The Youth Sponsorship Program by elizabethberkley


									     The Youth Sponsorship Program
For Military teens, moving from one base to another is nothing new. While
frequent relocations are something military youth become accustomed to,
the transition to a new community and school is never easy. We
understand! To make the transition easier for you and your teens, get
connected with the Youth Sponsorship Program, a part of the Fairchild
Youth Center.

Fill out the information at the bottom of the page, send it back to us, and
we will connect your child with a sponsor and send more information about
life at Fairchild.

Have any other questions? Feel free to contact the Fairchild Youth Center.
Phone: Commercial (509) 247-8043; DSN 657-8043; FAX 657-4556
Address: 92 SVS/SVYY, 610 N. Depot, Fairchid AFB, WA 99011

             I would like to have a Youth Sponsor please!

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