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					Posting Date: September 11, 2007
Closing Date: September 14, 2007
                                        FORENSIC SCIENCE PROGRAM, Department of Anthropology
                                                UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MISSISSAUGA
                                    SESSIONAL INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT POSITIONS FOR 2007-2008
                                                        (3 Positions Available)

                                                    EMERGENGY POSTING
                                 This job is posted in accordance with the CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement.

The following Sessional Instructional Assistant positions are anticipated on the UTM campus for the 2007-2008 academic session.
Interested individuals must apply directly to the Forensic Science Program by submitting an application cover letter and cv, preferably by e-
mail to: or alternatively mailed to: Teresa Cabral, FSC Program Assistant, Room 165B, N.B. UTM. For
course scheduling information, please visit the UTM Timetable web site
Selection for our SIA positions are made by the Director of the FSC Program in consultation with the instructor.

The salary rate (+ 4% vacation), in accordance with the CUPE 3902, Unit 3 Collective Agreement effective September 1, 2007 is $36.17
per hour.

                                                           DATES OF
 COURSE NUMBER,           ESTIMATED       Number of        SESSIONAL                QUALIFICATIONS                           DUTIES
     TITLE &                COURSE         Hours of       APPOINTMENT
   Description            ENROLMENT         Work           AND CLASS

 FSC239Y5Y                    360              2         Sept. 2007 –         A 4-year B.Sc. (completed)        Typical duties for a
 Introduction to                           positions     April 2008           in Forensic Science with          Sessional Instructional
 Forensic Science                           @ 260                             professional designation          Assistant may
                                           hours ea.     Lectures:            and/or professional               include:
 Forensic science is                                     Tuesdays and         experience; knowledge of
 the application of                        1 position    Thursdays 10-        multiple areas within             >Preparation and delivery of
 any scientific inquiry                     @ 120        11am                 Forensic Sciences and with        tutorials and student help
 into criminal                               hours                            the various units/divisions       sessions
 investigation. The                                      Tutorial:            in the Centre of Forensic
 results of such                                         Wednesdays 4-        Sciences and /or the Office       >Attend lectures
 inquiry are ultimately                                  5pm                  of the Chief Coroner of
 for presentation in                                                          Ontario and/or Canadian           >Assist in preparing
 courts of law.                                          Class Room:          Policing Services is an           tests and test questions
 Specialists in                                          CC1080               asset.
 forensic science will                                                                                          > Invigilate tests, final in-class
 lecture on a variety                                                          OR                               exam, make-up tests
 of topics that will
 include crime scene                                                           A 4-year B.Sc. (completed)       > Mark and return
 investigation, the                                                           in a related sub discipline       Tests
 role of the coroner,                                                         field with appropriate
 forensic pathology,                                                          Forensic Science                  > Consult with Students
 forensic chemistry,                                                          background with                   including the class Question
 forensic botany,                                                             professional designation          and Answer On-Line Forum
 forensic entomology,                                                         and/or professional
 forensic                                                                     experience; demonstrated          >Maintain course web
 anthropology,                                                                excellence in course              Page
 forensic dentistry,                                                          subject matter; knowledge
 psychology and                                                               of multiple areas within          >Consult with Supervisor and
 toxicology. Case                                                             Forensic Sciences and/or          other SIA/TA support
 studies will be                                                              with the various
 reviewed, and the                                                            units/divisions within the        > Collection, Marking and return
 role of the expert                                                           Centre of Forensic                of project assignments.
 witness will be                                                              Sciences and/or the Office
 examined. [52L,                                                              of the Chief Coroner of
 26T]                                                                         Ontario and/or Canadian
                                                                              Policing Services is an

                                                                              Appointment to a course is
                                                                              subject to approval by the
                                                                              Director in consultation with
                                                                              the course instructor.
                                                                              Preference is given to
                                                                              qualified graduate students
                                                                              registered with SGS who
                                                                              have obtained their B.Sc. in
                                                                              Forensic Science at UTM
                                                                              and who work in research
                                                                              labs at UTM.