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									Title / Subject: Sustainment Center of Excellence (SCoE) Training Support System Review
(TSSR) / Mission Essential Requirements (MER) Quarterly Update Meeting (VTC)

Date and Location: 9 December 2008, Fort Eustis (host)

Purpose of the Meeting: To provide CASCOM / SCoE Proponent Leadership with an update
on the TSSR / MER 2008 issues and establish way ahead for May 2009 TSSR / MER. Agenda

   •   Purpose
   •   Issues Update
   •   Key Planning Milestones
   •   Way Ahead
   •   Questions / Discussions


      Battle Command Training Support Program issues update.
           o SCoE BC Training Strategy. The Battle Command Training Strategy (BCTS) is
               out for AO level staffing before being resubmitted to DA. COL Smith requested an
               anticipated timeline on this staffing for completion. CASCOM is scheduled for a
               VTC with BG Abrams on 15 Dec 08. COL Smith requested the read-ahead slides
               for the VTC.
           o BCTC Facility. This issue is linked to the BCTS issue, since the size of the
               training facility will be linked to the mission, which is based on the overall strategy.
               COL Smith submitted that Fort Lee will likely require a medium facility vice a small.
           o ERF-L. NSC is currently conducting a COE/Institution Requirements Study for
               Sim/Stim with an anticipated completion date of Oct 09. The plan is to have the
               ERF-L in place at the institutions by May 10.
           o Constructive Sim/Stim Fielding. Close this issue for TSSR tracking, but remain
               open for internal CASCOM/SCoE tracking. Fielding is rescheduled to Apr 10.
           o LVC Training Connectivity. Ongoing action. Keep issue open for visibility
           o Gaming POIs. Still no announcement from the source selection board. A
               selection is expected NLT 1 Jan 09.
      Sustainable Range Program issues update. Range control facility update provided.
       Intent is to program funding in the 12-17 POM. This requirement was not captured in
       previous POM builds. This facility is not a MCA project because it falls below 750K.
       Approximately 35% of the design is complete. COL Smith asked if there was a way to
       get the requirement inserted into the POM earlier. Mr. Scarbath identified two
       opportunities to present the requirement: CONUS-East IPR in Jul 09 and PMR, 2-6 Mar
       09. Mr. Scarbath will provide Mr. Holtman the slide format. IMCOM-NE should receive
       the requirement from Fort Lee and present it during these two venues. Mr. Scarbath will
       assist with coordination.
      Soldier Training Support Program issues update.
           o OD TADSS Movement to SCoE. PEO STRI is working on an adjusted ROM for
               the movement of BEMT from Redstone to Fort Sill. Otherwise, all ROMs for
               TADSS movements are complete. North Range will be utilized as a temporary
    classroom for BEMT training (approximately 130 systems from Aberdeen). C-3
    building will open approximately 8 months later. As a result, ROMs need to
    consider both moves (to NR, and from NR to C-3).
o   BEMT reset. The training strategy is out for staffing but still needs further
    refinement. Ms. Olszyk selected COA 1 (delay refresh for some locations to better
    meet Lee BEMT refresh requirements for FY11; try to match current POM
    funding/balance number of BEMT as close as possible). COL Smith suggested
    this issue remain open to track the strategy progress and requested the CASCOM
    lead provide a timeline/task matrix for strategy and requirements documentation
o   HOTS upgrade. BG Collyar signed the memo outlining Bradley Maintenance
    Training Strategy requirements. The PM has the memo for review and will provide
    recommended COAs. A meeting with the PM is tentatively scheduled for the week
    of 5 Jan 09 to discuss possible COAs. COL Smith emphasized that a meeting
    needs to be conducted with the PM NLT the end of Jan 09. Currently, the PM has
    programmed for the delivery of six ODS trainers.
o   Virtual Welding Trainers. APG is in the process of writing a Training Support
    Requirements Document (TSRD). Ms. Klein noted that a TSRD may not be the
    appropriate document if the trainers are not being linked to a system. There must
    first be a system requirements document/STRAP that identifies the TADSS
    requirement before a TSRD can be done. If the TADSS is not being linked to a
    system, then a non-system TADSS capability document is appropriate. A TSRD is
    a PEO STRI document used to develop a request for proposal to develop a
    specific trainer. Issue requires follow up with Ms. Klein, Mr. McWilliams and Mr.
    DeRaimo. COL Smith directed CASCOM SID to host a VTC meeting with
    Aberdeen and ATSC for follow up.
o   M109A6 Panel Trainers. Funding identified for FY13; however, COL Smith
    requested this funding get moved up to FY10-11, if possible. Mr. Karbon, PM
    HBCT TADSS, will attempt to get this requirement moved to FY11 during the mini-
    POM drill. The school currently has 10 panel trainers but wants Desktop
    Troubleshooting Trainers (DTT) in their place. Mr. Karbon believed that the school
    would get DTTs fielded in FY11. Mr. Karbon requested the school send a
    requirement document for the DTTs (POI, STRAP, CDD/CPD, etc.) that explains
    what tasks will be trained on the DTT. COL Smith directed Aberdeen to send this
    documentation NLT 15 Jan 09.
o   Equipment upgrade. Close issue. COL Smith requested Ms. Klein coordinate with
    Aberdeen to conduct STRAP Writing Tool (SWT) training session. Mr. McWilliams
    requested Ms. Klein resend SWT job aids.
o   M1A2 HOTTS. Close issue. There are no specific fielding dates yet, but split
    deliveries are planned for FY11-12. Mr. Santillan asked if facilities were
    planned/budgeted. Mr. Young was tasked to follow up on the facilities by next
    week. His follow up stated, Per your request, I double checked on it, and yes the
    building space for the HOTTS was programmed, so we will have ample room for
    them when they arrive at Fort Benning.
o   Bradley DTT software/CMED Software Upgrade. Target date for funding is FY10.
    COL Smith asked Mr. Karbon to verify the funding for FY10.
o   Bradley HOTTS. Same comments as previous Bradley issues. Leave issue open
    to receive update in Spring.
       o Sustainment for Major Assemblies. CASCOM is working with the PM to ensure
           sustainment is part of the LCMP for these systems. COL Smith directed Ordnance
           School send a memo for CG CASCOM endorsement NLT mid-Jan. The annual
           sustainment cost to refresh these assemblies is approximately 816K. ITRM only
           funds CL IX repair parts, not refresh for these assemblies. Mr. Karbon stated that
           his programs are working a budget for assembly refresh. Mr. McWilliams
           indicated that the assembly refresh was mainly a problem across the tactical
           wheeled vehicle programs.
       o Hydraulics training. Attributes for this trainer have been identified. CASCOM
           needs to decide whether to integrate this capability into the BEMT program or
           create a separate program. Current draft BEMT strategy document does not
           include hydraulics.
       o USAODS distro. COL Smith noted that there needed to be more energy put into
           the driver trainer strategy effort. He will send a note to BG Layer this week and
           copy Mr. Guinta and Ms. Klein. Note to combine this slide with the other USAODS
           slide and rewrite for better clarity on the issue, discussion and status.
       o LETS. COL Smith signed a request for a NSTD CPD for the LETS. The CPD is
           out for world-wide staffing (90-120 days). ARCIC has informed CASCOM that
           they will process the CPD as an exception. Ms. Klein stated that Mr. Smith would
           not process the STRAP for Army-wide/approval without a CPD. The STRAP is in
           the SWT but has not begun peer staffing.
       o Legacy Watercraft TADSS. Ms. Klein suggested that the TC CG send a memo to
           PD AWS requesting he resolve the funding shortfall for legacy watercraft TADSS.
           COL Smith assigned Mr. Woolf to draft a memo for BG Layer, NLT the first week
           of Jan.
       o FORSCOM operator training. COL Smith noted that the Transportation School
           needs to provide a timeline for the driver training strategy effort.
   Mission Essential Requirements update.
       o SCoE Warrior FTX-TADSS. New issue. A portion of the Warrior FTX will now
           take place at FT AP Hill. This opens the potential for additional TADSS at FT AP
           Hill. COL Smith emphasized that the FT Lee MER will not change. CASCOM is
           working on identifying the TADSS required and will try to not replicate TADSS
           between FT Lee and FT AP Hill. Mr. Stack noted that CASCOM needed to get
           their requirements in the FT AP Hill MER. Mr. Scott Kittle is the FT AP Hill POC.
       o SCoE Warrior FTX-Ranges. Same comments as previous issue. Need to work
           with FT AP Hill to get requirements on their MER. CASCOM is planning a
           requirements lay down session for Feb 09. Mr. Santillan would like to attend. Mr.
           Scarbath requested that CASCOM take modification of facilities into consideration
           and throughput.
       o TSC for FT Lee. New issue (needs a slide). FT Lee scheduled for 2012 is a
           small; however, the DPTMs feels a medium TSC is needed. COL Smith also
           requested the TSC be built earlier than FY12, if possible. Mr. Santillan is the
           ATSC POC lead. Mr. Bryan Holtman is the FT Lee lead POC.
   Data call for next quarterly meeting is due mid-February 2009. Mr. Gross will coordinate
    a date for early March to conduct the next update VTC. COL Smith stated that he wants
    the next meeting to focus on new issues.
      Just after the meeting, Ms. Klein was informed that MERs will only be conducted by
       exception this year due to the focus on the POM build. The SCoE MER will resume next

Key Participants:

COL Doug Snyder, SSI
Mr. Charles Prewitt, ATSC-STIDD
Ms. Sonia Klein, ATSC-STIDD
Mr. Kevin Landy, ATSC-STIDD
Mr. Bob Santillan, ATSC-STIDD
Ms. Mary Lee, ATSC-STIDD
Mr. Ed Grinnell, ATSC-TSAID
Mr. Bob Stack, ATSC-TSAID
Mr. Don Toliver, CAC-NSC
MAJ Spencer Norris, CAC-NSC
Mr. Tom Scarbath, TCM-L
Mr. Michael Karbon, PM HBCT
Mr. Marc DiRusso, PM HBCT
Mr. Steve Jones, CASCOM Dep Dir TD
Mr. Doug Gretka, CASCOM BRAC
Ms. Gloria carter, CASCOM TD SID
Mr. Bryan Holtman, Ft Lee, DPTMS
Mr. John Archer, CASCOM
Mr. Sam Woolf, CASCOM TD TC
Mr. John Clancy, CASCOM OD
Mr. Billy Slade, OMEMS
Mr. Steve McWilliams, OMMS
CW5 Peters, OMMS
Ms. Martha Williams, QMCS
Mr. Terry Young, Fort Knox

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