Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Declassification Program by markpaulgosselar

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									Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)
        Declassification Program
           Presentation to the
 Public Interest Declassification Board

                Mr. John Krysa
    Chief, Directives and Records Branch
   Washington Headquarters and Services
         Program Review
• Declassification Process ~ Automatic/Systematic And
  Mandatory Declassification
• Staffing – Program Organization
• Risk Management
• Declassification Goals
    – Automatic/Systematic Declassification Reviews
    – Mandatory Declassification Reviews
•   What Works Well
•   Obstacles
•   Planned Goals And Priorities
•   Conclusion
     Declassification Process
• Review All Classified OSD Records Of Permanent
  Historical Value (Records Group 330)
  – Current And Past OSD Components: Total Of 26
  – Dod Orphan Agencies
  – Dod Documents Of Undetermined Origin
• Line-by-line Reviews With Decision At The
  Document Level
• Do Not Use The Integral File Block Concept
• Use 20-year Declassification Authority
• Documents Outside Authority Are Tabbed And
  Identified In Our Database
             Automatic Declassification Review

 Record Group                                                       Government
                      Initial Contractor     Final Contractor
330 Records Plus                                                  Review and Final
                      Review by Initial       Review by Sr.
 Orphaned DoD                                                     Decisions at the
                            Analyst          Analyst/Mentor
    Records                                                       Document Level

                                           Program Management
                                              QA/QC Process

   •   Line-by-line, Pass-fail Reviews
   •   Decisions Rendered At The Document Level
        – Declassify ~ Exclude (RD/FRD)
        – Exempt ~ Refer
   •   20-year Declassification Authority
        – We Do Not Delegate Authority To Other Agencies
        – Documents Outside Our Authority Are Tabbed And Identified In Database
       Staffing – Program Organization

                      Chief, Directives and Records Division
                                  Mr. John Krysa

                       Chief, Declassification and Historical
                                Research Branch
                                Mr. Robert Storer

    Government Declassification                     Program Manager, McNeil
       Reviewers (GS-13): 2                           Technologies Support
   Administrative Support (GS-9):1                       Mr. Alan Moon

                            NARA and Other Agencies                         Contractor Facility
                                  8 Analysts                        35 Analysts and Database Mangers

• Full Time Staffing At Pentagon And NARA II (College Park)
• Temporary Presence: WNRC, CIA Remote Access Program,
Naval Historical Center, Library Of Congress, Presidential
Libraries, And Army Facility                                                                           5
        Risk Management

Our Process Relies On…
•   OSD Declassification Certification Training
•   Declassification Program QA/QC
•   Analysts ~ DOE And OSD Certified
•   Analysts Attend Equities Recognition Training
•   Tiered Reviews
    – Initial And Senior Analyst Reviews By Contractor
    – Final Government Approval With Feedback To Contractor
• Reviews Conducted On Only OSD Originated Records
• Database Reconciliations

          Declassification Goals
• IAW E.O. 12958, As Amended Requirements:
   –   All Text Records Reviewed By 12/31/2006
   –   Referrals Reviewed By 12/31/2009
   –   Special Media Reviewed By 12/31/2011
   –   Other Statutes, Regulations ~ Dod 5200.1-R And Public Laws 105-261
       And 106-65
• Meet Executive Order Mandates – Insure Quality
• Insure Quality While Gaining Efficiencies ~ Reduce Costs:

    Cost Per Page         0.4
                                                                      Cost Per Page
                                 1998-2001*   2002-2004   2004-2006

                                *Includes Initial Program Development Costs

 Cost Per Page To Conduct Automatic/Systematic Reviews: $.25.
          Declassification Goals (Continued)
• Estimated Status On 12/31/2006
   – Based On Surveys, Referral History, And Experience
   – Reviews Required From Now To End Of 2006: 3.1 Million Pages
   – Total To Be Completed: 86.0 Million Pages Of Textual Records:
      •   60.2 Million Pages Declassified – 70%
      •   11.1 Million Pages Exempt – 13%
      •   12.9 Million Pages Referred – 15%
      •   1.8 Million Pages Excluded – 2%
• Other Requirements:
   – Estimated Textual Referrals Required 12/31/2009: 25 Million Pages
   – Estimated Special Media Required 12/31/2016: 25 Million Pages:
      •   Delayed Until 2009: None
      •   Declassified: 1.5 Million Pages
      •   Exempted: 500,000 Pages
      •   Pending Determination: 23 Million Pages                    8
         What Works Well
• Interagency Referral Center (IRC) – The “Seedbed” For
  The National Declassification Initiative
• Centralized Database:
   – Efficient Workload Planning
   – Efficient Recording Process
• Contractors: Monthly Review Rates Exceeding The
  Government’s Annual Rate
• Technology:
   – E-records In PDF Format Improves Declassification, FOI, And
     Searches – Example: Coalition Provisional Authority - Iraq
   – Database Management: Accurate Accounting, Forecasting,
     Information Management
   – Microfilm Conversion: Completed 1.5 Million Pages
• Special Media – Needs Standardization
• Referral Notification – Needs Systematic Approach
   – Record Access
   – Timely Notifications
   – Cohesive Groupings – Geographical, Not Piecemeal
• Clearance Approval Process For Contractor Analysts –
  16 To 18 Months
• WNRC Records: Fee For Services
   – 7,226 OSD Boxes Contain Two Or More Agencies’ Referrals
• Need Executive Branch Guidance On The Big Issues
  From The 1980’s: Star Wars, SALT, START, MX
  Development, European Terrorism

      Planned Goals and Priorities

Our Program And Its Goals:
• Processes Instituted And Meet Requirements
• Staffing Levels Are Supportive
• Budget Sustains Program
• Priority Of Effort Is To OSD Record Reviews
• Secondary Priority To Referrals
• Additional Goal, Subject To Funding Is Review
  Of COCOM Records

We Are Proud Of Our Accomplishments…
• OSD Declassification Program Reflects Responsible
  Stewardship Of Resources, Personnel, And Funding
• 82.9 Million Textual Records Reviewed To Date
• Air Force And Navy Referrals At NARA Complete
• We Are On Target For Meeting The 12/31/2006 Deadline
• We Have The Program In Place To Meet All Future Deadlines

     “We are meeting the spirit and intent of the Executive
      Order to make the maximum amount of information
      available to the public while protecting legitimately
            classified Nation Security Information.”

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