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Lutheran Hour Speaker Dale Meyer to Be at PoP by xpk18617


									                                       T H E P RINCE OF P E A C E
                                                   C       0      M       M       U       N      I     C       A      T     0      R
                                       Volume 4, No. 17                                   April 22-29, 2001

                                              Lutheran Hour Speaker
                                         Dale Meyer to Be at PoP on May 3
Gary Leeling, Chair 703.323.0941
Bob Coyle, V-Chair 703.323.0669
Jennifer Douglas      703.690.1954
                                       P    lease join the Women of Prince of Peace for a prayer service on May 2 at 10:00 a.m. in observance
                                       of the National Day of Prayer. Prayer has been a significant part of our nation’s heritage and this year’s
                                       theme is One Nation Under God as reflected in Psalm 33:22, “Blessed is the nation who’s God is the
Joleen Miller         703.455.2275     Lord.” Please mark your calendar and share in
                                       this event. There will be a fellowship immedi- of indigenous church leaders (both pastoral and lay)
Sherm Mills           703.451.7525
                    Fx: 703.644.0731   ately after the service.                            in mission fields of the LCMS both in the United
                                           The Prince of Peace Prayer Ministry has in- States and overseas.
Darlene Morrow        703.591.8815                      vited Dr. Dale A. Meyer, speaker of The Luth-           Recently the advisory committee of the Timothy
                                                             eran Hour to be guest         Fund authorized $150,000 for the support of thir-
CORE MINISTRY LEADERS                                        speaker at PoP for the an- teen projects for this
Celebrating Ministry                                         nual National Day of Prayer year. Four are in Af-
Kathy Forsythe       703.451.1820                            celebration on May 3. Dr. rica; four, in Asia
Ray Van Buskirk      703.916.7522
                                                             Meyer currently hosts the (including a project                                       Emmy Award-winning tele- with our POP’s mis-
                                                             vision talk show “On Main sionary family the Tursics
                                                             Street”, and is speaker on in Hubei, China); one in Kyrgyzstan; two, in Latin
Gathering Ministry
Charles Koehler    703.317.2819                         Dale A. Meyer     The Lutheran Hour the America; and two, in the United States. Seven of
                                       longest running Christ-centered religious radio those projects include matching challenge grants
                                       program, broadcast weekly on more than 1,200 where for every dollar a person contributes, the TM
Nurturing Ministry
Stefan South          703.257.7995                  stations throughout North America.                  will match that dollar. A total of an additional

Discipling Ministry
                                           A Reception will be held in the Prince of $115,000 will likely be raised through the challenge
Vacant                                 Peace narthex on Thursday, May 3, at 6:00 p.m., grants.
                                       and Dr. Meyer will speak at 7:00 p.m. We en-            One of the two U.S. projects is to support the
Serving Ministry
                                       courage everyone to take advantage of this sig-     training of East Coast Asian workers to enable the
Ken Watkinson         703.648.3152             nificant opportunity to meet Dr. Meyer and to start of five new Asian missions. This effort is un-
                                       hear him speak.                                     der CAME, which is supervised by Jotham Johann.
SUPPORT MINISTRY LEADERS                   We also encourage you to attend the National How about Prince of Peace, some members or
Communications Ministry                Day of Prayer events on the mall, on Thursday, groups participating in this challenge. How excit-
Milton Ericksen      703.690.0969      May 3. This year the theme is One Nation Under ing that could be!
                                       God. You are also encouraged to pause at
                                       12:30 p.m. on May 3 and to pray for our nation.
Church Information Systems Ministry
Mike Roberts          703.451.0785     A prayer written by Dr. Billy Graham for this
                                                                                           Health Ministry — What Is
                                       event will be in the Prince of Peace Narthex. You Mental Illness?

Properties Ministry                    may take a copy.
Jane Leeling         703.323.0941                                                              Mental illnesses are disorders of the brain that                                                                   disrupt a person's thinking, feeling, moods, and abil-
Personnel Ministry                     Love in Action Update                               ity to relate to others. Just as diabetes is a disorder of
Charles DeLeon        703.464.5192                                                         the pancreas, mental illnesses are brain disorders that
                  (W) 703.726.1685
                                           Some five years ago Love In Action “cloned” often result in a diminished capacity for coping with
                                       itself by funding the start of an endowment fund the ordinary demands of life.
Finance Ministry                       under the authority of the LCMS World Mission           Mental illnesses can affect persons of any age,
Martin Poch            703.569.8648                        Board.                                              race, religion, or income. Mental illnesses are not
     All numbers are home phones           That endowment, known as The Timothy the result of personal weakness, lack of character, or
        unless otherwise noted.
                                       Fund (TM), exists solely to support the training poor upbringing. Over seven million people in this
The Communicator                                                                                                                             Page 1
                                                                                           Monday evening from 7-9 p.m.
                                                        Growing Closer to God                  ECHO’s strength continues to lie in the countless
Student                                                                Family time
                                                                                           hours the volunteers from the 26 member congrega-
Ministry                                                                                   tions in Springfield and Burke provide to meet the
                                      Christian parents have always been eager to pass     emergency needs of many people in many ways.
Jr. High:                        their faith on to their children. For example, Paul
     We’re getting closer        mentions how his friend Timothy was exposed to the        Federal Employee? Can You Help
and closer! I hope all the       scriptures as a child and commends the “sincere faith”
8th graders have their
                                 that lived in his mother and grandmother.                 a Pastor?
                                      Although attending church and Sunday school
verses picked out!? I            are important, frequent discussion of God’s Word and          The Rev. Joseph Kerr, LCMS chaplain at the
plan on seeing you from          its impact on daily life is important to building the     Unites States Soldier and Airmen’s Home in Wash-
3 to 4:10pm this coming          sincere faith that Paul mentions.
Tuesday! Get ready to                 My family enjoys our after-dinner devotions. We
                                                                                           ington, DC, recently underwent surgery for cancer.
live!                            use the book “Sticky Situations,” in which the fam-       He will need extensive recovery time, but has limited
     Don’t forget about          ily is asked to read through a problem common to all      leave because of his short time with the federal gov-
WAVES this summer!               children. Several solutions are offered along with dis-   ernment. If you are a federal employee, you may do-
                                 cussion questions and a scripture verse that gives
It’s a chance for the            advice on how to handle such a problem. The discus-
                                                                                           nate leave time under the “Leave Transfer Program.”
rising 7th and 8th               sions generated by this book reveal how Christians        If you can help, please call Joyce Jones, leave admin-
graders to get to know           should behave and highlight how God’s Word is still       istrator at the Home, 202.730.3425, and refer to leave
each other in a                  relevant to 21st century life. Finally, we spend time     time for Rev. Joseph Kerr. Thank you.
fellowship setting. I’m          at supper and bedtime in prayer for our own very real
working on the music             concerns.
for this summer, and the              There are many family-based Bible studies and        Missing: Fifteen Fabric Covered
T-Shirts. Get ready for          devotionals in Christian bookstores and on the
                                 Internet. You may need to try a few before finding
some fun!!!                      one that meets your needs.
Sr. High:                             Through a routine of reading, discussion and
                                                                                               Fifteen of our fabric covered chairs are missing!!
     No BIG Picture this         prayer, children can see the Lord working in their        If you borrowed these chairs, please return them to
Monday the 30th. I’ll be         lives. Then, you might see how daily devotions can        the church immediately. We are counting on them for
at a Pastor’s Conference         encourage true devotion to God. — Brian Bowers            the upcoming Women’s events. Thank you. — The
in North Carolina.                                                                         Properties Ministry
     That Saturday Thing
is coming May 5th from
                             country and over five million children and adolescents
6:30 - 9 pm.
     Youth Council is
                             suffer from a serious chronic brain disorder.                                          Daily Bible Readings
Sunday 29th from 6-              These illnesses have a great impact on society. Four
7pm                          of the top ten leading causes of disability are mental          April 29 Hebrews 7 Jesus our high priest is
     Thanks to everyone      illnesses including major depression, bipolar disorder,            interceding for you before his Father according to
who participated in          schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder. The               Hebrews 7:25. What do you think his specific
Christmas in April! We       estimated cost of mental health care is over $150 bil-             prayer for you is today?
had a wonderful              lion per year. But far more important is the effect un-         April 30 Hebrews 8 What is the new covenant
experience, hope you                                                                            promise to you?
                             treated mental illness has on the lives of individuals
join us next year!!!                                                                         May 1 Hebrews 9 Our high priest, Jesus,
                             and their loved ones.                                              sacrificed himself for our sins rather than an
College Fellowship:
                                 These brain disorders are treatable. As a diabetic             animal offering. Is there any guilt that you are
     We are gearing up
for     a     wonderful
                             takes insulin, most people with serious mental illness             needlessly carrying? What do you need to do with
summer! When does            may benefit from medication to help control their                  that guilt?
school end for you?          symptoms. Supportive counseling, self-help groups,              May 2 Hebrews 10 Vs. 24 How can you be an
Email me and let me          housing, vocational rehabilitation, income assistance              encourager to someone today to show love?
know so that we can get      and other community services can also provide sup-              May 3 Hebrews 11 Vs. 6 What do you need to
started with the Dinner      port and stability, contributing to recovery.                      please God?
and Devotion.                                                                                May 4 Hebrews 12 Vss. 4-11 What is the benefit
                                                                                                of discipline?
     Mark           Your     Echo Volunteers Needed                                          May 5 Hebrews 13 Intentionally do something to
Calendar!!! June 8 and
9th will be our first            ECHO (Ecumenical Community Helping Others)                     live out vs. 1.
annual college retreat!      is desperately seeking volunteers to sign up for its an-
We will be heading           nual Postal Food Drive, May 12, 14 and 15, when
down to Williamsburg
                             U.S. Postal Mail Carriers are expected to collect and
on Friday the 8th,
staying the night in a
                             deliver 20,000 pounds of donated food to the ECHO             At the Welcome Center Pick Up a
hotel and going to Busch     Headquarters, 7205 Old Keene Mill Road in Spring-
Gardens on Saturday.         field.                                                          Brochure Describing Sunday
Let me know if you can           Please call 703.569.9160 to sign up for a three-hour          Adult Education Offerings
make it!                     Saturday shift to help sort and store this food at the
                             headquarters building. Volunteers are also needed for
                             three hours on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and
Page 2                                                                                                                                Vol. 4, No. 17
Did you know?                                                                                                Classified
                                                                                                             Needed: twin bed and full bed
Contributions Statements Available                                                                               Lutheran Social Services is looking for a twin bed and full
   The First quarter Record of Contributions Statements will be available for pickup in the narthex.         bed for a family in our NoVaCo victims of Domestic Abuse
Thank you.— Janice Robb                                                                                      Program. If you have a bed to donate, please call the Fairfax
One Week Until the Women’s Ministry Silent Auction May 5                                                     Office at 703.263.0303. Thank you.
    The Women’s Ministry Annual Silent Auction and Spring Luncheon is one week away! We hope                     Also, NoVaCo mtg scheduled for April 26th is canceled
you’ll join us on Saturday, May 5! The Silent Auction will be held from 10-11 a.m. with the Doll             and will be rescheduled for May 10th @7:30 on Thursday at
Treasures Spring Luncheon following it. You need not participate in the Luncheon to come to the              Bethlehem L.C.
Silent Auction.                                                                                              Scholarships: Academic Year 2001/2002
    Donations, Donations, Donations. The Silent Auction is the main fundraising event for Women’s                 The Prince of Peace Scholarship Program exists to provide
Ministry programming. Donations will be accepted through Wednesday, May 2nd in the church office.             available financial support to PoP members enrolled in a pub-
The ideas are limitless–books, gift certificates, antiques, linens, jewelry, florals, handmade items, and      lic ministry curriculum at one of our Synodical schools. Spe-
much more! Get together with your friends or small group and create a theme basket! And please               cific program information and applicant eligibility requirements
remember that it takes volunteers to help put this event together–sign up at the display in the Narthex.     are contained in the PoP Scholarship Program policy document,
Questions? Call Ellie Freitag at 703.866.4451.                                                               dated September 1998, copies of which are available at the
Doll Treasures May 5                                                                                         church office.
     The 2001 Spring Luncheon is set for May 5. Payment for reserved seating continues this week-                 Applications for scholarship support for the next academic
end, if seats are still available. Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for the child's menu. We are planning   year, beginning September 2001 are now being accepted. Ap-
for 200 seats again at this luncheon. See the display in the Narthex for menu details. Our speaker this      plicants must; (1) be enrolled in a public ministry program at a
year is Judy Brown—a doll carver. She is an internationally known artist and has been featured in            synodical school and , (2) have completed at least one semester
McCall's and Better Homes and Gardens as well as special feature magazines. She has exhibited at             with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Deadline for receipt of applica-
the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. She will present a slide show and exhibit of her craft and           tions is June 1, 2001.
her love of preserving a history and story from one generation to the next. Invite your friends to join us        To apply, submit your request in letter format to the fol-
for this wonderful event to see "DOLL TREASURES" but especially to celebrate our special gift with           lowing address:
our community of women.                                                                                                  Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
     “God has hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Christ.” Colossians 2:3                                Attn: Scholarship Program Coordinator
     Any questions may be directed to Connie Denninger 703.455.3552, Susan Wenger 703.866.3745,                          8304 Old Keene Mill Drive
or Sharon Bailey 703.912.9277                                                                                            Springfield, VA 22152-1695
Lutherans For Life Diaper Derby May 5-6 and 12-13                                                                 Submissions should include applicant’s full name, local
     Lutherans for Life of Northern Virginia is participating in a "Diaper Derby" during the weekends        address and phone, residential address and phone when at
of May 5-6 and May 12-13, Mother's Day, to support our local Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs).                school, curriculum being pursued, number of semesters com-
Crisis Pregnancy Centers help counsel and provide financial assistance to women, to provide them an          pleted, current GPA, and a brief statement regarding applicant’s
alternative to abortion. In our narthex, by the front doors, will be a box labeled "DIAPER DERBY" to         plans and career objectives in public ministry.
collect items such as diapers, bottles, formula, baby food, and even used car seats and furniture, for            After reviewing the church scholarship policy, if applicants
delivery to the CPC's. In celebration of Mother's Day, please help these young mothers and children,         have additional questions, they may contact Pastor Ralph or
some of whom are in very difficult situations. For any questions, please contact Warren or Ginny             Ken Watkinson.
Piotter 703.690.8013.                                                                                        St. Paul's Needs Director of Music*
Prayer Breakfast May 12                                                                                           St. Paul’s (LCMS), Falls Church, VA, is seeking a Director
     “Thank the Lord and sing his praise; tell everyone what He has done. Let all who seek the Lord          of Music to lead a comprehensive music ministry. Specific
rejoice and proudly bear His name. He recalls His promises and leads His people forth in joy with            duties: organist at two Sunday morning services and seasonal
shouts of thanksgiving. Alleluia, Alleluia!”                                                                 services, and director of adult choir, bell choir, and children’s
     Join us to pray as we seek God’s guidance for our lives and the ministries of this church.              choir. Fauser 3-manual pipe organ. Schulmerich handbells–5
     On Saturday, May 12, from 9-10:30 you are invited to attend the last prayer breakfast of this           octaves. Electronic piano. Send cover letter, resume, and tape/
season. Our theme and our purpose is to pray for God to reveal his will for our lives and for the            CD of organ performance by to the Director of Music Search
ministries of POP. Everyone is invited to join in this uplifting time of singing, prayer and fellowship.     Committee at the above address by May 15. For questions, con-
Book Lovers May 21                                                                                           tact Pastor Mark Shaltanis at 703. 573.0295.
     Book Lovers will be discussing “A Thousand Acres” by Jane Smiley at it’s next meeting, to be            We need a few good mice!
held on May 21st at the home of Carol Petrie. The author won a 1992 Pulitzer Prize and “a long-                   PoP is in need of computers, monitors, keyboards and mice.
standing place on national best-seller lists with her magnificent, haunting family drama, an American         Old software such as Windows 95 or 98 and Office 97 would
retelling of Shakespeare’s “King Lear”, set on a contemporary Iowa farm.” The book was also made             also be especially appreciated. We don't need old printers un-
into a major motion picture, staring Jessica Lange, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jason Robards.                     less they are laser printers. Pentium 166 megahertz or higher
     “King Lear” has also been scheduled for this year’s Shakespeare “Free For All”, and so the group        computers would be preferable, but relatively intact older ma-
has decided to take this rare opportunity to compare the author’s modernized version of Shakespeare’s        chines can be used as a source for parts.
play with the original work. Tim Christenson has volunteered to get tickets for anyone who would like             Members interested in donated any computer hardware or
to attend the play with us on Sunday evening, June 3rd. Just give Tim a call at 703.644.4228 and let         software should contact Mike Roberts at 703.451.0785 or email
him know how many tickets you will be needing.                                                               at
The Women of Faith Conference June 22-23
    The Women of Faith Conference-Boundless Love 2001, is set for the MCI Center on June 22-23.              Expressions
Speakers include Nicole Johnson, Kathy Troccoli, and Babbie Mason. We will be ordering tickets if
we receive 10 people interested in attending. The cost is $55 Group Rate for the two day event. Last         Thank You from Lois Ulreich
year we took the Metro from Springfield to downtown. Sign up in the Narthex if you plan to attend.                 Thank You , Prince of Peace… It’s not often we personally
We are also looking for a person to lead this event as I am out of town. Call me with questions-Connie       have the opportunity to discover just how loving, how helpful
Denninger.                                                                                                   and how encouraging our Prince of Peace family can be. I have
Donuts: For Braille Bibles                                                                                   had many weeks now to reflect on the goodness and kindness
    Branch 4385 of the Aid Association for Lutherans has voted to donate the April 2001 donut and            of this very special congregation. During my recuperation, you
coffee proceeds to support Lutheran Braille Workers. Lutheran Braille Workers produce over 14900             have showered me with your love and care through prayers,
volumes of the scriptures in Braille each month. However, it take 40 volumes to complete just one            cards, visits, beautiful flowers, food, shopping—all the things I
Braille Bible. Bibles are provided in many languages to people around the world at no cost. The              needed to lift me when I felt discouraged and questioning. I
proceeds will be matched by AAL.                                                                             thank you for helping me climb my frightening mountain. I
                                                                                                             send my love to all of you.                    — Lois Ulreich

The Communicator                                                                                                                                                     Page 3
 C 0 M M U N I C A T 0 R
                                                 THE PRINCE OF PEACE                                                                       Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                             US Postage
    is published weekly as a service                C     0    M       M      U   N   I      C     A      T    0     R
     to members and friends of the                                                                                                                  PAID
               parish by
Prince of Peace                                                                                                                            Springfield, VA
Lutheran Church & School                                                                                                                   Permit No. 52
8304 Old Keene Mill Road
Springfield, VA 22152-1695
                                                                     RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
Worshiping on                                                      DATED MATERIAL - DO NOT DELAY
Saturdays               5:30 PM
Sundays 8:15 AM & 11:00 AM
Sunday School &                                                               April 28-29, 2001
Adult Education Classes9:45 AM
Church Phone:      703.451.5855
School Phone:      703.451.6177
FAX:               703.569.0978
Web Site:

John R. Denninger
Senior Pastor
Office:  703.451.5855 Ext. 106
Home:             703.455.3552
Ralph E. Wiechmann
Associate Pastor
Office:  703.451.5855 Ext. 105
Home:            703.818.3487
Young-Shik Yun
Associate Pastor
Office: 703.451.5855. Ext. 107
Home:            703.455.6810
Richard T. Hinz
Associate Pastor
Editor, The Communicator
0ffice: 703.451.5855 Ext. 108
Home:             540.373.5378
Don Anderson                           This Week at PoP
Ministry Administrator
Office:  703.451.5855 Ext. 104         Saturday, April 28                     Thursday, May 3                              Friday, May 4
Email:             5:30pm Saturday Worship                 9:00am    Holy Comforters                     10:30am Al-Anon
Wallace W. Horton                         6:30pm That Saturday Thing              11:30am   Senior's Bible Study                9:00pm Korean Bible Study
Minister of Celebration                                                           5:30pm    Aerobics                       Saturday, May 5
                                       Sunday, April 29                           7:00pm    Dr. Dale A. Meyer, National
Office:  703.451.5855 Ext. 144            8:15am Sunday Worship                                                                 7:30am Men's Bible Study
                                                                                                    Day of Prayer Event         9:00am Stephen Ministry
Email:             9:45am Sunday School                    7:00pm    Brothers in Christ
Cina Arico Deaton                         11:00am Sunday Worship                                                                10:00am Women's Boutique &
                                                                                  7:30pm    AAL Mtg.                                          Silent Auction
Principal                                 12:00NoonSunday School Luncheon         7:30pm    12 Step Support Group
                                          12:30pm Stephen Ministry Luncheon                                                     11:30am Women's Luncheon
Office:  703.451.6177 Ext. 113                                                    7:30pm    Young Adult Small Group
                                          1:00pm Korean Worship                                                                 5:30pm Saturday Worship
Email:                                                    8:00pm    Chancel Choir                       6:30pm That Saturday Thing
                                          2:00pm Korean Sunday School
Marcel Page
                                          2:00pm SAT Prep Class
School Registrar
                                          3:00pm Korean Fellowship
Office:   703.451.6177 Ext. 112           3:00pm Memory Makers                               Honor Mom, bring a friend, invite a neighbor to the
Email:              3:30pm Early Communion Class
Melissa Schmidt                           5:00pm Jr. Choir
School Administrative Assistant           7:15pm HIMnals                                                   HIMnals
Office: 703.451.6177 Ext. 114          Monday, April 30                                               Spring Concert and
Todd Schmidt                              5:30pm Aerobics
Director of Student Ministry
                                                                                                     Mother's Day Dessert
                                          7:00pm Scouts
Office:    703.451.5855 Ext. 109          7:30pm Seekers                                           Sunday, May 13, 7:00 p.m.
Email:             7:30pm Health Ministry
Jill James                             Tuesday, May 1                                        Dessert in the Fellowship Hall following the Concert
Administrative Assistant                  9:30am Bible Study                                Admission is free; just pick up a dessert
Office: 703.451 .5855 Ext. 101            4:15pm Confirmation                               reservation card in the narthex after any
Email:           5:15pm Relaxercize
                                                                                            worship service on April 29 and May 6.
Vicki L. Christian                        7:00pm New Canticle
Administrative Assistant                  7:30pm Ballroom Dancing
                                                                                            For a musical treat that will send your
Office: 703.451 .5855 Ext. 102         Wednesday, May 2
                                                                                            spirits soaring, treat yourself to an           10:00am Women's Prayer Service
                                          3:30pm Girl Scouts                                evening with The HIMnals.
Marcella Schmidt
Administrative Assistant
Office: 703.451 .5855 Ext. 102

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