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                           Newsletter 7/2007

It's prime time! Plenty of fish in the lakes, feeding all day on dull days;
excellent hatches of buzzers and good rises in the evenings albeit
sometimes quite late in the evenings. There has also been a steady
increase in sedges and damsel flies.

In the past 12 days Piplye has had 25 anglers catching 38 rainbows and
2 browns an average of 1.6. The best rainbow was 4lb and the brown
3lb+. Both browns were safely returned. The top pond Gruberro is fairly
clear with some small rudd showing on the surface, occasionally
disrupted by marauding trout. The middle pond, Piplye, has produced
some good fish but there has been an explosion of weed growth in the
past week. Fish are moving consistently in the main body of the pond.
The bottom pond, Roundwood is an enigma to many but regularly
produces fish. The spawning carp have made their presence known
amongst the reeds causing the water to discolour.

Cinder Hill has again proved more popular with 60 anglers catching 89
rainbows and 1 brown. The top lake has proved quite difficult on some
days, yet on three evenings this week I have observed fish moving all
around the lake mopping up buzzers between 8.00 and 9.00pm. The
middle pond has again had some good rises but has suffered slightly
because we had to haul out two large trees that had blown over into the
water. Another large Oak is due to be felled in the coming week,
hopefully not into the water! The bottom lake, McArthurs, has produced
reasonable bags for those willing to walk.

I'm informed by Peter Neave, our stocking coordinator, that some
quality trout to 5lb have been stocked. Quite a number of anglers have
reported losing large fish. Please use substantial leaders, I would
suggest 5 - 6lb minimum in fluorocarbon. We have stocked
approximately 530 fish to date this month, spread across all the lakes.

Once more I mention the Fishing Clinic on Monday evenings. Whilst
those who have attended have found the sessions useful, we do have
capacity for more. Remember the instructors are giving their time and
expertise FREE. Use it or lose it!

Brian Raw

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