UNDECLARED PHYSICAL SCIENCE OPTION
                                        SAMPLE PROGRAM

Freshman Year                   Fall                     Winter                   Spring                  Summer Session#

Placement Math 3               Math 3                    Math 5                   Math 9A                 Math 9B/9C
(See A-Sophomore Year)         Engl 1A (Subj A)*         Engl 1B (Subj A)         Engl 1C (Subj A)
                               Chem 1W                   Chem 1A                  Chem 1B                 Chem 1C

Placement Math 5               Math 5                    Math 9A                  Math 9B                 Math 9C
(See B-Sophomore Year)         Engl 1A(Subj A)           Engl 1B                  Engl 1C
                               Chem 1W**                 Chem1A                   Chem 1B                 Chem 1C
                               Hum/Soc ***               Physics 40A              Physics 40B

Placement Math 9A              Math 9A                   Math 9B                  Math 9C                 Math 10A
(See C-Sophomore Year)         Engl 1A                   Engl 1B                  Engl 1C
                               Chem 1A/1HA               Chem 1B/1HB              Chem 1C/1HC             Chem 112A/112B
                               Biol 2 or                 Physics 40A              Physics 40B
                               Hum/Soc Sci

Sophomore Year                 Fall                      Winter                   Spring                  Summer Session

      A                        Math 9C/10A               Math 10A/10B             Math 10B/46
                               Physics 40A               Physics 40B              Physics 40C
                               Chem 112A                 Chem 112B                Chem 112C

      B                        Math 9C/10A               Math 10A/46
                               Biol 2 or                 CS 10
                               Biol 5A/5LA               Chem 112A                Chem 112B
                               Physics 40C

      C                        Math 10A/10B              Math 10A/46
                               Physics 40C

Note: As an Undeclared student, the Physical Science track you follow the first two years will
depend on the major and the various options offered within each major. All Physical Science Majors
require at least one year of Calculus and some require advanced Calculus. The Environmental
Sciences Major (all options except the Social Science Option) requires at least two quarters of
Calculus. Please see the Physical Science Majors listed below and refer to the UCR 2003-04 General
Catalog for major requirements.

Physical Science Majors:
Chemistry-Requires Chem 112ABC, Physics 40ABC (for B.S. degree) or Physics 2A, 2LA, 2B, 2LB, 2C,
2LC (for B.A. degree)
Geology-Requires Physics 40ABC
Geophysics-Requires Physics 40ABC
Environmental Sciences-Natural Sciences Option requires Chem 112ABC, Phys 2ABC (2LA, 2LB, 2LC
Physics-Requires Physics 40ABCDE

Updated: 9/9/03

  If courses are taken during UCR's Summer Session, see the Undeclared advisor for a list of recommended courses for Fall.
  Any student who has not satisfied the Subject A requirement after three quarters of University residence (three quarters of
enrollment during the regular academic year) is not eligible to enroll for a fourth quarter at the University of California.
   Chem 1W should only be taken with Math 5 if you did not take high school chemistry.
    No more than 13 units is recommended your first quarter at UCR.

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