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					                          Fashion of Pirate Shirt and Pirate Costumes

Pirate Shirt or over-the-pirate boots are indispensable to create perfect pirate fashion costumes
that have always been a fascination for the masses for their kind of adventurous looks. Captain
Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook, two well-known pirates of their times, are imitated even today
for their different style of pirate clothing- a constituent of the renaissance clothing or medieval

During renaissance, medieval and pirate era, pirates used to wear boots made of a variety of
strong leathers. Pirates preferred flat or short heel boots during their dangerous and long sea
voyages as that kind of boots were very helpful to them in dangerous acts such as battles.
Moreover, much of the pirate clothing was developed through necessity and befitted the
lifestyle of a pirate seaman.

The craze for pirate boots is still alive. However, now they are made of a variety of materials
such as vinyl, latex, and polyester micro-fiber as well as silk, rather than just leather as pirate
boots have become a symbol of fashion rather than a necessity of sea voyagers. Height of heels
can vary ranging from flat to more than three inches, while heel styles can vary from metal-
spikes to chunky.

Pirates had a unique sense of fashion, which is evident from their shirts. Pirate shirts were frilly,
drooping shouldered, loose fit that added to the rawness to the rustic look of the sea bandits. This
part of the medieval clothing is still popular. The fabric used in the pirate clothing depended on
how wealthy the sea bandits were, or what clothing they had stolen. Thus, basically there were
no rules. Generally, fabrics used for ordinary pirate clothing included canvass, cotton,
sheepskin, leather, wool and linen. Fabrics used for pirate captain’s clothing used to be more
high-quality, flamboyant and expensive.

Colors of the pirate shirt included the colors that had been banned by the Elizabethan Sumptuary
Laws for anyone other than the upper class. Banned colors included crimson, violet, purple and
deep blue. In modern times, pirate shirts or renaissance shirt, pants, coat, kilts, medieval
doublets, pirate costumes, tunic for men, and pirate skirts, medieval chemise, gowns, blouse and
vests for women are designed to suit the rustic look and charm of the medieval era.Lower-level
pirates used to look like a ragtag bunch for a reason. They often wore cloths stolen from sea
travelers. That is why pirate coats and pants were often loose. Pirate Pants were generally called
breeches. Chains, pins, pendants, knitted caps, gold hoops earrings, bracelets, ribbons and braids
were the other accessories used by pirates in the medieval era.

However, pirate captains used to wear gaudy costumes. Their breeches were made of fine velvet.
An elaborate satin and leather sash would run across pirate captain’s coat. They would also wear
waistcoats, which were often worn by upper class. His clothing was often decorated with
precious metals such as gold. There was a motive behind the way pirate captains prefer such an
ostentatious style of clothing. Essentially, there clothing had to embody their status as ruthless
robbers and the amount of wealth they accumulated by robbing sea travelers. also offers a unique collection of Pirate Costumes, Pirate Clothing,
Renaissance Dresses, Pirate Shirt and Medieval style gowns designed beautifully by blending
charm and rustic elegance of the ancient age pirate boot & pirate dresses.

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