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As part of its proactive maintenance programme, network company by zuy14720


									CAse sTUdy: Vector       Pole Replacement Programme

As part of its proactive maintenance programme, network company Vector United                                               OVERHEAD
Networks contracted Connetics to carry out replacement of red tag poles, and later
yellow tag poles, throughout Newlands, Tawa, Johnsonville and Plimmerton.                                         

PRoject ScoPe                                                                                          ReSultS
The project involved the replacement of concrete                                                       This project demonstrated our ability to
and wooden poles, initially on a pole-by-pole                                                          mobilise and undertake significant project work
basis, then allocated on a suburb grouping                                                             outside the Canterbury region.
basis. Connetics was one of a number of
contractors working on similar projects in the                                                            “ Connetics were very responsive in
Wellington region.                                                                                          providing competitive pricing, and had
                                                                                                            the capability to set up to work remotely
challengeS                                                                                                  in the timeframe needed. Our visits to
Connetics needed to plan for a sustained                                                                    Christchurch and initial discussions gave
programme of work in an area where the                                                                      us confidence in Connetics’ ability, and
company had no plant and equipment, no                                                                      assurance that we would be able to work
staff and no physical base. In addition, the                                                                together effectively.
Wellington network was completely different                                                                 “As was to be expected, with a new
to the one in Christchurch – comprised almost                                                               contractor and a project in its infancy,
                                                    teams. We then undertook refresher training             there were some surprises for both parties.
entirely of concrete poles in hilly terrain. The
                                                    for all staff to prepare them for the different         Connetics’ adaptation was not without
Wellington work spanned two local authority
                                                    requirements and conditions on the Wellington           setbacks, but what impressed was their
areas with differing requirements. There were
                                                    network. A site was quickly identified for a            ability to rise to the challenges of different
unfamiliar requirements for traffic management,
                                                    temporary Wellington base and two crews were            network configuration, standards and local
and different construction standards.
                                                    mobilised.                                              authority requirements.
Connetics had to engage vehicle maintenance
                                                    Connetics’ staff were offered the opportunity           Overall Vector received good service at
services, subcontractors for excavation and
                                                    to transfer for the duration of the Wellington          a good price, enabling us to meet our
resealing, and arrangements for testing live line
                                                    contract, or to rotate through a roster.                network safety, continuity of supply and
tools and equipment. In addition, the project
needed to be resourced from our Christchurch                                                                financial targets. We would be happy to
operation due to existing resource constraints                                                              work with Connetics again.”
                                                    Plans were put in place to enable us to respond
in the Wellington region.                           to ongoing work demands and significant events          Paul Bartlett
                                                    in Christchurch. During the contract we had             Project Manager
ouR ReSPonSe                                        to temporarily withdraw crews to deal with a            unitednetworks
Our first step was to plan the work to ensure       major supply emergency in Canterbury. The               (a division of Vector ltd.)
priority was placed on red tag poles and that a     work came to an orderly pause and resumed
clear work programme was established for our        on a revised schedule in response to this event.

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