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   Fee Status Assessment Questionnaire

UK government legislation allows publicly funded educational institutions to charge ‘overseas’ student fees to
international students unless they fulfil certain residence and immigration status requirements. If you meet t he
residence and immigration status requirements you will be charged a lower ‘home’ student rate of fee and may be
eligible for a student loan for fees. Details of these requirements are given in the UK Council for International
Education - UKCOSA Guidance Note: Fees and Student Support (www. ukcosa.org. uk/pages/advice. htm).

To help us assess your fee status, please complete the following questionnaire and return it to the above
College by 6 November. Please do not fax or email. Please note that the information provided will be used
only to assess your fee status and thi s form does not constitute an offer of a place at the University of

Family name: ____________________________________ Other names: _________________________________
Degree course applied for: _______________________________________________________________________
Proposed start date of course (e.g. October 2010): _________________ UCAS number: _____________________
Date of birth:_________________________ Nationality (Citizenship): ____________________________________
(If you have citizenship of t wo or more countries pleas e list them both/all)

Immigration status (please tick one, and give dates as                 Please provide, if possible
 British Citizen or Commonwealth national with Right of               Copy of relevant page(s) of passport (including
   Abode                                                               page(s) confirming name and nationality)
 Indefinite Leave to Enter/Remain                                     Copy of relevant page(s) of passport (including
                                                                       page(s) confirming name and nationality) and/or
                                                                       Home Office letter
 Refugee status                                                       Home Office letter (and any relevant enclosures)
  OR you are a child or spouse/civil partner of someone                or refugee travel document
  granted refugee status
 Refus ed refugee status but granted one of the following             Home Office letter (and any relevant enclosures)
         Exceptional Leave to Enter/ Remain
         Humanitarian Protection
         Discretionary Leave
    OR you are a child or spouse/civil partner of someone
    refused refugee status but grant ed one of the above
 Time limit on stay                                                   Copy of relevant page(s) of passport (including
  Date last passport stamp/ visa was issued:                           page(s) confirming name and nationality)
   Date of expiry of most recent permission to stay:
 EEA national (The EEA comprises the UK, plus Austria,               Copy of relevant page(s) of passport confirming
    Belgium, Cyprus [both parts of the island], Czech Republic,       name and nationality
    Denmark , Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greec e,
    Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,
    Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
    Republic of Ireland, Slovak ia, Slovenia, Spain and, S weden)
    OR a Swiss national.
If none of the categories above cover you, or your status is likely to change before the start of the course, please
provide details (e.g. applying for student visa) and provide supporting evidence, if possible.

Current re sidence
Country: _____________________________________ Town or region __________________________________
When did your residenc e begin? __________________ Purpose of residence: ____________________________
Please give details of the country or countries in which you have been resident for the past THREE years:
Country of re sidence       Date residence began       Main reason for re sidence (e.g. living with family, work, study)

Please continue on a separate sheet if nec essary
If you would have been ordinarily resident in the UK and Islands or EEA during the last three years but for the fact
that you, your spous e/civil part ner or your parent was temporarily working abroad, please attach details (including
length of time spent abroad and the nat ure of the work).

   I have been advised by my legal repres entative that I am likely to be granted Ind efinite Leave to Enter/ Remain
    before the start of the cours e (attach details).
   I believe my immigration status/nationality will change during my course (attach details).

Who will be paying your tuition fees ? ______________________________________________________________

Please complete the table below as appropriate:
                                             Nationality               Country/ies of         Purpose of residence in
                                            (citizenship)                residence                that country/ies



Spouse/civil partner

Parents of your spouse/civil partner

Grandparents of your spouse/civil partner

Child(ren) of your spouse/civil partner

Grandchild(ren) of your spouse/civil partner


Spouse/civil partner of your child(ren)


I certify that the answers given by me to the above questions give, to the best of my knowledge, a true and accurate
account of my personal circumstances. I acknowledge that if any of the information given is inaccurate or
misleading, the College/ University reserves the right to withdraw any offer, or once I am a student, to terminate my
attendance at the University. I attach documentary evidence, and enclos e any other relevant information.

____________________________________________                      ______________________________
Applicant’s Signature                                             Date

Please return this form by post, do not fax or email, to King’s College by the date requested on the front of this
King’s College, King’s Parade, Cambridge, CB 2 1S T, United Kingdom