advisory                                                               there last summer. Right in the middle of
                                          University of British Columbia. This
Committees to establish ICU/CCU                                                            candidacy exams we got a phone call
                                          required regular commutes via ferry from
education courses and programs.                                                            about a house we loved coming up on the
                                          Victoria to Vancouver. “My course work was
Katherine remained in Kamloops for                                                         market and we bought it that weekend.”
                                          completed in 2 years many ferry rides later.”
seven years and then moved to New                                                          The island “is where we go to relax and to
                                          At that point, Katherine was hired by the
Westminster to practice as a critical                                                      be with nature - we love it there!” The
                                          British Columbia Ministry of Health into the
care float (ICU, CCU and ER) at the                                                        couple live with their two cats and
                                          then newly created position of Clinical Nurse
Royal Columbian Hospital.                                                                  Katherine is step mother to two sons who
                                          Specialist for the Community Home Care
                                                                                           are both married.
Those years provided the foundation       Nursing Program. Within two years,
for the next adventure, which took        Katherine became the Associate to the            When asked about her future plans “I
place in Fort McMurray, Alberta. In       Provincial Nurse Advisor and completed her       have many interests. At this time in my
that northern community, 4 months         MSN where her thesis was: Clinical Nurse         career, I continue to enjoy teaching
into a 4 year term, Katherine became      Specialists define advanced nursing practice     undergraduate nursing, learning much as I
the Director of an all Registered Nurse   and describe their practice in relation to       develop my recently established
Air Ambulance Team, the first of its      client health outcomes.                          consulting business, just started teaching
kind in Canada thus attracting                                                             master’s level courses and want to do more
                                          Throughout her career, Katherine always
national and international attention.                                                      of that plus eventually teach doctoral
                                          loved teaching be it with patients/clients/
She and her colleagues thrived on the                                                      students and want to focus on clinical
                                          colleagues and students. “I really valued
excitement of “RNs as first                                                                education research. Personally, Duncan
                                          working with students. Their questions and
responders” with people in many                                                            and our marriage are priorities plus doting
                                          our subsequent discussions always took me
northern communities as well as                                                            on our first grandchild. I have a fabulous
                                          to new places in my thinking and practice.”
transporting patients to acute care                                                        life both personally and professionally.”
                                          Thus explains the current position of faculty.
hospitals in Edmonton, Alberta.
 X-Claim! - September 2005                                                                                               Page 3
                                   Sustaining a Global Partnership
                                                                                                  Guru Nanak College faculty

S   ustaining a long-term
     international partnership
requires vision, commitment,
                                                                                                  came to UBC for an introduc-
                                                                                                  tion to nursing education and
                                                                                                  health care in Canada. In turn,
flexibility, persistence and a                                                                    our faculty made visits to Guru
willingness to explore                                                                            Nanak College to learn about
different values and changing                                                                     their nursing education system
 contexts. For the past seven                                                                     and the context for changes
years, UBC School of                                                                              that were envisioned by our
Nursing and Guru Nanak                                                                            partner. Guru Nanak faculty
College of Nursing in India                                                                       asked for support in introduc-
have demonstrated these                                                                           ing new teaching/learning
shared attributes in creating                                                                     strategies, working on curricu-
a highly successful                                                                               lum development, obtaining
relationship.                                                                                     resource materials and organiz-
                                                                                                  ing their nursing lab. These
Background                                                                                        exchange visits served a
The partnership was first proposed by the Canada-India             valuable function of building relationships as faculty from
Education Society (CIES), a Vancouver-based organization           India and Canada spent periods of time together learning from
that has a strong connection with an Indian charity, the Guru      one another and sharing ideas for future collaborative activi-
Nanak Mission Medical and Educational Trust. CIES had              ties.
supported the Trust’s work in rural Punjab for many years
and recognized a need to seek UBC’s assistance in enhancing        As the partnership has progressed in recent years, we have
nursing education at the nursing school and hospital operated      held workshops and planning sessions to explore strategies
by the Trust. A feasibility visit to India by representatives of   for faculty development and the related issues of recruitment
CIES and the School of Nursing in 1998 convinced everyone          and retention. We have identified topics for comparative
involved that the proposed partnership was both worthwhile         research and have facilitated connections among Indian and
and desirable. After developing guiding principles, the partner-   Canadian colleagues with similar interests.
ship’s overall purpose was agreed upon as follows: to foster       The partnership took on an exciting new dimension in 2002
the development of nursing education, practice and research        when the first student exchange visit took place. Four Indian
and to promote international relations in nursing.                 students spent a month at UBC joining in classes and clinical
                                                                   learning experiences with our students and faculty. This
Partnership in Action                                              highly successful inaugural visit helped everyone appreciate
Early stages of the partnership focused on faculty exchange        the importance of involving students in the partnership and
visits and developing advisory committees in both institutions.    led to a firm commitment from both sides to develop a formal
The UBC committee became known as the Guru Nanak                   system of student exchanges. We have now established an
Advisory Committee with membership drawn from interested           annual pattern of having the Indian students come to UBC for
faculty, nurses from the South Asian community and the             a month in the fall term with a group from UBC going to
CIES Board.                                                        India each spring. We look forward to hosting the fifth group
                                                                   from India this fall.
                                                                   These exchanges offer the participating students memorable
                                                                   inter-cultural encounters as well as exposure to the realities
                                                                   of nursing and health care systems in another part of the
                                                                   world. There is a ripple effect throughout both schools as
                                                                   other students, staff and faculty benefit from individual
                                                                   meetings and group presentations in the course of hosting the
                                                                   overseas visitors. The visitors themselves return home with
                                                                   increased confidence and knowledge, new professional goals
                                                                   and a vision of their place in the global community of nurses.

                                                                   Primary Health Care Project
   UBC students encountering local people in Dhahan-               Members of the Guru Nanak Advisory Committee worked
   Kaleran, Punjab, during their exchange visit in April 2005.     closely with CIES to plan a primary health care demonstra-
   Photo: Lynne Esson, UBC School of Nursing
                                                                                                              continued on page 5...
 X-Claim! - September 2005                                                                                             Page 4
tion project that was carried out in Punjab from 2001 to 2005.      UBC faculty contributed their time as advisors to the project
It began with a community assessment and household survey           as it moved through various phases from the initial plan to the
conducted by faculty and students of Guru Nanak College.            final evaluation. The project offered an excellent opportunity
Survey findings were used to plan a three-year project              for nursing students to learn about primary health care being
designed to increase community capacity for health by               put into practice through community development and health
mobilizing village leaders and improving access to basic            promotion. Guru Nanak College students participated in many
services.                                                           educational events organized by the project team and assisted
                                                                    in creating resources such as videos and dramas used for
Funding from the Canadian International Development Agency
                                                                    community health promotion. UBC students and faculty who
and CIES made it possible to employ a project team—
                                                                    spent time with the project team commented on the impres-
community health nurses, a project coordinator and support
                                                                    sive work being done by the nurses—work that really made a
staff—to organize and deliver priority programs in rural
                                                                    difference to individuals, families and communities.
villages. The project team established outreach services in 8
villages and recruited volunteers to assist with program
                                                                    Future Initiatives
activities. The nurses visited their assigned villages once or
                                                                    Guru Nanak College of Nursing and UBC School of Nursing
twice each week to facilitate women’s groups, do prenatal
                                                                    have worked together since 1998 to create and sustain a
and postnatal visits, provide home nursing care and conduct
                                                                    dynamic partnership with all the complexities associated with
health programs in the village schools. These services ex-
                                                                    global cooperation. Although both partners face challenges in
panded to other villages in the area when additional personnel
                                                                    our respective health and education systems, we remain
were available.
                                                                    determined to overcome these challenges and to learn from
                                                                    one another in the process. Our involvement in the primary
                                                                    health care project gave us an introduction to health policy at
                                                                    the local, state and national levels and alerted us to the
                                                                    potential for new community health initiatives in India. There
                                                                    are endless opportunities and ideas for collaborative research
                                                                    projects and other aspects of nursing scholarship arising from
                                                                    common areas of interest. We look forward to pursuing these
                                                                    ideas as this remarkable partnership continues.

                                                                    Nora Whyte
                                                                    On behalf of the Guru Nanak Advisory Committee, UBC
                                                                    School of Nursing
                                                                    Additional information about the Canada-India Education
                                                                    Society and the Primary Health Care Project is available at:
    School children participating in a community health
    promotion event.
    Photo: Nobil Varghese, CIES Primary Health Care Project

   C hange of Address R enew Your Membership
          XI ETA ADDRESS CHANGE            To facilitate transaction of funds we are encouraging renewals to be
  Name: __________________________________ paid by cheque in Canadian funds (rather than VISA). Details can be
                                                              found on your renewal forms.
  Current Address:     __________________________
   ________________________________________ Mail to: Sigma Theta Tau International or Phone in:
                                                                        Honour Society of Nursing      1-888-634-7575
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                                                              Remember to also send to:
  E-mail #:   ________________________________                        Mary Shaw, Xi Eta Secretary

 X-Claim! - September 2005                                                                                              Page 5
                        Xi Eta Ethel Johns Research Day
                             “Providing Safe and Effective Care:
                      ACTION Thr ough Practice, Leadership and Research”
                             Through                            Research”
             Saturday, February 4, 2006, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, B.C.
             Saturday, February              Paul’s            ancouver,

                                      CALL for ABSTRACTS
                                      Abstracts due: Monday, October 31, 2005

We are pleased to announce that the Xi Eta Chapter of Sigma            ABSTRACT SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:
Theta Tau is hosting the 11th Annual Ethel Johns Research
                                                                       Submit a 250 word abstract of the topic you are wishing to
Day, “Providing Safe and Effective Care: ACTION Through
                                                                       present. Include:
Expert Practice, Leadership, and Research”, on Saturday,
February 4th, 20061. At this time we are calling for
                                                                          The title of your presentation
Abstract submissions for paper or poster presentations.
We would like to welcome abstracts from students as well as               Identify whether this is an abstract for a paper or a poster
colleagues in practice, management, and academia.                         The author(s), including degrees, titles, and agency
                                                                          affiliations. Identify presenting authors by underlining their
We are inviting abstracts for research papers or posters that             name(s).
are (directly or indirectly) applicable to the following interre-         Begin content of abstract on next line. Include the prob-
lated topics:                                                             lem/issue to be addressed, theoretical perspectives,
                                                                          methodology, findings, and implications.
                                                                          Typeset in single-spaced, 12 point font, lay out on one
      Eg. National and regional patient safety initiatives; cultural
      safety; moral safety; environmental safety; global safety
                                                                          Title in upper case.
      Vulnerability                                                       On a separate page, provide contact information for the
      Eg. Aging; childbearing; infants, children, and youth;              first author.
      chronic illness; death and dying; family violence; sub-
      stance use; poverty; homelessness                                Please submit your abstract by Monday, October 31st 2005
      Health Care Delivery Challenges                                  (by e-mail attachment, in MS Word RTF format) to:

      Eg. Early hospital discharge; long-term care restructur-         Paddy Rodney, RN, MSN, PhD
      ing; rural and Northern access; palliative care access;          Associate Professor
      specialized maternal-child services access; privatization of     University of British Columbia School of Nursing
      support services                                                 rodney@nursing.ubc.ca
                                                                       (Tel: 604-822-7507)
Individual papers or posters may be based on empirical and/or
theoretical inquiry. Paper presentations will be 30 minutes in         Abstracts will be submitted for peer review. Abstracts will be
length, including 10 minutes for discussion. Posters will be           selected on the basis of their relevance to the research day
displayed during conference breaks.                                    topic and themes, clarity, and potential contribution to
                                                                       nursing and health care.
 This conference builds on the themes from the last two                    Mark your calendars! Also, please note that there
years’ conferences: “Responding to the Moral Climate of                    will be a Pre-Conference Workshop day on Friday,
Nursing Workplaces: ACTION Through Expert Practice and                            February 3rd 2006 at the same venue.
Leadership” (2004) and “Promoting Health and Social
Justice: ACTION Through Expert Practice, Leadership, and               Thank you for your attention, and please spread the word
Research” (2005).                                                      about what promises to be yet another exciting and energizing
                                                                       event in our nursing community. The last two years were

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