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If you are looking for resume writing examples to get inspiration from, then using
tired old formats that everyone else is using is probably not the way to go. Put
yourself in the position of the person who has to wade through countless examples of
resumes - including ones that look like a five-year-old produced them.

The trouble is, you could be a great candidate who would shine in an interview, but if
your example of a resume is just a list of jobs you've done, then nobody is going to
know what they are missing.

What you need to know is that your resume, which must have a compelling cover
letter too, is part of a sales process. Yes, the person reading your fine resume writing
examples needs to be sold on why they should bring you in. So what is the biggest
emotional need that the reader of your resume has running through their mind? You
guessed it. 'What's in it for me to get this person in for interview?'.

Ok, now we are cooking with gas. So what is the biggest fear your 'reader' has? Hiring
the wrong person. Bringing them in for interview might be the first step down that
expensive and embarrassing road. So anything in your resume that rings alarm bells -
like poor presentation, bad grammar, colloquialisms etc is just an absolute ' gimme' for
a busy recruiter wading through a pile of papers that size of a hatbox. It's going to be
filed 'WPB' - 'Waste Paper Basket'. Back to square one.

What else is an example of a resume doomed to failure? One that looks like you
printed off two hundred identical ones and posted them off at once. The recruiters
aren't stupid. They know you probably applied to other places - but we need to play
this game of making our resume appear absolutely bespoke to them. In other words,
each part of your job history has contributed to your being absolutely right for this job
and just this job. If you suggest you are able to fit into other roles too they will think -
'we do not want a chameleon - we need a specialist.' WPB again.

Getting your foot in the door is essential, and the good news is that most resume
writing examples are total garbage. Your prospective employer will be subjected to
bad examples of resumes all day. Distance yourself from them. If you inadvertently
join that 'club', you had sure better get used to daytime TV!

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